Page 153: Conversations on the Green
Conversations on the Green
Summary: Conversations on various themes all merge.
Date: 16/12/2011
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
Fri Dec 16, 288

It is mid-day and the weather seems to be perfect for outdoors activity, whether it be walking, training or fighting, and Kell seems to be taking full advantage of that. The Hedge Knight hasn't done enough exploring of the Terrick's land though to find a more secluded area but the man has found a nice empty area. His horse, which is named Horse, is off grazing towards the side and the knight's equipment is nearby. For now, instead of training with a sword, Kell is actually working with a spear, going through the various repetitive exercises that most would consider boring but hones the muscles into developing memory on the actions. He has been working out for a while though since a sheen of perspiration is evident on the man.

A walk about the green became habitual for Elinor and her retinue. The opportunity to venture beyond the castle walls and for the vast open field where she often encountered the men of the Roost engaged in their daily drills. She was dressed for the warmth, the pale green trumpet sleeves of her garment almost exposed the entirety of each forearm, devoid of the sun's colouring. Elinor and her maidens were all smiles today, the light tittered laughter while the group circled widely around the green in a casual stroll.

Nares with little to do combined with the decent weather, Nares is taking the opportunity to kick back and relax a bit. If there had been men out drilling, he'd have watched them, but since it's only Kell by himself the ironborn isn't paying him much attention. From where he rests under the walls of the Roost, he notices the arrival of the Lady Banefort and her retinue, choosing to watch their progress for a bit.

Long morning ride means a horse is happily stabled and chomping on grain (making a mess of it certainly) while his rider, in this case Dafydd Camden is reduced to walking. Not that he minds, anyway. Announcements of his arrival made, now that he is of a returned status of Captain of the Guard, he's free to wander the grounds with little difficulty. There are more than a few ideas as to where to go first, but.. the Green is a good first visit, even if it lacks a certain .. someone or something, the potential is still there for decent conversation. There are some familiar forms and figures, men and women of the Roost met and chatted with over the course of their lands' 'friendship', and there are new ones only recently met.

The new arrivals are not noticed by Kell, at least for the time being as he is focused on his self training as each practice thrust is made with due force, as well as the movement to parry an invisible blow with his spear. After another few repetitive cycles of thrusts, parries, quarter turn, repeat, the Hedge Knight slows to a stop and releases a long breath, apparently giving himself a brief reprieve as moves to where his kit lies. Armour, sword, daggers, shield, and now the spear joins them. Reaching down, he picks up a skin of water and opens the top, taking a long drink, keeping his movements to a limit to help with the cooling down.

A few faces struck familiar, violently beating away at both living and lifeless targets. Their grunts and growls filled the background admist the quiet whispers Elinor shared with her ladies. The Banefort guards in tow were aching to join in for a few sparring rounds. When her group nears Kell, after witnessing his bout against an imaginary target, Elinor leads the award of applause, the two maidservants add their own as well. "Well done Ser Drakmoor." She comments, a set deep within her cheeks after he takes a moment to rest and drink. Her eyes do search about the rest of the green, once more not noticing Nares outright though the Dafydd's familiar form invokes a rise in her brows. "Have you practiced with the men here or just by yourself?" She asked Kell.

Of the people coming and going about the green, Nares is starting to recognise some of them, besides the nobles and knights that is of course. Dafydd however, he had not expected to see and once the Camden is spotted he near-enough forgets the Baneforts all together. They're sport, Dafydd Camden is business. Cautiously he stands, using mostly his right arm for leverage. The way he figures it, he's either going to need to talk to the man himself, or at least make sure Kathryna is aware of his arrival. Once he's achieved vertical though, he just watches, waiting to see where the younger man is heading to.

