Page 125: Camden Meets Harlaw
Camden Meets Harlaw
Summary: Damara watches as the Lady Harlaw and young Lady Camden meet. Butting heads ensues.
Date: 17 Nov 2011
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The Green - Four Eagles Tower
November 17, 288

The falcons need time out just as much as the people of Camden do and Damara takes to the open greens as she had on their last visit. One of the falcons wheels in the sky above her, the only one she brought on this journey. A thick glove, worn and raked by the claws of the avians rests upon her right hand, seeming to drown the appendage. Her jade eyes lift to the air, the setting sun throwing a warm glow over everything that gives ease to the Mistress' thoughts.

The air smells sharply of hay and crops, fall like dazzling colors poke along the horizon where the trees change. Her head tilts and she turns her face to the sun, slowly wading through the tall grass of the field.

Kathryna had finally found a few peasants who liked to think themselves good with a sword, and were eager to take down an ironborn, with which to spar. All the received for it were several cuts, being disarmed multiple times, and bruised egos. It might cause her trouble later, but Kate doesn't really seem the type of lady to worry about that. So, in the surprisingly warm air, still slightly catching her breath from the good fights, and cleaning her sword with the oil cloth from her pouch, she caught sight of that flying falcon. That could mean only one thing — Damara is about. The pale iron born takes back to her feet and begins stalking across the green, sheathing her sword a few heartbeats later as she follows the Falcon's flight to find his mistress. Her right arm is sliced and slightly bleeding, but she doesn't even seem to have noticed that. Pain is a mere distraction.


The word rings out crisply through the air, defiant and succinctly emphatic.

Storming through the Green with a couple of lady's maids in tow is the windtossed form of a noblewoman. A noblewoman with an expression of peevish annoyance radiating from her person. Clad in Camden colours, the hazel-eyed young woman seems to be doing her best to outstrip her attendees, short of turning on them with the riding whip she holds in her right hand.

"Absolutely not! I forbid you to ever mention his name again, or I shall find you as impudent as he is!" Alyse snaps, whirling on the harried looking women who travel with her. "Now begone with you! Leave me in peace! I'll have none of this cackling and chattering about knights and haircombs!" And she actually stomps her foot, so great is her fiery indignation… If she notices Damara or Kathryna, she does not show it.

Peace, one supposes is relative and where Kathryna is quiet in her approach, Alyse is not. Damara would not have noticed the approach of the Ironborn if not for the frustrated noblewoman. Turning her head as Ter, wheels lower towards her, calling out in a piercing cry. Her hand shoots up, as if on instinct while she watches the young Camden take her way along the field from the Roost. Her lips part and she rubs at an old scar along her neck with her free hand as the weight of Ter is felt.

She makes a soft sound in the back of her throat and lowers the falcon and sets her free hand to stroking the soft breast of her winged companion. "My Lady…..should you be out without your guards?" She asks curiously, giving a look about for them and seeing nothing of the sort. But that is when the Ironborn is seen and a dip of her head is given to Kathryna.

Well, how can such a noble chatter box be -missed-? Kate had been intent on Damara, but Alyse's little fit is certainly well in view and the ice blue eyes of the Iron Born lady now turn in Alyse's direction. She studies the little woman with a hint of a bemused smirk, brows lofting as she slows her approach and gives the ladies time to greet each other sans the foriegner. Alyse is studied fully, from stem to stern, picked apart by body shape, tone, and the intelligence in her eyes. Finally, Kate finishes her approach, answering Damara's question almost for Alyse.

"No doubt she should not be without one of her guards, but the one thing about impudent, stubborn young noble women I have learned over my years is, well…They are impudent, stubborn and young." The Ironborn's husky voice announces with a half amused lilt to her slightly accented words. She flashes a white toothed grin at both of them, mischief in her eyes as ever.

As if on cue, Alyse whirls to face Damara, her glower shifting to the falconer… Much to the relief of her maids. "I dismissed him," she answers curtly. "He was being impudent. He had the nerve to suggest that I should be more charitable to that cocky, arrogant little knave of a so-called Knight who had the gall to ask for my hairpins as a favour." Alyse is, however, notably without her hairpins at this moment. She frowns. "And these magpies joined the insult by suggesting that the cad's manner was romantic instead of insolent."

It is only after her rather heated rejoinder that she turns flashing eyes to the Ironborn. A cool study is made under the remaining ire, but for the moment, Kathryna is not yet acknowledged.

