Page 360: Blades Practiced and Secrets Shared
Blades Practiced and Secrets Shared
Summary: Jocelyn spectates some practicing of blades and it leads to a quiet picnic on the coastline of the Roost.
Date: July 16, 2012
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Kell Jocelyn 
The Green, the Roost and then to the Coastline
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
July 16, 288

The Inn had been crowded with those that had come to visit for the sentencing the day before. It made the space crowded and loud, especially when wine was at every ones disposal. Everyone had a say or wanted to talk about what had happen before. Though Jocelyn had an opinion it wasnt one that she felt she wanted to express to strangers. So, it was a time for some wandering.
Jocelyn didnt know many places around the Roost, she resisted the urge she had to poke around and look, to explore. She kept her wandering to places she had seen the day before as to not cause any alarm to those that lived here. She had not been near the Roost long before there were glances and murmurs of Naylands, which only made her sigh.
Now she found herself back at the scene of scene of the sentencing. Standing with her maid not too far off, looking around the green, the platform had been removed already. Lifting her face up towards the afternoon sun, eyes closed, she left the noise of the day surround her.

With the sentencing completed and area cleared, Kell seems to be putting the Green to use once more with a few of the Terrick guards. Despite the guards not being on duty, they seem rather pleased to be able to do some sparring practice with the Terrick Sworn, using wooden blades instead of actual steel ones. Kell himself wasn't at the sentencing himself, perhaps busy or absent for his own reasons, but he looks to be going back to his old routine. The Terrick Knight can be seen squaring off against two of the guardsmen, practice sword in hand, while a couple of others are standing off towards the side watching. A smile is on Kell's face right now as eyes his two opponents warily, and for now he is still somewhat garbed in a civilized manner, shirt still on though clinging to him through his workout. "So, which one of you has it in him to come at me first!"

When one was standing as Jocelyn was, eyes closed and face turned upward, the sounds of the surrounding areas were easier to hear. Though she enjoyed her warmth, her face tilts back down and her eyes opened. Blinking several time to clear that bright haze that came when one stared at the bright sun for too long. Looking over her shoulder, she notes that might have disturbed the guards practicing areas.
The new information does not cause her to turn and walk away, instead it interests Jocelyn and starts to slowly walking in that direction. Watching and looking at the men as they practice with one another. Glancing at each group and then each man, she spots Kell. A small smile tugs on her lips. Staying some distance away to not disturb, she watches him. His movements, his confidence and briefly…alright, maybe not so briefly… the way that shirt clings to his body.
Kell's words cause her eyebrow to raise, looking to the two other men, wondering herself. "Yes, which one…" she says. Though she isnt sure its said loud enough to be heard.

<FS3> Kell rolls Blades: Great Success.

One of the guardsmen barks out a laugh and eyes his partner for a second, "Drakmoor gets lucky and wins himself a melee, now he thinks he's as good as Barristan the Bold. Let's teach him a good lesson!" The other guards manages a smirk and nod, letting the guard who spoke make the first move.
The first move turns out to be a feint and the second guard follow with the real attack a second later but this was easily read by Kell as he doesn't react to the first guard and instead neatly parries the second's blade with his own. Pushing the blade away, the style the Terrick Sworn uses to fight is a little rougher than just artful swordplay. Instead, he rushes in close charges the second guard, shoulder crashing into the other man's chest to send him reeling backwards. Then Kell is on the first guard who spoke, shooting him a feral grin, letting his own wooden sword do the answering as it lashes out, batting away the guard's blade slightly for an opening, one that was taken by the return slash, cutting across the unarmored chest. The guard let's out a yelp of pain and jumps back half a step as Kell presses his attack, matching the retreated step with a firm, forward step of his own.

Silently watching the play of swords, Jocelyns smile only grows. It excites her, watching the steps, the movements so smooth and practiced, if enough some rough. The taunt by the two guardsmens was well matched by action. Action did speak louder than words. That was being shown now. Seeing the second disarmed, pushed and reeling back, and then the first on getting his own due attention. The final yelp of the first guard makes her laugh. She had tried to be quiet she really did, but after the taunt and then it ending with the yelp, it was too good not to. Hands come together and there is a slow clap that comes from Jocelyns direction.

<FS3> Kell rolls Blades: Good Success.

The laugh does draw the attention of the two spectating guardsman as they shoot a glance in Jocelyn's direction. Whether they recognize her or not is not made clear, perhaps they do, which is why they turn back to watch the sparring session without saying anything in greeting, or they just didn't want to miss anything. The fight isn't over just yet though as Kell continues the attack, battering away at the first guardsman's defense, wooden blade clashing on wooden blade, before another crack lights up the guard's shoulder, sending the shock down that sword arm causing the practice weapon to fall. The Terrick Sworn doesn't have a lot of time to celebrate though as the second guard had time to recover and is now advancing on the knight, blade swinging down from up high which Kell manages to side step at the last second. Now, it is one on one and both men come together, wooden swords clashing once, a display of power now shown as they try to win the pushing war for position.

It wasnt over and only gained excitement in Jocelyn's opinion. As they moved, Jocelyn does too, trying to get a better view of the match. The guardsmen that had looked in her direction when she had laughed, had been given a glance and she even offered a greet to them in the way of inclining her head. Though she was ignored, it didnt bother her. In fact she was happy it wasnt anything to take her attention from Kell and his two competitors.

<FS3> Kell rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Kell rolls Blades-1: Good Success.

