Page 209: Better Late Than Never
Better Late Than Never
Summary: Gedeon (finally) arrives at the Roost, just like he said he would.
Date: 11/02/289
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Jarod Gedeon 
The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
11 February 289

Afternoon in the Roost, cloudy but free - so far - of the bursts of rain that've doused the coastal area of late. Jarod Rivers is at practice. He's engaged in a bit of blunted swordplay with one of the Roost's guardsmen, grin as his face as he dodges and parries against the other man. There are a few other men scattered around the Green doing likewise, but formal drills have been over for some time, so this is informal playtime now.

Another figure joins those sparring, though this one comes from the east an is riding a dark bay stallion. Gedeon Rivers brings Radish to a halt so he can climb down and lead the horse the rest of the way. The sounds of sparring make the breast's nostrils flare in mild anticipation, but otherwise he's willing enough to be led. "Halloo, Rivers!" Gedeon calls, trying to aim for a moment when distraction won't cause Jarod to lose any fingers.

Jarod's opponent is not aiming for his fingers, fortunately, though the Terrick Rivers does earn a knock to his rib cage when he's distracted by Gedeon's voice. That'll bruise. Albeit not more than that, as it doesn't earn more from him than a pained grunt and stumble. He'll walk it off. He holds up a hand, gesturing toward Gedeon, and apparently calling his little 'match' done. "Rivers." The greeting is called with general civility, if still an air of neutrality about it. And a touch of surprise he doesn't bother to hide. "Was starting to wonder if you'd gotten distracted on the road."

"Wagon threw a wheel. Slowed us up a bit," Gedeon replies, offering the guard Jarod's sparring with a nod. He sighs softly, glancing around the green. "I rode through the town," he murmurs. "It's worse than I'd expected, how is everyone holding up?"

"Always something, isn't it?" Jarod replies to Gedeon with a smirk, though the question is half-teasing rather than really biting. Whatever faux-merriment he'd managed fades when the town is mentioned, expression growing somber. "How do you think? It'll take years to rebuild, though it's the next one or two that'll be truly hard for us, with the farmlands in the outlying country also ravaged. Harvest'll be lean, and buying grain'll be expensive. We'll managed, though. Little choice but to manage."

"Things would be less interesting if there wasn't," Gedeon replies with a faint smile, though it fades as Jarod does. "manage or starve," the other bastard agrees somberly. "I met Lady Rosanna Groves in Stonebridge. She says their lands have fared much better. Has Lord Jacsen or anybody else opened discussion with them?"

"I mentioned it to him briefly. I'll press him on it more. Him and Lady Evangeline," Jarod says. "Lady Anais proposed buying grain from the Reach, but that'd be even more expensive than the Frey rate. I don't think she quite understands the Riverlands yet. She's used to things at Banefort, where the local lands are less fertile, and shipping trade less expensive. Anyhow. C'mon. I'll walk you back." He detours briefly to put up his blunted blade.

"With the price of travel and the roads more dangerous these days," Gedeon muses with a faint frown, "I cannot see how looking further afield could benefit, unless Lady Anais has some particular connections in the Reach who might be willing to do her and her household particular favors." One brow arches at the mention of the Freys, and Gedeon glances over at Jarod. "Have they offered?" he asks with a surprised laugh. "The Freys, I mean."

"The Baneforts might but…aye, didn't make sense to me," Jarod says. "And no. They haven't offered, though I figure they'd sell us what we could pay for. At a price that turned out to be higher than we figured in the bargaining. Still, I don't think this is a good time to be too proud to turn down any option that might aid us. Still, there are more than fifty lordly holdings in the Riverlands, and most of those aren't under the banner of the Twins. I'd prefer to look elsewhere." Once his practice weapon is settled, he motions Gedeon and starts along the path back to the castle.

Gedeon follows along, leading Radish behind him as he listens. "Can you afford the Freys?" he queries gently. "I apologize if it's not my business, but… how much purchasing will the Roost coffers allow, with no harvest coming in and most sellable good destroyed by the reavers?"

