Page 035: Brother to Brother
Brother to brother
Summary: The Lords Camden have a chance to chat, finally, uninterrupted.
Date: 16 August, 2011
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Sarojyn Dafydd 
Stables and Kennels — Four Eagles Tower
The Tower's Main Stables are nestled into the corner of the courtyard near the portcullis to facilitate quick, easy exits when required. The rear of the structure is backed right against the interior wall of the castle with the heavy wooden roofing gently sloped down towards the slate out front, the floor of the stables kept to dirt. Thick wooden beams are plunged into the ground and serve as a base for the walls between each stall. Hay serves as most of the flooring in the area with a large stack of it off to the side. Each stall has a thick layer on the ground to serve as bedding, with most of the space dedicated to horses though a few have pens of dogs and hounds. An enclosed structure at the end serves as dry storage for riding equipment and saddles.
Tue Aug 16, 288

Saro has obviously just returned to the keep for at this moment he's in the process of dismounting from his horse. When his feet come to touch upon the ground, he's passing the reins off to one of the guards, who takes over to ensure that the horse is stabled and fed. Drawing his cloak around him, the Lord waits a moment for the guards to finish before he's casting a look in their direction, "You may take your leave, now. The Terrick guards surrounding the keep will be more then adequate at this point."

In an area away from the tumult comes a *cling*cling*cling* sound of metal on metal. In a stable, there is only one real explanation for the sound, and it's the sound of a hammer on horseshoe. At least it's a frequent sound in towns; in wooded vales, it's a rarity.

Normally, in larger houses, a farrier of the household takes care of such things. In houses where there are many other tasks that must be undertaken due to lack of.. whathaveyou, it's not an odd sight to see one of the nobles doing the same job. In this case, it is, indeed, Lord Dafydd Camden, dressed in work clothes and leather apron that emerges from the small anvil with a horseshoe in hand, heading in the direction of one of the retainer's horses.

Hearing the voices, and recognizing the sound of his brother immediately, he pauses before going in to the tied horse, "Brother," is given in greeting. "Good ride?"

The sound of his brother's voice draws Sarojyn's attention over in his direction and when thoes blue-green eyes finally come to rest upon Dafydd, he can't help but loft a brow upwards at the sight. "Do I even want to know what you are up to, brother? You do know that the Terrick's have people who can take care of that, hmm?" Turning more towards the younger Camden, there's a quick flash of a smile as he gives a nod. "And yes, my ride was good. I had a much needed conversation with Alyse."

"Cyril is foot-sore in the front from going on the cobblestones. They may have farriers here, but I can bet they don't deal with horses that normally go barefoot." Without shoes. "So, I'm putting a set on the front until we get home. Then, I'll pull them."

Dafydd shrugs a little, his lips quirking in a smile. "I could always work with the pells, find someone to beat if you prefer."

Swinging his farrier's hammer in the air, a couple rotations in the flip before he catches it again, his brows rise. "And, did you speak sense into that head of hers? When is she due to go home again?"

"True enough, brother, but you could at least show them what is necessary." There's a hint of a smile before Saro is giving a shake of his head, followed by a lift of his hand so as to give a quick wave, washing away his previous statement and the subject. The mention of his daughter, though, draws the smile from his lips as he gives a shake of his head, "She will return home when we return to the Oaks, Dafydd." He's pausing for a slight moment, regarding his brother before he continues, "She is still young and this is new to her. It is not often that so many of us leave the Oaks and unlike some of us, she has not seen past their trees. She has done nothing that draws me to concern."

"And let them accidentally put a nail through the foot and claim ignorance? No, they're my responsibility, just as the safety of you and our own are." That last bit is stressed just a little bit more.

Dafydd had a feeling this decision was coming, and the hammer in hand is forgotten as he takes a deep breath. "Brother. It's no place for her. If you wish to have her educated, send her away like you did your niece. What is good for one is certainly good for another. Look at the lady Liliana has become. Don't you want that for Alyse?" All in one breath— and he pauses simply to draw another. "She will not heed word— in fact, she's already declared that she doesn't care if they're wise words or not. If spoken in a way that she doesn't like, she'll ignore them. Out of spite." He remembers her departing words last night.

"And because of this, I can't guarantee her safety simply because she will not heed. Besides that, when we travel to the Mire, how will it look? 'Oh, the Camdens are here, and they've brought their women and children with them. They must be serious in their request!'."

A faint sigh escapes past Saro's lips as he gives a shake of his head, "Brother, she listens just fine to me. You've always been hard on her and I think it's started to wear on her. Yes, you do what you have to, to protect our family. But, she is my daughter. She has been raised according to how the Camden's have been raised." Hands move to grasp the edges of his cloak, drawing the garment more tightly around him. "You know as well as I that I do not care preciously how we are perceived. Not to mention, she is -my- daughter. Bring her along can be considered a good move, for it shows that we could be considering marrying her off. As for Damara? She is the House Falconer and part of those that I seek counsel from. They go unless I saw otherwise." Now, there's the faintest of a smirk that hints upon his lips. "And know, brother, that it's not unusual. The Banefort sent their daughters. It's simply a matter of how it is presented."

"Always have been… brother, don't you see that with our re-emerging, things have to change? If we're do do half of what you wish, we should be respected, not laughed at. Our appearance to others should be a concern." Dafydd can see it's a lost cause; his brother has wrapped his cloak about him, thus shutting him out. The decision is made, and there isn't much left, only to have a hearing, and one day, Gods permitting, perhaps he'll be judged right.

"She is your daughter, but if she cares not for the fact that I am an elder of her family, at least have her see reason in my responsibilites and rank. If you wish, there will be nothing more said, and she may do as she pleases, an it please you. But understand this, brother… a girl can't raise herself in this world. She needs instruction, and not only from her family. She thinks she knows it all, and she does not."