Patiently taking the weight of Alyse's festering temper, there is only the vaguest sign of discomfort from the Falconer in the twitch of her eye and narrowing of her gaze. She strokes Ter carefully, keeping him calm despite the warring feelings. Amusement, calm, and anger. "My Lady, when a man asks for a favor, it means he finds you appealing. It is a compliment of your beauty. Many young women would long for that…be grateful for a blessing in it's many disguises." She advises in a very even voice.

But there is a shift of the Mistress and she looks to Kathryna. "Aye, young. Young is a very good word." Agrees Damara. She draws a breath and looks to Alyse again. "I suggest you find your sworn or I shall walk you back to the Roost. Outside of Tall Oaks there is always a risk, especially to young Ladys. You have one, be grateful he is but one." She advises again. Kathryna is not going to help this situation, she can see it already.

Young indeed. Kate listens blandly to the young lady's frustrations, which also are a form of bragging, still vague amusement in her ice pale eyes. She sighs and shakes her head, stepping a bit closer to Damara, as if to stand on the same side of the Falconer as she ways for Alyse to finish speaking. She bobs her head in agreement to Damara's assessment of the lady, her full mouth pulling into an actually amused smirk after everything. "Yes. Young. I might add loud to that list as well. Perhaps they go hand in hand." SHe remarks casually to Damara, as if they were studying some sort of painting and not the young noblewoman who is standing -RIGHT- there!

Finally, though, the woman casts her eyes actually on Alyse and chuckles. "The Mistress is correct, you know. These fair and fatted country sides are truly dangerous pastures through which a woman of your fair sort to walk. I even hear they're letting Ironborn run about unheeded. What -will- this place come to?" Kate tsks softly in her throat, shaking her head with an overly dramatic sigh.

Seemingly out of nowhere, a voice emerges from the crowd. "I have not left her, Mistress." It is a man's voice, and a wearily patient one at that. As the crowds part, a weathered man steps into view, hand on his sword, wearing the sigil of those sworn to the Camdens. Alyse turns at that voice and, for a moment, it looks as if she might fly at him. Instead, she gives him a particularly venomous look and turns her back squarely to the man… Who seems affected not at all.

Fiesty the young Lady Camden might be, but fearsome? Not to those who know her, it would seem.

"There, Damara. Are you pleased?" she says peevishly. "I can find no peace from the man. Though he is impudent and…" She flusters as she searches for another word. "And impudent!" She finally turns her attention fully to Kathryna. "Sit," she commands brusquely. Her hand darts out expectantly and one of her maids approaches with a satchel. The childish temper tantrum melts from Alyse in the flash of an instant, replaced with a coolly confident and no-nonsence air of command, much as if she were a general who expects rather than demands his troops obeissance. She gestures to the ground even as she opens the satchel and fishes out a few vials of strangely coloured tinctures.

It's a partial rally to her side it seems and Damara lets out a breath in relief, even as she stays quiet, her brow lifting as the sworn makes his appearance. "Yes, well..good. For trust me, if you were hurt, he would be in trouble for it, keep that in mind." She adds and gives the man a very sympathetic look. But Kathryna gets a faint smile. "Loud…nothing wrong with that. In the right setting…" But then her eyes widen at Alyse when she commands.

"My Lady.." she starts to explain and protest for Kathryna's treatment. She sucks in a long breath and clears her throat. Holding her tongue though she gives the Ironborn a look and bites at her lip. "May Lady Kathryna, this is Lord Dafydd's niece, Lady Alyse.." she explains to the blonde. Sorry about that, is what she seems to sya.

As the young sworn dashes up after his Lady, Kate actually cannot help but give a husky little laugh. She shakes her head and mutters to the side, really meant only for Damara's ears, "I almost pity the man. Perhaps one should get him ear muffs for his next name day.

As the middle aged sworn dashes up after his Lady, Kate actually cannot help but give a husky little laugh. She shakes her head and mutters to the side, really meant only for Damara's ears, "I almost pity the man. Perhaps one should get him ear muffs for his next name day." And then she straightens again, still really not having even noticed that her arm might be lightly bleeding. "And yes, I suppose being loud does have it's advantages… In certain halls, and certain nights…" Yes, there is a not nearly so polite and rather saucy undertone to that statement that Alyse might catch if she wishes.

And then Kate blinks, realizing that that command was meant for -her-. Her amused smirk flickers, just a bit, head tilting slowly. It's the same look a large, exotic feline gets when looking upon prey that just caught it's eye. Dangerous. Thoughtful. "…I may be a bitch, but I am not your pup to be commanded, Lady Alyse. Indeed… You are speaking to Lady Kathryna Harlaw of the Iron Isles. You might order you man about, but I am rather more difficult to pin."

