Breath Of The Sea
Breath of the Sea

Oh-high, high rise the sea!
The water give way back in the lee
Oh-high, high rise the moon!
The bay hears the lone call of the loon.
Too-rah, the boats swing and sway.
The docks are full up all of the day
Too-rah, I wait here for you
And sing my sweet song in hopes for to woo

Sweet ladies at port they do not relent
For quick is my step and knees are unbent
They call out to me in hope and dismay
As I keep on walking, I will not delay.

The sun! The sun! It calls for to me
Sweet lady in blue, gem of the sea!
Wear no more bells, sing no more song!
For where you go runnin' I'll come along!


Give all my fortunes and daily expense
For your hand alone there'd be no pretense
Beautiful Lady, I sing only for thee
My song yours alone, a desperate plea!

Love, love! The waves beat the tune!
Upon your white shores drenched by the moon.
There I will dance, hope and await
A sprite of the sea your soul for to sate.


The sailors they say I'm spent in my head
They do not know, without you I'm dead.
Lovesick they say, my heart for to break.
Your lips of wine red I will not forsake

Pearls, pearls! All through your long hair!
Shimmer like stars, my gaze to ensnare
Harness your charm, direct it to me
For I am your lover! A Lord of the sea!