Page 155: Conversations at the Rockcliff
Conversations at the Rockliff
Summary: Kathryna talks to Nares. Damara talks to Kathryna and Nares. Damara talks to Kathryna. Kell talks to Nares.
Date: 18/12/2011
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Rockcliff Inn, Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
Sun Dec 18, 288

Kathryna has been out riding the whole day. Still a woman with sea legs, not horse legs, she's -sore- and walking just a bit funny. Hopefully it doesn't illicit too many comments. She somewhat ramble/waddles into the room, hips certainly moving with a bit more sway with her thighs not entirely solid beneath her. She doesn't even bother yelling to the keep as she points at her usual table and waits for her normal ale and pitcher to follow.

It's not that Kathryna is getting predictable, it's just that Nares has known her for, well, more than five minutes? He's already claimed the Lady's usual table and is now watching her entrance with high spirits evident on his face. "Productive day?" he asks, trying not to grin too broadly at her gait as she approaches? There's just something about the waddle that reminds him of a youngster trying to walk straight on shore again after a particularly rough trip.

Kathryna grunts out a touch of displeasure as she turns the chair across from him around, apparently trusting him to watch her back, and sinks down into straddling it. Ergh, that hurt a bit. She'd be aching tomorrow. "Aye… damned beasts. I thought you'd just jump on their back and kick'em to go… these Riverlanders have complicated this horse thing… Entirely too much. But, Dafydd's at least a tolerable teacher… and he did give me his horse. Best I learn to treat the boy proper." She's doing her best to seem more gruff and careless than she actually feels. The once ice hearted Kate is melting over this whole mess.

"He gave you his horse?" Nares asks, surprise evident on his face, "is that a gesture of affection or is it just the first step in some cunning plan to try and soften you up into a Riverlander so he doesn't have to fret about you fighting?" It's said in jest, and he then takes a swig of his ale before offering the tankard across, given the barman hasn't arrived yet with Kate's. "Can't say I've had too much trouble with them," he offers conversationally, about horses, not Riverlanders, "but then maybe they're like everyone here, so damn sure women can't do anything that they only respect the men."

Kathryna takes a good swig of his ale since he's offered the tankard, nodding in thankful respect. That tasted good. It seems she has plans on drinking her dinner far before she's eating it. She then slides the mug back and smirks deeply to him, "The horse has respected me PLENTY, thank you damned well. There is just a lot of complication around this…speeding up and slowing down thing. A ton of fancy names for 'go faster' and 'go slower'. I think I've got it down, but damn…' She shakes her head and steals back his ale again, on second thought. She might finish the mug. "But yes… He has given me his horse. And he knows it won't soften me one tiny little bit. I've told him to fuck off about the fighting thing already."

Nares does actually laugh now, although he lets her keep the tankard given that he can see a full one approaching from the direction of the bar. "I must admit," he offers, leaning in slightly as if offering sage advice, "I tend to kick it to go faster and pull on the rope-thing to make it slow down. Seems to work okay." As the second tankard and the pitcher are set down he quickly claims the mug and takes a swig. "Good, I hope he sodding listened and all. I told him he wouldn't like what he saw if he looked at any of our women like he does his own."

Kathryna has ordered a whole pitcher along with her tankard, so they'll have plenty of ale to go around. She slides his empty mug back to him with an impish little grin and accepts the full one, letting him pour himself fresh from the large amount that's been set in the middle of the table. "Aye, I suppose that's a good way of describing horsing. It's a bit more complicated, I'm finding. But whatever works." And then he's commenting on how Dafydd looks upon these women and her brows arch, a brief shock of jealousy through her ice gaze. "…which women is he looking upon and with what sort of look?"

Nares is about to drink but at Kate's question he pauses and giver her an 'oh please' look over the rim of his tankard. Setting the meg back down again he explains briefly, "not so literally. He was whining about his brother's decision to have the women trained as apparently having them fight is damaging our cause or some such shit. Tried to bend my ear about it although could also be because his brother apparently ordered it without telling him first. Really seems to have his nads in a twist about it."

