Page 088: Better News
Better News
Summary: Jacsen turns Gedeon's frown upside down.
Date: 11/10/288
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Gedeon Jacsen 
The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
11 October 288

Morning training has come to an end, so Gedeon and his squire have parted ways until the afternoon. Rowan is likely off seeing to the hounds or her other chores or perhaps helping Ser Jarod with a few of his. Gedeon, for his part, is checking his sword for nicks and dents as the morning begins to warm.

Not ignorant to the cadence of a knight's day, Jacsen bid his time until he could be reasonably certain that Gedeon would be finished with the morning's activities, and alone. He crosses the open space of the green with his ever familiar cane in one hand, the other lifting in a wave when he manages to catch a bit of the knight's attention. "Morning, Ged," he calls, continuing to close the distance. "I hope it finds you well?"

Gedeon sits up a bit, gesturing for Jacsen to join him where he sits. "It finds me well enough. How does it find you, my lord? I'm afraid I've a rather disappointing letter from Stonebridge, however."

Jacsen's amicable expression fades some at that, a frown marring his smile. "Well, it had found me decently, until just a moment ago there," he admits. "So, then, what is the crux of this disappointing note Stonebridge has sent us?"

Gedeon's expression is rather wry as he fishes the missive out from the pouch and offers it out to Jacsen. "My attempts at rallying the smallfolk were apparently somewhat successful and, also, noticed."

He reaches out to take the missive, deft at unfolding it with just the one free hand. His eyes scan the page and he looks back up, curling a fist that is aimed in a light jab at Gedeon's shoulder. "You had me worried for a moment…" He scans the page again, and says, "Though I fear for the fate of poor Master Fisher, this is still good news." He offers the parchment back towards the Oldstones sworn knight.

"Is it?" Gedeon asks. "I rather thought letters written by Ser Rygar and sent to me would be bad."

He frowns again. "It didn't say it was addressed to you?" Jacsen asks, "Did you receive this from Nayland hands?"

"No," Gedeon allows as he studies the letter, "but I'm also not sure who else Rygar would write to without using any sort of actual name or title."

Jacsen nods once. "But it could have been a letter sent out to various directions in Stonebridge, as a warning? It's not quite specifically aimed at you," he points out. "Anyways, it is not as if Ser Rygar can do anything about it, not to you at least." He shifts of his feet a bit, and adds, "I've received some word of my own, perhaps a bit better received than something written in a Nayland hand."

"We shall see what next week brings, then," Gedeon replies, folding up the letter and tucking it away again. His brows lift a little, interest peaking. "Have you?"

"Indeed," he remarks. Before he elaborates further, he motions to a collection of logs, the sort that might serve as seats for curious onlookers to the goings on at the greens. "Let's sit?" Jacsen moves without waiting, the strain of being up so long not showing otherwise, but Gedeon should know well how it works by now.

He does, and he follows without complaint. He sets himself down on the log, waiting for Jacsen to do the same before glancing to the Terrick expectantly.

"Seaguard seems…" Jacsen begins as his friend takes a seat, pausing so he can lower himself down gingerly, "… eager to support the notion that there is no confidence in the Lord and Lady of Stonebridge, and your letters play into that perfectly. Lord Mallister has written to the Lord Paramount Hoster Tully and spoken of the letters, and highly suggested that given his concerns, the letters be surrendered to Riverrun until the matter is settled," he shares. "I admit, he also made sure to point out that there is no guarantee even if their legitimacy is secured that you would be awarded the seat, but it is a step in the right direction." He adds, before Gedeon might ask, "And if the letters are destroyed, that will only cast further doubt on the leadership at Stonebridge. We're to discuss it more in person after the wedding, but as I said, Ged, this is good news."

"His," Gedeon blinks and then he huffs a soft laugh. "Lord Mallister is going to write to Hoster Tully? To…" he laughs again, beginning to smile widely. "That is good news. As good as we could have hoped."

Jacsen grins a touch. "I thought you might be glad to hear that, Ged. You're right, it's as good an answer as we could have asked for." He lets out a breath and says, honestly, "I think it is more for the return of lost prestige and revenues from Stonebridge than anything. That, or ensuring the Freys don't gain it."

"I could hardly expect it to be pure goodwill. Politics always has a reason and intrigue is always for gain. At least, so the books all seem to say," the bastard knight chuckles. "If the right thing is done for other reasons, I daresay it still serves us well enough."

"I daresay so," Jacsen agrees. "I received the letter not long ago, and I wanted to come and make sure you knew about it… honoring that promise we made to one another about our dealings in all of this. Open, straightforward, and all the rest. If there is anything more from my talk with Lord Mallister when he comes to the Roost that I can share, I will."

"Thank you," Gedeon murmurs, his expression growing briefly more solemn. "That means much to me. And I will let you know, when I have further word of the doings in Stonebrdge." He breathes out softly. "What we really need is a man we can trust sending us regular word. I could do much if only I was better aware of the state of things, there."

He seems to ponder that for a moment, offering a general nod of consensus on the notion. "It would be much more useful than the bits and pieces we get now," Jacsen remarks. "Is there no one that might lend you friendship from your early days in Stonebridge, someone that would be willing to take up your cause?"

"You knew me as a boy, my lord. I'm afraid I was not one who made friends quickly or easily. I kept mostly to myself. I cannot think of anyone now who might wish to help because of loyalty, then."
Jacsen frowns a bit, and shakes his head. "You're too hard on yourself, Ged, harder than you ought to be, even if it is all in the past now…" He lifts one shoulder in a half-shrug. "And if not for you, maybe there are a few whom loved your father well, and don't like what they've seen Stonebridge become?"

"That is quite likely," Gedeon agrees with a nod. "The trick is seeking them out and knowing if those who offer such words can truly be trusted."

"You must do it with some cunning, and count on it going awry Ged, that way when it works, it comes as a pleasant surprise," Jacsen suggests with a small chuckle. "Beyond that… I've little advice, but plenty of confidence in you."

The Rivers knight snickers softly and shakes his head. "Fine advice," he allows. "Contingency plans also sound necessary, in such cases."

Jacsen tips his chin. "Plan now, or regret later, I think it goes. Or something along those lines, anyways."

"So long as you're sure it's not 'plan now and regret later, I'll see what I can devise," Gedeon replies, smiling faintly.