The battle of strength between Kell and the remaining guardsman seems to go not as successfully as planned for the former as the larger guardsman manages to finally push the knight back a step before the practice blades flash towards him. But the Terrick Sworn is quick enough to recover, atleast to defend himself as he parries, parries, and then ducks the last high arc'd blow that would've certainly hurt and leave a nasty bruise to the side of the head. "Damn, you're still as strong as an ox." Kell mutters as he regroups and fixes his two-handed grip on the sword.

Wrinkling her nose in disapproval as the guard pushes Kell back. Obviously, Jocelyn was taking sides in this match. Arms folding together in front of her, twisting her hands together. Bitting the inside of her lower lip to keep from gasping when the guard makes a high swing for Kells head. The lip is released and a smile forms in its place again, when the attack is avoided. Glancing briefly at her maid, she moves her head to to the side, indicating for her to come closer. Keeping her eyes on the men, Jocelyn lean into the maid and says something quietly to her, causing the young womans eyes to travel in Kells direction too.

It looks like both men have chosen the more aggressive path of attack than going on the defensive as cross slashes meet in between them, wooden blades cracking again as they make contact with each other. Then the blades are pulled back before they slash towards their intended target. Kell's blade arcs before coming to a quick stop at the guardsman's neck while the latter's practice sword arcs low and up, stopping short of the Terrick Knight's side, both men managing to laugh after a second or two of silence. "Looks a draw, good fight. I don't think I can manage another swing though, arms feel like lead." The swords are lowered as the men clasp each other's forearms for a firm shake before Kell turns and does the same to the first guard. "Looks like we're done for the day, good practice." Certainly looks like the sparring is coming to an end as the guards now go to gather their kits to head out, gathering to trade jokes or friendly insults. Kell goes to his own kit towards the side, not far from where Jocelyn was watching and when he sees the spectator, his eyes widen slightly in surprise before he offers the Lady and her Handmaiden a smile as he approaches them and his gear.

Intensely watching the match, Jocelyn's body stills when the wooden swords both move in different directions. One going to the guards neck and stopping and the other going to Kell's side and stopping. The laughter coming from the two men causes her to blink. After what appears to her to be a good natured match and excercise comes to a close, their final remarks made before they leave each others company. Jocelyn stays where she is, when as Kell starts to approach them. The recongnition that plays over his face makes her smile. "Ser Kell." A knee bends and curtsy is dipped into. "Very well done. That was quite exciting to watch." Offering a slight pause, "I hope it was alright that I watched?"

When Kell nears, he answers the elegant curtsy with a bow of his own though his isn't exactly court proper since he is half sweating and not exactly presentable right now. However, he still goes through the motions properly due to a lady before he offers a similar but smaller bow to the handmaiden in Jocelyn's company. "Lady Jocelyn, thank you for your kind words and it was most certainly fine to spectate. It isn't as grand as the melees at tourneys but it's what we do to keep our skills somewhat sharp." He turns to his kit and reaches down for a long cloth which he uses to wipe down his perspiration though at this point, it will take more than that to clean himself up, which he knows. "Please do forgive me for my current… condition."

The sound of soft laughter escapes Jocelyns lips, "Think nothing of it. Quite unexpected for me to be here and well as the fact that you were just exerting yourself. It would be off if you were not…" she looks him over slowly. "In your current condition." Somehow the idea that it might have been considered rude, the way she just looked him over, soft rose color blushes her cheekbones. "It might not have been as grand as the tourny, but just as exciting to watch. You had me digging my nails into the palm of my hands at some points. I thought for sure you would come out bruised."

"I did take some whacks earlier so I'm sure the bruising would come forth soon." Especially if Kell took his shirt off which will no longer happen since it would be completely improper now. "But that last match against those two, I got lucky with. Usually doesn't end like that and I wasn't expecting a draw." He was expecting to down atleast one guy, since that's how the melee at Seagard ended when he and Kittridge won. "So what brings you to the Roost, M'Lady?"

Eyes flicker downward momentarily to look at his shirt, perhaps expecting to see where burising might be forming. Tilting her eyes and head back up to not be improper, "I have some ointment meant for bruising. I could bring you some, if you'd like. My cousins and the guards at Stonebridge seem to like it." He could likely have his own supply of ointments and herbs that could be used to help mend bruising, however, she still wished to extend the offer to him. "I came for the Sentencing yesterday." Offering in way of what she might be doing here. "I thought I might stay at the Inn a day or two. I've not been in these parts in some time and I've run into some that I wish to remain close to in order to visit."

"You have my thanks, M'Lady, but it will be all right. It'll just be some light bruising, nothing new, honest." Kell says with an appreciative smile as he drops the cloth down with the rest of his stuff. Mainly armor and other gear, and a spare shirt which he isn't going to change into now. The mention of sentencing does at the knight nodding, understanding the reason for her visit here, "The sentencing, I see. Seems like we have quite a few visitors that are here as well, perhaps for the same reason."

"Well, if you ever change your mind the offer will remain open." Jocelyn says. Her eyes drift off for a moment when the subject of the sentencing comes up, "There seems to be some mixed emotions of the outcome of it all. I suppose what needed to be done was done. One should never judge another reasoning on matters." Looking back to him she shakes her head to dismiss whatever thoughts were in her mind at that time. Clearing her face to return to her smiling state, "You return home from the tourny was an uneventful one, I do hope."

The eye witness confirmation by Jocelyn more or less confirms what Kell has heard of what occurred at the event, as he himself was not in attendence. "Taking the Black. That was indeed the more merciful choice." For now, the Terrick Knight seems a little bit more guarded on which side he is on in terms of how just the punishment for the two criminals were. As for his trip home from Seagard, Kell nods his head, "Indeed, returned to the Roost with the last group. Seems like any bandits that may have been hiding were smart enough to attempt anything that brazen and foolish."