Kate's response is met with a less than impressed expression of unflappability. Alyse merely arches an eyebrow. "Difficult to pin you may be, Lady Ironborn," the young lady drawls, "but you are bleeding, and unless you wish to risk an infection in these 'fatted' lands of ours, you will kindly shoulder your indignation and let me treat the wounds." She shuts the satchel and hands it back to her maids. "I have treated men far and away more prickly than you and twice your size, so pray forgive my lack of fear and trembling. I am a chiurgeon. Not a kitten to be startled by a bitch's growling."

Perhaps that was a bit of an acquiessance?

A thin line is made of her lips and Damara lifts her gaze to the sky. Looking to Ter, she whispers something softly and then watches the interaction carry further. Trying to watch them both at once is a difficult task, she will admit, but it's a stand off, at least one she can not help. Finally a sigh escapes her and the falconer seems all the more weary. "Perhaps a bit more of the asking and Less of the commanding…" She murmurs, though that seems to be completely out of character for her.

The news that she's bleeding is new to Kate. She does actually blink, looking down and to the side to examine her arm. "Well fuck." She states flatly, noblewoman near or not. "I rather liked this coat." She grumbles to herself, "Little pesky commoners actually got a hit in on me. The bastards." She growls to herself more than anything, ego bruised as she realizes they did strike a blow. And now it's starting to sting since she's thinking about it, when before she was enjoying the rush of adrenaline and endorphines created in the fight. Kate then does look back up from her arm and briefly over to Damara, nodding in agreement.

"The Mistress is right. You might find your patients far more amenable if you don't treat them like children. A lovely young noble woman like you should learn some manners as well. -Ask-, Lady Alyse." She gives a saccharine sweet sort of smile, otherwise still ignoring her arm as if it had never happened.
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Alyse's other eyebrow arches. "If I was treating you like a child, I would have bribed you with sweetmeats, Lady Kathryna," she says calmly. "Would you prefer if I did? I rather expected your doughty sort to be above the nonesense of wounded egos and more focused on keeping your sword arm well and intact." She too gives a sweet smile. "Or does your culture have much use for half-lamed warriors?"

She does, however, catch a glimpse of Damara's pained expression, and a flicker of guilt crosses her own features. She purses her lips for a moment and then gives the Ironborn woman a thoughtful stare. "What of it then?" she says at last. "Will you continue to behave as a child or will you man up and take the succor being given to you, whatever bedside manner it comes wrapped in?"

Groan. Damara is by no means in a place to speak up against the Lady Alyse, but part of her is nearly about to. There is a soft sigh and she looks to Ter and finally Kathryna beyond. Not quite allies but this could be worse, she has to admit. Kathryna is not helping this /at all/. Jade eyes center on Alyse and give her a look. That is all she will do, a look of reproach and she then gives a nod to the sworn protect or Alyse. It's as if to tell him it will /probably/ be okay.

Trust, she had talked about it but now Damara looks to Kathryna, as if weighing what the woman will do with so many insults being tossed at her.

Kathryna does not draw her sword or fly into a rage. Her second brow joins the first in being lofted. She laughs quietly, like one might be speaking with a petulant child, shaking her head to the woman and trying to suppress the rest of her chuckles. "Ahh… Seems I might not be the only little bitch in this crowd. She's cute, Mistress. Almost charming. I almost pity her being born to the Camdens. Were she an Ironborn, perhaps she could have made something of herself other than the painted lady with a large mouth who stands before me." Kate actually does seem to pity the girl a bit. The ironborn respects the fire she sees, she just knows it probably is rather impotent in these lands.

Then, Kate fully turns back to Alyse and just shakes her head slowly with another touch of a sigh, "Alas, Lady, I am not in the habit of taking orders from pretty little noble women, no matter how much fire might rest in there soul. One does not grow up and sail among the iron isles without the ability to clean and treat minor wounds, especially such as this. I can handle it. But… I do thank you for your concern." She bows her head in respect with those words, at least. The gratitude seems genuine.

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Kat's words do illicit a response. And it is perhaps lucky for the Ironborn that Alyse is a Camden and therefore a pacifist. She closes her eyes for a moment or two and takes in a deep breath, holding it seemingly infinitely. When finally she exhales, it is shakey, perhaps from barely restrained temper. "I am quite free to make something of myself, Lady Kathryna," she says coolly. "And I am hardly the milksop you think to take me for."

She arches her eyebrows, however, and hands back the vials to her maid so that they can be stored. "I have been schooled exceedingly well, by both my father and Mistress Damara, in how to protect myself and my people… And you would do well not to.." She purposefully bites off whatever she was about to say. "Perhaps you should be grateful that it was a Camden lady that you met this day, rather than a House more prone to mindless violence and ego-driven reprisals."

