Page 311: Calling on the Healer/Midwife
Calling on the Healer/Midwife
Summary: Cordelya calls on the midwife Dania.
Date: 26 May 289
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Cordelya Dania 
An Inn
Room in an Inn
May 26, 289

Well, just as Dania was riding, probably about a half of an hour outside of the twins, there came a rider beating the sides of his horse hard, somewhat desperate and panicked in his motions. He's dressed in Flint grays, with the Flint crest on the saddle across his sturdy horse. He called out her anme, quickly confirming that she was the midwife and simply explaining that the Young Lady Flint was in pain — great pain — and nowhere near ready to have the child. It probably put the woman in far more a panic than is needed, especially considering what she finds.

Cordelya Flint, Corrie to her family, is laying in the rented in room with two of her maids beside her. She's got her feet up on two pillows and is propped up in bed otherwise, still dressed in an elegant gown of gray with an empire waist above her softly curving belly. She is certainly not big with child yet, just noticably so. Otherwise, she's quite a thin woman, all stick long arms and legs, her cheeks narrow if not starved. She might even look further along than she is for how simply… Small she is otherwise. She is not screaming in pain, not sweating, not looking terrified. She's sipping a cup of herbal tea quietly as she waits.

That poor patient gelding of hers that never gets grain because of his bloodlines will be getting a ration of grain tonight even if she has to borrow beg or sleep in his stall. He is also going to be getting some royal treatment. Dania's long legs bring her into the room. She has four heavy saddle bags on her shoulders. Her brown hair is primly pinned up and she is dressed simply in a wool apron dressed and brown linen under gown. She is tall as she stands at six feet and is thin like all of the Mallisters and Terricks at the moment. She pauses just inside of the doorway as she takes the scene in. For about ten counts she remains in that paused manner, she then speaks. "Lady, my name is Mistress Dania Dorsey." Her tone is gentle and kind. A warm smile graces her lips. She is calm. "You had sent for me. Your messenger had made it sound like you were in labor." She steps further into the room and she offers her a curtsy. "May I ask what is ailing you?" She rises from her curtsy

Despite the fact that Corrie has finally accepted herself that she's not going to be able to care for herself during her own pregnancy, even if she is quite trained, she's good at reading the physical signs in other people. She seems to realize that Dania is just a touch tense, though the woman is putting quite a nice face on, and her tone is gentle as can be. Corrie softly shoos her maid off, shifting up onto her elbows to try and sit a bit straighter as she looks at the woman, her expression apologetic and a touch embarrassed. "…Mistress… I thank you very much for coming. I hope you did not rush… I told my husband's man I do not think it is serious, but he looked… Panicked." Of course the man was worried, the loss of a potential heir was on the line! "I…I've just been in some pain… on each of my sides. I cannot tell if it's in the flesh or… Something more serious."

Dania moves to put her saddles bags down and from it she brings out soap and a clean apron along with sleeve guards. The apron dress is taken off then the clean apron is put into place. She then goes to wash her hands in the pitcher and basin. When she is done she puts on the linen sleeve guards. "High or low are the pains? Middle side or just the side and how far along are you? I am going to need to see your stomach. Because you say the pains are on the side I am thinking that it is the ligaments stretching, it is not a comfortable experience." She tells her as she approaches her. "How long do the pains last and is this your first?"

Corrie looks a touch embarrassed now, really not used to having anyone caring over her. She's accustomed to just doing it herself. She tries to sit up a bit straighter, look noble and elegant as she gazes over to the tall woman. "Mainly on the sides, I think… it hurts when I stretch or move the worst, in truth…" She admits, "And the pains come and go… no real pattern. Lasting, you might say. And they're lower… mid to low." SHe explains formally, trying to keep a calm head over this and not show just how worried she was, deep down. It's a heart easing relief to hear the woman confirm her suspicions, that this is nothing. "I… I am several months now… four or five, at least…"

"Let us get you down to your chemise." Dania says to her. "I really do think it is the ligaments stretching. It is not a comfortable experience by any means of the imagination. You are not in labor those pains are completely different, that is why I was asking you more about the feelings and the movements." Her tone is still gentle and cheerful as the warm sunny smile on her face. "Is this your first? How much traveling will you be doing?" She moves to help her.

There is a moment of hesitation, the woman entirely not family, her husband, her servants, no one she knows at all. This just didn't feel right. But Anders wanted the best, and she was hailed as the best. So, Corrie softly pulls her legs down off of the pillows and shifts to sitting up straight, feet dangling, so she can actually get out of her dress. That motion makes her eyes shut, quiet pain pulling across her face with the twisting. Yes. It still hurts. Yes, she dislikes that. But she tries to hold it in and not look too distressed as she shifts off of her dress and down to just her chemise. "This is my first… We've been traveling… well… since before I concieved, I do believe… we are from the north, down here for the fight… and now negotiations… Who knows where it will take us all." She admits softly, though there is a touch of exhaustion behind her voice.

"When you have the pain like that I want you to take a deep breath and slowly let it out. You are going to try and breath through the pain. I am going to be laying some ground rules down and you will not like what I am going to say." Dania tells in a gentle but firm manner. She moves to help her out of her gown as she talks. "You need to travel less and you need rest. Your husband can travel if he needs to but I would advise to you to find a place to settle down for the next four months. Stonebridge is very nice this time of the year." Since she is close she catches a whiff of the tea. She pauses for a moment and with a long arm she goes to pick it up. She brings it to her nose and she sniffs it. She puts it down and she frowns a little. "Milady that is not a tea you should drink, do you want to carry to term and do you want the child without ailments?"

