Page 306: Better Then A Greybeard
Better Then A Greybeard
Summary: Jocelyn comes across a rather hung over Riordan, and reveals some of her skills.
Date: 23/05/2012
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Jocelyn Riordan 
Nayland Camp - The Twins
A bunch of tents. Harpy and harpy-and-crane banners everywhere.
Mon May 21, 289

"STANLEY!" The voice of the Regent of Stonebridge issues forth among the Nayland tents in the haze of morning, the day after the joust in which he showed so well. It is likely no secret that he went out drinking afterwards, with his good friend Andrey Charlton, among others. Therefor, it is likely little surprise that his voice may be a touch more irritable sounding then is his want, as he calls for his retainer. "Seven Hells, man, where are you, and where did you put those thrice-damned vials that Maester Althalos sent with me!?! It feels like a herd of horses is running inside my skull!!!" The flap of Riordan's tent brushes open as he stumbles forth, still bare foot, and clad only in trousers and an undershirt, as he attempts to look around in search of his missing servant.

With the haze still over the ground in some areas and the sun just bearing light for the day, it was Jocelyn's favorite time for a walk. It was so quiet and peaceful. Well, usually. She was walking admist the tents, her maid a few steps behind her, the guard was talking with her maid. Maybe is would be a love match. Probably not. The yelling voices had Jocelyn stopping just outside Riordan tent and listening for all of 30 seconds or so.
When Riordan steps out of his tent, bare foot, not completely dressed, she raises a single brow and tilts her head. "Having a fine morning, Cousin?" she greets in a soft spoken voice. Contrasting that of the yelling that had just occured.
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Riordan instinctively glares at the intrusion of a voice that is distinctly not that of the wayward Stanley, his eyes still red with the tiredness earned by last night's activities. It takes a moment for his brain to recognize that the person before him as someone he knows - when he does, the glare fades, and he offers a rueful, if pained smile. "As best as can be expected for one learning that he is not nearly as young as he used to be, Cousin," he offers, even managing a semblance of a bow for Jocelyn. Though as of yet, he seems utterly unaware of his state of undress. "You haven't seen my servant, have you? He packed the bags with Althosas' medicines, and I've no idea where he put them."

She doesnt mind the glare she recieves. Its obvious that her cousin is in pain this morning and rather grumpy at that. Jocelyn offers a small warm smile, trying not to laugh, "No, I have not seen your servant. I'm sorry, Cousin." she regards the main and slowly her smiles fade as she shes he really is in need of some care. "Gilda." Jocelyn calls out to her maid as she watches Riordan, "Fetch my trunk." She doesnt describe the trunk, the maid will know which one she is speaking of. When the maid rushes off to fetch it, she speak to Riordan again, "I will help you Cousin. Come lets go inside and and speak, and you may sit down and rest."

Any other time Riordan might object to what he might view as babying, or at the least be curious as to what Jocelyn has in this trunk of hers that is supposed to help. But right now, more then anything, the Regent seems simply grateful for someone else taking charge for a change. He nods his head silently, and ducks back inside his tent. Once inside, he moves to his bedding, and simply flops down with a grunt and covers his eyes with his hands. "I swear, the last time Andrey and I went carousing, he did not have two hollow legs to funnel spirits into," he complains.

Following in after him, Jocelyn is fully in charge and seems to do well with the power. She is after all, a Nayland. When he moves over to the bed, however, she does not follow him that far. "Perhaps the last time, you thought you had the hollow legs." comes her reply and her smile though slight, returns to her lips once more.
Her tents were not very far from his, the family had kept together and so her trunk is brought in by her maid, "Yes, thats the one, take it and set it just beside the bed." That is when she moves to the bed to be beside Riordan, kneeling as she opens the trunk. If he were to turn and look inside, he'd see the trunk was lined on the sides with small bottles, long bottles, bottles of every sort it seemed. Even some that sat loose inside the bottom. To say the least, there were a lot of bottles in there.
Her fingers runs over the bottles as she looks for the right one she is wanting to choose. "Ah-ha" she says and picks up the bottle of Pennyroyal oil. "This should do it." Using the tip of her finger she spills some of the oil onto her skin and then she reaches out and places some on his temples, just under his nose and up and down the bridge of his nose.

"Ah, you found… wait, those are far more then Althosas gave me," Riordan says, as he opens his eyes and peeks out of his fingers to peer at what Jocelyn's maid brought. "Did you rob a Maester?" Curious, even despite the pain, he props himself up on an elbow to get a better look. Consequently, he is a bit distracted as his cousin then begins to apply the medication. Riordan accepts it without complaint, and actually closes his eyes again after a moment.