At that moment, a page scurries up with a summons from Alyse's father. Very calmly, the young woman looks at Damara and leans over to give the woman's cheek a kiss. Almost as if the Mistress were her mother. At last, she turns back to Kate and says very gravely, "I will, however, say this: I do not deny any living thing my aid. If you are in need, seek me out and I will tend to you." With that, she turns to depart.

Finally, a break of light and Damara gives Alyse a long look but there is a measure of relief and pride for the Lady's SOMEWHAT restrained response. Colorful evening as it is, she is glad for the summons for the young Lady and she smiles finally when she is kissed. "It is best not to brag of such skills. Better to keep them to yourself, no need to say them till you need them." She advises Alyse and touches the young woman's shoulder fondly with her free hand as Ter shifts on his perch, blinking his eyes and tilting his head at the Lady.

She nods to Alyse though, in silent parting. But when Kathryna is given a look, it is one of measuring. She is seeing how the Ironborn is reacting in the wake of that confrontation.

Kathryna stands there neutrally, listening quiet and somewhat stern as the young lady just -barely- withholds her temper. She chuckles softly, giving a half smile. "I… shall remember that, Lady Alyse. If I am ever in need, I will take much pleasure in hiding under your skirts." Oh yes, there's that wicked look in Kate's eyes once more. One might start to wonder about the Iron born after the last few days! As Damara looks over Kate, the ironborn looks intrigued and in good humors after such a meeting, her ice eyes sparkling just a bit.

The skirts comment is not lost on Damara and after the previous night, Damara just looks at Kathryna, studying her. Once Alyse is out of ear range, the falconer lets out a long breath. "You must forgive the Lady Alyse, she is willful…but not in the best of ways." Nor in the most kind of ways sometimes. "Young yet and the world has not found a time yet to teach her how harsh it can be." She takes a step towards the Roost. "I need to return Ter to his small cage for the evening, if you would, I will walk you back to the Roost, my Lady."

Kathryna bows her head quietly, not wavering under that somewhat curious study, even of Damara might have hit on something worrisome, if interesting about Kate. Maybe it's just teasing. Who knows. Still ignoring her arm, the ironborn falls easily into step aside the only woman in this land she might call a friend. "She is… " Kate sighs, "She reminds me rather of myself, without a sword. I do not envy her the position she must take in these lands. I hope she never has to learn the harsher sides of the world… I fear it would break that lovely will of her's." Kate seems to genuinely mean that, a momentary deeper worry in her eyes, but she shakes it off. "I would be happy to walk with you. I am sorry we disturbed you and your friend's flight."

"You and me both…for as much spirit as she has, she is still innocent and soft. She knows little of life outside Tall Oaks.." Damara looks over to Kathryna and nods her head. "Do not worry over Ter and I…we had our time. Not much to be had for it anyhow." She smiles and then takes up a pace to bring them out of the green and towards the worn road towards the Roost. "I thought to ask of you something…we should see to your arm however first." Comments the falconer as she lets Ter take off, lifting up off her hand to relieve her.

Kathryna sighs a bit more, looking back down to her arm and stretching a bit, rolling it in it's joint to see how bad the pain is. Yes, she tests an injury by possibly hurting it more. Pain teaches her many things. She hardly winces, though. "It's not so bad, really. I meant it when I told the young lady that." She admits simply, though her ego is hurting more than she'd care to admit. "Ask away, Mistress… All that I ask in turn is that you always, truly, feel free to -speak- freely with me. Be yourself… Please. I think I might go barmy among these soft nobles as is. Having someone who does not treat nobility like porcelian will keep me sane. So. Speak."

"It is in my blood to serve, and I do not take that lightly." Damara says and then nods her head as she is bid to speak. "I am talented in bow, but not in blade. I would be curious to learn, as I find you would be the only willing teacher that I will ever possibly get a chance to meet." She explains and then pauses. "I feel the need to protect the House I serve and there may come a time when a bow is not enough.." She says and makes a thin line of her lips. "I pray that never happens, but …that will not always make it …so. Strength is in different ways and strong-willed is one. I will not defy my Lords and ask them to teach me but …there is a part of me that feels the need to learn at least the rudimentary practices."

Kathryna nods in quiet understanding as the women mentions about it being in her blood to serve. She cannot understand it, but she respects the way blood flows. "Well, then… If you truly wish to serve, I shall give it as a command that you speak freely around me and be yourself. YOu must serve those men. Not me." She cracks a half smile, not certain if that was offered right, but she is trying. Kate still isn't all that good at this friendship thing. But she's trying.

