Bryliesa Frey


Born out of the marriage between Lord Walder Frey and his fifth wife, Lady Sarya Whent, Lady Bryliesa arrived in the world on April 9th, 272. Raised amongst numerous half-siblings, cousins, and nieces/nephews - Brylie found it quite easy to get lost amid so many children. Her mother passed on not long after her fifth birthday, inspiring her father to take yet another wife. With the new 'mother' newer siblings were soon to follow and around her eighth year, Brylie found herself sent away to become a Ward within House Erenford, in hopes of solidifying a deeper political alliance and union with the lesser house.

Brylie continued to prosper under her studies with her Septa Marliese and seemed to demonstrate considerable skill when it came to the finer arts as well as the handling of animals. While she practically excelled in most fields she seemed to apply herself towards, the young noblewoman seemed to possess no affinity whatsoever for the finer works of sewing and needlepoint. Despite her displacement with House Erenford, Bryliesa remained a true and loyal daughter of House Frey, cautious to keep up correspondences between her various siblings throughout the years.

As she grew older, her finesse for diplomacy, beauty, and charm seemed to flourish. Blessed with an angelic voice, she proved to be quite the entertainer and companion for the various noblewomen of House Erenford. Possessing more than her fair share of stubbornness, young Brylie found herself upon the end of more than a few of her Septa's lectures due to her refusal to compromise her decisions. Whether right or wrong in her own decisions, Bryliesa has always pursued every endeavor with an inner passion - committed to seeing her decisions through to the end. Unlike some of her siblings, she tends to invest herself fully into everything she does to the point of near exhaustion.

Bryliesa has spent a great deal of time study the heraldry of the various realms, believing such studies to be paramount to any foundation for the future. When not ensconced in studies of medicine, herbalism, heraldry, history, or practicing her administration and organizational skills, she can often be found riding or hawking with her escorts. Bryliesa has an intense fear of lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans due to a near drowning mishap when she was only seven. As a result she has never learned to swim and refuses any and all attempts to do so.


Physical Features

Standing proud at a little over 5'4", this young woman appears to be somewhere within her later teen years. Thick curls of warm honey-brown fall gently down this young woman's back to taper a few inches above her slender waist. Blessed with a flawless complexion warmly colored from time spent under the gentle caress of the sun, her features remain soft and completely feminine. High cheekbones and a small pert nose complement nicely the delicate curve of her soft lips. A set of thinly arched brows rest above her vibrant blue eyes, shielded by long dark lashes.

Her figure curves gently into a pleasing display of the female form in perfect proportion beneath her modest gown. The gown, itself, appears to be a fine turquoise silk with a brocaded jewel cut in various shades of gold. Long sleeves shield her golden skin before opening in a set of bell cuff with the same fine brocade about the edging. The bodice laces up the center with thin golden cording before tapering in to accentuate her slender waistline. Flaring out slightly at her hips, beneath the weight of a golden girdle embedded with blue topaz, the skirt falls to lick at the top of her feet - hem dusting the ground with each passing step. A pair of matching turquoise and gold brocaded slippers and few small gold rings upon her fingers complete her ensemble.

Allies and Foes

Music is a discipline, and a mistress of order and good manners, she makes the people milder and gentler, more moral and more reasonable. Martin Luther


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