Kell's movements are pretty stock standard, whether it be training solo or in formation. Spear takes .. different work from a sword, but can be just as deadly. Dafydd is about to approach the knight, recalling him from the previous week when, as he begins the cross, the blonde haired man taking his rest by the wall of the keep gains his notice. Blue eyes narrow, and his brows rise; no armour on the man. If he studies the man more, the .. unnaturalness of binding can be discerned. Now that's interesting.. He'll have to look into that… soon. However, Elinor's actions— the applause for a knight that is merely practicing? Ho-kay.. and Dafydd shakes his head, beginning the cross towards the knight and the lady. It's not to be, however, with the Ironborn's actions, the slow rise to his feet simply demands explanation, and the Camden aims to get it. He pauses in his step, and in a slight course readjustment, begins again, but this time towards the Ironborn. "Master Nares.."

The applause for his training is a surprise that has Kell looking up for the source, causing him to grin sheepishly, a little embarrassed since it was only self training. "You do me too much honour, M'Lady, I was only practicing, nothing worthy of your praise." In fact, he is sure others are able to practice with more grace and fluidity compared to the Hedge Knight. As for the question, he looks over to the other men farther away and shakes his head, "Myself, I do not wish to disturb or intrude on their training. A knight of the hedges isn't always welcomed in the group of men with colours." And this knight prefers to err on the side of caution instead of creating a scene, compared to some others. Dafydd is also recognized but any greeting is delayed as the man had decided to approach the Ironborn that is by the wall instead of the Hedge Knight and the Banefort retinue, Kell's gaze moving from Dafydd back to Elinor, "I presume M'Lady is enjoying a stroll in the beautiful weather, today?"

"All the more reason for you bear the colours Ser Drakmoor." She offers suggestively, no self proposition of her own colours of course. "I am." Elinor nods her head, standing a bit taller beneath the warmth from the sun overhead. Her gaze takes interest in what held Kell's attention, near the wall where Nares and Dafydd stood. "I was thinking of well, venturing towards the coast." Sharing her thoughts while eyeing the men afar. "That is Captain Nares correct? What ails that man?" The lady asks Kell.

Well, that makes Nares' options vastly simpler. He doesn't take his eyes off Dafydd as the he approaches and then gives him a shallow nod when the range has closed to something suitable. "Captain Camden," he returns pleasantly enough, "I can't say I expected to see you here again so soon." It's not an accusation, but he is it's clear in his tone that he wants to know just why the man has reappeared. Glancing around briefly he then asks, "You'll be looking for Kate?" There's more he wants to ask, clearly, but now appears to be neither the time, nor the place.

"Surprise," Dafydd offers something of a tight, wary smile. Now closer, he can see a little more of the extent of Nares' injury, but the most glaring aspect is the lack of armour. It's like a bonded pair that has been so cruelly separated. "Master Nares.. we are not so sequestered that we can't take the occasional jaunt down. Or, more to the point, it wasn't only for your sake that we all rode together the first time you saw the Roost. Once again, Lady Liliana had escort." Now, it's his turn— "Do I need ask what happened?"
The attention garnered by the lady and the knight gains Dafydd's own, and he nods his head slowly, "It doesn't appear they wish you ill-will, so you probably didn't attack one of their men." In acknowledgment of their attention, he inclines his head in something of a quick bow, all the while his words for the Ironborn. "Did you lose your footing and fall off the cliff?"

"Perhaps." Kell says with an amused grin as he looks down at his equipment for a moment, unsure of whether he should continue on though for now he prefers to enjoy the Lady's company and conversation before glancing towards Nares, "I am not sure what ails him now, but yesterday, it was due to a meeting with Lady Harlaw." The truth given, despite the woman being a topic of contention when Elinor is involved, "It seems like the Captain was sparring with Lady Harlaw, and received some blows that he was recovering from." When Dafydd looks their way, Kell sees the acknowledgement and returns it with a respectful dip of his head as well though the other two men are too far to speak to, without looking foolish in having to yell across the field.

