Page 036: Camden's Departure From the Roost
Camden's departure from the Roost
Summary: After a week as a guest of the Terrick's, the Camdens depart for Tall Oaks.
Date: 17 August 2011
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Stables and Kennels - Four Eagles Tower
The Tower's Main Stables are nestled into the corner of the courtyard near the portcullis to facilitate quick, easy exits when required. The rear of the structure is backed right against the interior wall of the castle with the heavy wooden roofing gently sloped down towards the slate out front, the floor of the stables kept to dirt. Thick wooden beams are plunged into the ground and serve as a base for the walls between each stall. Hay serves as most of the flooring in the area with a large stack of it off to the side. Each stall has a thick layer on the ground to serve as bedding, with most of the space dedicated to horses though a few have pens of dogs and hounds. An enclosed structure at the end serves as dry storage for riding equipment and saddles.
Wed Aug 17, 288

Early afternoon, and the sun is occsionally hidden by greying clouds, though not for very long. It doesn't help the humidity, however, even if it does work in keeping the warmer temperatures down. The news is through the Roost that the Tall Oaks contingent is departing this day for Hag's Mire, though whether the inhabitants think that it will be a successful mission, they're simply not saying. At least not outloud.

Lord Dafydd Camden has a very good idea as to the outcome.

Within the stables, the Captain of the Guard for Tall Oaks makes ready with two of the guards. Setting arrows into riding quivers so they can be easily reached by each is done, and the leather armours are out and prepared for the travelers that wear such things as proof against violence.

"Sir.. the standards?" One of the guards has the standard of Tall Oaks in hand, showing it rather than holding it out. Dafydd pauses.. and takes a deep breath before studying the horses— one thing he'd forgotten.. and nods, his lips pressed tightly.


"Yes, my Lord."

To her own preparations is what Damara moves to, she does not linger or worry over anything else at the moment. Her leather armor over her arm, she is yet dressed in her tunic and pants, the riding gown over her shoulder. Dark hair is drawn up and away from her face in a twist that is pinned into place, as simple as it is. Entering the stables, she moves for the stall that holds her gelding, her tongue clicking to let the animal know she is arriving to brush him down and tack him for the ride.

But she catches the tail end of the words between retainer and Dafydd, her eyes flitting in that direction before she hooks open the door to her stall and tosses her garments up over the top to let them rest there for now. "Shhh shh..hey boy.." She says gently and reaches out a hand to rub into his jaw and then up towards his ears.

The conversation with his brother the past evening was enough to set the younger Camden on edge. Each motion of preparation is hard, terse.. the orders are one, two words at most.

The guard is smart enough to realize that his Captain isn't in the best and brightest of moods (unlike any other time?), and so turns to go about his business in the hanging of the standards. Seeing the Mistress Damara, the young archer approaches, holding out the heraldic crest. "For you, Mistress." He assumes she knows where to put it, once the horse is tacked and ready.

The entrance into the area by the Mistress of the Hawks is met with an annoyed breath and a clutching of the jaw in an attempt to keep his counsel. This is still the dumbest idea— bringing women and children into a discussion as to the right of a bastard, and the declaration of a known nobleborn woman that she is not of her father's line. As far as he's concerned. And now, he's expected to protect them as well; even if they can shoot, brigands and enemies don't announce themselves on the road and wait to be aimed at!

There will come a day when they'll be his death, and because they've done something that he's counseled against.

"Did you remember your bow, Mistress?" It's hard to lose the edge in the tones. "We have spare arrows if you are in need of them."

Reaching for the brush, she hooks it to her hand and begins to rub the gelding down along his flank first, talking softly to him, that is till Dafydd brings his spiky personality with him. Green eyes lift to look at him and she eyes the crest, stepping back from the horse to touch his side as she moves back towards the entrance to the stall. "Thank you." She intones at first, palming it and giving it a once over before her chin lifts to study him. Her lips part and she tilts her head, looking back to her work by brushing the horse down it's whither slowly.

