Page 333: Between the Wheels
Between the Wheels
Summary: Meanwhile in Highfield, Cherise sets a few tasks for Alric before his departure for Hollyholt.
Date: 18/6/2012
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Alric Cherise 
Parapet, Highfield
Outside, nothing special about this place.
Sun Jun 17, 289

No sooner after Cherise had seen to settling Aerick in his own room, in his own craddle, overseen by the Septa with pair of guards posted at his door, she was able venture out to the parapet after speaking with Bastien, her goodbrother. Out here one could witness the all the beauty Highfield had to offer, the small village and farm fields, the grand Fallen Oaks off in the distance. However the lady's homecoming was not all smiles. She had a woolen grey shawl draped over her shoulders and entangled around her folded arms, courtesy of one of the keep's servants. There was a guard nearby, as always, however this man had been welcomed, the Charlton livery a comfort and a much preferred companion over the colors by her captors.

Highfield being a stop on the road for Alric before he was to be heading towards Hollyholt to meet his father. Be it if the man was not there, then he would travel home to Tavin's Rest, as the situation has him rather forced to see his father. Also to provide Lord Keegan with the information he could gather in Tordane tower.
For now Alric seems to have at least settled down after the ride from Stonebridge, and also disappointed to not having been able to help Aleister. So before leaving he has decided to go meet Cherise.

A glance and a tiny nod offered to the guard before Alric make's his way closer to Cherise. "My Lady." He offers and comes to a stop to let her respond.
Wearing a light blue tunic, a leather belt, dark green breeches and dark brown boots.

She turned partially away from the view beyond towards the Fenster heir, "Lord Alric." The pleasantry in there in her voice however the mein of sadness haunts her features. "I suppose you and my goodcousin, Alys shall be departing soon." For Hollyholt as that was the plan.

Alric studies her while listening to her talk. "Indeed. As soon as possible, so that we can reach Hollyholt before it start to get dark." He explains, though there is a slight sadness in his features as well. Or rather, disappointment. "I am sorry that I could not do more for your husband. I will try and speak with Lord Keegan and, unless they plan to attack to get him, I will try and get him out." Not really liking Aleister's odds if they were to attack right away. "I will do what I can, I promise." He offers and his appearance is fully serious.

Cherise had drawn in a deepth breath, filling her lungs and expanding the broadness of her shoulders. "I know Lord Alric, many wish they had." Herself included. "I would appreciate if you keep me abreast of what actions Lord Keegan had taken or intends to." Given their hasty departure. "For now we simply wait as they seem determined to hold him for a trial." The lady turns back to the view and rests her hand atop of the stone structure. "As someone who has a better understanding of the law, what is the worst the Naylands may do to my husband legally?"

Alric listens and nods, "I will make sure to send word about what Lord Keegan's plans are." He tells her, and as for the trial he nods again. "As far as I know, they can probably keep him imprisoned. But they will not have the right to execute him. And if a trial is to take place I will see what I can do to help." He offers, and he might have left out a few other things they could do. But it really is too early to tell at the moment. "It depends on the trial." He explains.

For two weeks every question had lacked definative answers. Too much speculation haunted her, elevating her fears. "I see." She answered, not entirely impressed with his answer but given how little she knew of the law it was accepted none the less. "As you've been traveling Lord Alric, are there any, within the Riverlands, you may count as friends?"

"Once I speak with Lord Keegan I will now more or less all we need to help him." Alric offers, hoping that will ease her mind a bit. Though at her question he shrugs, "The Haigh's seem to be friends through business. Not sure how well they are to be trusted." Thinking about the betrothal between Alys and Ser Perrin. "From what I've seen, your husband seemed close with the Flints." Remembering from the Iron Isles. "There might have been a chance that the Mallisters would have helped, but that seems slimmer now." This not fully given explanation for at them moment. "Other than that, perhaps smaller houses. We could always see with the Cox's, since that is my mother's maiden house. but other than that, I am not fully sure who to call friend. Well, Fensters have always and will most likely always be loyal and at your side."

