Page 150: Clash of Wills
Clash of Wills
Summary: Lady Kathryna takes a meeting with the Lady Evangeline. Neither lady gets their way.
Date: 12/12/288
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Evangeline Kathryna 
Reading Room
The room has a large glass window and seat that looks out partially over the cove, in daylight hours the sun provides illumination to the room. Other stools and chairs linger in small groups as shelves along the walls are littered with scrolls, books, letters and documents. The contents are a modest collection of local records, histories, and literature offered to both the family and guests of Four Eagles Tower.
Monday, 12th day of the 12th month, 288

The way Evangeline has arranged herself in the window seat of this cozy room is as if she was born to it, and she practically has been. She's seen more years here than most, records and family history written penned in her own hand. One of those record books lies open in her lap, dark red skirts spread out underneath neatly. She reads it as she waits for the man-at-arms that she has sent to bring forth a very popular Ironborn to her presence, the filtered light of sunset glowing behind her and catching in the tumble of dark curls.

Kathryna has been taking it easy today, actually, which means she hasn't challenged a single person to a spar nor has she gotten blindingly drunk in the tavern as of yet. It means it's a perfect day for her to be, finally, summoned to the presence of the lady of the house. Kate might be sober, but she's not bothered to be at all lady like. Chances are she doesn't even own a dress, just variants on her leathers that she's wearing right now. She's in her slacks, leather bodice, white shift and that black leather long coat emblazoned with the Harlaw scythe. Her white blonde hair is in a mess of curls around her pale features and her eyes just look a bit dialated, still fighting being rather severely concussed from last night. She steps in the room and pauses a few moments as she looks the lady over before she sweeps into a somewhat masculine looking bow. "Lady Terrick." She greets formally, voice a husky rasp from years of shouting across decks. She is, of course, also still wearing her sword.

"Lady Harlaw," Evangeline greets, giving her own polite tip of her chin as those dark, unreadable eyes skim over the woman before her. They judge, but whatever conclusions they make give little away. "It seems you have had quite a time since you have joined us from the Iron Isles."

Kathryna cocks a single, pale, somewhat amused brow, her somewhat full mouth pulling into a smirk. "That's one way of putting it, aye, but I would not have expected any less. Needless to say, I've kept myself busy while waiting on conference with your husband and son. Unless the lady of the house herself can negotiate such business… It would be rather heartening if you could." Kate's husky voice addresses her rather hopefully, as her boots carry her several more feet across the room. She moves like a lean and muscled animal, a bit too tense, a bit too strong.

"I am only a woman, and a mother. Will you take it amiss if I speak as one, then, my lady Kathryna?" The words are soft and steady, Evangeline's expression only polite where she folds her book together delicately, only the softest of thwumps as pages press into each other.

Kathryna shakes her head quietly, "No, not at all, though it saddens me to hear you say words like only a woman. You should not be… Only, not 'mere'… because you are a woman, even if you are stuck in dresses and managing house hold affairs." Kate tries to keep the pity out of her arctic eyes, but she cannot do it entirely. She is saddened for the woman.

"I assure you that I find myself content with my position, Lady Kathryna," Evangeline is quick to say, her gaze narrowing slightly, oh so slightly. "It is a proper one, one well suited to me. As you have seen, I am sure, the Riverlands are much different than your Iron Isles." She pauses, smoothing fingers over her skirt before she adds slowly, "You should act accordingly, if you wish to be treated with respect by those you meet here. Any good diplomat knows to fit in to the place where they serve, rather than stand out."

Kathryna tilts her head a touch, crossing to the chair nearest Evangeline so she can gingerly settle there, though she's careful to keep her head off of the chair's hard back. Therefore, she turns her body to drape one leg across the chair's arm, and her back against the opposite arm, so her head hovers free of touching anything. It's not lady like, but she probably wouldn't know how to sit like a lady if she even wanted to. "Truly now? I see how much respect men of this land give the women of this land, and in matters of martial policy, business… politics, it seems very little. I am here to be a representive of my lands, not a proper lady."

Evangeline watches Kathryna settle, not replying until the woman is seated before saying quietly firm in only the way a mother can, "You will sit properly in my presence, or not at all." Her gaze lifts to pin Kathryna with a steady look. "You know little of our lands, and little else of being a diplomat. Follow our customs, if you truely want to treat here at Four Eagles Tower."

Kathryna cocks a brow again, staring hard at Evangeline for several heartbeats. She doesn't quite straighten the way she sits yet, but there is lingering amused confusion upon her pale features. "Mm… Is it up to you to make that decision, or your husband, Lady Evangeline?" Kate asks with saccarine sweet ice in her voice. Slowly, however, she brings a leg down and stretches them both out in front of her, crossing her legs at her ankles. It's not exactly proper, but she's not sitting like a whore in a tavern.

"I do have some say in who takes leave of my hospitality," Evangeline answers flatly, dismissive of sarcastic sweetness as she does not rise to it with any flare of emotion. "Let me speak more clearly, then. If you wish to remain /my/ guest, I expect none of this silly behavior to continue any longer. The next words that reach my ears of you should speak of how you hold yourself above reproach."

Kathryna stares at the woman in a touch of shock, brows lofting both now. "I see… and what do you consider above reproach? I will not stop carrying a sword, or sparring with the men as is my wont. I shan't let my own skills grow rusty and my body soft because I am currently staying in a land where women aren't expected to fight for their own survival. One day I will go back home. I won't let myself become weak for when that day comes." Her own voice now has just gone icy cold.

"You may carry your weapons and practice with them. This fighting, of any kind, must stop," Evangeline answers, her fingers folding into her lap as her own tone takes on something—more like a negotiation. Who says woman can't do that? "And you will not sleep with anyone beneath my roof. Whatever indiscretions you may find yourself having, make sure they stay /discrete/. I will not house a whore."

Kathryna smirks coldly to the woman now, "I have not slept with -anyone- beneath your roof, Lady, contrary to rumors you might hear." That is truth. That all totally happened in the Inn, but Kate isn't elaborating on that. "I would not be such a rude and sullied guest as -that-, at least. As for fighting…How does one practice without a proper spar?" At least she's not pounding her foot and insisting Evangeline isn't the boss of her. She is genuinely listening to the woman's concerns.

"And yet, I have heard rumors of that as well." The Lady of the Roost does not press the point, perhaps treading too close to hypocritical at the rumors surrounding her own indiscretions. Instead, she answers, "I am weak and unskilled in such practices, but I am sure you will figure something out, my lady. You are obviously intelligent." She pauses. "I will be commanding such men that must listen that they are not to be engaging you in any such spars. It is not proper to entice knights into hitting a woman."

Kathryna smirks deeply, "Intelligent enough to know that sparring against posts will make me soft and foolish, and I would rather present my ability to train that sleep in these walls, Lady. I have agreed to conduct myself as a lady where relations go. I will not give up practice with my blade." Kate seems quite severe in that, ready to rise already.

"Then sleep elsewhere, Lady Kathryna," Evangeline answers, her words mild.

Kathryna stands simply, her eyes going somewhat icy cold, even more so than before. She bows her head quietly to the lady. "I shall. I still must brook discussions with your husband and son, at some point, but I shall not bother your hospitality any longer. And this shall not be forgotten." Kate then prepares to go, turning on the ball of her foot.

Evangeline adds even as the younger lady prepares to go, "Be that as it may. You are dismissed." Her fingers flit across the record book, opening it with care and turning her gaze onto that instead.

Kathryna sighs quietly, giving a small shake to her addled head as she moves for the doorway and out. She does not look back.