"I have not forgotten in, I though it best not to have it here currently with all the moving and the care of the horses. I will return to my chamber for it once my horse is ready and all others are on their way out that fortress." She says and then doesn't look up at him. "I have enough arrows, I fletched a few more last night, but thank you, my Lord." She adds the last just for him.

"I hope things are going smoothly for you, Captain."

"As smoothly as they can." Which is to say not at all.. but it remains unspoken.

Dafydd steps out of the way of a horse being taken out and made ready; grooming, feet checked, and taken out for lameness inspections. "And if one of the Terrick's men bring your things down from your temporary apartment?"

He blows an audible chuff in exhale and walks towards the stall where the mostly ready Gethin stands. "My Lord has deemed it necessary for your company. I expect that you will pay heed to counsel while on the road. And be sure the Lady Alyse does so as well." Statement rather than question. "Normally, it is assumed, but this is not 'normal'."

"I always heed counsel, my Lord." Damara says off handedly and continues to oversee the horse, switching sides as she continues to brush over the body. "My Lord, the Lady Alyse will be my constant worry. I agree with you, she should not be coming along." The Mistress says and then lifts her gaze to him. "Much as you likely do not think I should come along.."

She then tilts her head and adds in after thought. "My Lord, my bow is well where it is. I would not wish any other to touch it."

"As it is, it will be difficult—"

Dafydd stops short and stares, his expression shifting from the perpetually annoyed, to the blank.. to the confused.. to the surprised as the words trickle down. She agrees with me? is written plainly across his face.

"Wait.. wait.." A hand waves in the air between them, and he stalks away from his horse's stable door to the door where Damara stands within. "You agree." Beat. "With me." Heartbeat. "Regarding the Lady Alyse."

He takes a deep breath, and holds it, waiting for the shoe to drop.

Her assumption regarding his feelings on the matter as to her presence isn't considered. "You shouldn't for safety. You are better served going home and informing Lord Mikah and Lady Ailith that Tall Oaks may be receiving visitors."

"I do, in fact agree with you. She is too young and too headstrong. She will be a great Lady one day and hopefully her husband will appreciate her …spirit. But with all things considered..I told Lord Camden we should not come at all." Damara says and then smooths her hand down along the horse's side, looking back up at him, a soft smile touching her lips. "And though I wish to return home…my place is with the Lord Camden. He has asked it of me and so I will remain. I will not return till I see him and the Lady Alyse back to Tall Oaks. I know you feel the same."

Her head bows and she pats the gelding before shelving the brush and going for the saddle blankets. "I thank you for your concern, my Lord. But I live only for your family. It is what I have left in this world." The saddle blankets are thrown up and settled to the back of the horse, fixing them. "The Lady Alyse is like a daughter to me. I will allow no harm to come to her, my Lord."

"And he ignored your counsel as well." Dafydd's eyes narrow slightly and he shakes his head slowly, turning away to look at the progress of the packing the others. Satisfied, for the moment, he brings his attention back around. "I have noticed you serve the family." His voice lowers, "And should something happen to you simply because of a .. need that we both counseled against, my lord would be distraut." Which means he has to keep an eye upon the women, perhaps to the detriment of himself.

"I appreciate that you will keep an eye on the Lady. She is impulsive as well as headstrong, and paired, is a dangerous combination. For herself."

Now, he goes back towards the center of the stables where one of the horses is being brought in from the quick lameness test. "He's good, my lord."

"Then finish his preparation and move to the next. I'll do Gethin myself."

"He knows the risks of my being along, but I am not so feeble, my Lord." Damara says and watches Dafydd step away. The Mistress lets her gaze fall and she turns back to the saddling of her mount. She moves for her saddle, taking it up between her arms, the slings it up, centering it and shifting it forward now that the leather is in place. The saddle blankets are adjusts and then the girth is seen to. There will have to be adjusting again later, but for now, she can see to it as it is.

"Captain.." She says, rising from clipping it into place. She moves to the edge of her stall and looks out at Dafydd. "I would hope that you would think of me more as an asset rather than a liability."