Then the woman goes onto actually ask her request and Kate's eyes widen a bit. There is just a moment of shock, but then a brief rush of pleasure and warmth enters her usually ice pale features. Usually. Right now, having been out in the sun most of the day, she's wearing a lovely sheen of a sunburn that she'll probably start feeling later and cursing up and down a wall about. "…Oh, Damara…I'd be… it'd be my pleasure to teach you. I do not know how much we can do in the time you have here but… yes, of course. As soon as you are ready to start learning. You will have to figure a way to explain cuts and bruising, though, as I do not go light on my students."

"I figured you did not…" Damara says and pulls the massive glove off her hand as they continue to walk. "I would be grateful for your instruction…as much as you can give me." The falconer insists and then smiles faintly. "Cuts and bruises, easy enough. I am not a noble, not as yourself. I am a common born and well…my job brings its own taxing cuts.." She lifts her right hand to show off the massive scarring along her hand, odd that she still has the use of it. "Falcons can leave their tender loving touches on me even in my experience…so it will not be too hard to explain."

Kathryna only half winces at sight of that hand. Goodness knows Kate wears her own scars, including a rather long one straight across her cheek, whatever attack it was only missed her eye by an inch. "Very well then. What is your schedule looking to be while you are all here in the Roost? I do not imagine your lords would condone such actions, so I doubt they will give you leave to go on sunny afternoons. But… with the birds, perhaps they give you more freedom than I realize. We can start as soon as you wish. Well.. as soon as I've cleaned this arm. For all her petulance, the lady is right. It will not do to let the arm fall to infection." She half grumbles it, not lovign to admit that Alyse has a point. "And bloody hell that hand. You still have full use of it? What is your dominant hand for holding a sword?"

"I have more freedom, again because I am not a noble Lady. But the evenings would be best.." Damara nods in recommendation. "While they take supper with the Lord, but you shuold be there. Perhaps later, after when things are tended to. Or early morning as the sun is rising, I am not usually sought after then." She has to really think about it, she had never snuck away to see to the learning of a skill. She had never snuck away period. At the last question, she looks to them both. "I can pull a bow with either…so I am certain the sword will be the same given some practice.." She flexes her fingers and nods her head, her left hand more deft than her right, at least when the scarring tissue is concerned. "There is a Maester that will see to your wound, if not, I can attempt, though I am hardly as skilled as the Lady Alyse."

"You were quite lucky not to receive more damage in that hand. But that is good to hear. It is best to be able to weild a weapon with both hands just in case the worst should go wrong… though swords like mine sometimes can be used with two hands together." Kate is already tempted to fall into instructing, as she motions to the long blade at her side, not so short as a broad sword, but it probably is meant to keep her shorter body out of range of her taller opponents. "And mornings should be fine. Or late nights. As said, I do not sleep well so… we can figure a way to do it. I shall keep an eye open for a private practice area. I care not for my reputation, but I would not wish this getting you in any sort of trouble."

"I have been afield to the North of the Roost…they have vast open untouched lands that way. I do not think we should be disturbed or heard otu that far." Damara admits and looks to the blade at the side of the Ironborn. A blade. It was something to learn of bows, she had grown up with them. They were for hunting and keeping your target at a distance. "The hand is a product of years with the birds…I have a few other precious gifts from years ago…" Ones she will not speak of. But there is a sense of a purpose now and it shows in Damara's eyes. A purpose more than tending the birds. A chance to grow. "Thank you, for agreeing to help me." She adds then, as they grow closer yet to the large keep. "I am sure the evening meal will be done soon and they will be expecting you in the hall."

Kathryna nods curtly at the thanks, "It is no issue. I need to keep in practice myself while here or I shall become as soft and fatted as the rest of them. We are doing each other a good turn with this." She flashes a brief and earnest smile, though the comment about being expected back in the halls makes Kate groan quietly. She sighs and nods, "Aye, they will. Bloody fecking hate politics.' She mutters to herself before giving the woman a small, almost half salute. "I shall meet you at dawn at the north field. We shall walk from there. Do not be late." With that gruff order, Kate turns on the ball of her foot and begins awa.

"I am never late.." A quick nod is given to the salute, Damara finding the motion amusing as a grin curls her lips. But Damara hesitates just outside the porticullis and watches the Ironborn take her leave. The guards at the front of the Keep are given a look and then the falconer tugs on her glove and waits for the arrival of Ter which could be a little bit. She draws a long breath and a smile slowly grows on her face as the incoming evening paints stars on the sky and she considers the Gods in this sudden investment in her future. Interesting to say the least. And a sparring partner that is even more so. "What have you gotten yourself into, Damara?"