Page 389: Boar Hunt!
Boar Hunt!
Summary: The first hunt up in the former Tall Oaks lands lead by Ser Justin after the signing of the Accord with Highfield.
Date: 14/August/2012
Related Logs: None specific, but anything to do with the Accord or permission from Liliana to hunt is related.
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Forest Trek, Highfield
Small footpaths jut out here and there throughout the woods with this one central one well worn. It is not meant for anything but foot, horse or small cart traffic. Mostly used by the people of Tall Oaks, it is for the hunters and woodsmen that venture daily to bring back the towns livelihood. Even here the grand trees stand like waiting sentries.
August 12th, 289

The past two days hunting have been splendid. All is quiet and unspoiled up in the former Tall Oaks land, the forest going on and on with clearings here and there, natural or otherwise. Aside from the burnt out ruins Justin has steared to keep their party clear of, the land has been peaceful and welcoming with little sign of humans still hanging on in the area. The wagons they have brought are much filled with meat from all manner of animals but especially deer. This evening, on the last day of hunting, they seek something else. Wild pigs, or even domestic hogs gone feral after the Ironborn swept through.

Leaving the butchering camp, Justin leads the way on his pale grey gelding. Trackers and hunters like master Kain have been sent out to seek the best pig sign. Giving the group direction, both riders and men afoot, mostly with spears but some with bows, follow a faint trail. Soon they will come to the place where Kain's men wait to signal the hunters to spread out, but not yet. Justin half turns in the saddle to look back and check on those who have come with him on this venture.

He's been away from the Roost for a while, and some might even know that Martyn's been staying in Highfield. The news of the hunt has managed to drag him out into the wilds, though. And so he's here now, ready to take part in the hunting of the pigs. As he sees Justin's half-turn, he offers the man a bit of a grin, looking around at the others present for the moment as well.

Seeing Martyn closest, Justin meets the Mallister's gaze and gives him a faint nod. Then he looks further back to check the position of the spear bearers, those leading horses that carry the long shafts for those who will want them. The Terrick motions for them to start being handed out to the line of riders and those on foot who already don't have one in hand, or aren't prefering to use some other weapon.

Justin keeps his voice down, glancing to Martyn, "We are almost there. When we meet the scouts, we'll spread out and they'll indicate the direction the pigs are and how many we are to expect. Half of us can come from an angle to flank them. We'll have to be very cautious of men or horses getting gored and some will flee."

Flee? Does he mean the pigs or the men and horses?

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears that. "Sounds like a plan," he offers, before he adds, "And I know how bad it can be to be trampled by the boars after all." Glancing around at the others for a few moments now.

Kell is a little bit further back from the lead position where Justin and Martyn are situated though he is with the riders who will be assisting in the boar hunting. He is one of the mounted men and when a long boar spear is offered to him, the Terrick Knight accepts it with a quick word of thanks. Hefting it in hand, he bounces it slightly in his hand a couple of times as if to get use to the weight and balance of this heavier than usual spear. Nudging his steed closer towards Justin and Martyn, he hears the young Lord's plan, nodding in agreement.

A spear is likewise brought up to Justin. He takes it, not wearing his hunting leathers as he has the past few days, but wearing his breastplate with a surcoat over it. As they are mounted and have hounds in the rear on lines, they aren't seeking to move with stealth on this particular hunt. Like Kell, Justin hefts the weight of this spear to get a feel for how it balances, his horse raising his head and turning his ears back. When all is ready to move forward again, the signal is passed back up.

Justin nods, "Here we go." He gently urges his grey forward to continue following the thin trail, mindful to keep his spear from fouling on the brush or trees as they pass through. He ducks low, his head uncovered. It is very early morning and a mist yet clings to the land, thicker in lower places but sparce in among the trees. Slowly the ground becomes boggier, softer and wetter. Then up ahead are a pair of trackers, some of Kain's men waiting for the boar hunting party. And older man and a boy who then silently indicate a direction the pigs are from where they are now. Not much further on there is a torn up place where the pigs had been rooting in the soft ground overnight.

Taking one of the spears as well when it's brought to him, Martyn tries to get a feel for the weapon as well, before he urges Miramis forward a bit as well when he sees Justin moving his horse forward as well. Expression a bit thoughtful at the moment, he looks around rather carefully, for any sign of the animals they're hunting.

