Page 516: Conversations Across a Barricade
Conversations Across a Barricade
Summary: Daryl, Einar and Lyanna discuss the sickness on Highfield lands at the barricade set up to quarantine the affected area
Date: 21/Dec/2012
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North Trail, Highfield
The road, though mainly north and south curve and turns about large trees to find the easiest path through the terrain. The trees here are more dense than in the Riverlands and to the west the dark line of a thick forest makes up the horizon. There is a road that eventually parts to the West heading into the great wood to former Tall Oaks. This town is somewhere hidden within the large stand of trees.
Fri Dec 21, 289

From down the road to the east, a couple of mounted figures approach at a steady gallop, the thumping of hooves announcing their presence before anything else, and they ride up a barricade that has been recently constructed, separating the Flint camp to the west from Highfield to the north east. Guarding the barricade are six men, armed with crossbows as well as melee weaponry, who seem a tad bored if anything. The horsemen slow, one of those being Daryl Ashwood, the deputy of Highfield. The other rider? Anyone's guess, but he doesn't seem as prominent of a figure. "Reports?" Daryl speaks loudly to the men stationed there, as he dismounts his steed.
"Nothing, M'lord. Still quiet." One of the armed guards at the barricade replies. Daryl starts to unpack provisions and such off his horse, as does his buddy, and he replies with a chuckle, "Well. Quiet is good. As long as its not too quiet."

Einar is on foot, having decided to leave his horse in Highfield before he'd left for the work site at the first reports of plague. No point risking a fine beast on what might have just been rumours after all. He has his own crossbow slung over his shoulder on its usual strap, a protection against roaming bandits rather than any threat to the Ashwood guards and a couple of of young workmen a couple of paces behind him as he makes his way down the path towards the routine drop off. Rounding final corner on the path before the barricade he beckons his companions to hold where they are before advancing slowly, although only until he's within hailing range. Daryl is vaguely recognised from his time at Highfield previously but he struggles for a moemnt to put a name to him, he's had other things to think about of late after all. Hedging his bets he opens with "Good day Lord Ashwood. I hope the Seven find you well."

Probably from the same direction as the Deputy of Highfield comes another small group of riders. Obviously on some afternoonish riding out Lyanna Frey turns in her saddle, eyeing her two guards Master Tollard and Master Grimes intently, with perhaps a bit of reproach in her gaze as she was able to overtake them this easily. Her septa on her slow mule not even close as of yet, the Frey lady brings her stead to a halt, shortly after Daryl and his entourage. Greeting the Flint yet unknown to her with a "Well met. Ser." she turns to Daryl with an amused smirk. "Lord Daryl. I hope I do not disturb you? On any important matters?" The latter being added in reference to his rather official sounding inquiry to the other knight.

Slowly but surely the provisions are transferred from the Ashwood side to the Flint side, set down in bundles with fastenings and strappings still attached, to make carrying the water, food and building materials easier. Once they've transferred it all, the Deputy awaits the Flint's approach, and upon spotting Einar, Daryl raises his arm high, clenching a fist, a signal probably to the men behind him as well as to hail the Flint. "Good day," He speaks loudly enough back, "As I hope they find you. Please, approach." He stands near the bundle, which is set some ways from the barricade. As Lyanna nears, and the men look her way with a tad bit of surprise, Daryl turns to raise his brows and offer a smile, "Lady Lyanna. Hardly, though I would kindly warn you to keep your distance some, and remain on that side of the barricade…For your own safety of course. How have you been? What brings you out this way?" A look back towards Einar then.

Einar’s attention is distracted from the Ashwood party by the sound of more hoof beats, watching silently as the Frey party arrives. "Thank you Lady Frey," he answers with a faint smile, "but I fear it's not yet Ser, I am Einar Flint, Young Lord Anders' cousin and squire." Daryl's words catch him by surprise though, evidently he'd been expecting the Ashwoods to draw back a bit before he'd move in to collect the supplies with the aid of his fellows. Before he moves he glances back to Lyanna and mirror's the caution. "He speaks wisely, we've shown no signs, but we don't yet know how long it takes to be safe." He starts to walk forward then, glancing to the supplies and mentally working out how best to distribute the load before glancing back to the Ashwood guards, just to make sure none of them are getting nervous.