"Yes, and they were risks that you wished to avoid." Probably not the best of ideas to have told him that they both counselled Sarojyn against the women being part of the journey to the Mires. Still, Dafydd is a gentleman and will only use it for his gain should he be forced into it.

"I would think you an asset in your chosen abilities, Mistress. There are few who can handle the hawks like you can. I trust you to be able to do that which you are best suited.

"And.. as such. Your counsel within your strengths is appropriate."

With their business concluded at Terrick's Roost for the time being, Sarojyn has gathered his things from the room he was granted use of and deposited them into a small satchel which has been slung over his shoulder. His personal bow has been reclaimed and carried in his left hand, while his sword has been strapped about his waist. A custom leather jerkin dyed in blacks now covers his body, replacing his day-to-day attire.

Making his way into the stables, he's immediately angling over in the direction of his horse and it's only as voices come to be heard that he realizes others are present within. A shift of his head and his eyes come to rest upon Dafydd and Damara and having heard the tail end of that conversation, he's offering. "Afternoon Brother. Damara. Do I even want to know what the two of you are discussing?"

"It is where I am best suited, my Lord. At least what is obviously my forte. But I can use a bow, I can track, I can do a great many things that this party might yet still need. And I am not noble born…there is little to risk in the loss of myself." She reminds Dafydd and turns back to saddling her horse. She had counseled Sarojyn and perhaps even pleaded with him not to make this trip.

As if on cue, Sarojyn is heard and Damara stops, looking up from fitting her horse's saddle. At his question, she gazes back at Dafydd, as if looking to him to lead this conversation, her green eyes resting on Sarojyn once more. "My Lord."

"We have those who can track. We have those who can shoot. We have those who can use a sword, and we have those who can speak for us. What…"

Dafydd exhales in a theatric, put-upon manner. "Why is it that people simply believe they must be the best in all? You, Mistress Kells, I could not trust another to be as good as you at hawking. That is why, and rightly so, you are Mistress of the Hawks."

Whirling around at the sound of his brother's voice, having taken him by something of a surprise, Dafydd stops.. and inclines his head. "Brother." He smiles tightly in consideration of the question, and offers a careful description of their discussion. "I was being assured that all would be well for our journey.. with nothing that may be too.. difficult to be handled."

Letting his gaze flicker between the two, those blue-green eyes of Saro's finally come to rest upon Dafydd as the Lord of Tall Oaks gives a slight nod of his head, "Assurances and difficulties."

That said, he's then continuing over towards his horse so that his bow can be fastened to the side of the saddle for a momet. "Do you find yourself assured, brother?" He doesn't look back to them, for it would seem that he's taking to checking over the animal at this moment. "Or will we need to speak of things further when we return to our home?" Eyes finally lift from his horse, coming to look towards Dafydd and then to Damara. "Is everything in order? I find myself looking forward to being beneath the trees again."

Damara moves for her bridle, listening all the while as she gets the horse to take the bit with a bit of trouble. The Mistress gets the reins in place over the pommel and then looks up to Sarojyn. "I think we shall be ready to head out, very shortly if the Captain finds everything satisfactory." She tilts her head and then looks back to her gelding, tightening the bit a moment to catch it just right. Leaving it be, she turns back to hook a hand up and gather her jerkin and riding gown down, sliding the latter on first and into place as she catches the eyelets.

Dafydd knows his brother, all too well. He knows the tone, the posture, the manner, the mien. While Sarojyn didn't call him out by title, instead casting it in a personal matter, he's sure it's simply to save some dignity. Setting his expression to the best of his ability to one of.. acquiescence, he inclines his head. "There is little need to speak of things. I know my brother's mind and it will not be swayed." Much to his counsel against.

"All we need," it's to that next topic that the Captain speaks, "is everyone in attendance. The horses are sound, and are packed." He strides back to where his personal items are, including his leathers, and opens the door to his horse's stall. "We await your word to mount up and depart."

Listening to both, Sarojyn offers a nod to their words and when his gaze finally flits between the two, he's offering, "Then let us bring the horses out into the courtyard. I sent a runner to inform my daughter and neice that we are preparing to depart, so they should be returning shortly." Moving now to claim the reins of his horse, he's running his other hand along the neck of the animal before finally offering a smile. "It will be good to return home. Even if it is only for a short spanse of time."

