Ciarrah Eden
Ciarrah Eden
Michelle Trachtenberg
Michelle Trachtenberg as Ciarrah Siobhan Eden
name: Ciarrah Siobhan Eden
father: Ramon Eden
mother: Ireena Eden
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Female
age: 16
height: 5'2"
weight: 101
eyes: Aquamarine
hair: Mahogany
honorific: -
house: -
position: -


Raised in a home in Terrick's Roost with her mother, father, sister and brother, Ciarrah is the youngest of the three. Her father works at the Smith and her mother is a midwife. Her brother a carpenter and her sister a seamstress and waitress at the inn.

Ciarrah… she's the baby of the family and has always been more or less overlooked while the others did the brunt of the work. She does know how to cook and very well, having quite a passion for it. While her brother would play his instrument, the girls would dance around, their parents glad to teach them the more complex dance steps. She has had a fairly normal and fairytale-ish background so far. Nothing bad has happened to them during her life.

She believes in her religion and learned a few skills from her parents. She spends much of her time at the water either swimming or writing. Or building sand castles. On days her sister needs off for something or other, she fills in at the inn as a cook or waitress, though not often. Her father has recently told her she needs to get serious about her life now, but she feels the time will come soon enough, for now she wants to play!


Father: Ramon Eden - Smith
Mother: Ireena Eden - Midwife
Brother: Unnamed - Carpenter
Sister: Unnamed - Seamstress/Waitress

Physical Features

A short female, perhaps standing at about five feet and two inches if you're any judge of such things. Her movements and speech speak of that inner confidence within her, that she knows what she is all about.
Aquamarine eyes observe her surroundings from a pretty face. Full pink lips, are often seen smiling or laughing. Mahogany hair cascades down in waves ringlets and frames her face, hanging back to almost reach her waist, bouncy and luxurious.

Allies and Foes

God made little girls to laugh and dance and sing. With laughing eyes and bouncing curls, joyful hearts and infectious smiles, enchanting ways and feminine wiles. For the world, when seen through little girl's eyes, greatly resembles Paradise. —Author Unknown


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