Page 408: Confusion
Summary: Saffron approaches Aemy to seek information.
Date: 5/September/2012
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Aemy Saffron 
The Green
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Wednesday, September 5, 289

Finally back to the Roost, Saffron Mallister slips back into routine as if she never left. She leads her excitable palfrey onto the Green with her two favored guards following along behind her. Punbah and Timmen have switched heraldry just as Saffron has, their Banefort colors traded for the Mallister's. Their uniforms must be brand new as Punbah continues to stretch the collar with nervous fingers. Saffron is looking bright and comfortable, still glowing with that newlywed energy.

Aemy only returned very recently herself, opting to leave just after the wedding was over instead of staying for the celebrations, hoping to get through Stonebridge without issue. Today, she is in the large field near the keep, accompanied by her maid Kyra and guards Redmond and Symon. A blanket is spread on the ground, Symon has taken her horse to a tree for shade while Aemy kneels on the blanket having a moment to herself, perhaps needing the time to think. Upon the arrival of the newly wed Mallister, Aemy rises, sharing a wide smile and a curtsy. "Good afternoon, Lady Mallister, I am so glad to get to finally offer my best wishes! I regret I was unable to see you personally at the wedding and left very soon after."

It takes her a moment to register that she is the Lady Mallister that Aemy is speaking to, but when she does, Saffron brightens. "Lady Aemy," she greets with warmth as she leads her ruddy palfrey up toward the Erenford. As she stands, she gestures her to sit. "Please, don't stand up for me. Though, as chance would have it, I was hoping to find time to speak with you." She gently hands off the reins of her horse to Timmen, who takes the leather guides a bit disgruntledly, twisting them up about his hand. Timmen always hates having to hold Shygirl's leads. She bows her head to those chaperoning the young Erenford before her gaze alights once more on the lovely face of the young noble girl.

"Would you join me then? I regret I have no refreshment to offer, I was only out for a ride today." Aemy gestures to the blanket, not much by way of seating a lady, but it serves her well enough at the moment. Looking at the people accompanying Lady Saffron, she greets them with a nod and a friendly smile, noticing his reluctance to take the leads. Her attention is quickly back on the noble lady though, "If you have the time, I would be honored to speak with you, how is it I can help you?"

At the invitation to join the Erenford, Saffron dimples with a warm smile as she nods and sweeps forward. She gathers up her brilliant green skirts, slipping in to sit opposite of the young lady. She folds her hands in her lap, and she pauses slightly before she steels herself to head onward with her questions. "I wanted to speak to you about Lord Alric Fenster." She releases a small sigh. "He has been harrassing my goodsister for a betrothal, and he apparently brought up your name. I'm not one to gossip or rumormonger, but please Lady Aemy, I was wondering if you would please tell me if the Lord is also pursuing you for a marriage?" She looks a bit uncomfortable, as if asking such a straightforward question bothers her.

Once they are both kneeling on the blanket, Aemy laces her fingers together and listens with interest, until she mentions Lord Alric's name. her expression alters only slightly, the smile becoming only slightly strained. As she continues with the betrothal request, she cannot help in losing her composure all together, the smile slipping from her face. "I.. should have suspected something like that."
Taking a moment to get her thoughts in order, her emotions on her sleeve. Grim acceptance possibly the more prominent of them. "I will tell you honestly, he has not been pursuing me for a marriage or a betrothal. More of the opposite, actually. I had… hoped," she waves off what she was going to say, instantly reclasping her hands together afterwards. "The only thing he has done is tell me he could not decide between the options he had and that I was one of them. Asking for time before he made his decision. Please, rest assured, it is no fault of his, I was only…" Making a fool out of herself, yet again. "He told me they were but friends, please do not think badly of me, I had no idea he was seeking a betrothal or courtship from her, or I would not have pursued him. I think too highly of Lady Nedra."

It is hard to say if it is relief or surprise that contorts that cream-colored face. "I do not mean to put you on the spot, my Lady," she says in soft apology. "I had no idea that you were seeking to become his wife." Pale fingers slip through her cinnamon-red locks a moment, as if thinking on something before she continues onward. "I don't think badly of you, Lady. In fact, I think badly of Lord Alric… he is using your feelings to try to strongarm my goodsister into marriage — something that angers me deeply. Lady Nedra finds him to be a good friend as well, but she has no desire to wed yet." She reaches out to gently touch the girl's hand. "Do you have true feelings from the Young Lord? If so, I can tell my goodsister this."

