Page 568: Beware the Green
Beware the Green
Summary: Things are tense around the Roost, Faline approaches Nathaniel to gauge his opinion of current matters.
Date: 11/2/2013
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Faline Nathaniel 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Mon Feb 11, 290

Faline watched as Nathaniel approached, her features quite neutral and hands folded before her abdomen. "Better than others I am afraid." A small mention to the Green was noted from a pair of hazel green eyes. "I should take hint from your departure to be wary of such tension." Seeing as he parted from that area. "This should be a time for celebration. My brother is soon to be wed and some cannot place aside their own desires for the betterment of the Roost and her people. Surely this is to be a good thing." For money, certainly yes.

Nathaniel stops before Faline when she speaks, and he nods to her. "The future might hold good or ill. I do not know, lady. I am no prophet," he counters. "I am sure that the day of the wedding will be a time of celebration for many." He inclines his head. "Lady Anais gave much of herself in dire times to secure the keep and the town. Perhaps she hoped for more acknowledgement of her efforts than she has received." He looks down the hill to the green, and then returns his attention to the lady. "She has known Lord Martyn and Lady Saffron for a long time. If you will accept such boldness, I would counsel you to remain here and allow them to use that familiarity to resolve matters."

"Should you be a prophet I'd see your place elevated above your means at present." She muses while Nathaniel further explains, providing his own opinion. "As she was expected to." Perhaps implying she was not sympathetic to the widowed Terrick's dismay. "Had she produced the next son of the Roost then Lady Anais would have a place firmly among our family, without question." As was a woman's place. Not to demand compensation. But Faline shakes her head, "I will accept your counsel, Master Corbitt, at least you give it freely if even not warranted."

Nathaniel frowns and shrugs. "I am not to say, lady," he answers, "except that other servants have said that a lady learns almost from birth what her house expects, and what other houses likely will expect. In that, lords and ladies are no different from most of us. We learn what those around us expect, what they will tolerate, and what they will punish to each degree. Lady Anais has earned respect, but that does not prevent Lady Nedra from doing the same." He glances again to the wide expanse of the green before fixing his attention on Faline, and adding, "I offer my counsel not form any conceit, but because I have come from there. Therefore, in that matter at least, I know what you need to know before choosing yor own path." He inclines his head and shoulders to the lady.

It was wise to accept opinions from those who resided here longer, with insight pertaining to the time before and after the arrival of the new Terricks. "I do not overlook her efforts, believe me Nathaniel." Becoming familiar. "She has perhaps overqualified herself for the title and expectations. Beyond." Faline paused drawing a step closer, "Walk with me." She commanded and steps were taken to head back towards the keep, away from the Green. "Our position is a difficult one I am afraid. I do not envy her, to have a future stolen in months time. A future every young noblewoman desires. Perhaps her skills as a woman could be tarried elsewhere." The girl muses. "Or even serve as Steward. I hear it is the latest trend among the Riverlands." To have beautiful stewardesses."

Nathaniel draws a breath at Faline's words about beautiful stewardesses. "If you refer to Lady Ceinlys," he replies, "now serving as steward of of the Haighs, I cannot say what marked her for her role." He turns and follows Faline, being careful to remain behind her, in subordinate place, rather than beside her as if he were in any way an equal. "From my own experience, I believe that anyone, from scullery maid to lord of a keep could find use for writing and keeping accounts. In that, Lady Anais is fortunate. She has skills which would serve anyone well, lady,"

"Oh, was that her name?" She asked, feigning ignorance. "It is a chore to keep up with the latest talk of the Riverlands. I am of mind to easily forget what rumors reach our keep." Talking sidelong, the conversation she had with Nathaniel was comfortable, easy. "I agree, that she is. Perhaps it should be suggested then if the lady feels sour of her uncertain future." Faline suggests after turning about, facing the courier. Bring an abrupt halt to their travel. "Do you believe it will go well? To suggest such a thing?"

Nathaniel continues to walk, listening to the lady ahead of him, until she stops suddenly and turns to face him. He notes the searching look in her eyes. "Lady Anais is often of a practical mind, lady," he remarks. "She is equally of a determined heart, as was necessary when the Ironborn invaded and at other times." He nods thoughtfully. "However, if she trusts the person who would advise her, or if she believes that she is /seeking/ the advice of her own will, she might accept it easily enough." He frowns, and notes, "Still, she is a lady. The matter is not entirely hers to choose." Then he looks perplexed. "Truthfully, I do not know who has right to direct her steps."

"Well yes, of course." Again the mention of Anais' leadership during the invasion. A brief flash of boredom appeared upon her features though it was washed away. "She cannot afford to be too prideful Nathaniel. No woman can in these times." Faline returned after a glance to the guards above, maintaining a watch on the roads below. "My brother, should heed suggestion offered and if she is not too stubborn." She brushed aside some hair tickling the side of her face. "I did not expect to have a passingly fair conversation with a servant. You tend the stables do you not?"

That look of annoyance in Faline's face might be brief, but not invisible, and Nathaniel nods his head. "Indeed, pride is a dangerous thing for any of us," he agrees. He bows his head briefly and adds, "I have found, lady, that some lords and ladies require conversation more than other services. Others even seem to find pleasure in it." He follows her glance toward the parapets. When she asks about the stables, he shrugs but looks at her. "I serve mainly as courier and scribe," he explains, "but I help the stable master and kennel master if either needs extra hands. Not all servants are able or willing to work well with the keep's livestock. Why do you ask? Is someone mistreating your horse?"

"Wind Chaser?" She offered. "No, not at all. Though I intend on visiting Stonebridge before the masked celebration they are organizing. Do see my intentions are inked and delivered. I wish to depart as soon as possible." Faline then reached a hand out to her handmaiden, who had delivered a few coins into the lady's hand. The small amount would afford a night's stay and two decent meals. The coin was presented to Nathaniel. "For accommodations. Unless of course someone has procured your services for other means?"

Nathaniel exhales a sigh of relief when Faline assures that her horse is in good care. When she speaks of her plans to go to Stonebridge, he nods, having expected that many of the nobility would be there. "As you wish, lady," he agrees, "if you do not wish to take the pen yourself. I have no doubt that you you do well in that art." He watches while she turns to receive the coins from her handmaiden, but maintains a neutral expression until she shifts to offer the same coins to him. He looks from her hand to her face. "My … services?" he questions. "I know of no messages to carry, but if you wish for company on your journey, should not someone of greater status have that privilege? I am … hardly worthy."

"My sister is gifted with the hands. As are my brothers. I am ever certain your words laid to parchment far exceed my own." Faline laughed, sharing her shortcomings in the arts of simple letter writing. "I will have my chaperones and guards with me. However I wish for you to deliver the letter yourself into the hands of Stonebridge's Steward. It is not appropriate for my arrival to come without warning. A day's worth of travel should suffice for you. Should you chose to linger in Stonebridge that will be of your own accord."

Nathaniel bows to Faline, and accepts the money, closing his hand around it in his hand. "I am honored again, lady," he acknowledges. "I will endeavor to represent you to the steward as elegant and fair. If intend to leave so soon, and if you wish, I will prepare Wind Chaser for you before I depart, to speed your departure."