Kathryna relaxes a bit as she's informed that Dafydd's eye isn't looking at women that way. She does sigh, though, nursing her ale now that she's downed one mug in less than ten minutes. She doesn't need to get ridiculously drunk. "Aye, he really does. I honestly cannot comprehend what is issue with a woman using a sword is. I mean… I.. I simply don't -understand- it." She mutters quietly, frustration lining her husky tone.

Nares doesn't either, but what can you say? "Rivermen," he mutters back, rolling his eyes. Normally, he’d shrug, but he's still taking that gingerly at the moment, so rolling his eyes it is. Sensing though, that a change of topic might be wise he leans back in his chair, takes a drink and asks, "So, how did your meeting with the Little Lord go? I'm assuming that since we're still here he didn't follow his mother's lead and tell to get stuffed."

Kathryna chuckles a bit more, happy for the topic change, in truth. She might not be entirely comfortable with all these silly emotions. She gulps a bit more thick ale, body slowly relaxing from the warmth of it through her veins. "No, he did not. The Little Lord welcomes us here and truly does want to talk. To negotiate peace and trade. He even seems willing to possibly pay, or at least discuss payment, for our lost man. Granted, I suspect that is just to lead me on so I do not leave off with the Terricks after the insult that was offered, but they were all very apologetic and kind." She explains simply, a wider smile on her lips, amused about it all more than anything. "So, we remain. I suppose I should really move back into the damned castle. This place is just so much more… Comfortable."

Nares nods at all the appropriate points in the explanation. "Sounds promising." Still, he's glad it's Kate that’s here as the diplomat and not him, he probably wouldn't have managed polite. "They might get pissy if you stay after their efforts to patch it up." Although of course, the Lady Evangeline might get pissy anyway, but it's now been proved that she can be bypassed easily enough. Given that he has virtually no interest in trade other than acknowledging it as something useful for other people to deal with, he doesn't go further into details but instead asks, "What’s the plan now then? Hang around to speak with his father or more meetings with him?"

The pale woman across from him grumbles quietly as he mentions that she should go back. She nods quietly, "Aye, I should. I most likely will tonight or on the morrow." Though there is a temptation to stay while the Camdens are in town, Kate's eyes straying thoughtfully to the stairs that lead up to the rooms. She shakes her head quietly…"But, I will go back. And the plan is both, I suppose. Speaking with each of them as I can. We're in no rush, after all." A cool sort of, distant smile graces her lips as she says that.

Nares raises his tankard to that. There's bugger all left in it now so he recharges it and has a proper drink. "Tell you what though," he starts in a manner that might almost have been conspiratorial, were it not for him still being leant back and the grin on his face. "This civilised behaviour crap is starting to become an issue. Only last night I found myself nearly cracking and -paying- to take a Riverlander. I mean really? For fucks sake that’s just wrong."

Kathryna tilts her head to him, looking a bit caught off guard. "Paying a whore, was it?…Lost your old charms, have you? While it might be practice back home, I'm not -actually- certain I can condone you raping anyone here while I'm trying to prove to these people we can play on their terms of civilization. But why the hell don't you just seduce one? I half suspect these girls might raise their skirts easier than you realize… Or just tell some commoner your a ship captain. While her with exotic stories." She downs another good gulp of her booze, leaning over the table so they can speak a bit closer…"Or, if you do have to make one of them pay the iron price, do be sure she won't go crying about town over it the day after, yes? Just be smart about the matter."

Nares leans in as well, so Kate's conspiratorial efforts aren't wasted, setting his tankard down as he does so. He's tone serious, but not morbidly so he nods once then says, "I doubt it'll come to that, but don't worry, it's not as if it'd be the first time." No, not the first, just possibly the first where he actually had to hang around afterwards. Good damn this diplomancy. Hit 'em quick, take everything you want, leave again. It's worked for generations… Leaning back though he retakes the mug and drinks, the grin returning to his features, "Most of 'em in here won't go for it, something about not wanting to cavort with an Ironborn, they'll be others though, and if the Lady Banefort can't work out who the hell I am then I'm sure a newly arrived lass won't be able to either." His grin broadens at the mention of the Baneforts, he would admit, if pressed, that the whole farce with Elinor and Kell is a source of continuing amusement and reaffirmation of his sense of smug superiority. Were such a thing needed.

