Page 255: Catching Up in the Gardens
Page 255: Catching Up in the Gardens
Summary: Cherise and Tiaryn catch up in the gardens at Stonebridge.
Date: 30/03/2012
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Cherise Tiaryn 
The rose garden of House Tordane is about three hundred square feet and hemmed in by walls about eye level to keep out the attention of wildlife. Bees hum about the area and around the stone archway which has seen the flowers grow up over and nearly encase in solid vine. The scent is sweet, mixing with the air coming off the water to produce an atmosphere some might find extremely calming. Stone benches have been chiseled out and placed along the path for visitors to relax on.
March 30, 289

In the gardens Cherise was mostly alone, save for her midwife and handmaidens both seated and standing beneath the warmth of the sun. Her time was limited on her feet so when she could the lady took to the outdoors as often as she may. Upon one of the benches, a cup in hand with tea, Cherise was engaged in idle chatter with her retainers while Tordane tower continued on without her interruption.

Tia has been about in town, and now she's returned, satisfied that the borrowed harp she has is in far better shape than previously. New strings will do that for most any instruments. So, having met a couple folks out and about, now Tia is back to the tower, looking for someone in particular. She gets pointed towards the gardens and so makes her way there, pausing as she gets near enough to spy Cherise and her retainers. "Good day, Lady Cherise," she calls out, a smile crossing her face. "How are you doing today?" Her own maid and guard keep up with her easily, keeping the proper position without even thinking about it.

Her conversation was cut short upon the arrival of Tiaryn, instantly giving birth to a pleasant smile upon Cherise's features. "Lady Flint." She greets after drinking from her cup, the warm herbal tea a soothing remedy for the aches and woes of pregnancy. "I am well though you should ask my ribs. I swear, to the Seven this child is not satisfied with the position of my organs." A small fit of laughter passes through her lips before asking, "And you?" No need to fully survey her attire as she still dawned the black. A pity.

Still in the black, yes, but it's been not even three months. There are those who ignore such traditions, but Tia's loss is such that she hasn't been really wanting to do so, not so much anyway. "I am doing well, thank you," she says easily enough. "I came to stop by and visit with you, just to make sure that you are doing well. Corrie is having a rough time, though I think perhaps she is finally starting to ease." The first trimester of her pregnancy is definitely not what one would call easy so far.

Not to keep Tia standing Cherise shuffles along to one side of the bench, offering some room for the Flint to take should she care for it. "She is." Agreeing while both hands are wrapped around the whole of her cup protectively against no one in particular but more out of comfort. "Only once to emerge from her chambers, the sickness is great and she is a frail woman." Cherise does not curtail her words. "Perhaps she may gain a touch more strength from this, if she can withstand the early signs."

Tia smiles as she does take the offered seat. She considers recent events, and then she says, "I hope so, that would be a very good thing." She definitely is hoping that Corrie will make it through stronger for it. "She is, I think, starting to come around. I wish though that Anders would come back soon. I think he could help." She wrinkles her nose, aware that might not be the usual thought but then whoever said Corrie was usual?

"The ailments will pass." Cherise shares a few words for comfort after lowering hand to rest upon her large belly, as if any day now there will be a new Charlton to dote on. "There were days I could not leave my chambers and some others were better." Idly rubbing along the velvet of her robes the lady Charlton is leaning a bit closer to Tia as they converse. "Tell me the truth Tiaryn, do believe I could ever attempt to harm another?"

Does Tia believe - that question gets a blink from Tia and she stares at Cherise for a moment, looking somewhat incredulous. "Why would I - ? " she starts and then she takes a breath. "You know, that is a question that is not so easy to answer. I am certain that I have - I was firing arrows at the ironborn at Tall Oaks. And if I can, I think it safe to say that anyone can." Though perhaps this is not the answer Cherise was seeking, it is what experience has taught Tia.

"Out of necessity, it was your life or theirs. No one would think differently." Cherise returns while also adding, "However that was a time of war and it is unheard of for a woman to take up arms." The Camdens were indeed too different and perhaps Tia was the wrong person to speak with. After a deep exhale she simply said, "A mother bear will fight to the death to protect her cubs."

Tia nods her head to that. The Camdens all archers indeed, and perhaps Tia is the wrong person, but then, perhaps the different outlook is what is needed. "A mother will often fight to protect her children, whether a bear, human or other," she says softly. "And while it is generally unheard of, I agree, in times of war when numbers are short, it is better to draw arms then to meekly surrender to a fate worse than death." That much, Tia is certain of. "But if you mean now, I would, you know. If I were threatened, I would do my best to defend myself. And that I think is what most anyone would do, though we all would have our own ways to do so. Why are you asking this, Cherise?"

Nodding all the while, listening and allowing Tia's words to sink in after they flowed through the veil of golden blonde and into her ears. "I was reading in chambers, just thoughts Tia." Cue her naturally pleasant smile. "Some works of poetry and from the prayer books of the Mother. The actions of others whether justified or not."

Tia considers that for a long moment, and then she nods her head. "There are some very strange things that people write down in books, aren't there?" she asks after a moment. "I can't say I know much about prayer books of the Mother though - or what they'd say." And her ignorance there is surely going to be to Cherise's benefit. She pauses though, as she says, "Maybe I should spend some time and learn a bit about these gods, if I am going to spend more time here. It - couldn't hurt, I don't think."

Smiling a bit wider Cherise says, "You may find it interesting. I can allow you to borrow mine and if you are still interested I there are more within the library I could have lended." A small sample is taken from her drink, the tea still warm and heavily spiced and sweetened. "In the poetry books, although I am sure it is fabricated, there was a man who declared his love for a woman by wounding himself every day until she agreed to marry him. That if he should die then the Seven did not her fit to be with him but should he live then he was to live for her."