Elinor's frame dips accordingly following the distance greeting from the Camden. Both pairs having their own privy topics. At the mention of lady Harlaw, naturally the Banefort exhibits a brief flash of displeasure. "I will never understand why men would take arms against a woman, in practice or otherwise. Even though I am more than certain that /Lady/ Harlaw encourages it. Welcomes it even. It is not proper." Neither was the Harlaw woman for that matter. Elinor turned her eyes to Kell, "What is a captain of? In a condition like that one can assume nothing at the present." What man would admit to being bested by a female, let alone a foreigner.

Nares follows Dafydd's lead in regards to acknowledging the others. He wouldn't have were he by himself, but Kell's lack of ability to place his accent is generating too much amusement still to be worth endangering by not following at least something resembling proper form. Kell may well be able to discern that he is in a better humour than the previous night, although it does darken a fraction as Dafydd starts speculating. Turning back to the Camden he waits for the man to finish before just raising an eyebrow slightly as if to say 'Are you done?' He then replies himself, "It was a simple sparring incident," he tone almost challenging Dafydd to take it further. Moving on he looks towards the Baneforts (and Kell) for a moment, so Dafydd is aware of who he's talking about before saying, "I'm not even sure that our friends over there even know where I'm from. The young knight certainly doesn't, although I think the Lady may now be suspecting. I was surprised, I've seen enough of Banefort lands that I thought they'd be taught to know the accent from birth, but apparently not."

Aaaah.. and there it is. That shadow.. the rising of stormy seas, and he knows he's on to something. "Let me guess.." There's a lilt in his voice, even if he keeps the volume down. "Ser Aeric.." Beat. "No.. probably not." Beat. "Ser Jarod…" Beat. "No… I don't think so." Dafydd whistles softly, a little amused. He does drop it, however, not so long after the last statement, and his brows rise before his expression .. shifts to thoughtful. He's caught the meaning, but he shakes his head. "She's a lady, Nares. She doesn't have your accent in her memory. You ask one of their soldiers, and they'll be able to pick the name of your boat."

"No doubt, M'Lady." Kell says though he leaves it at that, almost saying 'She seems very much like the encouraging type', not wanting Elinor to take that phrase the wrong way and land himself in another world of trouble. As for the question about Nares, the Hedge Knight looks back towards the man in question at a distance, "I believe a ship, he told me that is how him and Lady Harlaw met, on the seas. I assume he ran into some Ironborn trouble out in the open waters."

Elinor would appear to be mulling over that small bit of information. "Of course. Who wouldn't when venturing out into the Iron seas?" The lady shakes her head then, "We were never permitted to board a ship amongst the open waters. Our dear father was ever cautious. It was never safe, still is not. The grey sails of Banefort seems to attract their ire though I would enjoy it, someday, when the waters are free of threat." She shares with Kell after another glance to the pair, "Am I keeping you from your practice Ser Drakmoor?"

"They haven't yet," he replies, referring to both the House Guards and the young Ser who he's seen accompanying Elinor around. Dafydd's other comments are simply ignored, given he drops it quickly enough, from a distance it might even be hard to tell if Nares actually heard them or not. Still though, the idea of his boat being recognisable in the fleet, for whatever reason, is one that pleases him and he squares his shoulders just a fraction. Well shoulder, singular, the left is still being held almost motionless. "In answer to the question you didn't ask, she's probably either in a meeting with the Terrick's, or at the inn having lunch. I know she finally got to speak to Lord Jascen last night, so she may be engaged on some business from that."

The lady and the knight speaking some distance away makes it both easier and more difficult to speak to the Ironborn. Dafydd doesn't catch the conversation between those still distant, but instead catches the brief puff at his comment regarding the identification of his particular ship. "And I didn't answer the other question either." As to whether or not he was looking for Kate. He exhales a long breath, and nods in the answer to a question that hadn't been asked. "I'm .. not exactly sure how I feel about the progress of her .. diplomatic mission." His voice comes a little lower so as not to have it carry. Well, okay. Not exactly true. He's not happy, for many reasons. "I'd heard that she'd been asked to remove herself? So.. she's still here." Statement. "And speaking to everyone."