Kathryna studies him a bit closer, considering this all with a smirk. "…Hells, if you can take the Banefort woman…Find a way to seduce her, or have your way… I'd pay YOU. A silver at least, maybe two. It'd be entirely worth it." She grins darkly at the thought, amused and a bit hopeful. She then sits back up straight and moves to refill her tankard of ale, nearly out once again, her cheeks beginning to show the heat from that much ale through her veins.

The Lords are off, playing with ladies and there is no room at the inn…relatively speaking. Having taken to accept a place in the stables with the stablehands, Damara is finally content with the housing of her falcon and mare. Stepping in to the Rockcliff, she finds a deep breath giving her some comfort. The smell of food is what does it for her and she is vainly in search of a place to give her feet some relief. Gloves are taken off and tucked at her belt, followed by a smoothing pass of her palm to her wisps of hair that escape the fisbone braid.
She is shouldering her way to the bar, looking first for a good strong ale, thick and heavy. That would make meal enough. Pulling out coin, she sets it down and waits, finally asking for what she wants as she then eyes the crowd from her place for the moment.

Nares is amused enough by that suggestion that the whole inn is now aware most likely. Laughing freely at the idea of it he slaps the table a couple of times with his right palm before drinking deep and trying not to splutter it all back out again. "Wiping that which escaped off his chin with the back of he hand he smiles at Kate, amusement most definitely reaching his eyes. "Alas, I fear seducing her is beyond even my charms. Taking her maybe, but it's too late for the seduction. Some part of her knows I think, but she's denying it, so she gets mightily uncomfortable and her maids get all jittery. It's an interesting effect, especially when she keeps trying to be all fucking ladylike and dignified." Still grinning he takes another swig of ale, "Imagine how much it'd piss her old man off though if he ever found out!"

Kathryna shares that wide, amused grin with Nares, shaking her head at his denial of his own abilities. "A shame. The offer is still on the table, if you'd ever change your mind, old man. Losing your touch indeed, it seems…" She winks teasingly at him, but then her head turns as another is coming in the doors. A face she recognizes. One she's come to miss. Her cheeks actually flush just a HINT at the thought of the topic they were just discussing, and all conversation of rape and women is dropped. She gives a casual wave in Damara's direction, pushing a seat out with the toe of her foot in invitation.

"Oh come now, you know well enough that Nobles have never been my type," Nares answers, taking the teasing as it's meant. "Well, Riverborn ones anyway, there's just no.. fight in them." As Damara approaches he pauses for a moment to place her before remembering well enough the ride from Tall Oaks. He returns the nod with one of his own before shaking his head. If Kate's going to challenge, he's going to accept. "Nope. Nothing at all that can't be entirely surpassed by the arrival of a beautiful woman."

Kathryna smiles a bit more to Damara, shaking her head at the question. Hell, Kate even actually gets up and, if the woman permits, leans over for a brief, rib crushingly tight hug. "I've missed you as well, Dam." And hell, Kate seems to mean it, if Nares can read her at all these days. She then lets go and folds back down into her chair, "Keep, another tankard and another pitcher!" She yells half deafeningly over to the man behind the bar, then she looks between the two and grins. "Not interrupting at all, but Asvard? She's hands off. Period." There is a momentary threat in Kate's eyes.

The hug is not lost and Damara returns it, perhaps a little surprised but not all one to turn the lady away. "It sounds like you mean to make a night of it…not that I am going to object.." She grins at Kate and then lifts a brow at the compliment - now that seemed somewhat unexpected. "Why, I think I have not felt so welcome in quite a long time…and that is saying something." She dips her head to Nares and than looks to Kathryna. "The lords are entertaining ladies of the Roost…there is no place for me there." There is a meaningful look to Kat with that one before she gives a tug of her braid over one shoulder.

