Page 325: Blasphemous Rumours
Blasphemous Rumours
Summary: A visit from Ser Rutger offers Lady Cherise some clarity on the charges brought upon the Charlton Household.
Date: 9/6/2012
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Aerick Cherise Rutger 
Cherise's Guest (Prison) Chambers, Tordane Tower
Simple room.
Sat Jun 09, 289

Cherise sat beside a wooden cradel that held her giggling son within. Her handmaidens sat in quiet, sewing to keep themselves preoccupied with mundane actions rather than the reality of their present surroundings. The lady stretched a finger forward, tickling Aerick's protruding belly as he responded with excitable cooing. "The piper's son, stole a pig, and away he run!" She sang to him a child's song while keeping the infant entertained.

Being a lord of the Tower, has some perks, though given the tenuous time, it should be expected that someone would come to check on the prisoners/err…guests staying within the lovely abode of Tordane tower. One hand comes and knocks at least before the Nayland posted man outside opens the door, allowing the knight to come in. Though unlike his cousin-he wears no armor, just the stations of a courtier-and a knight of the realm. There's a nod to the man behind him, as Ser Rutger walks further in and allows the man to close the door behind him. Eyes lighting to the Cradle, before he is looking back towards Cherise.

"My Lady, I do hope I am not interrupting your peace." Well, more than it has been this week.

The handmaidens within rise from their seats offering curtsies upon Ser Rutger's entry. Cherise's own reaction comes delayed after parting her attention from the infant to Nayland. The smile on her face had been wiped off in an instant, "No, Ser Rutger, you are not." There was not peace to be had. "Do you come to inspect these chambers?"

"Why would I come to inspect your chambers, I am no guardsman, lady." Rutger adds, before he offers an amused look given, And there he makes his steps. coming closer towards the cradle, but he does pause. "Should I need to, or have to request it?" A tilt of his head as he glances back towards the woman. "I came here to speak to you, once I heard about things. Trust me, it's been an exciting week here."

"I am learning to expect the very least expected while in Stonebridge." She retorts while maintaining her place beside the writhing Aerick, kicking his pudgy legs and arms into the air. The rest of her handmaidens remained standing, hands folded before their forms while the pair converse. "No, but would that stop you anyway?" Cherise asked before turning her frame a little only to raise the blanket higher over Aerick's small frame, that he had managed to kick off during his excitement. "What did you wish to speak of?"

"As am I." Rutger replies as he looks towards the baby, and then back to Cherise. "No. It would not." said plainly, and honestly. "I wished to speak to you, do you know why you are here?" As opposed to Rutger, the feint at the end would indicate that he has no clue as to why the Charltons are here, other than rumor.

Aerick reaches for hand, fisting his pudging fingers around the lady's pinkie. Wiggling in playful protest she says, a half tone of amusement. "At least you are honest." The baby coos and the lady continues, "I imagine having more than five, six Charltons in one town is a crime." Her smile was for the baby obviously.

A grin there and Rutger chuckles there. "I strive to be, among other things to make up for my faults." And there he grins over there towards Aerick as he peers down. "I think, lady as it has been explained to me, that having nigh over two dozen armed men in town, and sequestered in an inn is the crime. More over men forcing others away, add in the rumors about your House with Lady Tordane." meaning Cherise's cousin. "You can see my cousin's actions." A shake of his head. "Although unfortunate-they are understandable."

"As well as presumptuous." Cherise tacks on in there. "I am well aware of how House Nayland bares no love for my cousin given their reaction to the King's dicision." She does lift a hand, beckoning Darra to approach and take her child. It was not until after her son was safely tucked in the arms of the brunette handmaiden that she continued, "House Nayland takes issue with men using an inn for it's purpose?"

Both arms slid across her torso, folded beneath her bosom while the pair of them engaged in… talking. To Rutger her head inclined, "Come now Ser Rutger, of anyone to place faith in rumors I would believe you were the least likely to do so." Recalling their brief interaction during the Nayland's hosted festivities. "Your family takes issue with men filling the Inn's coffers with coin and places faith in unproven rumors." Cherise's eyebrows raise a touch.

"I never said I was modest, Cherise." Rutger notes with a faint grin. "And indeed, we have no love for her, this I will not deny." A pause there though as he listens, and there is a brief look given over towards Darra and young Aerick, before he is looking back towards Cherise. "Using an inn for it's purpose? Of course not, but when said men are in full kit and refusing people how would you act? Let us say this was Charlton land, and There were over two dozen Nayland knights in your inn, and we had indeed fortified it, in so much we were not allowing your folk in, but only our folk?" a raise of his brow. "You cannot say that Lord Aleister, or Keegan would not act similarly. Albeit, I would have spoke with your husband first-and have him send men back home, if I was worried." a brief smile. "But I am not my skittish brother, nor am I our cousin. Black and white-never things seen in grey."

"I rarely put faith in rumor. Such as rumor going around that some think the bandits were a paid distraction." there a brow raised. "I do find some rumors have truth in them, such as your family possibly having interest in your cousin's position. That is natural. But an armed invasion. Well, before we acted I would say not."

"Then you would be far more reasonable than your brother Ser." She tells him as her shoulders relaxed visibly. "The men could have been disarmed or asked to go elsewhere without issue. My husband and I have not forgotten the hospitalities your house had bestowed unto me." For particulars Cherise's eyes had glanced over to her very chatty babe, now being rocked in Darra's arms.

