Page 302: Conversation Points
Conversation Points
Summary: Saffron, Justin and Muirenn discuss various topics of conversation.
Date: 17 May 2012
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Entrance Hall - Four Eagles Tower
The Entrance Hall is more than two dozen feet high with ornate columns hefting the fresco ceiling above all. Plush seating is arranged around one side for visiting nobility while the other has less comfortable slab stone or wood benches for the peasantry. Alcoves dot the walls for more private discussions and sworn Guards patrol this hall at all times and especially during court. Several hallways and doorways lead off to different areas of the castle with a spiral staircase carved neatly into one corner that winds its way up.
May 17, 289

As preparations are made to leave for the Twins, it becomes more and more obvious just how much of a visitor Lady Saffron Banefort truly is. She has been taken out of the mourning blacks and into colors once more at the request of her House, and Mistress Morla has been hounding her for days to get herself organized to leave. There is a sense that perhaps she is going to be returning to the Banefort based on all the packing and prep work that is being done, but not even Saffron can get a direct answer to that line of questioning. Finally, she sinks into a seat in the entrance hall with several maids buzzing around her like bluebirds. Her lips are thin and frowning, that dimple no longer present.

Justin arrives carrying his short bow now unstrung with quiver on his back but not in his hunting leathers. In his hands he carries a sack of what might be eggs by the shape of small bulges and in the other a string of gulls he has pulled over his shoulder for there are so /many/ of the birds! Gulls are likely not used to be hunted much for their meat and can be lured plentifully with stale bread against their better sense, apparently. Justin must have well more than 20 of them tied to his line and probably shot them until he ran out of arrows to shoot any more! His hair is much wind tossled and he smells of the sea, otherwise dressed in his black surcoat.

Though she hasn't actually received an official approval that she can attend the tournament, Muirenn is preparing as if she is. Unfortunately she must attempt to make an impact still dressed in mourning black. The last couple of days have been spent with a two seamstresses in a flurry of sewing to put together more elaborate attire. Escaping the pinning and fitting for a bit, the tall girl rushes down the stairs followed quickly by her maid and more slowly by her elderly Septa.

Pausing, she notices Saffron and goes over to the other girl, "Saffron, what is wrong?" The russet haired teenager goes to sit down in a chair near her friend, "How is the packing coming? It is wonderful that your family is letting you wear colors again. You will look so lovely for the tournament!"

Saffron looks up as she spies Lord Justin, but the lingering glance on his array of seagulls is drawn away by the upbeat from the Mallister woman. She smiles, though it is half-hearted at best. "Its nothing to do with being wrong… but I swear something is happening that they aren't telling me about," she says in a curious tone. "My mother has been in a flutter in recent letters, I even received a correspondance from my eldest sister in Lannisport… something is going on." The last four words are said in a hushed, scheming tone. Then she looks up toward her with a slight chuckle. "I suppose I am happy about the lack of black… it doesn't suit me."

"I look fine in black, but I prefer color." Muirenn says. There is a pause and she leans over to give her friend a hug, "I am sorry they have not told you what is going on. It sounds as if it will be good though?" Pulling back she studies the other woman, "I hope it doesn't mean that you will be leaving us." The youngest Mallister blushes, "I have liked having someone here my own age."

Someone in the hall notices Justin's load and steps right up to relieve him of it, "Thanks. Take it to the kitchens - roasted up, they'll make a fine supper for those of the tower who aren't going to Tourney." Justin hands over the sack full of eggs as well. He then turns to start across the hall when he sees both the ladies to whom he inclines his head, "Lady Saffron, Lady Muirenn." He stops when he notices that Saffron's not only not wearing black, but that her gown has been propperly fitted and isn't intentionally awkward as her clothing has seemed to be of late. The young Terrick eyes her, "Something's changed." And he means more than her clothes. Justin looks from one young woman to the other since he interrupted them. He slips off his bow and quiver to hang them by the strap over the back of a chair at one of the tables along the wall.