Still feeling the palpable tension, Damara hesitates and then keeps her tongue. She tilts her head and securing her horse where he is, she pulls on her jerkin, starting to do the toggles. "I will return. I am going to go retrieve the last few items I have left in my room and I will join you in matter of moments." The Mistress says as she leaves the stall and dips a bow to both Lords. "At your leave, my Lords." She says in respect.

Stepping into the stall with his horse, Dafydd saddles his horse quickly; his experienced hand has it finished with a couple minutes. The leathers are looked at, and exhaling, he lifts the leathers up and over his homespun, settling them comfortably. The sword is changed— no longer the ceremonial blade, but one that has served him well in less than pleasant circumstances. Setting his bow on the dark horse, he counts his shafts to be sure he has enough. Satisfied, he leads Gethin out into the main area.

"I am looking forward to seeing the Oaks again. A night in my own bed.." Will go far to lift his own spirits. That, and his responsibilities return to something of the more 'normal', even if he can see himself attending meetings as to how to move forward, with the contacts made during this visit.

Damara's quick escape from between the brothers is noticed, and nods his acknowledgement of her desire to depart the stables. He can't, and won't keep her here. There is the matter of her bow… "Mistress.."

"I share that sentiment, brother. While I have enjoyed the hospitality of the Terrick's, it will be good to finally be home. To see the canopy of the trees above our heads." Letting his hand fall away from his horses neck, he's eyes shift over towards Damara at her request and with a smile and a nod of his head, he's offering, "Of course, Damara. You will find us in the Courtyard." That said, he begins to lead his horse in that direction.

Courtyard Four Eagles Tower
Wed Aug 17, 288 — Wed Aug 17 17:09:31 2011

The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.

Dafydd takes hold of two steeds, his own and another, and leads the pair out, following his brother.

Upon exiting the stables, the Captain looks up, his blue eyes narrowing as he checks the skies. Seems empty..

"I have met some that I enjoy their company, and have been given some ideas for trade." As well as looking to their armoury once again.

The captain pats the side of a saddlebag that has something of a bulge. "I managed to visit their vineyards the other day, and will be speaking to our own upon our arrival home."

Once again, a horse bearing a Camden Lady rushes into the courtyard, but it isn't the daughter of Sarojyn that rushes in first, but Mikah's daughter, Liliana pulling the horse up short just inside the area, eyes scanning the courtyard, as if looking for some trace of the Lord Sarojyn, who sent a page to summon herself and Alyse from the shore. It's obvious that the ride over was something close to frantic. The events of recent days have apparently made the younger Camden Lady fearful of such a summons.

It would seem that the time has come to depart from Terrick's Roost for Sarojyn leads his horse from the stables and has forgone his normal attire for that of his blackened leather jerkin. His horse has been packed and his bow rests idly against the saddle, fastened in place, along with the couple of satchels that house his personal effects. With a look over his shoulder towards Dafydd, Saro is giving a nod of his head. "As have I, I will admit." The mention of the vineyards draws a slight lift of his brow before he offers, "Oh? A productive visit, then, I take it?"

Alyse rides in with Hywel (her sworn) close on her heels and her falcon, Hefin, on her arm. Her hair is only half-done, as if the braid being put in it wasn't finished in enough time to be tied off. Alyse slides off the borrowed horse and runs up to her father. Keen hazel eyes take note of the state of those horses already packed and she then looks around.

Blessedly, some initiative-showing servant has already packed and saddled her mare, and Hefin's cage is nearby. Alyse beams. "Home?" she asks of her father, even as she leans against his leg.

"Extremely," is given with a sage nod. There's something of a gleam in those eyes, however, if one chooses to dig a little deeper. Or if one is extremely familiar with the Captain.