"Keep my distance?" Lyanna replies with a brow raised in surprise but following the Ashwood's advice as she keeps to the other side of the barricade, "I am merely riding out, ser. Granting my patient steed a bit of so overdue exercise." Her gaze wanders from Daryl to Einar and back again as she adds: "Anything amiss here?" And then as her attention turns to Daryl alone: "Why should I have to keep my distance I wonder?".

The bundle is set some ways from the barricade, leaving the chance of infection solely to the deputy himself. He does pull out a rag to cover his face as they approach. He takes a few steps back, but is still ahead of the rest of his men for aways, nodding to Einar, "It's all there. How are things at the camp?" He sounds like he may already know the answer, yet…You never know. The guards seem just fine at their distance, remaining where they are. A look back to Lyanna and Daryl explains, "We've set this barricade to help contain and combat the sickness growing in the camp to the west. As of right now, no one may pass going or coming without permission, in order to prevent further infection." A small, sad shrug at that and a look to Einar, "If you can get me an accurate report of how many cases you have right now, symptoms…Deaths…That would help us see what kind of illness we're dealing with now. I'm Lord Daryl Ashwood, deputy, and Ser Erik Jast is our sheriff. We've been sent to help you."

Einar turns to beckon the men with him to come and start moving the supplies back towards camp. The load is seemingly easy enough to split between the three of them and they get to work sorting things with little fuss. He leaves Daryl to explain the situation to Lyanna as he gives his assigned supplies a quick test to ensure he can carry it before nodding his agreement to the others. Turning back to the Ashwood then he gives a brief run down, "it's still a minority thing, although nothing we've tried yet seems to have do anything other than alleviate symptoms. I've more extensive notes back at the camp and I'll bring a copy with me next time, you might want to bring your own parchment to take a dictated copy though as we don't know how it's transferring yet." Best not risk Highfield for a piece of parchment all told. Giving a nod at the introduction he adds, "I hope soon to meet under better circumstances Lord Daryl, but if you'll excuse me for asking, is there any news from Lord Anders? And how fares Lady Tiaryn, my good-sister?"

"Sickness?" Lyanna echoes Daryl's very words. "I am not sure, but I have a bit of experience in that field, my Lord. Maybe the Seven have planned this accidental encounter. Maybe I can help. I will gladly offer whatever assistance I can, good Ser Deputy." There is a firm nod underlining that last statement of hers. And with these courageous words said, courageous deeds follow as Lyanna, like Daryl just a few moments ago, ushers her steed on to pass said barricade. And although she hears Einars inquiries she remains silent on the matter, leaving the reply for Daryl, while the expression on her face seems to get more intrigued by every hint the man offers to whatever sickness might harass his men. A little smile does lighten up her demeanour at the mention of Lady Tiaryn though.

Daryl nods in understanding towards Einar, still holding that rag over his nose and mouth and speaking through it, "None of the remedies i've concocted have any effect either. When your back, check your wells, perhaps its water-borne, or see if any of your food is contaminated." There's a pause as if he's about to add something else but he decides against it. "Certainly, next we meet. Please inform your people of the barricade and its purpose to help prevent any spreading of the illness." As he asks of Anders and Tia, the deputy replies, "I'm not sure when it comes to Lord Anders, but last I saw Lady Tiaryn she was healthy and doing well. Quite the musician, I must…" As Lady Lyanna approaches, the Ashwood holds a hand up, his tone firm, though not angry, "That is far enough, Lady Lyanna. I welcome your aid, but risking getting sick now would only make matters worse. Please return to the Highfield side of the barricade." He too takes a couple steps that way, nodding to Einar, lowering the rag to show a grin, "Looks like you have a lot of friends ready to help you, Lord Einar. Have faith."