"We're looking into what more we can sell for raise coin to buy food," Jarod replies. "The war galley we received from the Baneforts when Jace wed Anais should fetch a decent price, with the Westerlands fleet destroyed. And I'm looking to what we can bargain with when our coin runs bare. I'll not sit around and wring my hands about who we can't afford. Won't know unless we ask."

"Ah, pity about the war galley," Gedeon says with a sigh, "though coin is of the greater use, now. How has the Banefort fared, would they be willing to offer assistance, or were they struck too deeply, as well?" There is another small nod for asking, a corner of his mouth quirking upwards. "Press your case to Lady Igara, then, if you like. She was espousing on her father's generous and charitable heart. It would be interesting to see just what that generosity looks like."

"We know the Westerlands coast was hit, just as the Riverlands shores were. And that they were under siege for a time," Jarod says. "Last I heard, Jace and Anais were still awaiting word from their inquiries about Banefort's status. We'll see how it plays. I'm expecting little given from outside, so anything we get'll be pleasant." He smirks at mention of Lady Igara. "Perhaps. As I said, I don't think the Freys are an ideal place to find aid, but they're there if all else fails. I'd much rather deal with the Groves, or even a Riverlord a little farther afield like the Pipers, or the steward of Freemarket."

"I've no love for the Freys," Gedeon replies with a soft huff. "I only wonder what would come of the Lady Igara speaking such things before another Lady and a knight, not to mention the Lady Groves's retinue. I doubt Lord Frey would consider it a reason to make good on his daughter's word, but a little mud kicked in their face would do me no displeasure. But, for actual help, aye. The Groves, and Fairmarket's nod a bad thought. They're inland."

"I've an acquaintance in Fairmarket. Should write to him, see what the rates on food are like at present," Jarod says. "You been talking with Lady Igara?" The image makes him snort a laugh. "As for help, we'll look for it wherever we can get it. Speaking of, since you came I presume you're ready to draft that Stonebridge document we discussed? Jace is much occupied of late, but we'll try and get that done in the next day or so. In the meantime, there's plenty of room in the tower to board you comfortably. Our table might not be as rich as it once was, but you'll be seen to as a guest should."

"No frail and quivering woman can resist my charms, Rivers," Gedeon teases around an easy grin. "I make them all… uh… quiver. Further. Or some such. At any rate, we chanced upon one another in Stonebridge before I left. And she actually spoke. How could I resist speaking back?" For the document or the lodgings or the offer, Gedeon only nods. "That suits. I'm happy to help the restoration efforts however I can, while I'm here."

"Well, have fun with them," Jarod replies lightly. "They're all yours. Not my type." They aren't far from the castle now, which is still impregnable, despite damage to its gate taken during the siege. "Could do with any help we can get. Though at present what we need is coin, and I don't think you've brought enough to fill our coffers. We've cleared the worst of the debris. Still, if you could go out with one of the hunting parties, or assist with the reconstruction in town, that'd be appreciated." A pause and he adds, "Thanks."

For 'not my type' Gedeon glances at Jarod and then away again, shaking his head. "Ass," he murmurs as the castle comes into view. "Perhaps I'll go hunting. I held my own quite admirably against Lord Rafferdy's legendary skills, which you would have known if you'd managed to drag your lazy self out of bed, like you said you were going to do." Radish gets an idle pat on his neck before the other Rivers adds, "Welcome."

Jarod smirks when he's called an ass. Does he look a little pleased with himself? Perhaps. "I'm at liberty, Ser Rivers. You'll forgive me for actually enjoying myself a little. And sleeping in, on occasion. Anyhow. C'mon. Our servants'll get you settled." And through the portcullis he goes, inclining his head to the guards as he passes them.

"Then remind me never to make you my second, should the need of one ever arise again," Gedeon replies with another smirking shake of his head. He follows Jarod through the gates to get himself arranged as a guest of the Roost.