"Mercy is a very powerful quality to hold." Jocelyn says, she appears to be trying to think about things for a good angle, a positive one perhaps. Whether she thought that to begin with… Well, it might be noted that shes TRYING. "Yes, from what I understand, the events that transpired seemed to be correct quickly enough." she glances to the side and watches the other men around them before looking back to Kell. "I wondered if I might ask you a favor, Ser Kell." hands slipping behind her back in a casual standing, gripping her forearms. "I wondered if it would if you wouldnt mind taking me on a tour of the grounds. Not so much inside the tower, but the area around. The coastline looks very beautiful." She looks over his appearance again, "Of course it does not have to be now. I know I've interrupted your day."

Looking off to the horizon, in the direction of the coastline, Kell finally reveals a hint of how he stands, "There has been too much killing already, too much." His attention is pulled back to the Lady though as she makes a request. "I would be honored to escort you through the lands of the Roost. The coastline is indeed beautiful, and peaceful." When the Ironborn aren't beaching it that is. "It is close enough that horses aren't necessary but can be a lengthy, relaxing walk." Apparently letting Jocelyn decide how she wish reach their first destination. "And I can escort you whenever you wish, Lady Jocelyn. Though I should head back to the Four Towers with the men first, to drop off our kits." And perhaps to clean up real quick and change into something cleaner.

Jocelyn lifts her head up to watch his face as he expressing what he does about there having been too much killing. She says nothing about it, but there is a softness that touches her face. She looks as if she wants to comment about whatever brought that look on her face, but then she drops her eyes, blushing softly for whatever reason. "I'm very fond of walking. I should think I'd enjoy the walk more than the ride, if that suits you." Her eyes too follow his direction toward the coast line, "I'm at my liesure here, and therefore at one for you as well. Do not let me keep you from what needs to be done. I can wait for you here or I can arrange to come back." Bitting the inside of her lower lip, she almost becomes a little nervous.

"Then I will return in two hours, if it pleases you, M'Lady?" Kell says with a nod as he suggests a general time frame on when they can meet up again for the walk to the Coastline. Two hours is plenty of time for the knight to do what he needs to, to atleast make himself somewhat presentable for a lady of noble birth. He also shoots a glance at his kit, as if to do a quick visual check to make sure everything is there before looking back up at Jocelyn.

"Yes, that will work just fine." Jocelyn smiles, "It'll give me time time to prepare a few things myself." Also make herself appear fresher than she is now. "I'm looking forward to it. I appreciate you taking the time to do this for me." she glances back at her Ladies maid, and then to Kell once more. "I'll meet you back here in two hours time then?"

Kell gives Jocelyn a final nod, as if that cements the agreement, "In two hours then, Lady Jocelyn." He says with a smile and a respectful bow before moving to his kit, picking up the filled and heavy pack. Turning to where the off-duty guardsmen are milling about, chatting idly with each other, the Terrick Sworn lets out a brief whistle and motions for them that he is ready to head back to the Keep.

- Two Hours Pass By -

The two hours seem to have passed rather quickly, atleast for Kell as he had managed to store away his kit in his room and taken a quick bath, giving himself a good scrubbing before taking the time to choose an outfit. Which more or less took one minute since he didn't have too many outfits to choose from, being common born. Atleast it is one of his nicer outfits, not made of silk but just less worn, which is as good as it gets for this knight. His sheathed blade is still secured at his hip, befitting his station as a night as he arrives at the Green, only a little bit early.

Jocelyn approached the Green and thought she was going to be earlier, but then she say a man that matched Kell's stature and figure in the open area. A smile spread on her face as she approached. She had taken the time to freshen herself before she arrived back. Face washed and even some light smelling perfumed oils had been added to her skin. A womanly touch. The maid the walked just beside her was holding a basket. "Ser Kell." comes the voice from behind him, "I hope I did not keep you waiting long."

"No, I just arrived myself, Lady Jocelyn." Kell says with a grin before offering the Lady a bow of his head in greeting as well. His eyes then glances towards the basket in the maid's arm, curiosity surfacing only for a moment before looking back to Jocelyn. "Shall we?" He asks as he gestures towards the well-trodden path that moves around the side of the wall to the Four Eagles Tower, not the usual man avenue which leads to and from town.

A curtsy is offered to Kell as he bow, lowering her head slightly. Seeing his eyes flicker to the basket she gives in to his curious glance. "I thought I would bring some food and drink from the Inn. In the time that was allowed, I might have missed your mid day meal and you might be hungry at some point in the tour." at the suggestion to move on she nods her head happily, excited for the tour to begin. "Yes, please." she steps up as to match her steps with his, following his lead in where he decides to take her or show her. "Have you been at The Roost long?" she asks.

Kell's expression brightens as mention of food from the inn was brought but he tries to keep it in check with an easy smile, "You are most kind, M'Lady. Thank you." Of course, he would not admit to being hungry or becoming hungry while acting as Jocelyn's escort, then again his stomach may loudly protest in due time. The pace that the Terrick Knight sets is a slow and casual one, very easy for the Lady and her maid to follow. He also takes care to keep an eye out for any rocks or small dirt bumps that may be on the path, even though it is a rather well worn path. "I guess I have… I never really took the time to count just how many days I've been at the Roost. I believe I first arrived here at the Riverlands a month or two before the Ironborn invaded."