Spotting Lyanna's approach, Einar takes a couple of steps back, raising a hand to indicate that he too wishes the Frey to halt her progress. "I thank you for your kind words," he offers, "on behalf of both myself and my House. Please though, I'll bring my notes, they may spread enough light for you without having to expose yourself to the infection itself." Listening to Daryl's words he nods in agreement a couple of times at the advice and suggestions then he remembers to ask, "Next time Lord Daryl, we'll need more willowbark. It helps alleviate some of the worst signs and we're starting to run short." As for the news on Anders and Tia he smiles a little, "she is quite the harpist, and singer. If you do happen to see them around your manor could you let them know I am well?"

Pulling her reins at Lord Daryl's request, Lyanna's deep blue eyes dart from Daryl to Einar and back again. "What is this sickness, ser? Please do enlighten me and tell me why this disease has been kept this secret? Are there any Maesters about?" Then as Einar mentions his notes, she looks most eagerly at Daryl. "Might I have a look at these notes, Ser? It pains me to see these people in distress, and I would help them gladly. And were it only for Lady Tiaryn's sake…"

Daryl offers a soft smile to the younger man, taking a few steps back further. "I'll be sure to let them know. And you can count on it, i'll have more obtained as soon as I can." A reference to the Willowbark. "Seven watch over us, and may we bring this sickness to a quick halt." The deputy nears the barricade once more, looking Lyanna's way, "Yes, when Lord Einar gives me a copy next meeting i'll gladly share them with you, we'll look over them together." As far as the sickness goes, "It is still in its early stages, and we know little about it as for right now. Maester's have been alerted of this potential outbreak, and for now, we're doing all we can."

"Crone grant us the wisdom to see our way through this," Einar answers to Daryl before he turns to Lyanna and her questions. "We're not entirely sure yet m'Lady, but it seems to still be spreading through the camp. We've still more clear than ill though." For now at least. "We've no Maester of our own, he is understandably in ur own lands in the North, but as Lord Daryl has said, others have been alerted. For now I am doing what I can, Lady Cordelya is more skilled than I, but she is still recovering from the birth of the Twins." That and he doesn't figure there's anyway that the Young Lady would be allowed anywhere near a plague scene. Future of the House and all that.

"W…wait. Next meeting? Good ser, is there that much time?" Lyanna inquires, now with a little more stubborn gleam to her eyes. "Pray, when would that be? Why can't this knight share the knowledge he has? No Maester's at the camp right now?" The Frey lady shakes her head incredulously. "We can't these Northerners die, can we, Ser Daryl?" Lyanna's mouth is almost a thin line as she listens about Lord Anders and Lady Cordelya, the only other hope at the moment which is - unfortunately - distracted by the birth of twins. And then she turns her gaze again on the Ashwood, deep blue eyes gleaming with concern, awaiting his response.

Daryl bows his head some towards Einar, then turns to cross the barricade, visibly freezing some at Lyanna's pleading voice. The Ashwood turns to face her with a softened expression, "Lord Einar does not have a copy with him, and I doubt has committee it to memory, so it will have to be next time." There's a pause, "Lord Aleister is sending myself and Sheriff Jast in to deal with it. And we will. House Flint will not face this threat alone." There's a determined nod sent at Einar, and then a look to Lyanna, knowing that means he will likely catch whatever illness this is. A small lowering of his head, "We'll fix this."

"It's appreciated Lord Daryl," Einar answers, returning the nod with one of his own, "but please, don't be too hasty to come this side, not until more is known." He knows he's likely to catch whatever it is, on balance, but he's in no rush to see others do that same, not if another way can be found. As for time, Lyanna gets a hopefully reassuring nod, "there should be time enough Lady Frey, it is spreading but still slowly. We Northerners are made of stern stuff though, we're not about to go to our Gods just yet."