Saffron offers a small laugh, genuine and gentle, as the hug is returned with a gentle squeeze. "I will do my best to convince them I should stay… I mean, the only thing I could imagine is that I would be returning home." Home, the Banefort. She actually looks a bit nervous at that idea, though she continues to smile all the same. "Besides, I wouldn't be able to beg you to stop trying to marry off your cousin if I wasn't to stay at the Roost." And something glimmers in her pale eyes that suggests amusement. Her gaze turns toward Justin, and she drops into a gentle curtsey. "Good day, Lord Justin." Though she arches up her brows a bit. "Changed?" She asks, glancing toward Muirenn briefly before looking back to Justin.

Women are something he's cautious of because they are wiley creatures. He may be young yet Justin has started to figure out that much for himself. He studies Saffron before he says, "You look especially nice today, Lady Saffron. Departing for Tourney then, or … elsewhere?" As he has just complimented one of the ladies, Justin tactfully moves to stand near to Muirenn and adds, "You look lovely as ever, Lady Muirenn. I assume you are going as well?" There's a glance towards the staircase and Justin shifts his jaw, "I should probably pack one thing or another." Men can pack in like 5 minutes. It's a rule.

"Well…" Muirenn's lips curve into a smirk and she giggles, "I will not even begin to ask for forgiveness, for you know as well as I that it would not be an ill match and if both parties are friends so much the better." The girl pats Saffron's arm gently and shrugs and leans in and whispers, "Better than having your matches arranged for you by a fourteen year old cousin and his circle of advisors and that is *IF* they even actually give a thought to it." Sitting back, her grey eyes twinkle in great amusement. Her voice resumes its normal silvery timbre as she greets her friend, "Lord Justin, I wondered where you had gone. I wished to let you know that Huntsman Kain will be indisposed for a couple of weeks. I also had a favor to ask of you."

Saffron listens to the whisper with a dutiful tilt of her head, and she nods her head gently. "I have no doubt that you mean well, Muirenn… but I can see it in his eyes… he will do no woman any good until he is ready." And she gives her a gentle squeeze once more before her gaze sweeps toward Justin. She brightens a bit at his compliment, that dimple returning. "Thank you, Lord Justin… just preparing for the tourney. Mistress Morla has been having the Terrick seamstresses all a flutter with some new dress requests… this is one of them." She shows off the pale blue number with a slight flourish of the skirts. "I'm suppose to wear them about to ensure that no tailoring adjustments need to be made before we depart the Roost."

Justin smiles at Saffron's flourish to show off her gown, "I would think wool a warm choice for summer but the color suits you well, Lady Saffron." He raises a dark brow to Muirenn, "Aye, the bear cracked his ribs I think. I'm very pleased with him." Then Justin tilts his head faintly, "A favour to ask of me?"

"Yes to both." The young woman blushes slightly and then says, "It is nothing large, it is just that the child he will live but it will be awhile. There are three or four children with the oldest being onlhy fourteen. I…" There is a pauses as she asks, a surprising amount of tender passion accompanying her words, "I was wondering if perhaps you would support me when I asked your Father if a place could be made for them here in the household…perhaps in the kitchen and stables? I feel badly for those young ones who lost the only parent and provider they had left."

Saffron laughed. "Its very light wool, I promise you." It is then that her gaze moves toward Muirenn, and she lifts her brows curiously as she waits to hear Justin's answer.

Muirenn's request makes Justin open his mouth but for a moment nothing comes out. He needs to be careful. With women, one could easily be walking on very thin ice and never forsee the fall so he says, "I believe … the tower is already somewhat strained, Lady Muirenn. Lady Anais has taken in several, I think. However, once we determine whether or not they have other family who may wish to take them in, then we can discuss it. I had thought Master Kain might like to offer the mauled boy a place and teach him his trade." Justin muses, his voice low, "But couldn't take on three or four. So perhaps I can speak to Lady Anais and see what she suggests. Either way, they won't be left unwanted, Lady Muirenn. We'll make certain of that."

There is a faint frown and Muirenn ponders aloud, "I shall write to my cousin. Perhaps we can do something to help as well, take them into my retinue." A leg swings absently from beneath the skirt of her grown and she frowns sadly. However it does seem Justin navigated the troubled waters quite well for her wrath, that he well is familiar with, does not appear. She does nod though and says absently, "I sent some wildflowers to the Inn. I thought perhaps it would cheer the injured up a bit. I collected some extra while I was gathering them for the Sept this morning." Studying Saffron, her smile brightens "I am excited about the tournament. Have you been to one before? I have not…I am sort of nervous actually."

