Page 329: Before His Vigil
Before his Vigil
Summary: Lady Roslyn has been sent invitation to dine with Lord Justin at the tower's summit. He has news to share, then must depart ere the evening grew late.
Date: 14/June/2012
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Roslyn Justin 
Top of Tower, Four Eagles Tower
You know what it looks like!
June 13th, 289

Another good weather day fades, draining the summer heat slowly from the sun baked stones of the tower. The evening sky is a painted shroud that is beginning to colorup with all the vivid hues a sunset sky can host ere the stars peak out. Birds wing over to find their roosts for the night, the ravens in the rookery already quieting. A cooling breeze is light up at the tower top's height and the evening promises to be fragrant with a hint of summer honeysuckle.

Justin has requested that Lady Roslyn might sup with him. He sent her invitation and has brought up a few of the house staff to set up a small table with chairs. Thick beeswax candles on wrought iron stands stand to each side to cast light when the sun has fully settled, a bottle of wine as well as a pot of hot water for tea upon the table. The meal tonight is to be fish, locally caught from the sea with what vegetables are available, with a side of fresh bread even if that helping is small. There is soup to lead the course and brandied fruit to follow. With food rationed, it will be by the Roost's standards a small feast for two. As for himself, Justin has washed up and changed into a light weight black surcoat edged with minimal golden and indigo purple embroidary without his weapons. He walks quietly with his hands clasped loosely behind his back as he looks out over the evening landscape as he awaits Lady Roslyn's arrival with whomever her escort will be. One member of his own house remains to serve them.

Her maid accompanies, of course, but for such an invitation it seems as if Roslyn has turned out with a new gown, a new style. Her curls have been caught over a shoulder in a bronze pin that holds dark, chocolate tresses within a Harpy's wings, the satin of her gown catching the candlelight and reflecting it, shining an orange that is almost gold against pale flesh. It is cut low, almost daringly so, and it fits flush against her curves. As she draws to the top of the tower, her breath is caught and held, waiting for a moment with her gaze sliding to Justin for his reaction as she waits.

Ah, there's that light tread, that whisper of cloth against stone as she comes up the many stone steps and out onto the overlook at the very summit of the tower. Justin turns at the faint sounds and ere he might take the half step closer and make a verbal greeting, he notices that Roslyn is not dressed as he expected. He stops, not a word spoken and looks at her with faint surprise. Gone is the plain wool and he hasn't seen her wear her hair like that. A breath or two is spent in looking at her before he steps forward to greet her, "Good evening, Lady Roslyn. I am pleased that you could come sup with me this evening." Justin positions himself where he can draw out a chair for her, but does not until he sees whether she will wish to sit or walk the low crenulated parapet to enjoy the view ere the sun's light has diminished into night. "The evening finds you well?"

"Yes, my lord. Though the morning found me rather better. I must thank you for your gracious gifts," Roslyn replies in a murmur, drawing closer with a smile at her lips before she does lower herself gracefully into the chair when (if) he pulls it out for her. Gaze swept up towards him to linger on the Terrick, she adds, "The roses were beautiful, Lord Justin. You are very thoughtful."

"The morning found you better?" Ah, then she explains. Justin does draw out the chair for her to help her be seated. He steps around the candle stands to draw out his own chair as the server presents a chair for her maid as well at a smaller side table. The man then turns and offers to pour Roslyn her choice of two wines, with or without water, or hot water with several choices of tea. The dishes themselves are yet covered to keep them warm.

"There is no point in having roses if they are not to be enjoyed. I thought they might cheer you a little, after your fright at the diving." He moves to take his own seat and pour himself a glass of the paler of the two wine choices, not minding to take a little water with it as has become the custom the past few months here. "I have some small news to share that might also cheer you, Lady Roslyn."

"Being with you, my lord, cheers me," Roslyn answers, words slightly wry with the twist of her lips as she watches him while he pours. "But I would be happy to hear your news, Lord Justin."

"Really?" he asks, trying not to sound amused. Justin's certainly not used to someone being cheered up by being around himself so he eyes her to see if she's mocking him. Perhaps she isn't. The server sees to presenting the dishes to Roslyn herself first, then to Justin and when they both have their supper laid out before them, then the Terrick house retainer offers Lady Roslyn's maid some dinner as well. It's more or less the same but without the brandied fruit to follow.

