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Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Summary: This is not a TS log. :P
Date: 25/06/2012
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Lucienne Rutger 
Castle Courtyard, Seagard Castle
Much fancier than Four Eagles.
26/June 289

Out in the castle courtyard, the sounds of the party going on inside carry as a soft muttering of music and mingling. The air is cool this summer's night, and Lucienne finds an appropriate bench upon which to rest whilst she waits for Rutger, two cups stolen from the party and full with wine in her hands.

Only a few moments later does Rutger show himself, his collar loosened and doublet worn in a more relaxed manner. Some sweat clings to him, as the heat of summer is still thick on the air. Though the cool night breeze of the sea is a comfort here in the courtyard. A glance is given to Lucienne, and there he moves, coming to sit close. "Lucienne." Not lady. "Thank you." hand for wine.

Lucienne bears no objection as the Nayland heir seats himself close, and he hands over his cup with a lazy smile, her cheeks a little flushed from dance or drink. "It's much less stifling out here," she observes, sending a quick glance about the courtyard. There must surely be someone around but themselves, a handmaid presumably at the least. "Thank you for joining me, Rutger."

"After our conversation the other night, how could I not?" he asks for a moment, before taking a sip of the offered wine. A kiss of teeth and he grins. "I would have said it earlier, but with company I did not wish to be presumptuous. But, you did look ravishing." in her mourning blacks. "I know for whom you wear, and I am sorry for your loss, but black does become you."

"I thank you for your sympathy, and for your compliments, too," responds Lucienne, drawing a sip from her own cup to wet her tongue. "And for your respect for propriety, I suppose. Despite how tempting it is to simply… do away with manners." She looks down to her wine, the moonlight reflected on the liquid's surface. "I'm still a little sore our last conversation ended so abruptly," she admits, head still bowed.

"As was I, Lucienne. I was hoping, for a conversation that would last up through out the night, with heated argument and debate." Rutger adds with a glance to her bowed head. A sip of his wine and he merely grins. "Would that have been an evening, you would have enjoyed?" He asks.

Several of her curls still hang under a few thin plaits secured behind her head, but enough is caught in her braids for Rutger to see her face in profile. Lucienne smiles, her cheeks plumping, and looks aside to the Nayland. "Do you really need to ask?" She is blushing furiously.

"Do I?" Rutger repeats, as he allows the wine to help formulate the answer. Another long drag, before he is shaking his head. "No." Rutger replies with a chuckle. "I do not, but sometimes I do like to ask." A tilt of his head, as he leans forward. "Because, I like watching the reaction. It says a lot about a man, or a woman. How they react."

Luci's breath is becoming audible, and she lifts her chin up a little higher. "You make it sound so terribly impolite," she says, her smile ever growing. "Like a secret spy trick, or something. Are you trying to spy on me, Rutger? Because I'll have you know, there's not much about the Terricks that my lady goodsister or my feckless brothers haven't already revealed to the whole of the Riverlands."

"Spy, is perhaps not the right word." Rutger amends. "Fuck-perhaps, but that would find us both in a stickier situation." Of course forward language despite a handmaiden present. It must be the wine. "I know much about your family, from rumors and what I have seen, this I will admit, Lady." he adds. "But, everyone has their poor days. Am I not a rumored man who murders whores and my many wives? What about my feckless brother who runs Stonebridge, or the other feckless one who walks around without sleeves on?" A shake of his head. "Your crippled brother, supposedly enjoys strange of a different nature." meaning his Dornishwife. "And Jarod Half Eagle fucked his squire, whom is my sister." A chuckle there. "I do not expect much to not be known. Not at this point."

Luci blinks her eyes wide, unable to help the initial reaction to such crass language. As Rutger goes on, though, the shock fades, and byt the time he reaches his conclusion there is nothing left for Lucienne to do but… laugh. Her eyes crinkle with the expression, her smile spreading wide, and her shoulders shake with mirth. "Oh, my," she giggles, waving her wine about merrily as she looks up at the Nayland next to her. "What a pair of families we come from." As her laughter dies down, she edges a touch closer to murmur lowly, hoping not to be overheard: "Do you really want to fuck me?"