Turning her head, Jocelyn gives the maid a look over her shoulder and the maid pauses, allowing Kell and Jocelyn to take a few steps before she begins to follow again. At least a small amount of privacy is requested from the Lady and the maid seems to understand completely. Hands fold together in and rest against her middle section as they walk, enjoying the pace and the scenery before them. The light breeze that is up and brushing against her face, hair moving slightly in the wind. "And where did you come from before?" she asks interestedly, tilting her head up so she can see him better.

The little maneuver by Jocelyn isn't noticed by Kell, or he chooses not to notice as he maintains the casual pace. He is also enjoying the gentle, cooling breeze provided by the coast as he listens to the Lady's next question, "Around… I was knighted by Ser Ryswell after the Battle of the Trident, and since I was common born before that and a soldier during the way, I lived the life of a Hedge Knight. So I went where my jobs took me. Ultimately it lead to Stonebridge."

"Stonebridge? Really? So you are familiar with it." Jocelyn reaches up and tucks loose strands of hair behind her right ear. The information that Kell tells her is news to her, "Must have been before my arrival. I should think I would have noticed you if it had been." Drawing her hair around her neck, she drapes it over her left shoulder. Her hair had been left down completely today and she was thankful for it now that they drew closer to the coastline. "I hope you have no tragic stories of Stonebridge." she laughs, "I confess, I get tired of hearing those."

There is a slight shrug of Kell's shoulder as it to say that he isn't that familiar with the Tordane lands, "I wouldn't say as familiar as the Roost, but I have done some exploring of Stonebridge and the surrounding areas before the invasion." As for when this was, the Terrick Knight only nods in agreement, "I believe it was before you arrived, M'Lady. I was actually invited by Lady Isolde to dinner, she was interested in seeing what a wandering Hedge Knight was doing in Stonebridge. And to see if I was interesting in serving under the Tordane banner." As for tragic stories of Stonebridge, Kell can only offer a small smile, shaking his head, "No, no tragic stories, not of Stonebridge."

Jocelyn listens to what is told her, watching the manner in which he says it. Nodding slowly, "I've not had the pleasure of meeting Lady Isolde myself. What I ear of her is very nice though. If you should ever wish to come back for a visit." she suggests, "Arrangements can be made, and I'll be happy to arrange you a guest chamber." She pauses smelling the salt air becoming stronger, even feeling a light mist to her skin. "I dont know if you would be interested in something of that manner or even if the Terricks would like it. But I would hope you've give it thought if you wanted to come."

"She is a very kind lady." Kell manages to say of what he remembers on his interactions with the Lady Isolde, it appears he was going to add how he feel sorry for the hand she was dealt with all the politics surrounding her House, but stays silent, feeling it is probably smarter to keep that to himself. "Thank you for the invitation, M'Lady, if duty allows it, I may come visit Stonebridge again. Perhaps after Lady Isolde has her child and is fully recovered." There is a pause as the knight recalls an assignment he will be sent out on, "My duties will take me to Heronhurst soon though, for I am to carry a message to the Erenfords and to visit them."

Something in the reaction and the way he responded has Jocelyn turning away, nodding slowly and her smile even fades slightly but does not disappear all together. "If it should happen." she murmurs softly, "I should be leaving myself, day after tomorrow. Little need for me here and I'd hate for the Terricks to get the wrong impression of my reasons to stay." At the mention of the Heronhurst she asks, "Will you be going with Ser Bennart and Otto? They are my cousins you know. My Mothers side, she is an Erenford, their aunt. I hope whatever your duties entail, you will enjoy your time."

"Despite whatever relations the Terricks and Naylands may have right now, I am sure your presence will not give the wrong impression, M'Lady." Especially since she is a nobleborn Lady and not a sword wielding Lord or Knight. It could also be Kell's naivity that has him answer in that manner as his views may be more plain and apolitical. "But if you do depart from these lands, please stay safe and have a pleasant trip back home."
The mention of the visiting Erenfords, Kell nods in response, "Most likely atleast one of them, I am not sure of what their plans are for returning. I have not visited your mother's lands before but I hear it is quite pleasant, I look forward to the visit."

"I would hope not, but I would not also want to put anyone uneasy just in case. If there is even a little something that can be done, I'd like to do it. No one desire to be at unrest in their own home land." However, reaching the coastline, Jocelyn is paused in her steps at the view. "…its beautiful." she looks over the smooth rocks that cover the area, moving her head from side to side slowly to take in the entire area. Waves crashing against the shoreline in small tumbling waves. "Would you mind if we rested here? I can have the food brought out, I just want to sit here for a spell." Taking a deep breath and releasing it with a happy smile. "Every place has it own beauty. The Roost has this coastline. I hope you can find the beauty in Heronhurt when you are there. Its been a time since I've been there myself. Not since I was child."
Having heard what her Lady had suggested, her maid had already drawn closer and opened the basket, draping a blanket over her arm in the event she be asked to set it down on the ground near them.

Arriving at the coastline, Kell also looks out to what looks like the endless seas, enjoying the sea breeze and sight. "That it is, and also very calming, when you are here alone, with your thoughts." At the request to stop here and rest, the knight smiles and inclines his head to Jocelyn, "Of course, M'Lady, please sit down and enjoy this place. And you are right, each place does have their beauties, though sometimes it is hidden, a gem waiting to be discovered." He does look like he is ready to move to assist the maid in laying out the blanket so Jocelyn has a spot to sit without dirtying her dress.