Having used the Lance before in combat, Kell gets use to the hunting weapon rather easily and nudges his steed into motion after Justin and Martyn so he can join them at where the trackers are situated. Since they will be striking from various angles, the Terrick Knight looks to the right, then the left, before volunteering, "I'm willing to strike from the right wing if we are planning to encircle and converge on the boars?" The question asked softly but loud enough for those nearby to hear clearly.

To Kell, Justin nods, keeping his voice hardly more than a whisper, "Take a few with you. We'll spread out - the hogs will scatter and we do not need to spear one another too tight within the trees." The young Terrick looks to see if all the others are ready, then he passes on the signal for some to go with Ser Kell and some to go with him slightly around to see which come upon the wild pigs first. His horse's hooves sink somewhat into the softer ground as he starts to move out as quietly as they might.

Artur doesn't like spears, but he is given one, so he stocks it away until he needs it. Right now, he's simply holding his bow in one hand and leading the horse with the other. His horse is just as old as him, one that never really gets used for much anymore, but it's stubborn as hell, just like its owner. Really, Artur is basically the only person this horse doesn't attack when trying to mount it.
The old man pats the horse, "Yeah, I know, but every so often I have to pretend to like this stuff boy. And besides, you need exercise sometimes. Have to be strong because we have to prove experience always trumps youth." He reaches around to hand the horse a carrot silently at this point, the horse chewing on it while they wait for everyone else and then they're off, Artur taking up a position up towards the left back side. "Ho? I suppose that could work."

Nearly fifteen feet in the air, amidst the branches and leaves of a tree, a young man is perched. Wesly is wearing thick leather boots that rise with straps and buckles nearly to his knees, blue puffy commoner pants rising from them to hang low on his waist. He is shirtless, a bit dirty, and frankly, rather thickly muscled for such a young man. He has a dagger in his hand, and looks as if he was prepared to drop on either the boar, or those approaching, but has instead held fast. He's watching the approachers, trying to see if he's recognizing any of them.

Nathaniel notches an arrow to his bow-string, and glances to the others, nodding. Each of the bowmen knows that theirs is in some ways the most dangerous bit because those who came on horses left them at the edge of the wood so that they can move more stealthily through the dense growth.

Martyn keeos quiet at the moment, looking between the others rather carefully. Moving Miramis forward a bit quietly as well. "Sssh, old friend. Nothing to worry about," he whispers to the animal, keeping the horse calm, and the spear ready now.

With approval for him to take the right wing given, Kell nudges Havok again and clicks a couple of time with his tongue, steering his steed towards the right and it begins to move through the woods at a slow pace as not to frighten anything nearby. He glances back to see those who are following him, making a note of how many are with him before he continues on, moving far enough away from Justin and his group so they don't end up charging into each other when the attack commences.

Justin's steel breastplate would gleam dully if he wasn't wearing his black surcoat over it. Still, what maile that shows is smokey silver against the black of his clothes in stark contrast to the white of his horse. The Terrick Sheriff's grey eyes watch the wood carefully, straining to listen to hear the pigs. The trees pass by like shadowy sentinals, a hint of the mist lingering in dampness even as sunlight filters through in patches to dapple the ground or those who move through it. Senses alert, he is silent as they proceed, watchful.

Martyn keeps on looking around rather carefully, in an attempt to locate the piggies. Wait, he hears something there now, doesn't he? Looking over in the direction of the sound, he gestures to the others in his group, pointing in that direction after a few moments of pause now.

Having angled away enough from the main group, Kell raises a hand to signal those with him to slow to a stop for a moment and maintain silence as the knight's eyes and ears seeks in the general direction of where the boars are suppose to be. He then gives another signal to the others to start angling in slowly towards where their pray may be situated and to advance slowly, waiting for the signal from the main group as well.

Ah, Martyn sees them before Justin does. He notices the other man lifting his arm and looks the way indicated. The Terrick gives a slow nod, then waits as the direction is quietly passed back by gestures rather than words. When he thinks they are ready, Justin draws a slow breath, urges his horse forward at the walk and lowers his spear. As he draws nearer and as the pigs might take notice, he suddenly spurs his gelding lightly to leap forward, "Go!" he shouts so others know to close in fast.

The instant that the shout is given, or when the horse starts to move faster, one of the larger pigs lifts his head and turns. A squeal goes up! Pigs start to scatter in panic! There are three huge brutes, easily 8 or so middle sized animals, and a goodly number of piglets! This be a nice sized pod. Sharp squeals pierce the air as tails hike up and hairy brown bodies start to run in every which direction!

