Page 555: Break in the Journey
Break in the Journey
Summary: Lady Faline and her entourage break their journey back from the wedding at Heronhurst. Not everyone is exactly thrilled at this turn of events.
Date: 29/Jan/2013
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Robben Nathaniel Mortimer 
Heronhurst Plaza, Heronhurst
At the terminus of River Road is the large plaza that spans the entire width of walls that enclose Heronhurst Castle, the rough hewn blocks that form the walls are found in the large paving stones that form the foundation of the plaza. To the west, facing the river, is the local Sept with it's slender bell tower and rookery, the daily services calling to the faithful throughout the city and echoing along the wide ribbon of fresh water that glides by the city. A pair of fountains bubble softly to the east and west of the center of the plaza, each fountain set in a lush patch of green edged by flowering bushes and a handful of stone benches arranged in a semi circle around each fountain. To the east the city expands further, reaching first the gentle slope of Heronhurst heights and beyond to the dense forest that thrives in the hills and valleys surrounding Heronhurst.
Tue Jan 29, 290

Making his way out through the portcullis, into the afternoon rush outside, Robben looks a bit thoughtful. Humming a little to himself as he steps further away from the Keep itself now, he looks to be in a good mood today.

Nathaniel slows his horse and nods over his shoulder. "I think that you'll like Heronhurst, master," he says to a man nearby. "As you've seen already, the land is a bit different from that around the roost - more orchards and less flat farmland, for one thing. The river is quite a sight, too. Some people even hire boats of various sizes, as they can afford, so that they can watch the local wildlife, or try their hand at fishing."

Mortimer is, in truth, itching to get home. He doesn't like being outside of Terrick lands and now it seems that even though they're on their way back there's to be a delay. The trip hasn't encountered serious mishap yet, but he's fully aware that there's still time before he's back in familiar territory once more. "I'll take you word for it," he offers unenthusiastically to Nathaniel, aware that he's not being the greatest of conversation partners, but he just can’t shake that uncomfortable feeling of being in a strange, unknown place and not knowing who or what to expect next.

There's a brief pause as Robben looks up to the new arrivals, studying them rather carefully for now, with a bit of a smile. Otherwise keeping quiet at the moment, it would seem.

Nathaniel nods to Mortimer. "I understand, master," he assures. "This isn't home. The sheriffs and deputies that I've known only seemed happy when they were on their own soil. If that guard hadn't fallen ill, I'm sure that you would be at the Rockcliff. Still, the lady could have chosen someone else for the job. She chose you. That should speak well for you." He gestures toward the town, and explains. "People here are friendly in general, and they tend to watch out for one another more than some do. Beside that, I'm sure that we won't he here more than a few hours - just long enough for everyone to rest."

"I'm sure I'd be at home with my wife," Mortimer retorts, not really bothering to take in too much of the surrounds so he misses Robben's appraisal, "and she picked me because I was the first person she saw." In his opinion they could all rest just fine once back into Roost lands, but sadly, no one has asked him what he thinks and nor would it trump the decision of the nobles if anyone did. Reaching up one hand to massage his temples he bites back any further replies, it's none of this the courier's fault after all so he doesn't deserve to have his head bitten off for it.

"It's a good place if you need a rest," Robben remarks as he overheard some of the conversation. "Especially the Inn over by the river, of course." A brief pause and a nod as he studies the travelers now.

"We're happiest when we are home, whether that means a place, or a state of mind," Nathaniel muses. He reaches forward to pat the neck of his mare. When Robben speaks, the courier turns and bows his head and shoulders respectfully. "It's a fine inn, far above many along the roads, lord," he agrees. "And strong. I was here some months ago, in a storm that would shake houses to their foundations. The place stood as if it was hewn from the earth itself." Then he frowns and guesses in a tone of regret, "I"m not sure that we'll be here long enough to enjoy it tonight, however."

Mortimer glances across to Robben as he speaks, taking a moment to try and place the vaguely familiar man. As Nathaniel addresses him as 'lord' though he offers a brief nod and a short "m'Lord" of his own. It's quite tricky to offer a proper bow when ahorse after all. He lets the younger man do the talking for the pair of them now though, taking the time instead to gaze down the road that they should, in his opinion, be riding down. He is listening though, as evidenced by a slight grunt of approval of the idea of not sticking around until evening.