Turning back towards her maid, Jocelyn gives her a gentle nod to spread out the blanket. If Kell chooses to help the young woman he could do so. Jocelyn steps to take the basket from her so that she does not have hold that and set out the blanket as well. "There is a river near Stonebridge I found. It has that same effect one me. I enjoy going there with my thoughts." A soft laugh, "I hope to use the area as my practice area when I return. I've just had a Bow made to fit my person." she tells him, "I mean to learn archery." when the blanket is settled on the ground, she moves and settles herself on it. Tucking in her skirt around her and bending her knees to hide her legs beneath them. Looking up, "You will join me here on the ground I hope?"

After helping the maid lay out the blanket in a neat fashion, Kell does indeed join Jocelyn on the blanket at the Lady's request. As for the various landmarks of the outskirts of Stonebridge, the Terrick Knight nods as he knows the river she speaks of. "Stonebridge's surroundings are quite calming, I've ridden north of the town and found a nice quiet area, on the higher hills where there were oak trees about." There is a pause as Kell looks surprised by Jocelyn as she speaks of archery, "Really… archery? I was expecting practicing needlepoint or… falcons."

There is a gentle laugh that escapse the lady. Smiling as she faces the sea. "I've mastered bother needlepoint and falcons. I need a new adventure." Jocelyn tells him. "I know, you no need to tell me its unlady like. Its why I've decided to hide it from my family." there is a longer pause as she pushes her hands out behind her leans slightly. "I do not know why I told you." she turns to look at him then. "I guess I felt that I could." a smiles spreads over her lips. "Its alright if you disapprove. Its something I've always been interested in and I thought I'd see for myself. I'm postive that I'll be terrible and it'll take time. But it is time I do not mind devoting to such a thing." She looks his face over, "Are you shocked completely?"

"Point taken." No pun intended. However, Kell does raise his hands as if to deny her words on how feels, "I wouldn't say it is unlady like, Lady Jocelyn, just surprised, that's all. It was… unexpected, that's all." As for Jocelyn's uncertainty on why she revealed the secret to him, the Terrick Sworn offers her a reassuring smile, "Do not worry, M'Lady, your secret is safe with me. And I neither disapprove or am completely shocked, I'm starting to understand, actually. Archery is just a challenge you wish to conquer. It certainly won't be easy though, I can tell you that, and the only way to get better is by practice."

Pleased that he isnt shocked or disapproving of her new entertainment, Jocelyn smiles at him widely. "I'm prepared for much practice and whatever time it takes me." she tells him. "I do not imagine it will be a talent that is learned over night. After I saw the tournment of Seaguard, I knew I wanted to learn." Under her skirts, her knees draw up and her arms wrap around them to hug them to herself. "I dont even know if it will be something that I use, but it fascinates me enough for me to learn." she laughs at herself partly. "I think the more someone tells me not to do something, I want to do it even more. in my head I could hear everyone telling me not to do this."

"A stubborn streak, eh, M'Lady?" Kell shoots out the teasing rhetorical question with an amused chuckle, certainly able to see where she is coming from. "Sometimes having people who doubt you is one of the strongest forms of motivation. Whether it will be useful for you, as long as you enjoy it, then it is good enough." There is a pause before the knight offers some actual advice on shooting the bow, "I do suggest, Lady Jocelyn, that you wear a leather forearm guard, when you practice. To protect the inside of your forearm, sometimes the bow string can rub and even burn your arm on contact."

At the suggestion, Jocelyn extends her left arm and looks down at the inside of her forearm. "Really?" she had not thought of that and runs the fingers from her right hand over the flesh there. "I had not thought of that. That would surely give me away." she laughs again softly and looks up at him, "Thank you. Thats very helpful." Tilting her head she regards the man, interested that he did not scold her for the skill that she confessed to be learning. "You are very thoughtful are you not, Ser Kell? In the small time that I have had in your presence, you've shown that to be true. I think that an admiring quality of you. If nothing else a refreshing quality. You are different from others I've met. I like that."

"Indeed it would, either an experienced archer in your family will recognize the burn marks, or some of the Nayland knights will start a crusade to find the person who supposedly hurt you." Kell says with a grin, though if people begin to mention that Jocelyn has been in the company of a particular Terrick Knight, then they may bring their pitchforks and torches in search of him, a momentary unpleasant thought. As for the compliment that Jocelyn graces Kell with, it causes him to smile sheepishly, "Thank you, M'Lady, I guess it's part of my upbringing and also how I believe a knight should be, especially to a Lady." At the mention of him being different than others, he does shake his head, "I hope that it's not different to too many others… that would be disappointing."

"I'd not want that to be the case. Surely it would happen too." Jocelyn says in the way of the people searching for who might have hurt her. She looks down at her arm again and then rests it to prop herself up. Her face is turned toward the sea again, feel and tasting the salt sea, and if she had thought that anyone would be upset with the fact that she was here with this Terrick Knight she did not seem to care. She looked relaxed, comfortable and appeared to be enjoying herself. "More different that you would think, I assure you. With that information, I hope it doesnt cause you to recoil." her head turns to face him once more, "Disappointing how?" comes her next question. Though she allows time for him to answer she also says, "Is there anyway I could presuade you to call me Jocelyn instead of M'lady?"

Kell also seems to be enjoying the cool sea breeze and Jocelyn's company as well as his eyes joins hers on looking out to the watery horizon. "No… not disappointed. Though I'm actually not too surprised. I'm sure there are some who think me foolish, acting the way I act sometimes, and perhaps clinging too closely to my vows as a knight. Sometimes…" His words than trails off then as his eyes narrow slightly, still looking out to the sea, unable to finish his words on that he questions himself sometimes. The change of subject, even if it is momentary, does draw the knight's attention back to the Lady as he manages a smile, though slightly uncertain with how to answer her request. "I can… Jocelyn, though it feels improper not addressing you respectfully, with the title you deserve." The gap between commoner and noble evident enough to this particular common knight.