Dafydd's own leathers are blue and black, and pulling riding gloves from another bag (which shows that he's not going to be shooting his bow in case of emergency..), he puts them on slowly.. pausing the moment the riding pell-mell of a horse on cobblestones garners his attention. His regard turns immediately over, and identifying the riders, he exhales.. no trouble.

Knowing that Mikah's daughter will be concerning herself with saying good-bye to Sarojyn, he pulls himself up and into the saddle, the reins taken up in one hand.

"I will share my experience there with you on the journey home, brother."

The look of relief that comes over Liliana's face might well be comical, under other circumstances, as she sees Sarojyn, and Dafydd, her two Uncles, well and hale and whole. She too slips from her mount, but as Alyse goes to her father, so does Liliana make her way to the Lord's younger brother, trying to stop him before he gets to saddle, but failing. "I…I thought, something had happened." It's clear she was expecting the worst of news. But as she takes in their dress, and the truth of the situation sinks in, "You're leaving…so soon? I had thought…hoped, you would stay for dinner." She's not quite ready to say farewell to her family.

"Good enough, Dafydd," replies Saro and at the approach of Liliana and Alyse, he's looking to each, though his gaze comes to rest on the latter as he dips a slight nod of his head towards her, "Yes daughter, we are heading home. At least, for the time being." His hand comes to rest on her shoulder before it lifts to motion towards her horse, "Get your things ready, for as soon as Damara returns, we begin our ride back." Then, he's casting a quick look towards Liliana, the hint of a soft smile touching upon his lips. "We will return, my dear neice, and I have invited Young Lord Jaremy to visit us in Tall Oaks. You should accompany him when he comes."

"Happened?" Dafydd reaches a hand down to touch his niece; odd that he receives the farewell before the more beloved other Uncle, and it confuses him a little. Perhaps it's because her cousin got there first?

"If something happened, there would be a great tumult here rather than a quiet departure." His brows rise in askance, though he doesn't quiz the girl further. Something's on her mind, and now isn't the time to inquire. There's too much else to worry about than the concerns of a young lady.

Turning with a gesture of his head towards Sarojyn, Dafydd echoes his brother. "It's time to depart upon the return of the Mistress, but I'm certain there will not be as much time between visits now."

As if on cue, Damara exits the foyer, bow slung over top her jerkin and riding gown. Her green eyes take in the sight of the two ladies, her quiver in hand to strap to her saddle. It seems everyone is ready to make their departure save for the Lady Alyse. Slowing her faint jog as she notes the parting of persons, she does not mean to rush such a thing.

The Mistress nods to the Ladies and looks to the two Lords astride their horses. She picks up her pace a little to disappear within the stables if she can get there, but realizing that her gelding is out already, she blinks and looks upa t Dafydd before moving over towards the horse.

Despite a guilty look given Liliana, Alyse cannot quite help but look relieved and she darts off to change. It doesn't take her too long; likely she talked some hapless maidservant into throwing her into traveling clothes in the nearest closet.

At length, she returns. Hefin is stored peaceably, her silks tucked into a saddle bag, and she herself is contentedly back in leathers and a riding gown of blue and black. Her first order of business is to embrace her cousin, holding tight for a little while before she steps back and slings her bow over her shoulder and straps on her quiver.

"Goodbye, Cos," she murmurs. "I shan't forget our talks."

Not more beloved, not to Liliana's mind, and perhaps her gesture makes that clear, as she reaches up to touch the hand that settles on her shoulder, capturing it in both of her own, lifting it, gloved and all, to her cheek. Not a hug, but as close as she can manage with Dafydd ahorse and herself on the ground, "I will miss you, Uncle. I feel as if it were two years ago all over again." Eyes shift to Damara, as she too makes her way into the courtyard. Alyse moves with her natural speed and skill, and soon enough the younger Camden Lady is caught up in her hug, "Goodbye, Alyse. Don't forget…Camdens do not break. But they do bend." Once she's released, she'll wait for Dafydd's dismissal, before she moves to greet Sarojyn. And in her turn, Damara.