"Your Lord Father's cautious is prudent, warfare on the open seas is different." Kell says as he inclines his head towards Elinor, having heard stories of battles on ships. Wearing armour can be lethal, to the knight, as once overboard, it is guaranteed death as the knight becomes a sinking anchor. A ship is not a place he would wish to fight on. As for preventing him from practicing, Kell shakes his head with a chuckle, "No, M'Lady, you are giving me a much needed reprieve and for that, you have my heart felt thanks."

Eventually she'll have to cross the span of green separating the two parties and engage in polite talk with Camden and battered Captain. Unfortunately the lady has been intentionally procrastinating that short journey in lieu of her discomfort. At least one of her guards knew the reason why, as would Kell it seems. "You are most welcome Ser Drakmoor." A warm smile is returned before a deep inhale strengthened her fortitude in saying, "I should extend a welcome to Lord Camden in his arrival." Told moreso to herself before adding sidelong, "If you would not mind accompanying me?" Hopeful, she asked of the hedge knight even though her retinue should be enough for the lady's confidence.

"The Lady Evangeline decided she disapproved of Kate keeping up her sword work and kicked her out," Nares explains, as he understands it, "I believe one or other of the Lords has stepped in and invited her back now though." Although, of course, she's still lodging in the Inn for now. Women eh? "I believe the Terrick men are still banned from sparring with her though as their lady refuses to be moved on that point." He almost adds something more, but decides against it in the end, still too many people around, even if they're a distance off. Instead he simply adds, "I believe her plan had been to relocate to your holding, but with the recall I believe she'll be staying."

Dafydd makes a noise deep in his throat; didn't he tell her that her 'ways' would get her into trouble? Even just a little.. check probably would have helped. But, "Stubborn." and he shakes his head. "At least she's not in a dungeon somewhere." He's not terribly surprised at her continued desire to continue sparring. "I.. I don't like her sparring." Even though he knows in his heart of heart that she probably bested the man beside him. "She and I have had that conversation over.. and over." And from the sound of it, neither has budged, and probably won't. The words regarding the Lady Harlaw's plans brings his attention truly around, his brows rising.. before he misses that other shoe. "Ah.." Dafydd straightens and disappointment briefly flickers. "She yet remains." Shame. He wants to say more and considers the distance, but, like Nares, doesn't really proceed. "I'd like you to be on your best behaviour." Should they choose to walk over, "The Lady Elinor has an open invitation to visit Tall Oaks."

"Of course not, M'Lady, I would be honoured to be part of your escort." Kell says, something he is unable to say no to, whether it is because of his knightly nature or for another reason, he doesn't say. He does reach down for his sword and swordbelt, slipping it around his middle. The Hedge Knight also doesn't seem to be too concerned about leaving the rest of his kit here since he will be nearby, because with his mount nearby, he will have no problem chasing down would-be thieves.

In waiting for Kell to ready his leave Elinor has her eyes elsewhere, towards the pathways that lead away from the castle and fade into the long expanse of the land. She'll make an outing to the coast sometime soon, the weather seemed fair for it. Once Kell was finished the Lady Banefort took the lead towards the Camden and Captain. Shoulders back, chin up high, she couldn't allow her paranoia to steer her coarse elsewhere. It was a short walk to meet the pair and in summoning, not her best of smiles though not her worst either, she inclined her towards Dafydd first, "My Lord Camden, it is wonderful to see you again. Here at the Roost." And then to Nares, she quickly says, "Captain."