Well, at least Dania was right about one thing, Corrie doesn't like what she has to say one little bit. She finishes pulling off her gown and gently rests it aside before she settles back into sitting on the bed, but doesn't yet put her feet up again. Her muddy green eyes level slightly severely upon Dania, expression going dead quiet for a few heartbeats. "…I… I can work on breathing through the pain, yes. I will not travel so much, and if I must go, I will go by carriage. I have given up the horses already, is that not enough?" And she says nothing about the tea, though her expression grows just a bit darker, fingertips quietly, tugging the cup back and nursing it between her hands, even if she has not taken another sip. "…It is simply herbs, Mistress."

"Do you think I was born yesterday, those are more than just herbs. No more, how long have you been drinking this tea?" Dania asks her and there is a sense that the woman is about to choose a battle. "You should not be traveling anymore, go to Stonebridge, or the Roost and rest. Your husband I can imagine is very capable at handling things at the moment until you have given birth. If you would like I will talk to him for you. Perhaps I should, but this tea will cause you more harm than good. Believe me I am more than just a midwife. I am a Healer as well who is very well trained. My dear you need to listen to me. I am not a charlatan, my life has devoted to this." She moves to then to check her stomach. She presses down on it not hard but firmly to check the firmness of her stomach and the measurement of her stomach and the position. For the measurement of her stomach she uses a length of cord that has knots tied along it at intervals.

There is a slight more tension to her features as the woman presumes to lecture her more on the herbs. Now there is a small bit of panic on her features, not that of an addict, but that of someone who is genuinely scared of the things that might happen. "…Mistress, I appreciate your concern, but… I do not think you understand the use of these herbs. Some…" She breathes out quietly, "Some things are necessary. If…if I take them, then… some of the things I see… and hear, things that I know are not truly there — at least, no one else experiences them — are quieted again. I can be the proper Lady and wife my husband needs… The Greensight is quieted." She lays back, letting the woman take the measurements as she wishes. Everything else does seem quite well on track, and Corrie does seem healthy enough other than that damned tea.

"Milady you cannot take these herbs when you are pregnant. It will harm the child. The child will have issues, if you get to full term. How long have you been taking these herbs? How often?" Dania asks her as she thinks and weighs options in her head. "You are looking healthy and your progressing as you should. But that tea could compromise it."

There is definitely a quiet bit of panic in Corrie's features, her pale green eyes a bit too wide, her gentle, casual expressions from before have now gone a bit tense. She gently sets the milky tea aside, at least obeying those words, but there's a fresh tension all across her thin frame and her eyes flicker to the corner of the room, as if expecting to see something in the shadows already. "…I…I shall speak with my husband." She states simply, but seems to be listening for the moment, since she did put the tea aside.

"Milady, I cannot help you if you do not asnwer my questions." Dania tells her. "There is a reason I am asking you this. How long and how often do you take it? You and I might be able to think of something to get you through this. But, I need your asnwers."

"Once… perhaps twice a day, no more." Corrie confeses, sinking back into the pillows on her bed and exhaling slowly as she considers the possibilities before them. "And I have been taking them… or bits of them… for ten years now, almost." Then her green eyes flash sharply in Dania's direction, almost half begging, "You…you can tell no one else this. Please. It would… shame House Flint. The herbs keep me… Proper. Please.. not a word to anyone else."

"Lady I will tell none, but you cannot take these. If you have to come to the Roost or Stonebridge, we will try something else. We will think of something to get you through this. What do you see when you are not taking this tea, what do you not become a proper lady?" She asks her.

For lack of a tea cup in her hands, Corrie's fingertips drop gently towards the sides of her rounding belly. She rubs her fingertips up and down there, tender, protectively worried now. "It…it changes. Sometimes it is just… paranoia. Sometimes it is worse. We will return to Stonebridge or the Roost once this tourney is over and settle there. I will… Will speak with my husband. We shall figure this out."

"Talk to your husband and let us get you settled. If you have need of me day or night send word, folks always know how to find me. I will come to you. But on more tea, I will support you and aid you anyway I can to make sure you have a healthy child." Dania says in a very gentle warm manner.

"…Take the cup when you go, will you? Elsewise I may finish it." At least Corrie is good enough about knowing her limits. She settles the rest of the way back into the bed, her cheek pressing against the pillow, distant and a touch forelorn as she considers the dangers ahead of them. "…Thank you for coming so fast. Orlagh will see that you are paid before you go also…"

"There is no need to pay me. I did not do anything. Just see my horse gets a grain ration and stall before I set out again." The woman says as she goes to take off her apron and sleeve guards. She puts them into a different saddle bag. From there she goes to put that apron dress back on over her gown. "Send a messenger if you need me. I can write and read."

"No, of course we will pay for your time, and ensure your horse is well taken care of. Flints pay those who have done us good service. Thank you again, Mistress. I will call for you in the future." Probably. If her ego and her own worries can let her summon the courage to call her again. Corrie gives one last smile and tilts her head, letting the woman go in silence otherwise.

The saddle bags are gathered up and Dania then takes the tea cup. With a nod of her head she leaves the room.