Nares just rolls his eyes at Kate and briefly flashes her a 'that's no fun' look. He'd just got a few lines ready in his head for later, requesting that the kind lady help the poor, injured man remove his tunic and so on. Shaking his head slightly he'll accept the ruling for now and turns back to Damara. He tones it down a bit, going for polite and friendly until he can work out just exactly what the dynamic is now, "then pull up a chair and join us. I doubt we'll be going anywhere for a while yet."

The doors to the tavern opens once more to allow another entrance and this time it is Kell Drakmoor that fills the doorway with his frame. Stepping in, his initial intent is to head to the bar for some ale but as his eyes sweeps through the tavern, his eyes catches the table where the Ironborn are, though now joined by Damara. His eyes do eventually focus on Nares and the Hedge Knight's eyes narrow slightly. As he steps inside and deeper in the establishment, it looks like Kell has a decision to make, to speak to the Captain now or let it be for the time being.

Kathryna finishes that hug, glad Damara didn't deny her, and she does get busy settling in again. There are no food plates on her and Nares' table, but there seems a lot of empty ale mugs and pitchers, that might tell what kind of night was planned. Kate keeps her eyes hard on Nares for another heartbeat or two, making certain he does understand that Damara is off limits, but she then breaks into a wide smile and shoots another look at the bartender. "Where is the fucking ale? Seriously…" She half growls out before looking back to the two. Damara's commentary actually turns Kate a touch more sympathetic, though her eyes narrow a hint as well. "They're being right bastards, are they? Well, drink up. We'll entertain ourselves without the sots."

"I would be glad to spend the evening with you two…" Damara says with a faint grin. Easier to stomach people who can look at you and speak without making you feel ill at ease. She sighs and quaffs more of her much, drinking heavily from it, which silences her for a bit. Once the mug is set down, she muses for just a second and sighs, giving Kat a long look with a sad sort of grin. "Yes…seems that the Oaks may have a new lady soon. The lord has been spending time with one of the Banefort sisters." Fingers grip the mug a bit tighter, but she relaxes them eventually once she brings the drink to her lips to finish it, pushing the empty thing away from her. "There is more coming right?" It seems she's ready to just start the night off right.

Nares had caught Kell's arrival, given he's facing that way at the table, and as a result had been watching the knight as the man had narrowed in on them. Damara's mention of Lord Camden and a Banefort lass catches his attention back to the table though and he just grins at Kate. "I think that silver of yours just got safer, although I must admit, it makes it more of a relishable challenge." That said he gives a faint nod in the direction of the newly arrived knight and says quietly, "looks like we might have company by the way." That done he leans back again in is chair, carefully, and raises his mug towards Kell, "Good evening Ser," he calls out, "looking for a table?" The night just gets batter and better it seems.

It seems like Kell's decision was made for him as Nares calls out to him so instead of walking to the bar, he does head to the table that the two Ironborn and one Camden are seated at. Instead of speaking to Nares directly, the Hedge Knight still remembers his manners as he first dips his head respectfully to Kathryna first, "Lady Harlaw." Then to Damara who he has yet to meet, "Mistress." Then finally to Nares, "Pardon my intrusion at your table, but Captain, I wish words with you." The knight certainly holds a neutral tone though his displeasure is leaking through.

Kathryna keeps her eyes mostly on Damara for the moment, so Nares might realize he can actually get away without pissing her off. The commentary about a possible new lady makes Kate's ice gaze widen a touch, and then harden, her jaw setting just a bit tighter. "…I see. The Banefort woman… there's only one unmarried Banefort here I know of. Oh… Dam… Fuck. I'm sorry. Fuck him…" She half growls out, not happy about this at all, a severe touch of protectiveness on her features. Soon enough, the ale is brought, and she actually pours Damara before herself. She does understand. And then she's levelling a small look at Kell and Nares, but she doesn't interrupt. She just frowns. "Ser Kell." She offers formally.