The conversation between Dafydd and Liliana draws a hint of a smile to Saro's lips, but his attention shifts back to his daughter as she takes her leave. Then, at Damara's return, there's a dip of his head towards her and the hints of a smile. "It would seem, then, that we are almost prepared to depart." Moments pass in which the elder Camden simply looks amongst those gathered and when Alyse returns and moves to claim her cousin in a hug, there's a soft laugh that begins to escape his lips. "Do not fear, Alyse, Liliana, you two will see each other again soon enough." Now, he's looking towards Liliana, offering a hand towards her, "Now come here, Liliana, and give your uncle a hug."

Allowing them all their time, Damara hooks her quiver to the clips on her saddle and tests its angle before she is once again tightening the girth on the horse to secure the saddle while the creature is wholly unaware and not bloating itself out. Giving a tug to the pommel to check the righting of it, the Mistress moves about to secure her things at he back of the saddle, done so in the form of a single bedroll - but everything needed is secured within. Leather straps are tightened to hodl the items ands he casts a look back then, a soft smile touching her lips.

A final farewell to Dafydd, in another touch to his hand, before she does as she's bidden, and moves to approach Sarojyn's horse, "I know I will, but it is a hard thing. For a sevenday, I felt as though I had been given the world. And now it is being taken away from me again. But I know you leave because you must." Liliana braves the distance with a quick pace, moving to give Saro the hug she could not give Dafydd, the Lord of Tall oaks still firmly seated on the ground. "I will miss you, Uncle."

Alyse swings up onto her mare which is, in fact, a redish-brown BAY morgan and not a chestnut… And she looks torn again between wanting to kidnap her cousin and be a good girl.

Letting his arms slip about Liliana, Saro returns that hug and lets one hand lightly pat against her back as he offers. "If we did not have other pressing business, Liliana, we would stay a little longer. Unfortunately, there are things to be done." Pulling back from the hug, the Lord of Tall Oaks now has a warm smile upon his lips as he regards his neice. "I shall miss you as well. Be well and I will let your mother and father know you are well. We will see you again soon." That said, he's then moving to pull himself up and into his saddle.

"Send them my love, Uncle. And Ava and Wren." She clings as hard and as long as she can to Sarojyn, before he moves to mount and she steps back to allow him to settle himself, "I know that important matters call, and I pray only that the gods will keep you safe and bring you back safe once again." The Mire is nowhere near so friendly as the Roost. "I will do my best not to disappoint you." A smile, before she dips away, to say her farewell to Damara.

It is like she has eyes in the back of her head, for as Damara turns to look at Liliana upon her approach, she smiles warmly. "My Lady…I do hope that I shall not have to wait so long as I did before." SHe reaches out a hand for Liliana's, meaning to give her a respectable good bye as would any retainer but in reality the Mistress is prepping for the embrace she is sure to come despite her attempt at playing it right. "I do hope you will come to visit us when the Terricks do." Her smile grows and she looks to her horse a moment.

Liliana does indeed reach out to embrace the Falconer, a retainer to the House, but as dear to her as one of her own family. This woman who cleaned many a scrape and wiped away many a childhood tear. "I will miss you terribly, Damara. All of you." She speaks softly, for the woman herself, "Take care of my Uncle." And she steps back, allowing Damara to mount and prepare to leave with the party, "I will hope, indeed, that when the Young Lord comes to Camden, that I will be allowed to travel with you." She steps back, not wanting to be in the way, "

"Safe journey, all of you, safe in the going and safe in returning."

Dafydd takes the girl's hand and gently squeezes it, reclaiming it once Liliana has expressed her affection. "Be well, Liliana, and know you carry my regard."

Pressing his horse forward when his niece goes to the next family member.. and the next.. finally saying her goodbyes to Damara. The guards, now, begin to line up, taking their positions on either side of the retinue.

"We wait on your word, brother." Short, sweet.. and to the point.

Sarojyn allows for the good-byes to be said, not pressing the need to hurry anything along and when the final farewell has been murmered, he's dipping a slight bow of his head towards Liliana, "Be well, my neice, and I look forward to seeing you once more." Then, his attention shifts over towards Dafydd, to whom he gives a quick nod to. "Let us go, brother."