Page 105: Career Advancement and Snacks
Career Advancement and Food
Summary: Ser Jarod nabs pastries. Alise makes some inquiries about what her future at Four Eagles Tower could be.
Date: 28/10/11
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Alise Jarod 
Kitchens — Four Eagles Tower
The kitchen is usually alive with activity but for the latest hours of the night. Stone counters with wooden tops line the interior except nearest the large brick ovens. Open fire pits in the center have iron bars across them for grilling as well, the hot surfaces on the other side of the room from the tables in the center used for final food preperation. Huge cabinets have been carved out of the walls to store the dishes and utensils for serving the meals to the House Lords and Ladies. The few exits lead towards the Servant's Quarters as well as the Throne Room and Entrance Hall.
Fri Oct 28, 288

The blonde maid known as Alise is yet a new sight in the halls of Four Eagles Tower, having secured employment as a scully maid less than two weeks past. While Maester Constantine has promised that she will be the next candidate should one of the ladies require a handmaiden, for the time being Alise is still performing lowly duties of washing and cooking. Her duties today consist primarily of cleaning greenery and skinning potatoes; none too glamourous, but they beat being chased about by angry thievery victims. She's mostly in the kitchen by herself, though other servants continue to come and go.

Ser Jarod Rivers has been an old sight around Four Eagles Tower for most of his twenty-one years, and today is no different. He clomps in, heavy footfalls annoucing his presence even before the loud, cheery greetings he calls out to the cookstaff do. He flashes a quick, boyish smile to the nearest serving maid - Alise, as it happens - and goes to filch himself one of the freshly-made pastries.

Alise glances up at the approach of another person, paying him little heed at first before it registers who it is. Ever an observant girl, Alise quickly wipes her hands on her apron and turns to face the Captain of the Guard. "M'Lord." She acknowledges, dipping her head ever so slightly, but her gaze steals towards him. "If you would wait but a few moments, the freshest batch is about ready."

"Nah, this'll do," Jarod says, with a mouthful of pastry. Though he at least swallows it before continuing the conversation. "And I am no lord, my dear. Ser Jarod Rivers, at your service." Lord Jerold's bastard son. He doesn't include that in his introduction, but it's a fact those who've been in the castle even a short time can't really miss. He offers her a flourishy little half-bow. "And who're you? I thought I knew all the kitchen maids." How he knows them all, he doesn't really go into detail about.

"I thought it best to err on the side of caution, Ser Jarod." Alise smiles an evidently-nervous smile, hands rubbing against each other around her apron. The half-bow is met with one of her own, as she's been told she should never stand taller than anyone better in a noble's house. "My name is Alise, recently brought into House Terrick's service as a lowly scullery maid. But hopeful to wait on one of the great ladies of this keep." At the introductions, her nervousness appears to lessen, to be replaced by a somewhat rosey-cheeked smile. "I saw part of the tournament."

"Prudent in a house like this, Miss. Those who aren't nobles don't mind if you bow to them. Some who are get all tight-arsed if you forget. Though I don't think you'll get too much of that here." Jarod stuffs more pastry in his mouth, trying to at least mostly chew before resuming the conversation. Mention of the tournament draws a snort. "Which part?" He's certainly not eager to brag about any of it.

"The joust." Alise bobs her head sagely. "It was all quite exciting, though with all the knights in their armor and colors, I could not tell who's who." And she was most likely serving food and drinks that day, so probably only caught glimpses of the competition. "The melee on the following day seemed rather… chaotic."

"Better that way, perhaps," Jarod says with a chuckle, as to the joust, and her spotty ability to tell who was who. "Squire Rowan Nayland had a better day than any of us. And the chaos is part and parcel of the melee. That's half the fun." He winks. "You from Terrick's Roost? Originally, I mean. I don't recognize you from town neither, but I'll confess I don't know all the faces of the smallfolk."

"No." Alise answers, almost a bit too quickly, before she catches herself. "No, I have family in Terrick's Roost, but I come by way of Tall Oaks." She smiles again, cheeks rosey and all. "The generosity of House Terrick is widely known even there, and my family decided I may find more gainful employment here." A thoughtful pause. "Squire Rowan? Was he the one with the leopard shield?"

"The winged leopard, aye," Jarod replies with a smirk. The sigil amuses him, though he doesn't say why. "Tall Oaks, eh? I've heard much of that bit of country, though I've never seen it. Lady Liliana speaks of if often. It's a…quiet place, aye? Rather more Northern - both in custom and geography - than we tend to down here from how she tells it."

Alise's smile turns serene, almost self-depreciating. "I am certain the Lady's experience of Tall Oaks is quite…. different from a simple peasant girl's. But yes, Terrick's Roost is more bustling by far." Simple peasant girl is not entirely truthful, but Alise says it without missing a beat. "I do find it more exciting here, though. I do not regret making the journey, especially when I can serve great knights like yourself, and handsome squires like Squire Rowan." Cue dreamy sigh.

Jarod snorts when Alise calls Rowan 'handsome.' He's trying really, really hard not to laugh. He chokes a little bit. Though he manages to dislodge the pastry from his throat with some spluttery coughing. "Aye. Lad's quite dreamy," he deadpans. He changes subjects. "Quite different, I'd imagine. But, aye, if nothing else you get more sorts of people passing through here, more opportunity for an enterprising sort. So we hope, at least. I think my brother Lord Jacsen's marriage to Lady Anais'll bring in much that'll be good for us. In terms of trade with the Westerlands, and new commerce once the dock's built."

Alise tilts her head at the young Captain, a look of ignorance on her face. "I am sure your assessment is correct, Ser Jarod, but trade and commerce are quite beyond me." She pauses to glance over to the barrel of potatoes she was peeling. The little blonde maid says this, but the mention of opportunity for an enterprising sort has secretly piqued her interest. "Would I be overstepping my bounds if I asked if any of the ladies are looking for handmaidens? Lady Anais seems such a graceful, delicate lady, surely she must need handmaidens to tend to her."

"Beyond me as well, but I'm told it'll be good for the Roost, which is good enough for me," Jarod says with a chuckle. He chomps the rest of his pastry, thinking on her question. It makes his brow furrow. "I figure she does. And she's got more sisters than I can count, and a good many of them seem to be taking up residence here rather than going back to the Westerlands. I think they're still in need of staff, to make a proper household here. I could inquire if you like. You were the girl who was referred here by our maester, aye?"

Alise bobs her head, her brown eyes widening in obvious excitement. "Aye! I am grateful to Maester Constantine for bringing me here!" If there's any subtext in her words, she manages to hide them well. "I would be most, MOST grateful if you could inquire on my behalf. I would be greatly in your debt, Ser Jarod." The girl is practically hopping where she stands. "I am so fortunate to have run across you here today!"

"You could like as ask her yourself, but I know ladies aren't the easiest sorts to approach so…aye. Certainly." Jarod grins at the hopping. Like he's so pleased to have been of use. And he like he kind of enjoys watching her hop. He clears his throat. "Anyhow. I should see to the evening watch at the gates. Make sure it's all in order. Well met and welcome to the Roost and all that, Miss Alise."

Just imagine all the trinkets and baubles she can get her itchy fingers on! Alise can barely contain her excitement. "Thank you, Ser Jarod. I will always save you a freshly baked biscuit for your assistance." With that, she dips her head to him again with all the politeness a commoner can muster. "Have a good evening."