Exhaling audibly, and thereby letting go of a bit of her irritation at the Flint's distress, Lyanna nods, albeit slightly reluctantly, to Daryl's words. She lowers her gaze as Einar replies, her mouth twitching into a brave and reassuring smile, that is dampened by the shadow of doubt. "My prayers are with you, good ser." Her deep blue eyes are aflame with desperation as they focus on the Ashwood again. "I do hope Lord Aleister is paying this development the right amount of attention, Ser Daryl."

"Indeed." Daryl answers to Einar, then ask with a raised brow, "Have you been taking proper containment measures for those of yours who are already sick?" The deputy hears Lyanna, and donning a rather charming smile offers, "You have a big heart, Lady Lyanna. And that is very admirable. I assure you Lord Aleister and House Ashwood is doing everything we can. Besides, he sent his best." A wink at that and he speaks towards Einar, backing his words with action. "Meet us a few stretches ahead of this barricade at first light tomorrow. I will have your willowbark and we'll decide our next plan of action."
"And don't forget the papers. We'll need a copy of that " A look to Lyanna then with a smile, his expression like, 'See?'

Einar smiles back to Lyanna, "Thank you, I am sure the Seven will look favourably upon us in this." Even if most, if not all of those at the camp, bar himself, follow the Old Gods. He pauses for a moment, unsure if he should correct her use of the title 'ser' or not, as he can't quite remember if she'd arrived by the time he'd done so previously or not. In the end he figures it's not something he's yet earnt though so says simply, "Not yet I'm afraid Lady Frey, that would require Lord Anders to bare his blade near my neck, and I think I'll wait until the twins are allowing him more sleep before I let him try that." Daryl's question gets a more businesslike response though, a quick nod followed by, "we have and I will. As I said though, bring your own parchment please, I'd rather not risk more than we have to."

As matter-of-factly as the exchange between Einar and Daryl seems to go - Lyanna bites her lip, unable to hold back a tear that runs down her cheek. "I am sure it will not come to that!" she says in Einar's direction with a surprising vehemence. Daryl's assurance that Lord Aleister has sent the best to cope with the Flint 'problem' is met with a hardly convincing smile - as Lyanna's eyes seem to be clouded with worry. Turning to her Septa who finally catches up with her and her guards, the Frey ambassador offers naught but a silent nod of gratitude and relaxes visibly as Mariah reins her mule in by her side.

"We will. Best to be smart about any safety precaution." The Deputy offers a confident nod in return. "Ride out at first light," he reminds, before his attention shifts towards Lyanna, shaking his head lightly, "It is matter we…Myself including…Will handle capably." The Ashwood moves to mount his horse then, as does the guard that rode with. Daryl looks towards the men on the barricades, ordering with a firm tone, "Shift change! Rested, up, weary down." Theres a nod to Lyanna and Einar then, "I must head back. Lady Lyanna, would you like escort?"

"Until first light then," Einar replies as he moves to collect the portion of the supplies that is left for him to carry back, his fellows having already started back it seems. He raises a hand in parting to Daryl then turns the Frey, "It was a pleasure meeting you Lady Lyanna, I only pray that next time the circumstances will be more fruitful. Seven keep you until then," and with that he's moving back along the path towards the work site.

Lyanna listens quietly as Daryl addresses her, her pensive stare and her gnawing on the thumb of her right hand an unconscious reaction to the troubling revelations she has just been exposed to. But finally the corners of her broad mouth twitch upwards in a thankful smile. "I would be most grateful, Lord Daryl." As she turns to Einar, Lyanna's smile becomes warmer with her concern. "As for you, good ser." - No one has yet thought of correcting her wrong assumption - "I wish the Seven will give you strength to pull through with this. I will study those notes of yours most intently - if Lord Aleister will accept my help in this. Until then I will devote all my prayers to you and your people. May they prove to be strong enough to live through this." And with these words said, she nods to Lord Daryl, reining her horse slightly beside his as she waits for him to give the signal for their departure.