"A paid distraction?" Her eyes narrowed at the man, "Who would pay them?" Her tone demanded before a breath or two had drawn her away from that edge. "Because she is my cousin we are suspected of conspiring with your enemies" The woman shakes her head, pulling herself elsewhere to pace absently. "This is a dishonorable attempt to gain our support now, through seizure and capturing innocents."

"I try to be Lady. After all, I want to be able to continue doing business with your House and repair the damage done by this incident." Eyes remain on Cherise for a moment, before he nods. "Indeed, they could have been, and I would have done that. I have enjoyed your company when you have been here. And I hope to again once we are past this." Rutger notes before he is shaking his head back towards Cherise.

"LAdy, I do not know, I know what people have uttered and what I have defended against. To me I doubt your good husband would do such a thing and believe in my heart he cherishes you. Despite the unpleasantness at the beginning of the year. But, Lords and Ladies talk." there he says that. "Like I said, I do not believe all rumors-so." and a hand raises "Peace."

"That is not my intent- nor my Father's. You should know this. I will try and talk peace to my brother, and have this sorted out, surely you understand. I am not regent here and thus hold no real power."

Occasionally the Charlton woman's large blue eyes would lift from the floors during her leisured pacing. Her bruise was healing, the suspected 'paid' bruising she endured during the bandit's assault. "As I have with yours Ser Rutger." She returns upon pausing in her steps. "I know not what to make of your house Ser Rutger, nor of their intention's shared by your name. The Regent takes my son, myself, my cousins, my kin, my husband and his men under their guard. Hostage, that is what we are. Your kind words do not change that."

Darra had spoken up, politely cutting into the lady's conversation to mention they would seek the wetnurse to which the Cherise nods and soon returns her mind to the discussion at hand. "How might you see our relationships mended Ser Rutger? If you were regent?"

"If I were regent." Rutger adds for a moment. "Lady, I would make the light tariffs on your house, even lighter" he adds, "Among seeking audience with Lord Keegan himself in order prostrate myself before him and seek his own forgiveness. I know a futile gesture, but it should be done. I would see you returned to your freedom quickly, and alliance made between our house. Strong, so as to discourage any action on either part." Rutger states after a moment.

"Whatever coin perhaps spent in the Crossing, returned as well as promises-And of course injuries to honor and such redressed. My cousin punished- I know not. Whatever would satisfy both families." And Rutger falls silent eyes studying the Charlton woman. "What would you have me do, if I was regent to make this right with you and your husband?"

Cherise afforded him her hears and undivided attention as Rutger proposed measures to mend the frayed relations. "That question is better asked to my husband, it is his men you have in your dungeons and Lord Keegan's family in your tower. My own forgiveness is of no consequence Ser Rutger." A hand raised in slight frustration, fingers combed through the lengths of wavy blonde hair before dropping to her side. "Your cousin, the Regent, would fair better with your guidance." She returns in a wry tone.

"Your sister seems sympathetic as well." A small start to introduce another player. "If only because she and I had shared a great misfortune." The woman's head tilts up, a small but brief gaze to the ceiling, "I would have you release my cousin Alys and return Lord Ramsey's sword to him. He is… different." The last word is released with a little emphasis. "He is bound to his sword and is quite displeased to not have it with him."

"Perhaps some day, my father will see that same prudence and install a Regent worthy of the title. Someone who can easily fix this debacle, or at least begin mending what bridges have been torn down with such a brash move." Rutger notes before nodding quietly. "She is. But I believe she sees the folly in making enemies of your family." As does Rutger, there is a pause before he is looking back to Cherise and there is a bit of a nod. "I could see about Lady Alys being released, but despite Ser Ramsey's.." How does one put it? "Uniqueness? I don't believe we can give him his sword, though I am sure he can be trusted not to use it." He adds. "I will though, see what can be done."

Her pale blue eyes focused directly upon his. "Then I ask you, Ser, to guide sense and reason into your cousin's head before he brings ruin to your family's name. I know not how Lord Keegan will react though I know how others will perceive this. No protocal had been followed." From either side though she'll not admit that so openly to lay fault at her husband. "If either comes to pass then I will know you mean what you say. The lord Regent, I pray, is not an unreasonable man."

Rutger bows his head. "I will be sure to see that Lady Alys is released at once. After all She is sister to Ser Andrey yes? I am sure the Lord Regent, will see fondly to that gesture." Though it will mean a big bargaining piece gone. Still who knows how it will be done. There is a pause before he is bowing before Cherise. "Anything else, My Lady?" he asks as one brow raises up.

Her silence may give evidence to her mind attempting to seperate various thoughts. A large list of wants, desires had been filtered from being uttered through her lips. After some lengthy moments, "Yes." Cherise perks a little, "Ser Jac, he is in your dungeons. He was present during our rescue from the bandits and he, he should be given a room here." There were more requests but none she could see reasonably being carried out. Her shoulder rises, partially shrugging. "Aerick sleeps better when hearing his song." Whether it was true or not, that should not matter.

"That I am sure, I will have better chance of getting than Ramsey's sword." Rutger notes with a wry grin. And then he bows his head. "Your Servant, Lady Cherise. I will try to talk to your husband soon, to see, as to what may be done." And there he looks back to the handmaidens who are given nods. "Ladies." said softly, before the Nayland is moving to the door. A glance back to Cherise and Rutger grins. "Motherhood does you well Lady." And there he seeks to slink out.