"There is no need for you to be sorry….I had advised him before to take a wife…" Before many things had occurred. Damara just smiles. "The lord is following the wish of his people and his family..for the most part. I wish him all the happiness." She looks to the ale as it is poured and she bites her lower lip. Lifting it to her lips immediately after, the mistress is rather busy filling her gut when Kell comes to introduce himself. Coming up for air, she tilts her head and looks up at him. "Ser." She says and dips her head before she looks to Nares. "And here I was going to ask what silver was safe…but you are about to be stole away - shame that." She admits and then offers a worn smile to Kate. "To friendship.." she holds up her mug towards Kate.

"Words are free my young Ser," Nares answers. He's keeping his tone light and conversational in contrast to Kell's. "Please, sit, have ale, and share what is troubling you so." Not that he hasn't already guessed at what the likely cause is. He makes no move to stand but instead pushes a spare stool out from under the table with his foot, so that Kell may avail himself of it.

A glance is given to Kathryna and Damara for a moment as Kell seems reluctant to want to speak to the Captain at the table, not wanting to… cause a scene. He does look back to Nares and then off to another table, one towards one of the corners of the tavern, "I would request we move to a separate table? I do not wish to intrude on the ladies here and disturb their conversation, Captain." Especially with Kate's disposition to one particular Lady of Banefort.

Kathryna gives Nares a brief, lingering, 'be careful' sort of look, but she waves the men off. "If you must do business, go about it." Still, she's near, and her sword is at her hip, as ever. With one more, hard look towards them, she gazes back towards Damara and gives her the best attempt Kate has at an understanding smile. "Oh, Dam… whether you knew this might come or not, it doesn't make it any less shite, you know. I know it's shite and politics. And that's fucking miserable. So… drink up and try to forget."
Kathryna echos Dam's toast, clinking mugs, "To Friendship."

"Ladies?" There is but one at the table and Damara seems to indicate that with her gaze. She's sore on the topic of 'ladies'. Giving the two men a look as well, she glances back to her fellow and then grins - sadly albeit. "There was always a chance, and I am partially to blame. Sometimes I do not fight enough for the things I want…" She muses a moment in silence over her drink before she sighs and is happy to indulge in it. She lets the heavy drink take the place of where food should be going, stealing her appetite and also sealing her fate to a long long night. Setting it back down, she nods her head. "I entirely intend on doing just that, drinking. I can collapse in the stable later." She tilts her head and looks the ironborn over. "I have had a blade made…" She says this a little lower yet.

If it's another table Kell wants then another table it is, although Nares return's Kate look with one of his own. He knows, and had initially suggested Kell sit here as he suspected the knight might have wanted to take it outside. Still. Pushing himself up from his chair and almost managing to hide the pain expression it such movement causes he takes his tankard up with his right hand and gestures towards the indicated table. "Lead on Ser."

Kell does give Damara an apologetic glance as that was the term he used to err on the side of caution though it seems that this time he erred on the wrong side. But once Nares gives his answer, the Hedge Knight nods at the man and does start towards the empty corner table, though on the way there he motions to the barkeep for some ale as well. Apparently the knight prefers to attempt at words of diplomacy first. Upon arrival at the table, Kell takes a seat before waiting for Nares to settle in as well.

Kathryna seems content to ignore the men now, focusing on her friend and focusing on things that -aren't- men being stupid bastards. She grins as she hears the comment about a blade being made. "Truly! Good… bloody hell, we must practice more. Things have been… too distracting. I wish I didn't have to linger here, but I do. We shall have to get a few rounds in before ye go back to the Oaks, yes?… Can't have you leaving without any bruises." She takes another gulp of her ale. "Oh, and I've got a room upstairs. The Terrick's invited me back, so you can use that room if you need. We can both collapse there."

