Page 381: Come To My Window
Come to My Window
Summary: Darek Boldt has a midnight visitor, but it's not a boy — no, it's Sela Hill.
Date: 07/08/2012
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Sela Darek 
Barracks, Highfield Keep
The barracks are summed up in a double-stacked longhouse that houses the keep's men at arms. The entire bottom floor of the barracks is dedicated to a combination of stacked and single beds that are simply dressed; each bed has an associated locker box. Toward the back of the lower level is the armory — sturdily locked and looked after. The upper floor of the barracks has been delegated into several private rooms that are for higher ranked martial men.
7 August, 289

The hour is late, very late. It is the hour that no matter if you are to bed late or awake early, you are still suppose to be asleep; it is the limbo of the waking world. If anyone would find comfort in this hour, it would be Sela Hill. She has scaled her way up the barracks wall, pressing in against the window of the squire bunkhouse. She is dressed in breeches and a loose-fit tunic, both dyed very dark, and her woolen cap disguises much of her curls. She perches herself on the outer windowsill, and gently begins to rap her knuckles against the window glass.

Darek is sprawled on his bed in a tangle of sheets. By all indications, he's naked. Then again, in this heat of summer, that's probably a good idea anyhow. He still has his beaded necklace on, but his leather bracelets are resting on his nightstand along with his belt-pouch, belt, and dagger. The tap on the window causes him to shift a moment, then open bleary eyes. "Hrm…?" Rubbing his face, he looks around, "I'm up, Ser… I'm…" but there's no Ser, and dawn is still a long ways off. And then he looks to the window, and blinks in surprise, sitting up on his narrow bed, "Sela?" That's a harsh whisper, rather than the blurry mumble of the previous words. Reaching up, he unlatches the window, cracking it open so she can theoretically speak through the crack, but not enough to knock her off the ledge.

Sela cocks her head silently aside as she watches him first groggily wake and then note her presence; the latter causes her to smile softly. At the whisper of her name, she bobs her head gently with her smile taking on a gentle smirk. She peeks around the dark bunkhouse, carefully counting each sleeping body on the bunks before she looks back into the familiar dark eyes of the squire. As he starts to crack open the window, she braces herself into the window frame, shifting aside enough to allow the window to open just enough for her to slip inside — she does not fully invade the room, but lets the ajarred glass rest against her back. "Wotcher," Sela whisper.

Darek looks a little surprised as Sela actually slips into the windowsill, but perhaps he can be excused, as he's still waking up, and doing a rather lousy job of it. Still, he sits up a little straighter on his bed, reaching up to get a crooked finger under her chin and pull her lips down to his for a gentle, short little kiss, "You're going to get in sooooo much trouble if you get caught, Blue-eyes?" He keeps his face near hers so that he barely has to whisper for her to hear him, "And aren't I supposed to be sneaking into your room?"

Remaining squat on the windowsill, Sela just smiles patiently as Darek works through waking. As he crooks a finger under her chin for the kiss, she braces her hands against the frame to lean down into the soft and straight-forward kiss. "Mmm," she murmurs softly against the kiss, and she opens her eyes in its wake to look into his familiar browns. "Then I shouldn't get caught," she chides him in another whisper. She leans in for another kiss, commanding the moment now with a soft, inviting pressure. It is only once it is done does she whisper her answer, "And I got tired waitin' for you to come knocking at my window."

Darek chuckles a little at the second kiss, "Well if that chaperone of yours would take a late night out, I might've." He gathers his sheets about his waist, tucking them together down at his waist and then rising to kneel on his bed and rest his forearms across the crouching girl's knees, "So what were you plannin' on doing up here? All this just to steal a couple of kisses, Blue-eyes?"

Fingertips brush through those beautiful, righteous curls, and Sela dips down to press a kiss against his forehead softly. "I was wondering," she whispers roughly between them as she continues to toy with his hair, feeling the softness of each lot seep through her fingers. "Do you think you could take this morning off from your knight's trainin'? I have somethin' I wanted to show you." There is a warm glimmer in her bright, brilliant blue eyes.

Darek tilts his head at the teasing and toying with his hair, pulling one hand away from where it rests on one of her legs to adjust the knot of sheets hanging low on his waist, "I dunno, Blue-eyes." A thoughtful, worried frown crosses his lips, "How much of the mornin' you looking for? You want wake-up time, or everything before noon? I might be able to squeeze a few hours, but Ser likes to start at dawn." The squire gives a grimace of distaste, "or before. I always thought sunrise was somethin' to see from the night before, not 'cause you woke up."

Blue eyes shift down at the adjusting of the sheets, and she offers him the smallest coy quirk of her lips. "A few hours… maybe if you start early, you can meet me mid-mornin'?" She tilts her head a bit before she leans further into the bunkhouse while keeping her feet on the sill; unbeknownst to the thief, this causes her loose tunic to swoop low to reveal more lengths of freckled flesh. She almost presses her lips against his, allowing a whisper to pass between them. "I'll make it worth your while."

Darek's hand rises up from his sheeting to hook a finger at the front of her tunic, tugging lightly on it. Oddly enough, he isn't trying to ogle the curves displayed by the motion, but leaning up to close that little tiny distance between their lips with a light little kiss, just a little more heat than a simple peck. "Oh? That so? And do I get to know what you're plannin', or are you just going to surprise me?"

"Surprise you," Sela murmurs as she leans deeper into that slowly warming kiss. Her fingertips brush down his cheek and jaw before it curls under his ear softly. "You've run around Highfield… do you know where that fire-scorched oak tree is on the edge of the woods?" She tilts her head a bit, guiding a kiss along his chin and then against the line of his jaw.

Darek grumbles halfheartedly as he tilts his head aside for the trail of kisses, his hair falling aside, half over his eyes. A shiver runs through his frame, and he turns his hooked finger backwards to run his knuckles over the linen shirt, down the centerline of her ribcage and to her stomach. "Yeah… I know it. Totally in view of the patrols. Well, just enough room to catch your breath behind."

<FS3> Sela rolls Acrobatics: Good Success.
<FS3> Sela rolls Stealth: Great Success.

Sela awards the young squire with a gentle shudder at the gesture of his knuckles, but she gently bites on her lip as she starts to lean back. "Meet me there in seven hours—" Which would make it about ten o'clock in the morning. "I will be waiting there out of sight." She adjusts her brace against the frame, window opening wide. She glances once over her shoulder before she pushes off from the sill to give her enough breadth to flip backwards with silent grace. She lands with cat feet on the ground below the squire's window, and she adjusts her cap as she looks up at him with a coy smile.

Darek nods his head, "I'll do what I can. Could be a little bit late if Ser keeps me workin'." And when she drops out of sight, he rises to his feet on his bed in a rush of sheets, leaving most of them behind as he leans out the window to watch her landing. Behind him, there's some stirring at the squire's sudden movement, but that doesn't keep him from pressing his hands to his collarbone in typical 'swooning' pose and sighing dramatically and silently. Winking down at the grounded girl, he blows her a kiss, then ducks back in his window, pulling it mostly closed behind him and re-gathering his bedclothes.

"If you want a proper fuck, you will find a way to get everything Ser wishes of you and meet me," Sela says directly, but still at a whisper. "I'm sure that will be enough incentive, Squire." Then she smiles up at his swooning gesture before the stealthy little thief makes a proper retreat. Even if someone might have spied her dismounting the window ledge, they certainly cannot seem to track where she has gone as she melts into the shadows and out of sight.