Ceinlys Erenford
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All the Things Forgotten

As the Steward of Highfield, Ceinlys managed all matters of state and inter-house politics on Lord Aleister's behalf, and was empowered to speak with his authority in the event of his absence (or disinterest). If you wanted something done without approaching the man himself.. the young lady was perhaps the safest route.

Having returned to her family's seat of Broadmoor, she now serves once more as Steward in the absence of her eldest brother and heir to the House, Harys. The Keep is far larger and long established, with many duties in trade and produce that will certainly keep her busy. Maybe that was her father's intent?

New Theme: Florence & the Machine - Howl

Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers/Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters

Rumours & RP Hooks

The circumstances of Ceinlys' late husband, DIARMUD ERENFORD's death have often been queried, particularly by House Erenford, of course.

House Haigh is in constant competition with Houses Ashwood, Erenford and Nayland for the favor of Lord Walder Frey. A betrothal between she and Young Lord Bastien, however, may have considerable effect upon who emerges the victor…

Ceinlys is skilled in the preparation of various salves and remedies, some with interesting effects.

She has served as Steward of Broadmoor, a long established stronghold, producer of grain and her family's seat between the Twins and the Kingsroad.