She inclines her head downward, staring at the ground below and the few smallfolk that pass through the courtyard after inspection. "How so? The Mallisters. I have only chanced a brief encounter with a few of their members." Martyn and Kamron specifically. Then the Lady Muirienn during the bandit's capture of numerous Riverland noblewomen. "I think to call upon them may be unwise, given Lord Frey's lack of interest in the house." Cherise soon pulled away from the view once again, turning her frame to face the Fenster lord entirely. "Your loyalty is never questioned Lord Alric. Nor those of your house." She offers a small smile at the end of her words. "I suspect from my talk with Ser Rutger the Naylands may add some weight to this ridiculous charge made against my husband. The bandits in particular. They'll have no proof that Charlton orchestrated such a thing but men are known to have shed their honor for coin."

Alric nods, "There were talk, but it seems that might not grow any fruits. And yes, even if we could it would be unwise to call for them. So, out of the bigger houses, I would suggest asking House Flint." He suggests, and shrugs. At her words for his house, he bows his head and smiles. "For that, I thank you. And they might. Though I hope to be able to try and convince them other wise. Maybe even try to come to an agreement with them. If possible. Maybe suggest one of the Fenster ladies for one of the younger Naylands." He adds and shrugs, though rather certain that they would not want someone like that. Though who knows, all options open at the moment. "Of course I would consult my father and my siblings about that."

"I will think on it, for it entirely depends on what Lord Keegan has in mind." Not like it will stop the woman from trying her own methods to have Aleister released and returned by her side. As Alric suggests marriage as a solution Cherise wore a frown, "Is the barter of women the end all for men to settle their grievences?" She scoffed, abruptly turning away as she began pacing. "The Seven forbid I have daughters I may need to 'sell' to my enemies in order to broker peace."

"I would offer myself first, had there been a daughter on their side. Believe me, I want my siblings to find love. That is why I would consult them first. But love is seldom something you get, and when you get it… It can be tricky." Alric tells her. "I was just telling you the furthest I would go, not what is number one on my list. And don't you ever think so." He tells her, a bit hurt at that.

Cherise paused in her pacing, shaking her head as the young Lord explained himself. "I understand. My apologizes. I am—" She raised a hand, combing through the unbound lengths of her hair. She had been brushed but that was the most of her efforts since arriving to Highfield. "I should send word to my brother that I and my son are well." An absent thought she shared softly. "If you can, Lord Alric, discover what you may regarding the Terrick's first born, Jaremy." She doesn't explain why.

"It is alright. The situation has all of us rattled." Alric offers. Nodding about her sending her to her brother. "I will try to do so. Though may I ask why?" He will still obey either way, but at least he would know a bit more about it. Also what to search for more specifically.

"Possibly to prevent history from repeating it's self." Cherise tells him with a lift of her shoulders. "To better understand how the Naylands condone themselves from past histories as we have seen how they choose to challenge the edicts of the King." She glances to the guard briefly, also adding, "For the longest time there had been a rift between the Terricks and the Naylands. A history I am not too well versed on but I should be."

Alric nods to that and listens carefully to her words. "I will do what I can. Hopefully that will be enough." He tells her and moves a bit closer. "Don't worry, I'll do whatever is in my power to learn about Jaremy, which houses we can trust and also how to get your husband out of there." He tells her, confident enough in his own abilities. Though not seeming to be overconfident, even if his words might beg to differ.

"Thank you Lord Alric." She says quiet earnestly. She does draw a little closer, daring to lay a hand upon his arm while speaking. "I wish you and my cousin a safe journey to Hollyholt. I will be fine here." Pulling away Cherise withdraws her hand, returning it to fold beneath an arm as she starts for the stairs doorway leading back into the keep.

Alric nods to her words. Though slightly surprised as a hand lands on his arm. "Thank you. I wll be returning as soon as I have found things out. Or at least send someone I trust to carry back word to you." He looks to her as she leaves, believing that it is best for her to get some alone time for now. He has to focus on getting to Hollyholt and sorting all of this out as soon as possible. "Be well!" He calls after her before moving towards the horses, to depart.