Can You Spare A Brother?
Can You Spare A Brother?
Summary: A letter from Anais back to the Banefort, requesting the assistance of a younger brother.
Date: 10/Jun/2012 (OOC Date)
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Anais Lord-Banefort 
Four Eagles Tower — Terrick's Roost
June 10, 289


First, I'm all right. I don't know if anyone had a chance to send you word, but the knights of the Cape tracked down the bandits and we were all returned unharmed. I did what you always told me to do if I was captured, and I am home safe at the Roost once more.

I wish I could say that all was well here, but it isn't. The Groveses sold their surplus to the Naylands, for which I can hardly blame them, since the Naylands had coin to offer. There are houses in the Riverlands with food, but we have nothing with which to pay them. Now I find myself trying to make a peace with the Naylands, in hope of at least diminishing the threats under which we labor.

If outside forces were not enough, I believe that Jacsen's sister Lucienne is working against the good of the family. She acts behind her father's back, schemes for her own power. And while Jacsen struggled with his leg and with the Milk of the Poppy he takes for it, she tried to offer him more of the Milk of the Poppy in exchange for his father's seal. I need to protect my husband and my place in this house, but there are few I can trust or believe to be outside her sphere of influence. She is the apple of her father's eye, and the people here think summer comes to look upon her poisonous face.

Could you spare Justin or Joseth for a few months? Jacsen's current page helped him to acquire more Milk of the Poppy, and I think Lucienne is trying to influence him still. I need someone I can trust to watch over him, and someone it would be rude for him to turn away. I can't take chances with this.

I love you, Papa. Saffron is doing well here, and Lord Ser Kamron is a good man. A very good man.