"Aye, yes…a blade.." Damara laughs a little, which seems to improve her mood some and by now the second mug has been eagerly done with. Ale taking the place of common sense and food, she pushes it forward to indicate another for herself. The mistress is not a heavy drinker and so even now, she can feel the coils of the alcohol working their way into her motor skills. "It is true, I carry those bruises like trophies.." She admits with a smile and tilts her head, considering the Lady. "I have given though, my apprentice has the falcons well in hand. I may…" She pauses and looks up to Kate. "I suppose there really is no sense in talking of it…not at the moment. I just wish to enjoy some company, ale and less ladies….other ladies I should say, excluding you." She grins to Kate and relaxes back in her chair. It's early evening, the women at one table while Nares and Kell are attending each other at another.

Nares follows Kell over to the table and sits opposite the younger man. Setting his tankard down on the table he slowly and carefully leans back in the chair. It's not all because of his shoulder, some of it is for Kell's benefit too. Clasping his hands together the rests his wrists on the edge of the table and just looks at Kell for a moment before speaking, his tone light and conversational, at odds with the more serious expression on his face. "How may I be of assistance to you?"

"I would like you to answer a question of mine, Captain." Kell says as he keeps it civil, apparently preferring to talk over drinks than to throw punches. There is a pause as his own cup of ale is brought to the table and after a nod of thanks, the Hedge Knight take a long sip before continuing, leaning in slightly, "Ironborn, why have you purposely tried to make a fool of Lady Banefort? It seems like having fun at her expense would not help with Lady Harlaw's diplomatic mission here, especially when the ruse is discovered." Kell's tone is kept even and neutral for the time being as the knight goes directly to the point instead of dancing around it.

Kathryna tilts her head a bit at that thoughtful look in Damara's eyes. "You may what? You could take a leave… I am certain they would allow you. Spend time down here, work with me, see other things… Meet other men. I think I could most -certainly- show you a good time, and it'd be nice to have more company than the old man over there." Kate nods to Nares with a wider smile, clear affection in her features for the man who is probably at least ten years her senior. She downs another gulp of ale, but she's learned to live on the stuff, so it doesn't affect her nearly so fast. "But… tonight, we just drink. No sparring. Too many possible accidents when drink is involved." Unless she starts a barfight. Then that is alright.

Looking over her mug, Damara nods. "It seems the Camdens are finding some accord, for that I am grateful," the mistress notes honestly. She gives her mug a long look and then up at Kate. "A break, would be nice. A time of leave…but I was more thinking to the future in honesty." There is a laugh though and she smirks some. "Other men…" There are thoughts to herself and her smile fades a little. "Aye, perhaps that would be a good idea." She toes the wood floor with her boot and looks over towards Nares as Kathryna does. "But I was thinking more of a permanent change…there are some things that I may not be able to come to accept. Changes that may take place. I am sure you understand." She lifts her ale, drinking of it. "No, no sparring tonight, but I will take you up on that tomorrow, pending the results of the drinking."

Nares raises an eyebrow at the question posed by the knight. He'll give the boy points for being direct, but then has to take them away again for being wrong. If the lad is making an effort though, then so will he. He keeps his voice low, so it shouldn't carry and make a scene. "I fear you have another false presumption on your hands Ser, I have not hidden who I am, nor answered any of your questions regarding such falsely. I take the Lady Banefort for no fool, if her House were so then mine would have had a foothold in these lands for generations past. If you'll take the time to ask the Lady herself I think she will confirm that our conversations started when she and her maids were discussing the Lady Harlaw over there," he notions over to Kate, "and I simply provided them with some of the explanations they were after. They did not ask me how I knew, or I would have told them." That said he takes a brief drink, although it's a shallower one than he makes out, just in case Kell is going to try something. "Now. Was there anything else?"

Kathryna isn't always the quickest on the uptake, though after a few moments of thinking through Damara's words, a touch more understanding dawns on Kate's features. She frowns, just a touch of worried discomfort crossing her pale face. She doesn't know what to say for a few minutes, but drains back more ale firmly, easier to turn to booze than words. She then tops off both their mugs and sighs. "Aye, if that is necessary…If you feel it best to leave, well, we'll figure somewhere for you. You're a capable, smart woman. And I've got contacts, if you need the help… Hells, maybe I'll come with you. I am losing hope on anything keeping me at Tall Oaks either. I'd say you could come home with me, but I doubt you'd like it much."

