Carry On, My Wayward Son
Carry On, My Wayward Son
Summary: Jac Caddock receives a letter from his mother.
Date: 18 July 2012
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July 18, 289

My Dearest Jac,

Too long has it been since last I wrote. Your letter sent during the tournament at Seagard was received a week late, the messenger waylaid by the thunderstorms that have brewed over the Hedge. We were both proud to hear how well you showed, though I was surprised to hear that you competed at all. I remember with clarity that you refused — ever politely — to represent the Bracken in the tournaments of the Riverlands, but you are your father's son.

With that, and with a heavier heart, I write to say that your father, my dear husband, died some nights ago. He had been ill for some months — news I know we did not share with you. Your father saw no reason to have you worry with your heart and fealty so far from home.

Please, sweet Songbird, don't come flying home to see your father laid to rest. As we have always done with the Caddock knights of the Stone Hedge, his body will be burned until it is naught but ash. I have sent along to you young Darek Boldt, your father's squire. I know that you have been without a squire for some time, and Darek will not be a burden. Treat him as a boy of the Bracken — a brother in heart if not in blood.

There is little peace I can give you on this thin parchment. Carry on, my wayward son. I promise there will be peace when you are done.

With love and warmth,

Your Mother