The hunt is on!

From the back the hounds have been released! They were not needed to chase down the pigs but they will be needed now to keep them at bay, and from scattering like smoke among the trees. Chaos ensues as the hounds raise the baying and snarling, darting through the trees to cut the pigs off.

"Okay, my friend, time to charge," Martyn mutters to Miramis, urging the horse forward towards the pigs now. Levelling his spear towards one of the animals, while making sure that is the direction he's bringing the horse in, he manages to drive the spear into one of the middle-sized one at this point.

The grey streaks out between the trees, not slipping in the wet footing nor bogged down! Justin has his eyes on one of the larger sows and goes after her, deftly guiding his horse into the chase for this one does not choose to charge, but to flee if she can. Adrenlin already rushing through his veins, Justin goes after the sow. The gelding leaps a fallen tree and the pig suddenly stops and spins about to try and attack the grey! The horse evades her with a leap and Justin tries to stab the wild pig with his spear! It isn't as good a stab as he could have made, making a glancing blow against the shoulder.

The angry sow makes a difficult to describe sound, hooves flailing as she slips in the muck and then comes up under Justin's horse!

Once the attack on the pigs begins, Wesly just shouts a sort of growly scream of attack. He leaps from the tree branch, suddenly falling right into the thick of the group, tackling the smallest of the medium sized boars (or maybe it's the largest of the piglets?) as he hits the ground. He grabs the boar's front leg and he and the pig both roll together once from the impact. Just as they right themselves, Wesly jams the dagger into the underside of the animal, dug deep for its heart. A moment later, the animal slumps, with a twitch.

Artur follows off after Kell's group, thinking they probably needed the extra muscle. His horse is just as reliable as ever, slowly making its way towards the direction everyone else is going. When the stop is given, the horse slows down and in true old horse fasion, reaches down to pick at grass for a second. Then the chaos ensues, except the old stubborn horse just takes it all in stride, no worse than the battlefields.
The old geezer duo begin their march and circle around on a boar with the others, the old man of the group pulling out an arrow and notching it, "Well Brutus, we're both pretty old, but let's show the young'ins how we use to do it back in our age." The arrow is pulled back and Artur lifts up for a second, the old horse below him just taking it in stride. The whistle of an arrow along the wind and then the sound of a pig tumbling as the shaft cracks and embeds itself into its neck.
The old man plops back down, "Getting too old for this, what about you brutus? Time to get you a woman I think, or another one I should say."

Hearing the loud verbal signal from Justin, Kell also calls out to his group, "Let's go!" With that, he kicks his horse into motion as he steed sprints forward, the rider doing a good enough job to avoid trees and roots as he bursts through into the area where pigs are now spooked and attempting to flee. Taking a split second to select a pig, the Terrick Knight turns Havok after the one targeted without hesitation and when he nears, he stabs out with his boar spear, nailing it nicely where it can no longer flee, bleeding.

Nathaniel moves forward cautiously because he and the other bowmen are on foot. They spread out in a rough line, watching tall grass until some sign of boar is visible. Nathaniel slowly raises his bow and pulls back. The string stretches taut, and he sights along the shaft, holding his breath and waiting until that perfect moment. Then the arrow flies, arcing through the air to plunge into the neck of a large boar.

Justin's horse is fortunate that it isn't a tusked boar beneath the gelding! The sow tries to swipe at the grey's belly and legs, catching a bit of horseflesh but not taking the horse down! Justin manages somehow to have kept the spear, if only just barely as his animal shuffles abruptly to the side to try and evade the angered pig. The Terrick has his hands full of slightly freaking out horse and can do little except keep the grey moving and force the gelding to turn and face the pig against the horse's will as best he might. Then he's thrusting the spear at the hog once more, a brutal and better stroke that goes inside of the shoulder and neck, into the body cavity. The bloody, muddy animal thrashes something fiercely and shrieks an awful noise!

Dogs dart in among the horse's legs, barking, biting at the pigs, turning some of them back. A hound is tossed through the air, landing at the feet of Kell's horse's hooves as the dying animal has been ripped open by an infuriated pig.

Some of these dogs are keeping the pigs at bay, but others of them are stockier in build and dare to latch onto the hogs, catching them with their teeth and slowing them from escaping!

While scanning the area for another nearby pig to spear and wound enough to slow it down, Kell spots a bigger one and was about to urge his steed in that direction when the poor gored dog flops right in front of Havok, bloody and dying. "Damn!" He exclaims and tries to turn his horse away in time, whether it is due to the rider or just the horse being smart, the dying mutt is lept over so both rider and horse are unharmed, however Kell has to search for another target now.

After that first pass against the pigs, Martyn attempts to get Miramis turned around, but doesn't quite succeed. "Whoa… Slow down," he mutters to the animal, who has started for one of those trees with a few lower hanging branches. "Miramis! Stop!" And the horse stops, but not until having gotten past a few of those low branches. Unfortunately, the branches are too low for Martyn to pass underneath. A few of the branches hits him in the stomach, sening him out of the saddle, and down into the ground now.

Wesly rises from beside his kill, and looks over at where Martyn has fell. "Ser Mallister!" He hurries over and attempts to help Martyn back up onto his feet. "Are you alright, Ser?"

While things are happening too fast, Justin does notice Wesly and his wrestling with one of the medium sized pigs, killing it with a knife. It is only because he's looking that way that Justin sees the youth leap up and shout for Martyn. The Terrick rips the spear free of his thrashing, dying pig and backs his horse off, trying to quiet the grey who's taken a moderate cut to his underside. Nothing serious but the horse needs the moment before Justin turns him to go and see if the Mallister is all right.

All around them the hogs are scattering, some escaping, some pinned down by dogs and in need of finishing.

Muttering a few choice words under his breath, Martyn manages to get up again, thanks to the help from Wesly. "Still got all my fingers and legs attached," he comments a bit lightly. "It's not too comfortable, so don't try this yourself, okay?" Looking over to the young man, he offers a bit of a grin. "Thanks, though." Starting to look around for his spear now.

Artur continues onward and moves towards another pig, his horse is taking everything in stride, simply trampling over the dead dogs that get under his feet because damnit, this horse is old and old horses just don't care. They're like the skyrim horses, they'd fight dragons just to get them to shut up. But enough about metainserting, let's go back to Artur and his bow, another arrow nocked and…wait, did he just hit someone? Oh no, thankfully, it hit a tree.

Wesly smiles and nods, "Yes, Ser." He then points a few feet away, where the spear landed. "There, Ser." And then he quickly steps over, picking it up with his bloody hands, and offering it to the knight.

Justin is impressed, pulling up his horse, "Good lad, Wesly. Saw what you did to that hog with your knife." He looks over Martyn to make certain the Mallister is all right, then sets his horse off again to go and close in on one of those that's caught up by the dogs. He lifts his spear and turns the grey sharply to try and get in close without trampling hounds. Those dogs are pretty fast though and well seasoned.

"Thanks…" Martyn offers, taking that spear as it's offered to him again. Leaning on it for a few moments, he notices those bloody hands. "Not your blood, I hope?" he asks. Justin is offered a bit of a grin, to show that he's not that badly hurt after all.

Wesly shakes his head, "No ser. Boar." He turns and begins to move to where the bloody dog lays, whimpering and bleeding out. He approaches slow, very nearly ignoring everything around him, and slowly outstretches his hands, stepping around the animal gently. "Easy, boy…" he offers softly, soothingly. He kneels, and lays his hands on the animal. It starts to panic, but he makes a soft sound with his mouth and holds the animal gently, and it steadies. "Easy…." He pets him for a moment, "Good boy." He moves his hands up to the suffering animal's head, taking it in his hands. He leans forward, touches his forehead to the animal's, and he mutters what must be some sort of prayer. If anyone is close enough to catch a few words, they may or may not recognize it as a prayer to the Old Gods. "Rest." And then with a quick jerk, he snaps the dog's neck, ending its painful suffering.

Artur continues on after his failure and somehow ends up facing an onslaught of trees, "You gotta be kidding me. Come on brutus, you can do it." The horse seems like it's going to go around but a pig rushs in from the east, "Come on Boy, let's show em up!" Seemingly inspired by this, the horse runs forward and dodges the trees skillfully, the old man notching an arrow as they jump over a hedge, the pig running underneath, the arrow let go as it flies into the pig's shoulder blade and it flails about. Brutus lands and then just sits down, making Artur jump off, "Brutus…You are the…You are just like me. Okay, I get it. Rest for a bit." He grabs the spear and makes way towards the second pig for tonight.

The skinners are already moving in as the battling with the pigs drifts on through the wet woods. A hound master directs the dogs, his apprentices moving in to help drag the animals off of the kills and call the dogs back except where they are still needed. Kain's men mostly, doing thier work with practiced hands.

Justin pushes his horse to close even though the grey thinks this is not his cup of tea, boss. Do we /have/ to do this?? Spurs make the argument moot and though Justin uses them lightly, it's enough to goad his grey to do as his rider commands. Intently focused, the Terrick knight stabs with the heavy spear and this time, Justin nails the tusked boar through the ribs in the side, right in behind the shoulder. The angle couldn't be better! The great brute goes down in a heap all at once, still.

Cherise has arrived.

One of the last remaining large boars is thrashing violently in its death throes, but struggling to rise again to its feet when Nathaniel rushes forward with a long dagger drawn to finish the job. Suddenly, the heavy animal lunges forward and swings its massive head upward. A tusk rips through the young man's tunic and opens a shallow graze to his stomach. The wound is shallow but it tosses the courier from his feet and dazes him for a moment. He finally staggers to his feet, breathing heavily until he is steady enough to resume. After a quick search for his bow, he notches a second arrow and looks for the next target.

With another piggy singled out, Kell maneuvers his steed in a rather graceful and skillful manner before giving chase. It doesn't take long before he is now riding along side the panicked and scared boar before he stabs out with his spear. The solid point makes impact, cutting a wound into the pig but not doing any lethal damage with his first strike.

Justin's grey's nostrels blow, over and over as the horse backs off. The Terrick knight lets him back a few steps but not turn lest his horse try to bolt. But the huge pig is down, a grisly boar tusker unlike the big fat sow he'd dropped the first time. This one is an impressive, ugly beast. The spear is lodged in the carcus and wretched from Justin's gloved hand. So he strokes the pale grey gelding's neck, "Good boy, shhh…" He lifts his gaze to see how the others fare, listening as the misty trees and the wetness of the earth seems to muffle and distort the sounds. Dying or barking dogs, thrashing hogs, squealing, horses slipping in the muck, men shouting orders or cursing. The woods seem more alive than ever, the smell of blood sharp in his own nostrels.

Pleased, Justin leaves the boar and turns his horse to start making his way back through the killing ground. The Terrick lord's gaze is sharp not for more hogs to spear, for he has no spear in hand now, but for his people. Justin listens and moves to locate his men. A houndsman gathers dogs near by, "You have a horn. Sound it and gather what men you can to me. We must see if we have wounded." Justin looks around and then adds lower, half to himself, "We can't bring the wagons into this boggy ground so we'll have to gut and carry out the meat to meet them."

Martyn doesn't go after any more of the boars at the moment, leaning a bit too heavily on the spear whenever nobody is watching. Moving over to where Miramis stopped now, shaking his head a bit to the horse. "We'll have words about this later, okay?" Reaching out to pat the animal for now, a bit affectionately. Looking around at the others for the moment, but keeping quiet now.

Mounted at a safe distance, the Lady Cherise, recently of Highfield, was accompanied by a small retinue of men displaying the colors of her house. The hunt was to occur today and she would make the effort in at least making the Eagle party feel welcomed. One of the men upon horse back took up the lead, gauging a safe distance as to not have any accidents occur as they remain close to the path. Soon the hunt should be ending and she'll be here, ready to congradulate the keep's first decent meal in a long time.

The houndsman bows to his lord's son and lifts the horn to his lips. The loud wail carries up through the trees and over the land for a fair distance, to call the men and dogs back.

Wesly wipes his hand across the hound's face to close it's eyes, and then he rises. He looks around, quickly assessing things. He notices Nathaniel's bloody leg, and he walks over to a patch of grassy moss near some water. He rummages a bit through it, looking for anything that might help to steady Nathaniel's wound until they get out of the bog. He doesn't recognize anything that would help, however, so he rises, and just waits for the commotion to end.

The bleeding pig has escaped Kell's attempt to kill it since it was only a mediocre strike so it will live another day, perhaps to die to some other predator in the woods, especially after it becomes weakened from more blood loss. Angling his steed back towards the main hunting group, the Terrick Knight scans the horizon before noticing more people approaching. At first, Kell assumed it was a hunting party but the colors were not that of the Four Eagles. Recognizing the Charlton coors, the Terrick Sworn quickly calls towards Justin's direction, "Riders approaching, Lord Justin! They are Charlton of Highfield!"

Artur spears the pig and then picks it up, taking it to one of the skinners who are assembling them and going back to his horse. "Okay you, back up Brutus." The horse snorts loudly and Artur sighs, "Brutus, but up damnit." The horse snorts again and then stands finally, flicking its tail into Artur's face. The old man climbs up and angles the steed back towards the source of the horn and soon emerges in with the rest of the group, bow on his back, "Hmm. I forgot how hard and exhilirating horseback marksmanship was. We should hunt more often." Brutus snorts, "Not too much more often apparently."

Justin is giving the skinners directions, "Gut them to open them out and cool but wait until we get them back to the camp to skin out and butcher. Half of the hides, the best ones, will go to Highfield. For now, cut poles or lash spears to make drags for some of the horses to pull carcuses and lift the rest to be carried. Firmer ground isn't far. See it's done." Justin gives out orders, sending a man off. He raises his baritone, "And bring the healers!"

Unaware that they have visitors, the Terrick turns his still horse to start making his way through those who are returning. "Are any of you hurt?" He hears Ser Kell's call. Justin stops and uses his leg to turn his horse's hind quarters around to better face the approaching riders. His own horse is bleeding lightly from a leg and the belly, but he himself appears to be unscathed.

Martyn gets to lead his horse out a bit now, before he mouns up again now. "Easier this time," he tells the animal, pausing for a few moments as he hears the call about the Charltons. Looking around rather carefully for the moment.

Jac has arrived.

Wesly stands up a bit straighter as the others approach. He absently scratches his bare chest, thinking maybe he wished he had been dressed better… He smiles when he sees Ser Drakmoor, and gives a quick little bow, before turning to watch and wait to see what happens.

Nathaniel notices Wesly's worried look and shakes his head. "I'll be well enough," he pants, holding his stomach. "But Thank you." He staggers again toward the large boar and drops heavily to his knees. Drawking his own dagger, he begins the process of skinning the now quite dead boar. When the call about arriving Charltons comes, however, he stops and stands more steadily, still clutching the bluddy dagger in his hand.

Hunting mode over for Kell, he rides towards where Justin and the others are so he can drop the boar spear onto the ground, then he maneuvers Havok around so he can ride at Justin's side. The knight more or less went from hunter to the young Lord's guard, ready to stir his steed forward with Justin's if the other man chooses to approach the host of these lands.

Justin isn't /the/ young Lord, though he's young and is one of his father's sons. At least he's not a Frey so his father actually knows his name. At any rate, Justin glances to Kell and allows his gaze to size up the other man to make certain his fellow knight isn't obviously injured. Then he walks his horse out to greet the new arrivals, "Welcome, welcome."

That aforementioned lead man is none other than the Songbird Knight himself. He is seated upon his tired, but veteran horse who wriggles his nose as they approach the hunting site. "What-oh!" He calls out, as if to inform them someone is approaching, no it's not a boar, and please don't shoot him. Jac steadies himself on his saddle, arm lazily crossed along his saddle as he approaches.

Artur takes up the other side of Justin, in his might as well be commoner clothing and hard leather armor Artur looks all the non-knight soldier man he professes himself to be for once. "Oh, Is that…Well, it's been a long time since I've seen those colors around the roost." Old Brutus mosies along quietly and steadily as always, not bothering the procession a bit and instinctively moving out of the way as Justin's horse moves about. Now Justin has two guards, a geezer and a knight.

A bright yellow riding cloak adorned the noblewoman's frame as she abandoned the oversized hood to rest beyond her shoulders and against the back. A lengthy braid was draped over the shoulder as an attempt to tame the thick mane of blonde disheveled only in that manner that casual riding would have caused. She neared only when it had been deemed safe to do so, guiding her mount to hault just beside the Songbird as she heard the calls of her house in the distance. "A warm day as this, they must be harping for a thirst Captain Jac." Cherise commented as she attempted to peer through the maze of great oaks, narrowing down on bodies, familiar forms or features that may spark her memory. Ah there were some and welcomes were had. Wearing her most pleasant of s miles she briefly takes in the Terrick lord from head to toe without shifting her eyes. "Shouldn't it be we who welcome the Terrick men and company?" One corner of her mouth raised a touch as she searched over those who joined the hunt. "Lord.. Justin I presume?" The other one was a cripple and this one appeared to be standing upright.

This one that comes forward is mounted and aye, he looks whole and hale of limb. Justin wears a black surcoat now lightly besplattered with both blood and mud from their hunting. His dark head is bared, brown hair damp and nearly black in contrast to his grey eyes. A steel breastplate gleams dully if glimpsed beneath his surcoat, rings of mail smokey dark against the garb of his mourning. Unlike a man of the Night's Watch, touches of gold and purple for his House edge his garments discreetly, and at the hilt of his blade.

When near, Justin halts his horse and inclines his head politely to the woman, "I am Ser Justin. And though we have not met, I think I have glimpsed you before when you were at the Roost … Lady Cherise?" His grey gelding blows out and tosses his head, then settles more quietly to chewing his bit.

Wesly sees things are under control, so like a good squire, he joins the skinners and does whatever tasks are needed to be helpful.

Halting his horse when Justin does, Kell is positioned not next to Justin as he is only a knight, common born at that, but he remains silent to the side and slightly behind. For now, the knight says nothing as the two nobles are exchanging greetings and pleasantries. Kell's eyes do move to those that accompany Cherise, as if studying the men present with the Lady.

Artur nods at Captain Jac, not that he's introduce himself, but he has the look of grizzled old guard, just like Artur. The old man from the terrick household turns to Cherise next and quirks a brow, "Hmm? Lady Cherise? I haven't had the pleasure quite yet it seems. Lord Ser Justin Terrick is my Great Grandson, I'm Lord Artur Terrick, Lord Jerold's Uncle." There's a grin as he leans forward to rest for a bit, reaching for a carrot and feeding it to brutus.

Jac offers Cherise a wide smile, his freshly cleaned face. "It is at least quite the day for such a hunt, Milady." The Captain nods his head gently to those present. "Milords, Sers." He remains astride his mount, his own wolf-embrossed armor exceptionally polished for someone renowed for being a bit of a pigpen. He is quiet through the introductions.

The lady's blonde crown nods forward a touch. "To the fault of an all too brief venture I will admit, but yes you are correct Ser." She returns just before shifting her eyes over to the right where Jac was mounted closeby. "And Captain Jac who will be of great use to your hunting party until you desire to depart to home." Someone to oversee the delivery of furs perhaps or just someone familiar with the woodlands.

While others were coming into view it was no doubt her large pale blue eyes was taking a keen interest in those that had decided to join the hunt. She landed her gaze on Kell, said nothing but stared a touch longer than necessary before moving onward to the next. "Well met M'lord Artur." The same smile was maintained for all even as she returned to Justin. "Was your party successful m'lord? Do you require additional wagons for the haul?"

Listening to her remarks of brief ventures, Justin glances back over those of his party who have gathered forward and are not looking for the wounded or gutting pigs, "I think we can manage. We've a few wagons and can carry out meat on our horses if we haven't. Though, I thank you for the courtesy, Lady Cherise. You are most welcome to have your man see to the taking of the hides we owe to Highfield." Justin adds low, "I think we'll be heading back upon the morrow. We have Festival to celebrate the Accord signed between my father and your Lord. You are of course welcome to join us." Though likely Justin doesn't expect Cherise to accept the invitation.

Agreed that Jac will take care of the bloody hides, her gaze shifted to him briefly with a suggestive nod. "A just reason for celebration m'lord." Cherise agreed, returning her attentions to Justin once more as her mare tapped a hoof at the damp earth due to idlement. "I am appreciative of the invitation, truly, however I must respectfully decline." Not to appear to dismissive she added, "I would miss my son terribly should I venture too far from Highfield again." A soft bell of laughter followed. "Sons can be quiet demanding of one's time."

Justin twists his mouth into a wry, lopsided half smile, "I don't think my mother felt much demand upon her time on my behalf, Lady Cherise. Nonetheless, I agree a mother should not be parted from her babe too young. Perhaps another time, then." Justin's grey partly turns from a subtle cue of his rider's, "Now, if you will forgive me, I have to see that any of my men who are injured are found and cared for, and the meat quickly delt with. Good day to you." The Terrick knight inclines his head politely once more, then Justin takes his leave to fade back into the trees. If he saw aright, Nathaniel looked to have been hurt and in need of assistance.