At the sound oh her name on his lips, Jocelyn smiles at him. "It is just you and I here. We need not worry about formality of names and titles. You are a Knight after all, and I am Lady. However, here with you, I am simply Jocelyn. If you please." After that is said though she does not let him get away too far without finishing his train of thought. "I do not think you foolish. There is nothing wrong to remaining close to vows that one takes. Its Honorable. Though, I interrupted you so rudely. Forgive me. Sometimes… what?" She watches him expectantly, deciding to remain quiet so that he will actually continue whatever he was saying before that.

"True enough, I guess it wouldn't be terribly improper to call you Jocelyn, just something I'm not use to and something I haven't done in a long time." Kell says as he finally nods, as if to accept the reasoning that Jocelyn gives him. However, he seems a bit more hesitant at the second request as he looks away again. It seems like the knight is now considering how to respond, unsure of what words to use. "Sometimes, I question myself as well, if I'm just being too prideful and selfish, pretending to be the perfect, honorable knight."

For now the scenery before them is forgotten by Jocelyn. Even as he turns away, she still looks toward him. She waits patiently for whenever he is ready to speak. When he finally does she does not interject and just listens. When she know for certain that he is finished, at least for now, she speaks again. "I think the best of us have those thoughts. Is it not appropriate that we all step back from ourselves and asks those same questions? I think the ones that do not ask that of themselves are the ones that sooner of later find themselves lost." Waiting to see if he turns back toward her, if he should she'd offer him a reassuring smile.

"I guess so, Jocelyn, though I would have hoped that by staying true to my faith and vows, then I would never be lost." Kell pauses, perhaps thinking whether or not he should say more on the subject but apparently whatever else that needs to be said is close to his heart, something he has kept shielded and hidden from others for many months. He does look back to Jocelyn and smiles once more, "Let us speak of something else that is lighter and more interesting, doesn't do well for this nice quiet and relaxing scenery dwelling on the past."

"Do you feel lost now?" Jocelyn asks. This is said before he turns to her and tries to change the subject. Her smile dips slightly in the brightness that was there. Looking at him with question and interest in what he was saying. She wants to ask more questions, that much is obvious. Out of respect for the man, she resists, accepts and merely nods slowly. "Of course." she turns towards the ocean again, then looking down at the basket she had set down herself, opening it she withdraws some cheese, come nutty looking bready, some cold meats and a jug of some liquid. Arranging it on the blanket between them. She had not thought of another subject to speak amount, her mind still wrapped around what he had said, so she had for now remained quiet. Breaking a piece of the bread off, she brings it to her lips and nibbles on a corner of it. "I sometimes feel lost." she tells him. Though she had nodded to them moving on from the conversation, thats all she says. It is in a way, her own way of saying she might understand, in some small way.

The only answer to Jocelyn's question by Kell is a shrug of his shoulders though his smile remains, so he doesn't seem to be taking the question too seriously at the moment. As the Lady busies herself by removing the contents that was in the basket, he watches, eyeing the contents being revealed while trying to will himself to not be hungry. "That is quite the spread you have brought, M'Lady. Jocelyn." Correcting himself, as if he is still getting use to just using her name informally. As for her admitting that she feels lost sometimes, Kell eyes her curiously though he doesn't seem to believe that the life of a Lady is one of ease and bliss. "The duties of a Lady can be just as difficult of one of Knight." But he doesn't press either, looking back to the food, "It looks like you are well versed in hosting events like this."

Looking over the food she brought out, Jocelyn looks up at Kell. Seeing him hesitate, she reaches back inside the basket and takes out a plate. Setting down her own piece of bread, she begins to build a plate of food. A little bit of everything that is before them. Once the plate is filled, its offered to him. "Please." she says softly, making sure that he takes it from her. "I'm not as well versed as you would thing, Ser Kell. Though I have been properly schooled to be able to do it, I've not before. If you have been on said type of picnics before, I hope you will not judge this against others." she laughs softly again.

The plate of amazing picnic spread is looked at for a couple of seconds before Kell finally reaches out to accept the gift, "Thank you, Jocelyn, this is certainly much finer than I am use to, to be honest. And I have not been to picnics or similar events, being common born and all. I also never had the chance to squire for a Lordly knight, or any knight for that matter. So do not worry, if I was to judge, then this is amazing." He finally ends with a reassuring grin before picking up the piece of nutty bread, taking a bite and savoring the flavor.

Satisfied when he takes the food from her, Jocelyn takes up her own piece of bread and takes another small bite out of it. "I have not been on picnics that do not end in being kidnapped." she retorts in a joking manner to lighten the mood, "So if this ends in me not being kidnapped, I should be very pleased." smiling at him and then offering a light laugh. She makes not comment about the food being grander than he is use to, she just lets him enjoy it if that is the case. "All I care is that you enjoy yourself." she says. Finishing offer her bread, she looks beside her and sees one of the smooth stones. Reaching for it, she holds it in her hand and smooths her fingers over it. "Do you wish to squire for a Lordly Knight?" she asks him.