The seriousness in Saffron's brow lasts only for a few moments after Justin's well-navigated words, and she turns her attention toward Muirenn with a half-shrug. "I have been to a handful, though only because the role my father played in most of the tournaments for the Baneforts. My sister had a wonderful tournament after her wedding, but the Lannisters enjoy their tournaments, even those from Lannisport." She looks up toward Justin. "I've already heard Ser Martyn and Ser Kamron talking about the joust and melee… do you intend to take part, Lord Justin?"

Justin clasps his hands loosely behind his back as he listens to Muirenn, then nods, "I saw that the man's body was lain out at the Sept. We are trying to contact whatever family we might find in the area and hope to have some word by the time we return from travel, Lady Muirenn." As for himself, Justin grows quiet when talk turns to the Tournament, keeping his own expression as unreadable as he might. And then Saffron drops that shoe so conveniently for him. "I … am not certain. I had hoped to speak to Lady Anais pertaining to a concern of mine but she seems to have departed with the Lord Regent to … visit the Mire?" Justin is not pleased by his Goodsister's swift departure. And he kind of evades the question at the same time.

Her brow furrows, "Lady Anais *left*?" Muirenn cannot help her exclaimation. With a furrow of her brow she murmers, "I am sure that she had important reasons." A clearing of her throat, and she glances over at Saffron with a grin as she attempts to steer the conversation to a less…potentially dangerous topic "Oh, the Mallisters love their tournaments and my Uncle was exceptional in them I am told…but my mother was too afraid that I would become ill." She glances at Justin and adds quietly, "My brother and cousin are there for you my lord and are very wise."

The Banefort frowns a bit, looking between Muirenn and Justin — she folds her hands also behind her back, straightening her poise just a touch. Something appears to be dancing about her head — a fleeting thought she can't seem to pin down. "Well, I'm certain whatever called her away was important, yes." She hesitates just a moment before nodding with Muirenn. "I've not experienced illness at a tournament before, but I know my sister Terra did frequently, the Seven bless her." There is a small smile working its way back onto her lips. "I'm certain that even if you don't compete, Lord Justin, your presence will be welcomed all the same."

Justin clears his throat, "I will hope I have misunderstood and she's intending to visit the Mire at some later time. Needless to say, I was about to wash up and seek her in the hope I was misinformed as I do need to speak with her." His gaze shifts back to Saffron, "I am but a Squire, and without a Knight to complete my service and earn my spurs by, I am not really even a Squire. I belive only Knights and some foriegners of other Houses are supposed to compete, Lady Saffron. I go to observe and see what I might learn, and there will be those in attendance with whom I would speak."

There is a pause as Muirenn smiles "Will you be at Kamron and Martyn's pavilion or I would be honored if you would sit with me and perhaps explain when I have questions." Excitedly she clasps her hands together and then ohs! "I must go speak with Maester Pyrs." Sighing she mms, "I probably should do that before we finish packing?" She glances over at her Septa who has been surprisingly silent throughout this time. Looking up from her list, Septa Waldsteinia nods "It would be wise my lady Mallister. Come, and then the seamstresses should be finished with the gowns for you to try on."

It does seem that he interrupted the women in their final preparations to depart for travel. Justin needs to wash up and pack his few things he will be taking as well. He inclines his head to each of them, "I will go where I am most wanted or needed, Lady Muirenn. The Tourney will go for enough days that I will be able to do some of both, most likely." He smiles a little to them each, then steps aside to pick up his bow and quiver to head up stairs.

Saffron glances over toward Justin with a slight pursing of her lips. "I haven't heard of the Lady leaving the Roost, so perhaps it was just a miscommunication…" She slowly takes her seat once more with the maids still fluttering around to get her belongings ready to go. She frowns at them a brief moment before she then draws her attention back ground toward Murienn with a slight tilt of her head. "I will be happy to sit with you, Muirenn… unless I'm going to be requested about by my mother again." That is said with a thin smile.

"If you wish, let your mother know that I respectfully request your presence with the Mallisters." Muirenn grins, "I would feel more at ease and less…glaringly awkward if I had a friend present lady Saffron." The teenager's cheeks flush as she waves her hand and the follows her Septa up to the Maester's workroom.