Ciaran Fullbringer
Tyler Hoechlin
Tyler Hoechlin as Ciaran Fullbringer
name: Ciaran Fullbringer
father: Walder Frey
mother: ?
spouse: None
issue: Kaicee (b. 289)
gender: Male
age: 28
height: 6'2"
weight: 180 lbs
eyes: Greyish green
hair: Black
honorific: None
house: ?
position: Apprentice to Dania


Born to a crannogman and being named Ciaran Fullbringer. Having been born in the Riverlands and then spent time up in the neck. Coming back and serving as a blacksmith's apprentice.

Black hair, a bit rough looking. Eyes grayish green. Keeping his hair messy and having large eyes and sharp jawline. Wide cheekbones. Smaller sharp nose that is slighty tilted downwards. Along with full yet short mouth. His brows big and bushy. Though with sharp downwards curls at the end. In all his expression gives the image of a confident man. Some stubbles can be found trailing around his face.

He stands around 6'2" and has a well built body. The muscles showing the life of rough harsh things they must have been through. Though he is not slim as an underfed man nor does he look too wide. The body that shows of strength and agility. Though it is hard to tell much about him from his body other than it being well kept. A grey linen tunic along with dark brown trousers. Nothing standing out much about the clothes. Black leather boots covering his feet as well.

Allies and Foes

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