Robben smiles a little, nodding a bit. "Travel's been good, I hope?" Looking to Mortimer as the man seem to watch the road a bit carefully. "Looks like someone can't get home early enough…" he remarks, a bit lightly.

"Weather has favored us, lord," Nathaniel answers with a nod. "But travel is a slow business for a large party, and we were only two of the number." He gesture between himself and Mortimer. Where the deputy looks with longing at the road leading out from the town, Nathaniel glances toward the town, as if expecting someone to arrive from there, perhaps the person with whom they are traveling.

"Aye m'Lord, so far at least," Mortimer replies to Robben, turning to look back at the Ashwood as he does so. If he hears the second remark though he makes a fine show of pretending he doesn't. He nods in silent agreement to Nathaniel then reaches for his temples once more, almost as if there's a chance that rubbing them might cause a genie to appear and grant his wish to be well away to the west.

Robben nods a little bit as he hears that. "Who is it you are escorting, if I may ask?" he offers, sounding a little curious for the moment. Offering a bit of a quiet smile to both of them for now.

Nathaniel inclines his head to the noble and answers courteously, but cautiously, "We ride with a lady of Terrick's Roost, lord. She wished to visit the market briefly, to see it for herself after I told her about it, and compare its offerings to our own." He glances once more toward the town.

Mortimer turns his horse back towards the town to look and see if there is indeed any sign of the rest of their party emerging. The back and forth movement, combined with the seeming inability to stay still and settled for more than a few seconds looks to be starting to make the horse as grumpy as it's rider but for now at least both continue to behave themselves, even if the Deputy is once more leaving the actual 'interactions with others' bit to Nathaniel.

"The market is truly a fine one," Robben offers with a nod in agreement, before he adds, "In fact, I was planning on heading there today. There's someone I would want to get a fine gift for." A brief pause and a smile, before he adds, "Although we have a nice market back at Highfield, the one here is even finer."

Nathaniel smiles and dips his head in a deep nod to the Robben. "I think that you would be safe in saying that both markets have their specialties." He looks briefly at Mortimer's fidgety horse and then smiles. "This market offers an array of fish that few can rival, and the vineyards here produce excellent wines and olives. For its part, Highfield excels in all things of wood - bows and arrows, musical instruments, and furnishings that endure for generations. I'm sure that either would provide you with something to please your lady."

Highfield, right, so that makes Robben an Ashwood, logically. That doesn't mean that Mortimer is much closer to actually identifying him though as the only living Ashwood he knows by sight is Daryl. "I hope you find something m'Lord," he offers, doing his best to keep the gruffness out of his tone while he runs through the motions of being part of the conversation. Ignoring it entirely, while a far more inviting prospect, would be remarkably bad manners after all and he isn't planning on causing insult that might reflect badly on the Terricks. As Nathaniel starts comparing the two markets he is half tempted to interject a comment about the Roost's too, but his motives would not be simply educational and he knows that so he turns instead to glances back up towards the town once more.

Robben smiles a little as he hears that. "There's also a quality leatherworker back home," he comments, with a bit of a smile, before he nods a bit at Nathaniel's words about the specialties of the markets. "That's why I'm planning on getting her something from here while I visit here, and then something from the market back home when she comes back to Highfield." He offers a bit of a smile to Mortimer as well. "Thank you, good master."

Nathaniel looks at Mortimer. "Perhaps we should go to see that all is well with her," he suggests. "It has been some time."

Mortimer looks a little less than overwhelmed by the idea of riding back into town once more. It's entirely the wrong direction and he looks almost longingly in the other direction a moment before he gives the faintest of nods. "Aye, perhaps we should," he admits reluctantly, taking solace in the fact that it would actually mean doing something, rather than just sitting and waiting. Starting to walk his horse back towards the market he offers Robben a nod as he passes, "if you'll excuse us m'Lord."

Robben smiles a little as he listens to that, nodding a bit, "Of course," he offers to Mortimer's words, giving the man a bit of a grin. "Safe travels home, good masters."

Nathaniel bows to the lord as much as possible from horseback, and answers, "Safe travels to you as well, lord, and good fortune in finding the perfect gift for your lady. Be safe and be well." He adjusts the reins in his hands and looks to Mortimer to be sure that the deputy is ready before he starts down the road toward the center of town.