Chrix Huntington
Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles as Chrixton Huntington
name: Chrixton Huntington
father: Thomas Huntington
mother: Annie Huntington
spouse: None
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 17
height: 6'1
weight: 175lbs
eyes: Green
hair: Dark blond
honorific: Master
house: Commoner
position: Brewer


The Huntingtons were a successful brewer family, and as far as commoners rank these things, one of the richer and more influential on Terrick lands, or indeed the Cape. Theirs was a successful business that produced some of the finest ales, beers and ciders in the region, and a double distilled pear brandy that was shipped far off.

They were hit hard by the Iron-born. Their brewery was sacked and suffered significant damage, which has only recently been repaired. Their house, orchard, fields and outbuildings all suffered as well. Worst of all was the human loss, though. Of three brothers and two sisters, only Chrix remains. The girls were carried off as salt wives, and never heard from again, the boys dead along with an uncle as they tried to protect the brewery.

Chrix and his father, and what menfolk had survived the initial attack, answered the call of the Terricks for levy troops as longbowmen. The family suffered one final loss, then, as his father took an arrow in the eye at Seagard.

Now that he's back, Chrix is looking to make the Huntington business once more boom. With the brewery remade, they should be able to start producing again. The question is whether they can hope to reclaim their old comforts under the untested hand of a man yet out of his teens. At the least he still has his step-mother to take advice from.


"We'll rise again.."