Jocelyn laughs softly, the noise could be annoying to someone with head pain, "No. They are all mine." she response as she applys the oil, staying silent as she makes sure she gets it in all the right spots. "I made most of them, bought some of them. I just bought the pennyroyal my first day in Stonebridge, I had to make the oil up just the other day. Its a good thing too, or you'd be sick all day. You'd miss the rest of the festival." That last part is said in jest. Capping the bottle again, she sets it back into its place in the trunk. "Breath deeply now, take in the scent, you should start to feel better soon."

"The Maesters should be well afraid, then, I think. Between you and Senna, you shall both begin a trend of pretty healers sprouting up all over, and the grey-beards shall all go unemployed," Riordan opines with a grin, laying back and doing as instructed. As the medication begins to take effect, and Riordan slowly begins to relax, he gropes about until finding Jocelyn's hand, giving it a familiar and gentle squeeze - perhaps not realizing, in his state, that she might not be used to the gesture, as his sister is. "You are a true blessing, Cousin. I think I shall keep you close as long as I can," he murmurs, lest his own voice threaten to bring back his headache anew.

"What can I do about it if they other choose me over a grey-bearded man?" Jocelyn responds, "Perhaps if that happens, /I/ will offer /them/ employment." when he turns to rest again, she starts to close up her case and make sure everything is tucked away neatly inside so that nothing will break.
Her hand is found and she stills, staring at her hand being pulled up and held within his own. Its true, she isnt use to gentle or kind touches, they werent something done within her own small family, and even less when she was sent away. Jocelyn stares up at Riordan from her kneeled position and nods her head slowly. "I can be of much use, Cousin."

Riordan remains where he lays for now, eyes still closed, as he maintains his gentle clasping of his cousin's hand for a moment - apparently not sensing any tenseness caused by it. "I am sure they would appreciate the charity," he offers laughter in his voice, if not done so outright for fear of too much noise. "And I know you can be, cousin. You are a Nayland, after all." As if there were any doubt.

Since he has taken to holding her hand, Jocelyn sits back on her legs and rests while he does. She remains silent for a time, watching him, making sure her efforts are taking effect in the right way. "Grandmother sent to learn from an Herbalist." she informs him, doubtful he'd know since she was young and away for so long. "I took to it rather well, I enjoy it." another pause as if to gage how much to say and how much not to say. "I learned both the good and the bad of Herbalism." her meaning underlined in a subtle way.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Riordan queries, letting out a light breath through his nose that could possibly be interpreted as a snort. "About our Grandmother, I mean. I'd actually no idea that you were so changed from the girl I remember." There's a pause as he cracks an eye to look hazily at his cousin, quirking a grin. "Besides the already observed obvious, of course," he adds. For now, he shows little intention of letting go of her hand.

Jocelyn smiles slightly at him when he opens her eye to look at her. "An observation that has become easily known." she shakes her head, "Everyone is so surprised I'm Ser Rygars sister all grown up." She glances over at her maid, seeing that shes sitting a distance away from them. Her fingers move to to a pressure point in his hand and starts to rub it gently, slowly getting harder to relieve pressure from his head.

"Well…" Riordan begins to say… but whatever else is lost as a brief grunt is issued him - not one of pain, but of relief being given, and his eyes close once more. His entire body seems to start to relax, and his breaths come easier. "Gods," is about all he can manage to mumble.

Stiffling a giggle, Jocelyn shakes her head and watches him. "Are you feeling better, Cousin?" she asks softly to him. Her hands still working slowly to massage and add pressure where it is needed. "You should be feeling some relief from your head, the foggy feeling should be lifting and your eyes should not feel as if they are rolling about in rocks."

Riordan does not answer at first, so relaxed does he become between the medicines and the massage. Indeed, when the answer comes, it is in the way he breathes, and not in words at all. It seems that in the peace suddenly afforded him, Riordan has managed to fall asleep, his hand still in his cousin's grasp.

When the reply of words does not come forth, Jocelyn lifts upon her knees and watches him. Smiling a little more as the massage slowly comes to a stop. She just holds hid hand for a moment longer, seeing if he'll stay asleep, before she gently places his hand on the bed beside him. Gradually releasing his hand from her grasp. Standing up slolwy, she turns to her maid. "He's resting now." she says in a whisper, "As quietly as you can, gather the trunk."

The steady sound of sleeping breath continues to come from Riordan, even as the two ladies depart his tent. And, indeed, it seems that the Regent is not the only to have need of rest - for as Jocelyn and her escort depart the area, they will likely stumble upon the sleeping form of Stanley. The erstwhile retainer is passed out nearby in the shadow of the Nayland's gathering tent, an empty tankard in hand, and snoring up a storm.