Tia smiles at that offer. "If you don't mind, I would not mind looking at the prayer book, at least a little." She's thinking she'll have a few things to talk to Einar about when he comes back, which is not necessarily a bad thing. "That sounds like it was quite overly dramatic poetry, was it?" she asks, with a bit of a chuckle. "I don't think I would like a man to do that for me, what do you think? I would rather he find a way that is constructive to prove himself."

She chuckles a little as well, "It was. The hearts of madmen are driven into fantasies where the mind no longer rationalizes." Cherise glances down into her cup briefly before returning her attention to Tia, "That is certainly no way to win my affections." Her brows raise once before adding, "When I was younger I had dreams of marrying one of the tourney knights." She laughs while shaking her head, "Winning the tournament was all the proof I needed many years ago."

"Well, at least winning the tourney shows martial prowess?" Tia says. "That seems to me to be far better than wounding oneself. At least that way, someone else is doing the wounding." She considers that for a long moment, and then she says, "My parents didn't believe in the whole idea of knights, which is why none of my brothers ever became knights. But - when I was younger, I used to dream of the archery champion," she confides with a bit of a laugh.

Her head moved to show that she agreed, "It does." But once Tiaryn shares her young girl dream crush Cherise erupts into a small fit of laughter. "See… those games are more for the women than the men. I do miss them. I have no desire to see my husband compete. Not with the wound he barely recovered from. He should not be out there on the isles."

Tia considers that, and then she says, "I think Lord Aleister was looking quite recovered. Both he and Anders will do us proud." Confidence in the men and that they'll return. Tia is a warm hearted person and very much looks on the bright side of things. "Though I think the men enjoy those games as much as we do; at least they get to enjoy the action. I also used to dream of winning the archery competition myself, not that I ever could even enter, more's the pity. But Saro used to always tell me I had no need to compete with the men, I should just smile at them and they'd do whatever I wanted."

"He is different Tiaryn." Cherise returns after embracing her cup again. "He is not my husband. Not since…" Shaking her head. "I grow weary of these thoughts and concerns when they should not exist at all. On the bad days I wonder who he is returning for." Cherise raises the cup though not to drink, just to feel the warmth of her cup against her lips. "All you need is your smile… and that dress." She tacks on the end.

Okay, that actually brings a bit of a rose hue to Tia's cheeks. "That is a beautiful dress, Cheris," she says, thinking about it. "And I am looking forward to wearing it. I am going to half mourning in a few days, but I think I will hold that dress for the first big party that we get to go to." A pause and then she says, "Though I hardly think that I will have any men coming calling. I scarcely believe that even one was interested enough to make a comment." And she's still not so sure he will or won't come by, but that will come out in actions.

"Then I have just the event for you." Cherise smiles deeply before taking a sip from her cup. "I would not worry too much on that Tia. Just allow them to drink in your lovely sights." The mystery man was still a mystery man, a figure she couldn't not name nor pressed for Tiayrn to do so. "It is still too early to tell but the Maester believes I have not one but two babes with in me." Her brows are raised as she speaks.

"two? Oh Cherise," Tia says, not sure whether she's happy or worried more at that news. Twins is, well, difficult. "Congratulations, that is an event, though perhaps one not for pretty blue dresses." Birthing, that is, whether one or two babes. "And what event are you talking about?" she asks, her head tilting. "For the blue dress that is." She just skirts the idea of anyone staring at her, and mystery man shall remain ever so.

Cherise laughs suddenly, "No no, not for the birth Tia. Another event upon the horizon." Again she takes another drink. "I cannot speak of it yet, not until things are more certain. However it will be a grand occasion for you to present yourself." The lady Charlton glances down to her abdomen, so huge, "They are difficult but it is only speculation from the babe's movements. We shall know when it is time hmm?"

Tia blinks and then she nods her head. Oh, so mysterious, that is Lady Cherise. "As you wish," she says, gently. "And I suppose you are quite right, if it turns out that you are carrying two babes, it will be quite a joyous day." As for the other event, that is not anything she can speak to, since she's got no idea what Cherise is speaking of. "Perhaps the King will call for celebration dances, do you think?" Yes, she's expecting their menfolk - husbands, good brothers, cousins and so on to be victorious. What else? "I think we could use several grand occasions truthfully. We haven't had many of late."

"It will." Should she live. A dark thought weighing on the woman's mind. Still a smile was worn for the sake of company, "I am sure they will. The Iron Isles will be no more and there will be no other threat to the Riverlands besides our neighbors." She laughed a little while reaching a hand out for her handmaiden a gestured summons for the girl who approaches swiftly, aiding Cherise's rise. "I should return into the tower Tia, for rest. Do not let me keep you from enjoying your day. But do come visit soon, for the book."

With the best of healers around, of course she'll live. Tia is quite positive of that. She smiles as Cherise gets to her feet, and then inclines her head. "I shall indeed, perhaps tomorrow if that suits?" She has her harp though and no intention of holding Cherise up. "Rest well, Cherise, and I look forward to chatting with you again soon." As the other makes her way out, Tia's harp is brought up to her lap, and the sounds of music, brighter somehow and crisper for the new strings, begins to sound in the gardens.

"Tomorrow will be suitable Tia." She tells her, sealing that agreement with a nod of her head. "I will, perhaps Corrie may be in attendance as well." As the Flint woman would remain in the garden the Lady Charlton was heading in the direction towards the tower, returning to her chambers for both rest and food. Mostly the latter.