Page 170: Conversations Along the Road
Conversations Along the Road
Summary: The Young Lord and his squire talk about what is infront of them
Date: 04/01/2012
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Anders Einar 
The Northern Coast Road
A temporary encampment of the Flint column
Tue Jan 03, 289

Riding through the night. The pace isn't difficult, so with a few breaks here and there, four hours for sleep. The column of men change their direction so they can follow the river to the east of the woods, eventually making Stonebridge. There are small fires lit, guards posted on one hour rotation so each gets their three hours of rest. Seated beside one of the fires is a small circle of lords, Anders pulling at the cooked carcass of a small animal and chewing it slowly. "Seagard. That's where we're called to, unless we're told otherwise at Stonebridge.. and we're due to arrive midmorning," is given to a question posed.. and once the answer is given, the inquirer nods, mutters, "Yes my lord," and moves back to another fire.

Einar having sacrificed his cloak to Tiaryn earlier in the evening, Einar is currently wrapped in his blanket. He's seen to the horses now though and it's time to find a fire and some food. Arriving as the other man departs he nods to those around the fire and takes a seat, leaning into the heat as he does so. "Did I hear Seagard?" he asks after a moment, turning to his cousin for confirmation, "never been there before."

Shifting in his spot, Anders looks up and follows his cousin's progress down and seated. Handing over the carcass, there's still some good meat on it. "Here.. and yes. We're expected at Seagard. We'll be leaving the ladies behind in Stonebridge." He made his lady promise. "There, your goodsister can be ministered to by their maester, and Co— Lady Cordelya," he's in the presence of other lords, "will remain behind with her."

Einar slips a hand out from under the blanket and takes the offered food. "Thanks," he mutters before taking a quick bite, nodding to the comments about the ladies as he chews. "I take it Stoneridge is going to be the main muster point then?" he asks, once he's finished his mouthful, "do we have any indication on how the Riverland's levies are progressing?" He's not overly aware of the dispositions of the houses this far south, other than that it's the Frey's and Trully's that have the largest holdings with the Mallisters besieged. Still, it looks like it'll be those that they're heading to help. "Any news on the fleet? I heard that the sooner they could get mobilised the sooner the back of this mess can be broken."

"You know as much as I do. News came in that Lannisport was attacked, and we sent the call out. Then Seagard. Now, with the Lady Ca— Flint, I can't help but believe Tall Oaks fell," Anders turns a glance towards the west, the ever present glowing. Woods fuel the fire. "Which probably also means the Roost further south was attacked, and is either taken or is under siege." They're on the shore, so that's where the logic is. "Stonebridge is further in, and I can't see them taking boats that far up the river to attack." He exhales and leans into the fire, warming his hands and feet, more for comfort and security than chill, though there is that in the air. And the wind. Cordelya's wind.. the anger of the Old Gods. "With ours, Lord Stark said he'd be on his way too.. so there's us. Who knows if Lord Frey will send a man— he's probably waiting to see who comes out.. and is producing trinkets that can be bought by either side." Bah.. "Lord Tully is the one with most to lose. We'll see how he comes to our Lord Stark, and if he does, for aid.. if the Roost is, indeed, needy."

Oh politics, if there's anything to make Einar's head hurt then its politics. He nods at the appropriate points, trying to get his head round what is said. As he chews another mouthful he can't help ut wonder why a Lord would not send men to aid and still sleep at night, but he's well enough aware that they do. Sighing slightly, leaning forward to massage the bridge of his nose. "I'll be happier once we reach Stonebridge," he manages finally, not just because of the fresh information it should bring, but also the increased security. Not that the burning glow is getting to him.

"You and me both, cousin," Anders exhales and nudges, a bit of familial familiarity in the making marking a purely personal question as opposed to political and official. "How is she? I didn't ask before, and I certainly didn't want to ask Corrie." His lips press together in a tight line as he rubs his hands together, at the mention of the name, he looks back to the cart. "And I didn't want to check myself. The fewer she has to see and try to reason out their identities, the better." There is a pause, then, "I understand she woke?"

Einar follows Anders' glance to the cart and watches it for a moment or two, then nods once and turns back to his cousin. "Once, although I must confess to having been dozing in the saddle when she did so. Your Lady wife spoke with her briefly though she said." Shifting his shoulders slightly stop the blanket from falling off he continues, "It seems that she'll live, unless there's something we've missed," a cheerful thought, "but I think only time will tell if she'll still be herself though."

Anders exhales in a sigh. "Camdens, they say, are made like the oaks. I hope they are for her sake. Her parents, Connell, and now her home, and I'm willing to bet her brothers, and nieces and nephews." He actually doesn't know how it all stands, but if Tiaryn was sent out, there were probably more in the group. Which doesn't bode well. In taking a deep breath, he signals for that change of mood, and he moves to clap his cousin on the shoulder. "Finish that," he gestures to the dead animal. Then, rest. I'm going to do the same. In a couple hours time, we're back on the road." He makes to get up and wraps his cloak about his shoulders in the shift. "And we'll make Stonebridge soon."