Turning around, Dafydd looks at the horse tied in its stall, standing patiently. He raises his hand and puts the hammer and shoe on the edge of the stall. "There will be nothing, and we will be turned around, or we will be entertained and sent on our way with nothing."

"I take all things into consideration, brother, but I do not weigh the views of other Houses more highly then anything else. Had I, then we would be celebrated for our assistance in the Rebellion. And we would still be mourning the loss of many of our people." The cloak remains draw tightly about him, though Saro's attention is focused entirely on Dafydd. "The Naylands will see nothing wrong with us arriving with both the House Falconer and my daughter. In fact, it might be beneficial, for appearance sake, to appear with an unwed noble lady."

There is a slight pause then, followed by the faintest of chuckles as he gives a mere nod of his head, "Try to remember, Dafydd, that she is experiencing something new. She is worried that she'll be married off and sent away, never to return. Keep in mind that our lifestyle is different from those around us. If you treat her with a lighter hand, you will find her more receptive to things." The cloak is released as he moves towards the doors, though he doesn't exit out. Rather, his gaze drifts out through the opening, looking out over the courtyard. "Were her mother still alive, we would not be having this conversation, Dafydd. The past five years have not been easy for her and the fact that the Camden's have only a single elder Noble lady is something which has only hurt her upbringing during that time." There's a look over his shoulder and a quirk of his to a smile. "Just remember she's family. Speak to her as such and not as the Captain of my Guard and you will see a difference."

The mention of being turned away, or not, has him giving a slight shake of his head. "Our trip to the Mire will be for naught, I fear, though. Ser Gedeon's request will not be answered, for the Naylands would be foolish to turn those letters over to us. By keeping them hidden, or by having them destroyed, they remain in control. There will be little that anyone can do to change that fact."

Dafydd's brows quirk, "If she catches even the barest hint of that reason you consider her presence beneficial, you will need to sleep with a sword under your pillow, brother."

Regardless of how little the pair see on the same level, there is that respect that the younger gives the elder, and it's not just age. It's family. It's duty. His jaw shifts, and he's distinctly… unhappy, but there isn't anything to do for it except, perhaps, hit one horseshoe senseless, or barring that, back to the pells. Or the tavern. His back is straight, his chin elevated slightly, "Were her mother here. Were our parents still here for us to seek counsel. We can't avail ourselves to any of them, brother, so we all have to do what we can. And that includes you. Me. Mikah. Seryl. Ailith. And Alyse. She's not the only one who's suffered loss."

He exhales audibly, not for the first time, and it won't be for the last. "You know I will always be here for you, brother. I'll see this trip through with you, even though we'll be empty handed. I will suffer the slings and arrows of insult at your word. Just.. be aware."

Dafydd shakes his head, something of a chuckle sounding, "I do speak to her as if she's family, and it doesn't work. If I were a man given to introspection, I'd be concerned that my shortcomings are the reason that I am yet unmarried." The chuckle ends with a ghost of a smile. "Thankfully, I am not that man."

An eye is given to his brother, and he nods, "If you need to go, brother, go. I think there are more meetings in which your presence is requested this evening? Or are you done, and seek to turn in for the night? As for me, I just need to finish the shoe, and I am still torn between entertainment in town or the feel of a pillow against my head."

"Believe it or not, brother, I've already spoken to her of marriage and it's a conversation that I will resume with her in the very near future." Even that thought, though, seems to draw a smile to the man's lips, though it quickly fades away as he gives a nod. "I'm well aware that she was not the only one who suffered a loss and I don't try to excuse it. In part, her excitement and what not is a side effect of how our children have been raised." A hand lifts upwards now, coming to scratch lightly at his beard. "There is no denying, though, that she gained the respect of the Terricks for her work in saving that man last eve. Even I was impressed that she was able to do such a thing."

"You can be a little harsh with her, brother, but that is who you are. Your views are different then ours. You would be quicker to blade then I would. This is what makes us unique. Alyse loves you, though. Dearly. Give her time and this will pass, though I will speak to her again." Finally, there's a shake of his head, followed by the softest of chuckles. "No, no meetings this evening that require my attention. In fact, I have no where pressing to be. I had thought about going and sitting in the courtyard. To simply enjoy the quietness of our last evening here before we take our leave from our hosts."

"Then she can remain here and serve the Lady Anais," is given lightly. "There. Done. Next?" Dafydd is joking, the odd sound of levity echoing in his tones.

"Really, though, brother. Time again. And again, time. Sometimes there just isn't enough time." He inclines his head, however, "Go, sit in the courtyard. I'm looking forward to leaving this place and being out in the open, on the road. Leave the stone and mortar and the chill behind." Until they have a need to go back out. "I appreciate any good word you may put in, but if you suggest for a moment that I speak with her, you will have insubordination in your ranks." It's offered with a smile, but below it, he's actually serious.

"If we leave on the morrow, I want to be sure this shoe is on and a good night's sleep is taken."

"If only it were that easy, brother." The humor is returned in those words and they are followed by a soft chuckle that escapes past Saro's lips. "You will need to speak with her and come to terms at some point, Dafydd. I will not have family fighting amongst themselves. I will make that clear to her." He's then turning towards the courtyard, beginning to make his way in the direction of the doors that lead out. "Tend to the horse, brother, and rest well. I will speak with you tomorrow."

"On her wedding day, I will salute her and give a toast, claiming my undying pride in her accomplishments." Dafydd offers his brother something of a lopsided smile, "As a doting uncle."

Turning around to take hammer and horseshoe, he waves to his brother. "Same to you, brother. Sleep well, and tomorrow, Gods willing, we ride."