Nares gives Dafydd a quick once over as he states his opinion on Kate's sparring. "Afraid you'll lose to her?" he asks, a slight mocking tone creeping into his voice. He looks faintly disapprovingly at the Riverman before asking in a more neutral tone, "you're aware that should she fall out of practice that she would struggle to be able to return home?" A more cutting remark is kept back for now, unless or until there's a freer time to discuss the subject. Moving on he nods once, "As I said, she had a meeting with the Little Lord last night and if her plans have changed since then she hasn't told me yet, but yes, I believe now Lady Evangeline has been over ruled that she intends to finish her official duties." The last two words are stressed slightly, as if to separate those actions from any, less official, doings. Hopefully Dafydd will get the meaning. As for the possibility of the conversation being joined he just nods once, grinning slightly to the man, "As if I'd do anything else." As they small party actually arrives he nods to Elinor in reply to her greeting, "My Lady."

"Who said my intent was to have her to go home again?" is given in a sotto voice. "There are always options."
"My Lady," Dafydd straightens even as the pair (and entourage) cross the distance towards them. "The pleasure is all mine, I assure you. You're looking well, and rested. I assume, then, the ride here was uneventful after we parted?" He offers her something of a half-bow; courteous. "Ser Drakmoor." So far, all the times he's seen the Lady, the knight isn't so far behind. With no favour? And Captain? Captain is it? Dafydd checks a glance at Nares, his expression curious, though it holds a touch of amusement.

Kell follows the Banefort retinue as the proceed to the Camden and the Captain, keeping before slowly to a stop up on arrival. Dafydd is graced with a respectful nod as is Nares, the appropriate greeting accompanying each nod, "Lord Camden. Captain." For now those are the only words that he speaks, choosing to be the quiet knight once again, in the company of his betters.

More of her pleasantries are awarded for Dafydd while the bandaged Nares is given, when given, a mediocre acknowledgement. "I am my lord, and my return to the Roost was indeed uneventful. Your testament of the roads were tested and proved true." The Banefort company offers their greeting in silence, by dipping frames and crisp bows to their betters. "A few hours after we arrived I had encountered your brother here, Lord Sarojyn for an important matter concerning your niece, Lady Liliana. I trust it was passing well?"

There's no reaction to Dafydd's glance. Instead, Nares just politely returns Kell's greeting, "Ser." Look see, best behaviour. At the talk of noble stuff he glances around the green again to see if anything has changed. He's never been one for such discussions. Although he keeps half an ear out for any key words that might mean that something being discussed is worth passing onto Kathryna.

"It is, actually." For the moment, Kell is ignored, simply because he is being so quiet. "My lord was pleased with the discussions and we have some hopes for a good outcome. All we wait for now is confirmation, and then announcements may be made." Dafydd inclines his head, though tilts it briefly in Nares' direction. The man really is minding himself. Best behaviour, it is. "And the road is a tricky thing. I'm glad you arrived with no insult, though I'm certain a knight," he looks to Kell, "like Ser Drakmoor would be quite ready should anything present itself." A smile rises, and he finishes, "And now you are happily settled once again. My Lord brother and I were just telling our niece that she should seek you out for conversation. I'm certain that she'd find a willing friend?"

As Kell is mentioned by the Camden Lord, he grins and inclines his head appreciatively to the other man, "You do me much honour, M'Lord, but if there was trouble on the road, I would have seen to Lady Banefort's safety." As it is his duty which he holds in his respects. "But I am also glad the roads were as peaceful as he had mentioned, "M'Lord, for a boring trip is always a good one." Spoken like a knight that prefers to observe peace than to lust after blood and the clashing of blades despite his martial training.

Elinor's attention is briefly settled upon Kell while he replies to Dafydd, afterwards she nods, "It was not so boring Ser Drakmoor, you proved to be a fine huntsman." She smirks then changes the source of her attention, "She would my lord. I am very eager to call upon her company for there is much we do not know of each other. In time I am certain we could develop a promising friendship. Especially while I reside here in the Roost. Will you be staying here long my lord?

Nares is tempted, sorely tempted to make some comparison about safety on the roads and the sea, but bites it back for now. He nods at the various appropriate points and even offers a faintly banal "I sure the Lady Banefort would have found you more than enough to respond to any misadventure that may had befallen her Ser," when Kell speaks.

