Coming Home
Coming Home
Summary: An IC Letter from Ser Ozric to his father Lord Bolland Terrick
Date: 25/09/2012
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Ozric Bolland 
Iron Isles, and The Roost
Sept. 29 289 (when the letter would arrive)


I write to you in order to let you know that your summons was received. I know I have been remiss in writing you, and for that I ask for forgiveness. I assure you and my family that I still live and prosper here on Pyke. I've not taken any salt or rock wives, and thus preserve my honor.

A joke. Do not read that to mother, I am afraid she would think it was a serious threat. The people here are broken, and so I do long to see home again. But, given your summons it seems that home has changed from the Vale to the Riverlands, which seem but a memory to me. Still, I am your son. I will come. I have already sent my release in to Lord Arryn and to Lord Royce and I come bringing with me my lance and those men who swore to me when we made for the islands.

I will make for Seagard as soon as the courier has been dispatched with this letter, and there I will release what men wish to head back home to their families. We will get fresh horse and then ride to the tower of Four Eagles in all due haste. I cannot imagine the conditions of things that would bring you back after so many years. Nor will I ask. My blade is yours my Lord and as such I swear myself to you.

By the time you get this, I imagine I shall be soon on it's heels. Give mother my love

Your son,