Brynner Hunt
Brynner Hunt
Logan Lerman
Logan Lerman as Brynner Hunt
name: Brynner Hunt
father: Somebody Hunt
mother: Somebody Something
spouse: Rosanna Groves (someday!! <3)
issue: None
gender: Male
age: 17
height: 5'8"
weight: {$weight}
eyes: Blue
hair: Brown
honorific: Squire
house: House Groves
position: Squire to Ser Kittridge Groves


The most important thing you need to know about Brynner Hunt is: Brynner Hunt is in love with Rosanna Groves.

The rest is just idle chatter in the story of his life.


Born the youngest son to the eldest son of the Groves' Master of the Hunt, Bryn was just another mouth around the keep, though one skilled at endearing himself to young and old. Free with his smile, and his voice for a tune, or whatever else was required fof him, it was easy to see why the positive youngster had an easy time of his childhood.

Close to his Grandfather, hunting was something he picked up early - his natural ability with the bow earning him favour with the hard older man. It may have been only a small surprise, then, that he was suggested as a squire for hunting enthusiast Kittridge. Perhaps a little older than a squire should strictly start, his eagerness and shared passions were at least enough to land him the position - or maybe it was the Master of Hunt's quiet word in the lord's ear. In any instance, squire Brynner now finds himself in service, and has done for the past year or so.

Physical Features

Dark, shaggy-short hair, clear skin - Bryn's got classic Riverlands looks, save for his dull blue eyes. At 5'8", he's not the tallest of lads, nor is he particularly broad; but he's still growing, and hasn't lost hope that he'll yet grow into those large feet of his. At the moment, though, they just make him look a little clumsy.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity