Page 045: Blows by By-Blows
Blows by By-Blows
Summary: Ser Rivers on Ser Rivers sparring. No bastards were permanently harmed in the making of this log.
Date: 08/27/2011
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Gedeon Jarod 
The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
Sat Aug 27, 288

It's early in the morning, well before the heat of the summer sun makes training unwise, and Gedeon of Oldstones is taking advantage of those hours. His squire, who was, up until recently, Jarod's squire, is nowhere in evidence, and Gedeon is taking the time, instead, to clean up his footwork and posture as he strikes at one of the dummies made available for just such wanton stabbery. There's a broadsword resting in its scabbard in the grass, but it's a rapier he has in his hand currently, and only a leather jerkin on for any sort armor. He's quiet and focused, moving in a fluid range of attacks until he halts, mutters under his breath, readjusts his stance, and has at it, again.

Jarod is also taking advantage of the hour for training. And, by his expression, has a need to hit things really, really hard at present as he makes his way onto the green. He's geared up, which likely took him more time than it might have a few months ago. Squire-poor that he currently is. He's been relying on the pages - or just doing for himself - for the (many) duties he'd once casually thrust upon Rowan. So it's probably more a nod to the time it takes to put on full armor more than anything else that he, too, is also just wearing a leather jerkin. Gedeon is spotted. Jarod just halts for a moment, arms crossing along his chest, watching him.

Focused as he is on the task at hand, it takes a moment for Gedeon to realize he's being observed. At the end of another round of lunging and jabbing, he pauses, looking over at the other bastard. After a beat of thought, he holds up his rapier. "Ever used one of these?" he asks.

Jarod eyes the rapier, shaking his head. "Never was trained with them. And, from what I understand of the Braavosi style, it'd not suit the way I fight too well." He does look curious, though. "What're the differences? It looks too…delicate to last long, if you're getting beaten on by greatswords."

"The difference is the men who use them don't wear armor," Gedeon says with a smirk. "But some of the style and techniques can carry over to armored fighting, so I keep on with the practice. I'm a little too delicate to manage a greatsword, but I'm a fair hand at keeping away from them, now." He sets the rapier down, picking up the pair of practice swords that are out and, presumably, waiting for Rowan's arrival. One is tossed towards Jarod. "Would you like to learn a little of the fighting style firsthand?" He flashes Jarod a quick and playful grin. "By my kicking your ass, I mean."

Jarod laughs at that, grinning and catching the tossed practice sword easily. "Sure. I've always found the tales of…waterdancing, I think they call it? Anyhow, it all sounds very interesting, if nothing else. Besides, I could stand to beat on something this afternoon." He goes through a few warm-up motions with the blade, presumably to get himself limbered up for proper play-fighting.

Gedeon's had his time to warm up, so he allows Jarod his, tossing the sword from one hand to the other. Perhaps readjusting his mind and muscles to the feel of a heavier, thicker blade after so much practice with the thin and reedy rapier. "What's got you in such a foul mood, cous? Something to do with the messenger from King's Landing come yesterday?" It is, presumably, a bit hard to miss when a man in Baratheon colors comes riding into the courtyard.

"That's a good part of it, aye," Jarod replies wryly, as to the messenger. "I can't go into details but, suffice it to say, we sort of embarrassed our collective self in front of Good King Robert. Well, Jaremy did, but you hang a Terrick you hang us all together, and all of that. Lord Ser Anton'll give you the whole of it later, I'm sure, as it rather…involved him. Short and non-detailed version, my fair lord brother has some mistrust for your lordship, and he asked some stupid questions directly to the king himself. Jaremy's going to apologize to Ser Anton directly. Maybe that'll keep it settled. I'd hate for this cock-up to wreck future friendship between Oldstones and the Roost."

Gedeon's brows steadily creep higher and higher yet as Jarod offers his explanation, until they are quite swallowed up by the blond shag of his bangs. "I, uh… mistrust of what, exactly? Is this the reason Anneke Steward was turned out so promptly?" He presses his lips together, fighting to keep a frown from appearing. "I sincerely hope that as well, considering I am also depending on you and your family to help me bring my case before the King."

"I can't say I know the whole of it. Jaremy didn't choose to share his mind with me before he went and did it. Or…anyone else for that matter. Including my lord father, which I'll ask you to keep in mind when…whatever comes down from this comes down. Anyhow, I do think that's why your castellan was treated as she was. My thought is it won't effect my father's support of you for rights to Stonebridge, if it comes to that. That goes to defending Lord Geoffrey Tordane's rights and wishes, which is a thing that carries deep weight with Lord Jerold."

"No," Gedeon murmurs, still fighting off a frown, "Lord Jerold is an honorable man. He wouldn't let one thing cloud the merit of another, I believe that. I only fear this may affect the King's view of the Terricks and the quality of what that family might have to say on the matter. But, it will have to be brought to the Mallisters, first, and then the Tullys, after, so I can hope it will all still be well." He gives his head a quick shake, as if physically attempting to dismiss tehse worries. He lifts his practice sword a little, instead. "At any rate, are you ready?"

"If it does, my kinsman in Stonebridge, I'm truly sorry. Sorrier than I can ever say," Jarod says. "But, aye. Everybody serves somebody, and it'll go up the line of lordships and be judged on its merits, and it'll be what it'll be. And maybe by the end of it you'll be Gedeon Tordane." A wide grin cracks his face as he even suggests it to his fellow bastard. He gives his sword a final, arcing swing, rolling his shoulders. "Aye. I think I'm good. Let's hit each other a bit, then."

"That is what I shall put my greatest of efforts towards," Gedeon replies solemnly for that name. Then he steps back and matches Jarod's smile, settling himself into an atypical but rather practical fighting stance, considering the man's height and girth. "Have at it, then, man. And let's see whether a greatsword can trump a waterdancer."

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster but Jarod DODGES!

Jarod's fighting stance is the standard for a large knight who's fairly skilled and beating on other large knights. There's little feinting involved in his attack, at least at first. It's straightforward, aimed at ramming directly at opening weak spots and downing his foe as quickly as possible. He fights like a bruiser, albeit one whose forms and footwork are plainly well-honed as well.

Apparently, it's a good approach, as Jarod's practice blade glances nicely off of Gedeon's jerkin before he darts back to avoid further injury. But it puts him in a poor position to strike back, and his own thrust meets only air.

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster - ARMOR on Right Foot stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster but Jarod DODGES!

Jarod dodges Gedeon's strike with a grunt, pivoting swiftly enough. He's something of a bull and slower than Gedeon, but not a complete aurochs. "How's Rowan taking to this?" he asks, as he presses another attack, swinging low this time. Literally trying to make the Tordane bastard dance a bit. "Might've been better to start him on this sort of fighting years ago. Never had any training for it myself, though."

There's a faint grunt as Gedeon's foot gets whumped and he grimaces as he steps back on it. Too long since he's sparred with a larger opponent, perhaps, and it's little wonder that his next strike does no better than the first. "We should do this more often," he pants. "I clearly need the practice. He's doing well. Style suits his smaller frame. It will suit it better when he learns some damn self-control, though."

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!

"Anytime you like," Jarod says with a broad grin, which is only slightly dimmed as he takes a hit from Gedeon across his mid-section. He's enjoying himself. "Aye. You're right about Rowan. He doesn't *think*." An amusingly ironic statement from Ser Jarod Rivers, perhaps, though for all his supposed less-than-impressive intellect, he's not really thoughtless or rash. "Going to get him, and maybe you, in more trouble off the field than on it if he doesn't watch it."

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster - Light wound to Chest.

"That has been discussed," Gedeon agrees, grinning briefly as, finally, it's his waster that manages a hit. "Continues to be discussed. He'll find his wisdom, and with any luck it will be before he manages to do any great damage. He's a smart lad, he's just too impulsive." He leans sideways, letting Jarod's jab whiff past him.

They're far enough into it where Gedeon's quickness - and Jarod's willingness to just power into hits rather than dodge them - is starting to work against the Terrick bastard some. He takes one on the chest that draws a grunt of actual pain and backs off a little, looking for openings rather than just trying to bash holes. "Impulsive. That's the word. I mean it, Gedeon, you've got to be careful about how you handle this. There'll be…questions when Rowan…if it ever comes out, what he is."

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster - Serious wound to Right Arm.

Gedeon is silent for a moment, his attention taken with fighting as he begins to learn how Jarod moves, the cues he offers before he strikes. He steps away again, this time moving beneath Jarod's attack to get a good jab on the other man's chest. "I know," he promises as he moves back out of range. "And I think, in time, it may come out. He will have to be who he truly is, someday. Though gods willing, that day is still very, very far off."

Jarod is struck on his sword arm. He doesn't drop the blade, but it's a near thing, and that hit was hard enough that it'll bruise in a nasty way once this is over. He clenches his left hand tighter on the blade (he tends to fight two-handed, even with the lighter practice swords) to compensate, but his grip has assumed a more wobbly look. "There'll be questions for me, as well, but I can defend my conduct the years she served me as nothing but proper. Best take care that you can do the same." And he hefts for another hit.

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster - Critical wound to Chest.

The young knight of Oldstones is not quite so quick enough, this time as dodging all of those brutal attacks begins to tire him. It's his turn to to grunt as an attempt to lift his blade and deflect gets Gedeon a good whack to his belly, and perhaps Jarod will not be the only one walking away with a bruise. "Are you implying something, Ser Jarod?" He lunges, and if it's a move perhaps more suited to a rapier, Gedeon seems to have figured it out will enough with a broader, thicker sword, because it land a hard and hefty hit to Jarod's chest.

"Just saying…watch yourself. Squire has many duties to their knight, Gedeon, but fucking them isn't one of them." Jarod swings *HARD* at Gedeon. And pays little attention to his defensives, so the return blow sends him reeling. He's knocked back, and nearly ends up on the ground, though he manages to keep his feet. In a wobbly fashion. That knocked the wind out of him some, and he tries to circle while he gets it back a little.

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster but Jarod DODGES!

Gedeon gives Jarod a moment. Or, perhaps he gives himself a moment, watching Jarod move and keeping out of reach as he works to catch his breath. "Yes, thank you for that," he replies coolly. "I just assumed, since all the necessary bits were there, it would have been my right and duty. How good of you to clear that up." He moves to smack his sword on the arm that Jarod is already favoring.

Jarod takes a far clumsier swing at Gedeon than he was employing earlier in the fight, and it's little surprise that the blonde knight manages to dodge it. Though he at least regains enough energy to side-step Gedeon's blow as well. "I do what I can for my friends," he grunts, swinging some more.

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster - Moderate wound to Left Leg.

At this point in the game, it's a simple thing to avoid Jarod's swing, and Gedeon counters it with a good smack to the other man's left leg. "If he is still your friend, it might be a kindness to tell him so. He doesn't imagine that's the case."

"I might just do that," Jarod grunts, wavering like a tree that near-felling when Gedeon catches him in the leg. "If she thinks sharing your chambers is right and proper, I plainly neglected some instruction about chivalry when Rowan was in my tutelage." He's a tough bastard, whatever else may be said, so he keeps pounding. He's just gradually getting easier and easier to hit and less competent about actually hitting back, but he keeps trying.

<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Gedeon with Waster and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Jarod with Waster - Moderate wound to Chest.

Gedeon stays watchful, though watching becomes less and less necessary as Jarod begins to wobble. He easily moves away from the other bastard's attacks before landing another good stab to Jarod's chest. This time, he keeps the point there. "Yield, man." It's almost a plea. "He thought a chamber with one man would be preferable to a hall with twenty unknown men. Imagine what might have happened, had even one suspected something or simply thought him a lovely enough boy to drag off into a dark corner."

That last hit does down Jarod, and he falls to ground on his back with a solid thump. "Ow." He looks up at Gedeon, then over at the faux-sword point on his chest. "All right. Fair enough. I yield, good sir. I guess you dance all right for a little twerp." As for Rowan, he frowns. "It wasn't proper. You know why. You had an obligation to come up with something better. Anyhow. Help me up?"

"It's why I'm still alive," Gedeon replies, tossing the practice sword down so he can offer Jarod a hand up. "We did come up with something better, so thank you for that. And it would have been perfectly proper for a knight and his squire to share a room. If I begin to to see Rowan as… something other than my squire, that will bring about his undoing faster than his own mistakes. How do you think he managed a secret like that for so long, you think it was purely his doing?"

"I think she managed to find Ser Rivers the Willfully Ignorant to be her knight, is how she managed it," Jarod grunts, rueful, though it's plainly a point that's hit him harder than anything Gedeon could do with that practice blade. He catches Gedeon's arm, hefting himself to his feet with the other bastard knight's assistance. "Thanks. Anyway. It's done now. Just…be careful. You'll have a good deal of disgrace fall on you when this comes out. If you can defend your conduct honestly as that of a true knight it'll be…easier."

"And I just think two people who needed one another managed to find one another, but I'm told I am too sentimental," Gedeon says, heading over to a fallen log to drop down onto it with a sigh. He picks up a skin of water resting nearby, having a swallow before offering it to Jarod. "Come on, you must know what it is to want something through to the teeth and know you can't have it. You have to admire Rowan a little for chasing the impossible and coming so far."

Jarod trudges over to plop/fall heavily next to Gedeon on the log to sit. He takes the waterskin, gulping more than is probably his share before offering it back. "Men want what they can't have. And women. That's life. She'll never be a knight. You have to know that. Even if you dub her, and Lord Ser Anton allows her to serve you lot, she'll never be accepted by most who're called 'Ser,' and the respect and duty of the vows is most of the reason to hold it. People just hurt themselves trying to have what they'll never get."

"And I'll never be Stonebridge and you'll never be to your father an equal son as to your brothers. Gods, Jarod, who are we to talk about what cannot be done, look at us?" He accepts the skin, having another swallow before setting it down between them. "If men like you, good, honorable men who know the value of a good mind and a good heart attached to a sword arm, say it is impossible, it's your words that make it so. Just because it has never been done before doesn't mean it can never be done. If Rowan can become a knight on his own skill and merit, he will have earned the title, and he will deserve the respect."

"No, I'll never be Jarod Terrick, much as I might want it. And I do want it. So I just try and be the best Jarod Rivers I can be, and find some happiness in that. She should try and do that, I figure, rather than chasing some dream that's just going to end up breaking her heart." Jarod takes another sip from the skin, albeit not as gulping this time, then sets it down again. "But you might be Gedeon Tordane one day. And for that, so long as your cause is just and true, you will have me in your corner for it, my kinsman in Stonebridge. Whatever comes of this."

"You may always be a Rivers, but you counsel your Lord Father and your Lord Brother. You are loved and respected and held as an equal, which is no mean thing, either." Gedeon nods a little for the rest, reaching out to (gently) clasp Jarod's arm with his own. "Thank you," he says softly. "That means much."

Jarod shrugs. "I try and serve my lord father and fair lord brother as well as I can. I owe them…more than they'll ever likely know. I try to pay it back in whatever small way I'm able. And I love them." He can't help but wince a little, bruised as his arm is, but he grins that broad, boyish grin of his at Gedeon nonetheless

"And they are still there for you to love. You are a welcome and wanted member of Four Eagles Tower. Don't shrug at that. I can promise you, it's enviable." Gedeon releases Jarod's arm and huffs out a soft laugh. "Enough of that, then. Let me gather all of this up and we'll find something to eat. It's getting too late for further practice, anyhow."

"I know. When I say I'm a lucky bastard, Gedeon…I mean it more than I think anyone understands. Maybe more than even I understood, given some tales I've heard of what else this world might've made me lately. But, aye. Enough about that." Jarod pushes himself to his feet with a grunt that's only a little pained. He took a beating but he's not too badly done apart from a few bruises. He'll walk it off.