"I doubt I am sure of anything at the moment.." Damara admits and than lifts her mug, peering over it at her companion. "I wouldn't mind travelling, as much as I love the Oaks and have never thought really of being anywhere else…I am not incapable. I have skills.." Perhaps she'd even make a good wife. "I hear Dorne is a rather enticing place, I think more fit to your tastes, Kate." There is a grin and she drinks of her mug, more ale to fill her stomach. "You know..I have not ever considered the Isles…I am not certain there is much hunting there or call for a falconer, but then again, most places do not have need of a falconer." She muses and perhaps she means something by that. In either case, she looks to Kathryna. "The two of us travelling, what an adventure. What a thought!" She is becoming more relaxed, the more into her cups she gets.

Remaining silent, Kell doesn't interrupt the Ironborn as he speaks, only tending to his own ale as he sips and listens. "This time, Captain, I did not make a false presumption. I am not sure how it is done on the Iron Islands but usually, one introduces themselves along with their affiliations for it is improper to deceive those you speak with, unless one were to make a fool of them by keeping them in the dark." The Hedge Knight answers, his tone showing no anger though it does reveal how serious he believes these matters are. "And you, I do not take for a fool, Captain, so you know exactly how Lady Banefort would feel speaking to someone with your allegiance."

"And have you considered, Ser Drakmoor, that that might be precisely why I didn't?" Nares asks, his tone flat and neutral. "I have said before, but I will say again so that it might be clear. I did not take the Lady Banefort for a fool, nor was it my intention to make one out of her. She wished information, as in turn did you. I provided it. What ever you and others may think of my people, we are not just murdering savages. Despite this, that is all some sometimes see and as such are blind to all else." He doesn't let his gaze drop from Kell's face, but his tone does harden slightly. "You have your answer Ser. Now you must either accept it, or call me a liar."

Kathryna looks a touch wary at the thought of Damara in the isles. She takes another good sip of her ale, tipsy mind trying to piece through a way of saying this without being insulting at all. "…Damara… there are some nights I would not wish my home on my greatest enemy. Fortunately, most of my greatest enemies -are- there, so it's not much of an issue." She smirks over the edge of her tankard. "But, if we are both free, we could travel. Perhaps go there for a few months, get a boat, sail down to Dorne. I hear it is a long and dangerous journey, but a worth while one. It would be an adventure."

A brow lifts at the notion of the isles not being wished upon her worst enemy. "It was a thought, but one that I was not truly lingering on…" The mistress adds as she takes another pull of her ale. "But a ship…" That makes her look wary. "I will not admit to enjoying the thought of it. I am not quite sure I have the legs for it. They say it is …something that needs to be learned - the taking of ships." Damara does look across at Kate for a long moment. "But we are here now, and this is no ship so I suppose there is no worry in truth." She hmmms thoughtfully and drinks of the ale once more. "The Lord Dafydd thinks of you often, Kate…" She adds faintly, as if to make that an aside.

Smirking slightly, Kell doesn't rise to the bait to call the Ironborn a liar, though he doesn't come out to say that the other man isn't as he takes a long sip of his ale before answering. "Knowing the history of your people, especially with regards to who live by the western coast of Westeros, the most prudent course of action would be to avoid with Banefort blood. Did you think your words would be helpful? I will not call you a liar, Captain, for I cannot see into your head to see your intentions, but you should take care with your actions here before you make Lady Harlaw's tasks harder than it is."

The Ironborn woman gives a half sigh at the question of taking ships. "…Aye, there is a certain… practice to rampant slaughter and carelessly throwing one's life into a battle, just hoping you are stronger than your enemy. I'm not exactly certain it's the ships which are the issue. But… should the time come, maybe we will go back. There are safe places too. It is worth seeing the world beyond trees, Damara. You are a smart woman. Intelligent… Resourceful. Do not let home hold you back ever." Kate tries to lock Dam's eyes as she reassures that, her words not meant as flattery but truth. And then Dam goes on to talk of Dafydd and Kate suddenly looks a bit awkward, almost blushing. She drowns back a bit more ale. "…Aye?…And what does he say? Grumble about my use of a sword?"