"I believe we come from the biggest assholes in the Cape. Respectively. My father is a fucking asshole as is yours." He adds, before he sighs. Taking time to drink down more wine. "But, I love my father." As he imagines Lucienne does as well. Though as she edges a touch closer, he offers his own quiet chuckle. "Of course, Lady." Rutger admits. "You are fine- and for some reason, as morbid as I am. Surely, I am confident or drunk enough to think our appetites would match."

Lucienne frowns playfully, feigning resentment at that slight to her father. "He's not bad, he's just drawn that way," she protests, struggling to keep a serious face. Her expression slides into something decidedly more sultry, and she gestures her wine toward Rutger. Sorry, did some of it just slosh over the top? She should drink it down a little. "Ah, yes," she says, by way of agreement. "But how does a lady escape her minders for such a tryst? It is surely beyond me, Rutger. Unless you wish to simply steal me off to your bedchambers and start a war?"

Rutger chuckles as one hand slides over, if just to barely brush fingers at her leg. "Well, for such a tryst that would launch ships, I do not know. I usually allow the Lady to come up with how to slip her own minders. I tend to provide for a neutral meeting place." He adds before chuckling. "I am sure something could be arranged if you wanted it to be." He adds. A brow rising as he looks back to her.

Lucienne regards Rutger for a long time, her eyes studying his as she considers. "Where," comes her quiet response, finally. "And when?" Having practically agreed, her heart racing, she lifts her cup to gulp down a very big mouthful of wine.

"I know of a place from when I came through after we took on Pyke. It is in the Low District, which is not the most common of places, but less likely to find you there." Rutger states. "And when is up to you, lady." And fingers cling into her dress. "However, if you wish to wait on such a bold action." a grin. "I understand."

Luci only winces a little after such a large gulp of wine, and chases it down with another that sees her coughing and patting her chest firmly. "I'm familiar with Seagard," she informs Rutger, blinking rapidly. "I… tonight?" It's a question the first time, but she states it again, more firmly. "Tonight. Later, though?"

Rutger smirks at the coughing and his hand slides to rest on her leg for a moment. "Do not choke yourself.." he says softly, before he is looking back up to her face. "Tonight." Rutger confirms. "Tonight and later I can do. I will await for others to fall asleep, before I go." Of course he will tell her the Inn, as there are many holes down there to get lost in.

Don't choke herself - Lucienne lets out another short burst of laughter, 'ha'. She nods, her composure all but regained. "What name shall the room be under?"

That's the best joke of the night, apparently. Still, Rutger smiles back towards Lucienne and he nods his head. "The name?" a beat. "Lewyn Moray" Yes, the full name. "But, Moray for certain." he adds before looking back to her. "Should I find your brothers coming for me, I'll know you've tricked me."

"Lewyn Moray," she repeats, committing the name to memory. Shining eyes blink up at the Nayland, and Lucienne scoffs quietly: "Which one would I send? The cripple or the newly-knighted?" She smiles charmingly, and adds, "We both of us have reason to be wary, I suppose. If I meet my end tonight, you rest assured that my father won't sleep until you're cold in the ground, Rutger."

"If I choke you, it won't be with my hands, Lady." Rutger says with a fine grin. "And should I strangle you, I won't leave bruises-or you dead." he adds before he chuckles softly. "As for which brother to send, I would say which one you would see killed, after all I assume I would be headed for the cold ground, or a bed of river reeds." Rutger pauses. "But, I think I should have nothing to fear."

Here comes her grin again, and Lucienne sets a hand on Rutger's thigh to help push herself up from the bench. "You have nothing to fear from me or mine," she assures, breaking off for a sip of her wine. Just a sip, this time. "I've no desire to see my kin murdered." (At the moment.) She raises her voice to better carry, and bids, "I — good evening, my lord."

There is a slight flex of his leg, as hand settles on thigh, and Rutger grins up. "As you have nothing to fear from me." He adds, before he is taking his time to rise, and adjust his stance. " Good Evening, Lady Terrick. Thank you for the wine, and conversation." He says, louder, lest curious ears were wondering what was going on.

And then they part ways for a bit before meeting up again and BOW CHICKA WOW WOW.