Taking another bite and enjoying it, Kell tries to mind his manners, making it seem more forceful than practiced grace that nobles are use to. "Maybe reason the other picnics end up you being kidnapped is that you weren't the one planning them." He answers in a teasing and joking manner, knowing that that particular event was more unfortunate than anything else. "And you have no worries, M'Lady, I will cut down an army of Reavers before they are able to get past me to whisk you away." While Jocelyn plays with the smooth stone, Kell focuses on the delicious food as he polishes off the bread, then works on the cold cuts of meat before putting the plate down. Since she helped serve the food, he reaches over to the jug of mystery liquid and begins pouring for the both of them, first cup for Jocelyn as he answers her question. "Well… it is too late now for me to squire for anyone but it would have been a different experience. Though I am not sure if I would have preferred that over what I went through."

"My savior." Jocelyn smiles at him as he says that he wou;d cut down the arm before they reached her, "Funny you should say that as you did. Another Lady mentioned that I should hold my own picnic and see if the same events happen. I might just do have to do that and test this out for myself to be satisfied. If that should happen, I will send you an invitation." Taking the cup of from him, once its poured he'd see that it was wine, slightly watered. "Thank you." she murmurs and lifts the cup to her mouth for a drink. "I've always thought that things were too late were saying something could never happen. I believe that if one wants something badly enough, anything can happen. They will just have to be prepared for whatever happens after that." some of her own determination showing in her eyes.

Picking up his old cup of wine, Kell takes a slow sip as if to test the content, despite his nose telling him that it's wine. After taking a long sip, he lowers it and grins at the invitation, "I would most graciously accept your invitation if duty doesn't have me elsewhere, Jocelyn. And you are right, if someone wants something bad enough, they would do just about anything to achieve it. Question is how bad do they want it." So for some of the bandits, saving their family from starvation is a dire enough reason. "Though I have heard of another gathering where something else happened, that caused a disturbance?" After the question is asked, Kell pops a small piece of cheese into his mouth before adding another long sip of wine to it.

Sliding the tip of her middle finger around the rim of her cup, "Duty must come first, of course." His words that come next lead her to the same train of thought he was thinking. Though Jocelyn does not say as such outloud, her smile again dims in a thoguhtful like manner. Thinking of the bandits that had taken her and the scene she had seen on the platform the day of sentencing. "I could make anyone do anything, if they want something bad enough." odd that he'd have taught her a lesson without even saying as such. She figured it out herself. "Lady Saffrons tea party, perhaps?" she asks him, "With the firey sweets?" she laughs. "Spun sugar I think someone called them. You lite them on fire, blew them out and then after them." She already begins to laugh as the story continues. Gesturing as she goes. "I believe one of the guests must have gotten scared or something. Set fire to the cloth about, if I remember correctly." Making a little motion of explosion with her hands to signafy something catching on fire. There had been much mold wine passed around that evening, it was the best she could remember.

Kell can only offer another shrug to Jocelyn as she puzzles out the lesson that was unintentionally taught though he has the feeling that that is how noble politics are played out. Finding out what people want and then twisting it into what you want them to do for you. As for the story of Lady Saffron's gathering, the knight nods as if to confirm the subject he was speaking of before he begins to grin as the tale unfolds. Then an inadvertent chuckle escapes from Kell, "Apologies, I shouldn't laugh. I'm sure it was tragic, a fun event ending like that." Tragically funny, as he pictures the ladies running around screaming at the fire.

Jocelyn was never one to have to have something spelled out for her. So whether the lesson was intentional or accidently, it still developed in her mind. She didnt seem to mind at all. When he chuckles, she smiles and then joins in with softly. At his apology, Jocelyn shakes her head and playfully pushes at his shoulder, "Of course you should laugh!" she says, "It was very funny, even I thought so. I think everyone, including Lady Saffron now looks back on it with some bit of laughter. There is no point in being disappointed for the events that took place. Everyone had an enjoyable time." The stone that had been holding in her hand is placed in the basket, intention to keep the small stone. "I fear that if I do have a picnic it will not live up to the entertainment value that some are use to. I'll have to set something on fire or let the pigs loose or something." the tease is said drly and with a grin.

"Inappropriately funny!" Kell counters as he falls over in jest, as if her playful push is harder than it really was, though the cup of wine is expertly kept balanced, as if he knows what is important to preserve. As for Jocelyn's ideas on how to spice up a picnic, the knight can't help but laugh again before shaking his head, "I think, Jocelyn, you should stick with a standard party. From what I have seen, the Ladies enjoy a quiet, calm event where they can talk about a lot of nothing." There is a pause before he quickly adds, "Pardon M'Lady, no offense intended." Oops.

Laughing, Jocelyn reaches over to gently tug on Kells forearm to help him right himself again at the dramatic push over. "I believe you are right. A party at stonebridge I'm sure will bring its own excitement without my own interfering." As for the part about quiet, calm events with nothing to talk about, she makes a face, wrinkling her nose. "I know." then she laughs some more. If she was honest with herself, she would admit that she's laughed more in this afternoon then she had in a long while. "No offense taken. I would not laugh if I did not think it was true, myself." An idea sudden comes to her and she sits up a little straighter, "Perhaps I'll have an archery contest included."

Righting himself with Jocelyn's help, Kell continues to grin in amusement as the Lady doesn't take offense though in a way he knew she wouldn't. Finishing a bit more from the plate, he goes to wash it down with some more wine, enjoying the drink when she springs the idea of having an archery contest, causing him to nearly choke. After clearing his throat in proper fashion, the Terrick Sworn blinks at her first, certainly shocked, "You're just jesting, right?"

"Now, now, do not choke." Jocelyn tells him, smiling at his stunned face. Picking up her drink she too sips more down, laughter dried up her throat. "I was not jesting. But I think you thought I meant for myself to particpate in." Lifting an eyebrow to see if this was indeed what he'd been thinking. "On the contrary, so you make swallow with care now." teasing him. "I would not do that. I just thought that if it out of doors and I am inviting men, then there should be something for them to do so they are not lulled by the speakings of nothings." Continuing to use his words to tease him further. "I could just have dancing, I suppose. But why not both?"