Well, it was less 'bait' and more 'fuck endless semantics, are you going to push this or not'. Either way though, it seems to have worked. As Kell confirms that he won't be calling Nares out, the ironborn nods once and takes a drink from his tankard again, still drinking shallowly though. One the other man has stopped talking the Captain states simply, "Then I think we're done here. Now you've got that all off your chest, do feel free to come join us for the night Ser. Might relax you a little." You cowardly little oik. That said he stands and starts to make his way back towards Kate and Damara.

"I am glad you think so, some days I question my intelligence. There is a matter of being blinded by the heart and what one wants," Damara grins some, trying to lighten her own mood. When did drinking suddenly become so …dire? But there it is, that feeling and she tries to drown it with another long drink from her ale. The mug is set back down before she leans forward, pulling her legs back to hook beneath her chair. "He says very little to me Kate…but I know you bother him in such a way that he can not act as himself most days. That is not a bad thing either, let me tell you." She smiles some, drawing a breath in order to gather her thoughts. "I do not think he knows how to take you…how to best care for you. It's in his actions, I have not often seen him like this." Ever really. "You are a lady that acts not like a lady, but there is no denying his desire of you. He has had many years to learn how to deal with a proper noblewoman, but only a month’s time to figure how he fits in your life. Give him that much…I think he tries but only serves to confuse himself by his years of practice in other areas…" She smiles and nods her head. "Patience…" She tells Kate, "though I know you are hard pressed to find that as Dafydd is to accept a spirited noblewoman." She laughs a little and then spots Nares returning to the table, giving him a nod and the remnants of her smile.

The discussion of Dafydd has truly turned Kate a bit uncomfortable. It's almost half sobered her, but she has no clue really how to handle feeling this way about a man. She doesn't like it. Kate clears her throat and stands, leaving off the ale at the table. At least she paid plenty coppers at the top of the night to cover it. She reaches into her pocket. "I… ah… I have another meeting this evening, Damara, I have forgotten. My room is the second to the left, here…" Kate pulls a skeleton key from her pouch and sets it before the woman. "For when you must sleep. We.. we will speak again soon." But that seems to be that. IT's very possible Kate has just ran out of a bar before admitting that she too is in love. well, she's not running, but she quickly moves for the door and out.

"I prefer to stay here to my own drinks, Captain. Think on what I have said for diplomacy and honour may not be something you are use to using as opposed to ships and swords." Kell says, apparently unwilling to let things go without his own passing shot at the Ironborn. He may not want to call Nares a liar to his face but he is more than willing to use prickly barbs. One may have used fists if diplomatic relations and politics are involved between the Ironborn representatives, the Camdens, and the Terricks here. For now, the Hedge Knight keeps an eye on Nares who would return to Kate and Damara's table.

If it hadn't been for Kathryna's earlier warning, Nares might have been torn between heading back to Damara and getting her utterly sloshed and keeping an eye on Kate herself. As it is though, Kate wins. Again. Damnit. Returning the Camden's nod he gives an apologetic smile before turning to exit the Inn as well. Kell, poor soul, is roundly ignored as making sure his fellow islander doesn't come a cropper jumps to the head of his priority list.

As Kate rises, Damara hesitates and looks to her. "Kate…" The mistress tries to stop her, reaching out a hand but is left with just the fleeing back of the ironborn. She rubs at her neck and then sighs, relaxing back into her chair with a look to the abandoned mugs and empty chairs. But her head turns to look up to Nares and she takes note of his departure, and understanding look exchanged before she shifts, settling a moment. "I must have the worst ill begotten luck…" She mutters as she lifts her ale again and drinks heavily from the well used mug. With no one to speak to, the mistress turns to her thoughts and those at the moment, are not the kindest things.