Broadmoor Keep at Broadmoor
Ruling House: Haigh
Wealth: Moderate
Population: 2000
Fortification: Broadmoor Keep
Knights: 15
Men At Arms: 35
Primary Revenue: Agriculture
the arms of House Haigh

Situated almost central to the Twins, the Kingsroad and the Green Fork, the stronghold of Broadmoor Keep, with its infamous towers, has been established for several generations. Originally a project for Lord Leslyn's predecessor, the great structure had, at one time, fallen into disrepair - which he was tasked with rectifying. It's unlikely the Grandsire of House Haigh could have foreseen the affluence and wealth that would arise from what was, frankly, something of a family joke.

Named for the expanse of near-level grassland that surrounds it, Broadmoor now boasts a growing town and trade, relying namely upon agriculture as their soil gradually becomes richer and more fertile. The crops increase in quantity and value with each passing season and commoners have begun to travel to the region in order to build themselves a new life on one of the many outlying farms that supply the Keep.


Four grains are widely cultivated by Broadmoor's farms: wheat, barley, rye, and oats. Of these, wheat is most valued. This crop, however, could be easily lost to a particularly cold snap, so to hedge their bets the farmers plant a second crop in the spring. This crop does not produce quite as well since it hasn't had as much time to grow. It's planted just as early as the farmers can get their plows into the ground (generally March), and harvested in early fall.

Several steps are involved in planting a grain crop. Broadmoor's farmers work on a three-field rotation system: one field for grain, one field for hay, and a third left fallow, which means being sown with a legume which would be plowed under to enrich the soil. The soil is enriched throughout the season with lime, chalk, manure, and by plowing under burnt weeds.

A sport called "camping," which involves two teams trying to take each other's men prisoner, is sometimes played on the fallow fields and is encouraged as a means of breaking up clods. The fields are plowed with oxen, the seed broadcast by hand, and then a device called a harrow — a square wooden frame with wooden spikes pointing into the earth — is dragged across the field to cover the seed. Sometimes they harrow a field before the seed is sown in order to break up clods.

The crop would be weeded once or twice mid-year, and then harvest begins in late July. Ripened grain is delicate and falls easily off the stalk, so the smallfolk harvest it carefully with a hand sickle, bind it into sheaves, and carefully arrange the sheaves into stacks. The stacks don't stay out too long, but are brought indoors for storage or sale.

Recent History

The current Lord of Broadmoor is Leslyn Haigh, who resides in the Great Tower with his wife, the Lady Perriane and several of their younger children. Though sombre and lacking in cheer, the Lord's dedication to furthering the standing of the stronghold and his oddly keen interest in the agriculture upon which this relies ensures he is well-liked by his people.

A shrewd and ambitious family when it comes to politicking, the Haighs also rarely shy from battle; with the eldest sons already knighted and several times blooded. A fondness for tourneys, as an excuse to show off this martial prowess, means there are several festivals and celebrations throughout the year, at Broadmoor.

The recent defection of House Charlton to become a vassal of House Tully has left the Haighs in a position ripe with opportunity, given their lands are between Hollyholt and the Twins and their own loyalty to their liege remains unquestioned. An alliance with House Ashwood has also improved relations somewhat in the central Riverlands, though the ongoing feud with House Nayland shows little sign of drawing to a close.