Page 338: Best Intentions
Best Intentions
Summary: Rafferdy and Katrin meet one last time before he travels to Broadmoor to appeal to Katrin's father.
Date: 23/06/2012
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Rafferdy Katrin 
Haigh Tent
Katrin's private tent. There is a bed and a table and light for reading.
June 23, 289

Her wound has been cleaned, her hair brushed for the night and now Katrin is sitting by herself in her tent reading by candlelight in nothing but a shift. Might as well enjoy running around without the stuffy dresses on while one can. No guards have been posted by her tent yet, but who knows when that'll change.

The tent is opened, and Lady Katrin's handmaiden leans in. "Lord Rafferdy is here. He's asked the meeting be proper, and that I remain if you allow him to enter, My Lady.

Katrin frowns and rises to retrieve a robe to cover herself into something more appropriate. She hesitates and considers her options. "Very well, show him in," she says with a sigh.

Rafferdy steps in. He's shirtless, his chest still wrapped, eye still swollen shut, neck swollen and bruised. His hand is also still wrapped. He smiles, "My Lady. I've come to tell you of my intents."

"Your intents?" Katrin asks cautiously. She stands on the opposite side of the tent, leaving as much room in between them as possible. Her eyes move toward her maid and then back on Rafferdy. Or somewhat near Rafferdy. She keeps her gaze focused over his left shoulder.

Rafferdy nods, "I am leaving tonight to speak with your father. I intend to speak with him on the matter of our denied betrothal." He raises his brow just slightly, "It's the only thing left we can try. I'm sorry." He swallows, "If nothing changes, then… Then we have to be over. But… If I can change his mind…"

"I understand," Katrin replies softly. She intakes a deep breath, still refusing to look directly at Rafferdy. "I wish you safe travels, Lord Rafferdy," she murmurs.

Rafferdy lingers, staring at her. Nearly a minute passes, and then he asks, quietly, "Why will you not look at me?"

"Because if I look at you, then this is all real," Katrin says. Her eyes close entirely. "I can pretend that this is nothing but an awful dream and when I do open my eyes, you will be beside me, and the Seven themselves will not be doing their utmost to keep us apart."

Rafferdy nods, and he looks down at his feet. "I'm very charming…" He shrugs a little, "Maybe your father will like me." He smirks a bit, "It is possible."

Katrin falls silent for a moment before she opens her eyes and does look to Rafferdy. "How could you tell her?" she asks in a whisper. She sounds hurt and betrayed.

Rafferdy furrows his brow, "Ro." He sighs, "The same way you could tell Martyn." He shakes his head, "I hoped she would have another answer… I needed to hear the words come from my own mouth, to help me figure out what we could do…" He shakes his head, "I trusted her. Like everyone else, I shouldn't have."

"I told Martyn today that I did not love him," Katrin says quietly. "And that so long as there was a chance to be with you, I could not marry him. I think he finally begins to understand that my heart belongs to you."

Rafferdy nods, "Kat…" He sighs, "We may not ever be able to together. If that's the case, then… you SHOULD be with Martyn. He loves you. He'd treat you well. You do like him, so… You wouldn't be miserable the rest of your life…" He looks back at her, "We have this one more chance, though. I will appeal to Lord Haigh, and… who knows."

Katrin takes a few steps in Rafferdy's direction but pauses as she looks to her maid. She then retreats back to her original position. "I don't want to consider my life without you, Raff." She offers a bitter laugh. "I have tried to shut you out of my life now twice and I cannot. It would slowly kill me to know that I could never see you again."

Rafferdy nods, "Then let's hope I'm as charming as I like to say I am." He smiles at her, winks, and then nods. "Either way? I love you." He turns, and begins to slip out of her tent.

"Rafferdy," Katrin calls after the Nayland.

Rafferdy pauses at the flap of the tent, turning to look back at her. "Yeah?"

Serra be damned. Katrin crosses over to wrap her arms around Rafferdy, hugging him as tightly as she can without causing harm. "I love you," she murmurs. "I wish that we could have been together once more."

Rafferdy returns her hug, and then pushes her apart before it's too long. He looks at the Septa, "Sorry." He glances at Katrin, smiles at her, and then leaves.