The moment of truth, and Aemy could not find it within her to tell the truth as it should be. Only how it has to be.. After a moment of fretting, plucking imaginary strings from her dress, brushing a blade of grass from the blanket, she lifts her head once more and meets the eyes of Lady Saffron, if she is looking at her.
"Please do not think badly of him, he has been under a lot of pressure of late, and I have only contributed to his unhappiness, it seems. If he desires to wed her, then he should do as he has been and pursue her. Now that I know, I will assure you all my attentions will be on him no longer, and I will ask forgiveness from Lady Nedra as well." The final question has yet to be addressed, and she evades. Lowering her head, she looks at the hand on hers and smiles even as she assures the other lady, "I only thought it a good match, Lord Fenster and I. He has expressed no love for me, nor have I told him of any love for him." Her smile is genuine enough when she lifts her head, "I only wish him to be happy. If Lady Nedra makes him happy, and she is happy with him, then I do wish them the best."

There is a touch of empathy in those eyes as the girl speaks, and Saffron releases a sigh. "To be honest with you, Lady Aemy… I do not think my goodsister wants to marry him. He pushes her too hard for such a match that it only drives her away." She offers Aemy's hand a gentle squeeze. "While I see such grace and merit in your will to step aside, I don't think you should." She then offers the girl a small sigh, tilting her head a bit. "If you do have honest feelings for him, Lady Aemy, then you should not give up so easily. I've said that marriages are hardly ever forged out of love, and besides… love takes time. I'm not sure that Nedra will ever love him, but he may come to love you."

The freely given understanding, empathy and advice is almost Aemy's undoing. "I could not imagine someone not wanting to marry him," she admits in a soft voice. "Perhaps he pushes her the way I have been pushing him and have only succeeded in driving him away as well. I think it is his intention to wait until Lady Nedra is ready to marry, and I respect his choice. He does not love me, I realize that even moreso now. I only want him happy, and if I am not the one who gives him that happiness, then I am glad it is someone I consider a friend." Not playing the martyr, honestly, just wanting everyone to be happy. When she smiles, it is bright, content. "I am at least relieved to have an answer and not have to wait any longer for him to decide my fate. It is rather difficult not knowing. You have done me a great service, informing me. If still, they do not wed, then perhaps he could pursue me for a change!" Ending with a teasing note and a grateful look. "I would like to say, also, you make a very lovely bride. You brought tears to my eyes with your glowing happiness."

Saffron begins to soften a bit more at her works, and she touches her own cheek gently. "Thank you, Lady Aemy," she says with a soft tilt of her head. Then she releases a sigh as she nods her head. "I wish I could be more comforting, Lady. I honestly had hoped that perhaps Lord Alric was fibbing, as it would mean that you are not hurt by his actions." There is a gentle smile on her lips before she settles back into her seat once more. "Perhaps he will though. I wish every Lady on the Cape to find a husband as I have… Ser Kamron is a good man who I know I will happily spend the rest of my days with."

"I am glad to have been able to settle things for you, your husband and Lady Nedra. I do hope I have not caused any issues, I will like to apologize to your goodsister upon her arrival back in Terrick's Roost." Embarrassed now as to how foolish she has been, Aemy tries to appear more nonchalant than she feels. "I am pleased two people so happy in the others presence have found each other and I wish you and Ser Kamron the very best. I think never have I seen a bigger smile than his when you agreed to become his wife. Thank you for inviting me to the wedding."

"You haven't caused a single problem," Saffron reassures her. "You have no need to apologize to any of us, as you should never have to apologize for matters of the heart." She shakes her head a bit before she releases a soft sigh. "What is worse is this is just a terrible time for any to seek marriage… I hear that your family is torn between the Charltons and Naylands as well. I do hope your family manages to stay out of the fight as the Terricks and Mallisters will." She offers her a wary smile.

"Thank you for seeking me out to find out and for not thinking badly of Lord Alric. He is a good man, if only slightly conflicted about matters." Agreeing wholeheartedly about the worst time for marriage, "Perhaps the fighting will be over really quickly. I do, I hope we remain neutral as well, sometimes not getting involved is the best choice to make, though I admit to having no say in the matter at all." Unlacing her fingers, she places them on her legs, "I regret that I have to be going very soon, it was wonderful talking with you."

"Of course," Saffron says with warmth to the woman's farewell. "We will do so again, Lady Aemy… perhaps next time we will talk about frivolous, meaningless things." There is a bit of light in her eyes as she also stands. She reaches for the leads of her own horse before she steps aside so the girl can make her leave and she can tend to her own ride.

Rising now, she gathers the blanket and hands it to her maid who in turn takes it up to get Symon so they can bring the horses. "I look forward to it, my lady. Rarely do I get to just talk about lighthearted things with other ladies. All of my men cousins," Aemy rolls her eyes playfully, "They seem to take up most of my time." When the horses arrive, she curtsies, bidding the other lady farewell.