Kell does seem to relax as he takes another long drink from his cup of wine to sooth his previously half choked up throat, listening to Jocelyn explain which pretty much has him understanding her intent. "Well, the men should either be hunting or acting as the proper guards. But I am sure they would enjoy a nice physical contest of skills, especially in front of their favored Ladies." As they both speak of the possible event, it certainly begins to sound more and more interesting. As for dancing, Kell can only wince at the thought, it looks like dancing is not one of his fortes.

Seeing Kell relax noticably, Jocelyns says "I should have said I was planing to participate just to see the look on your face." a girlish giggle escapes her, "Though, that would have been cruel and only for my pure enjoyment." Nodding along with him for what the men would do at the party, it was more than likely so that would be true. "Favored ladies, yes, they'd not want to disappoint them, now would they?" Catching the wince at the dancing, Jocelyn grins. "Do not tell me you do not favor dancing?" she asks. "You do know how to dance, do you not?"

"Indeed, your enjoyment at the cost of my poor throat." Kell says with a nod of agreement, though he seems amused enough that if she had, he might have forgiven her. Maybe. As Jocelyn continues to speak, he is busy finishing his place and finally it is clear of its tasty contents, which he then deposits it on the blanket before picking up his cup of wine again. Her question isn't answered immediately, the hesitation an answer obvious enough, "Er… I'm pretty good at dancing with the blade."

Tilting her head, Jocelyn gives him a long look when he finally answers. Promptly, she pushes herself up from the blanket. "Come on, up now." she invites him. "Lets have a look at this dancing." There was no one around them besides her maid, there was no one to say anything. "I must see this. If you can move like you do with a blade in your hand, you can certainly dance. That is half of the steps as it is." she waits for him to join her. Standing and looking down at him, perhaps the only time this could happen in her short stature.

Now this is where Kell stands his ground, firmly, "No… no, no dancing here." No dancing anywhere for him atleast as the only time he has danced was perhaps in rowdy taverns when he was pretty intoxicated, on rare occasions. "Maybe another time, Jocelyn, don't want to slip on these rocks and stuff…" An excuse added as well.

All but nearly pouts at his firm no. But Jocelyn resisted the urge to go into a full pout. That would be a cure womanly trick. "Oh, come now, Kell." She had dropped the Ser for the first time and got a little nervous when she did, realizing that she might not have done such a thing. Instead of apologizing for it, she quickly continues on. "I've been teaching my cousin Hugh. Besides, how else will I get you dance with me at my party, if I can not get you to dance with me here?" she looks around adn spreads her arms out to gesture, "No one will see." except her. Oh, and the maid.

Kell has enough willpower to resist a partial pout, luckily Jocelyn decided not to wield a full one. He also seems to either not have noticed or seems to be just fine with the Lady dropping the Ser title. As for her concern, he can only smile and shake his head, "I doubt there will be many parties where you and I are both in attendance, atleast where there are formal dances." Despite her reassurances of no one seeing, Kell shakes his head again, "Not today, M'Lady, perhaps another time. I do not wish to ruin a perfectly nice meal and conversation with some clumsy moves." He does slowly rise to his feet though, perhaps to help with the packing and clean up.

Defeated. Jocelyn can accept defeat. She's had to in the past and it surely will not be the last. Besides that, she does not want to push him, she was just starting to get to know him, and pushing him could lead to pushing him into the wrong direction. She heaves a sigh and nods her head, "Very well, then." she looks at him, the corner of her mouth twitching, "I can wait for the party at Stonebridge." She kneels to help start to clean up as it seems that is Kells desire, they had rested a while now. "I have very much enjoyed my time." she almost adds "with you." but she bites her tongue short.

Kell never promised he would dance at the Stonebridge party, though he never said he wouldn't either. Helping with the cleanup, it doesn't take long since it wasn't a fancy picnic. As for what Jocelyn said, he seems to be in agreement, "As have I, Jocelyn. One of the finer meals I've had and a very relaxing time. You have my thanks for the picnic and the conversation." With that, he looks at the trail that would lead back to the Roost, "I guess it is time for me to escort you back to town, I would not want to keep you here overly long and have the others worry."

The basket it packed back up, the blanket folded and placed inside of it. Before Jocelyn can take hold of it, the maid hurries over and does it for her. "Thank you." she says, standing up again. Smiling and pleased that he can agree with her sentiments. "We could do this again." she pauses, slightly unsure of herself how that will be recieved now that its been said outloud. Thinks always sounded so much better in ones head. A pause. "Sometime." she offers and averting her eyes to look down the trail, nodding. "I'd not want to get you in any unwanted or needed trouble." and so she starts to walk in that direction.

"Sometime." Kell answers, parroting one of Jocelyn's words as he seems to be willing to do something like this again, enjoying the pleasant company that the Lady provides. "And I would not want to get you into trouble as well, Lady Jocelyn." Which means sometime would probably be sparingly, when duty allows, not wanting to give anyone the wrong impression. He looks ready to head back up the path, watching the Lady and her maid, to see if they are ready as well before he would set the same pace they had coming here.

Turning her head, Jocelyn watches him, "I appreciate your concern. However, I do not think you would" she says. Feeling there to be deeper meaning to his words, watching them a moment longer as they set their pace. But something in the way that said what he did, causes her turn back toward and to slip into silence with a slight smile as they walk down the trail.