"Huntsman.. with a bow?" Dafydd asks, his attention coming back around to the ever-present knight. "You should come up to Tall Oaks, Ser.. you can try different bows and perhaps find one that will improve your aim and form." Elinor is given his attention next, his head inclining, his expression genuine, "It would benefit both of you, I'm sure. You'll find in her a staunch ally.. in those things in which you agree. From what I understand of you, and I do admit that I understand little of the Lady's mind, you and she share a great deal of opinions in common." He clears his throat, and nods in Nares' direction, echoing silently the man's sentiments. Impressive, certainly— even if he can almost hear the underlying.. something. "I do ask your leave, my lady. I have only recently arrived and have attended to all the things required of me— my horse and checking in with the Roost to tell them of my presence. Now, I should clean the road from my clothes and person.. and perhaps hold to the idea that I will see you all later? Perhaps after dinner?"

Usually Kell would be pleased with such compliments but in the presence of so many others, the Hedge Knight looks slightly embarrassed though he doe incline his head towards the compliments, "Thank you, M'Lady, I am glad it was passable." As for being called a Huntsman, the Hedge Knight quickly shakes his head, "No, M'Lord, nothing as grand as a Huntsman. Did some hunting when I was young and as a Hedge Knight… it is much easier to you know the ways of the wild and the ability to hunt, so not all your coin goes into paying for food." Kell grows quiet once again as the conversation continues before nodding his head as Dafydd announces his departure.
As for the invitation to Tall Oaks, Kell seems to hesitate, "I am honoured and gracious of your invitation, M'Lord, I will certainly consider it and if my travels do bring me there, I will most certainly accept it. From what I have heard, there are many master huntsmen in Tall Oaks. Being in such impressive company would be an excellent experience. Thank you, M'Lord."

She says nothing more about the invitation, once more extended to Kell to visit the Oaks. A destination soon to be prepared for if other parties are willing. When addressed by Dafydd the noblewoman nods her head, "I should hope so. It is comforting to have those you share a mind with in proximity. Especially when afar from familiar surroundings." Both had that in common, residing elsewhere rather than what was called home. "Of course my Lord." She says to his parting, "Over dinner, I would enjoy that. With the Lady Liliana in company as well." Elinor was not going to mention his brother, Sarojyn though if one Camden is here perhaps it is implied. "Until then." He's given parting courtesies when due, unfortunately she was once more in the company of Nares. That warmth she wore quickly faded when her eyes came upon him again. "Perhaps you should take to rest Captain." A quick glance is given to his visible injuries.

Nares gives Dafydd a brief, polite nod as he announces his departure. "I am sure that I shall see you again during your visit here Lord Camden," he intones respectfully before turning to Kell. "It is certainly worth a visit Ser, although I would advise treating their ale with some caution. It is, somewhat more solid than that which is served in the Rockcliff." He doesn't mean so much the strength, more viscosity but then that's something Kell can find the details of himself. He then listens quietly to Elinor as she addresses him before smiling back to her, "Thank you for your concern My Lady, but I fear that too much rest would lead to a stiffening of the muscles."

Kells watches as Lord Camden departs to look into his own matters and then turns his gaze towards Nares who offers advice on Camden hospitality, "Then I shall given the chance, Captain. I would look forward in trying their ale since it sounds… interesting. An ale with a fuller body." That is something he lets his mind considers before lapsing to silence as he listens to the exchange between Elinor and Nares.

She certainly had not spoken out of concern, though she wouldn't correct that assumption either. The lady returns a feigned smile, difficult to summon the earnesty. "I will concede to your wisdom then on the matter Captain." Elinor allows a few moments to pass before she looks to Kell, "I will take my leave. The sun is draining." It seemed like a perfect excuse as her skin, the exposure from forearms and neck, provided a blushing red evidence. "Ser Drakmoor… Captain." The latter is said no differently, perhaps leaving granted her the strength in addressing him.