Justin lightly tastes his wine and lets the retainer turn to see to the other smaller table before he speaks again, "The first part concerns the man who escaped me, when we brought you and the other ladies forth from the cave. His name is Jensen, and using information I obtained from the prisoner Rolf, we have now captured him as well. Jensen and Rolf both await trial for thier crimes in our dungeon below the keep. I've also had news that more of the stolen horses were found and returned today. I hope that yours was among them, Lady Roslyn."

Roslyn is certainly not mocking him, even if some lightness plays at her smile it is chased with a rather solid presence of warmth. At the news, however, her breath catches at the news, shoulders tightening as her fingers curl in a fist around her napkin and she nods, sharply. "That is good news, my lord. I shall look forward to seeing if she is," she says carefully.

Justin does not mention that he expects both men to be executed and grusomely displayed to discourage future banditry. The table is set for eating their nicely presented supper after all. So he picks up untensil to start eating lightly. The fish is particuarly well done though there's no telling if Roslyn actually likes to eat fish, this being from the sea rather than from her river at the Mire. "My apology to bring up the man or that incident at all, but I thought … you would care to know that he is no longer free to do as he pleases." The evening sky is beginning to darken. The house retainer lights the rest of the thick candles, the flames dancing as the breeze whispers over the parapet. In the east the very first, brightest of the stars are visible and a slender crescent moon is well up. Justin is quiet for a moment ere he picks up his glass to take another sip. He watches Roslyn, studying her in her fine gown, how the light is caught by the fabric and shines in her dark hair. "The other news is … that after our supper, I go to stand vigil at the Sept."

"I appreciate knowing that very much, my lord," Roslyn replies with a softened smile, though she dismisses the topic further with a slow shake of her head before her attention draws back to the man before her. A brow curves curiously, her expression brightening before she leans forward to capture Justin's hand within her own warm one. "Truly? You shall be knighted, then?"

He's quiet, watching her to see if his simple phrase carries the meaning he intends. Roslyn doesn't disapoint and he smiles, "Aye, Ser Kamron surprised me in the courtyard a little while ago. Bid me gather my arms, then go to the Sept. He intends it on the morrow." As she might expect, Justin is much pleased with the news himself though he keeps his voice quite low. His return grip is warm, her fingers quite slender and soft compared to the roughness of his own hands. "I shall be able to go to tournament and compete, this time."

There is a hint of pleasure to the thread of Roslyn's words as she says firmly, "I would wish to see the ceremony, Justin." Her fingers slip and twine through his, not concerned of her own lady's maid or the single Terrick servant. "Though I will also be pleased to watch you compete."

A twisting of his mouth before Justin almost laughs, "I'll almost certainly have to ransom my maile and my horse, but I would not care to miss it." He does look momentarily concerned for that matter, should it happen. Particularly as he probably can't afford to pay it. That will be a problem for another day, not tonight. He does nothing to take back his hand, "Ser Kamron will arrange the ceremony. I do not know when or where, though likely enough he'll conduct it at the Sept with Septon Josse's assistance." Justin draws a slow breath and sighs but a far more pleased sound than anything tired, "I … wasn't expecting this quite so soon."

"Do you feel unprepared?" Roslyn questions with a steady concern, a silent support to her words as she lingers in the innocent contact and studies the Terrick.

"No," Justin answers easily enough, "I rather expected to earn my spurs when we went against the Ironborn. I think Ser Haffrey would have put them on my heels if he had lived. He was a fair, if sometimes stern man. Cautious, as Tully's are and slow to make up his mind sometimes. But he was a good man. I've missed his company." Justin lets go of Roslyn's hand and leans back in his chair, his meal about half finished. "Could easily have earned them even before then, when we had delt with bandits in the mountains overlooking the Riverrun valley." He shrugs, "He didn't want to be hasty." To /that/ Justin thins his mouth, "Nor is my father. I have chafed at so much waiting. I did expect others here would want me to do more to prove myself."

Roslyn laughs, though it is a quiet, mild sound as she says with a depth of feeling of her own, "I know how that chafes, my lord. Believe me, I know."

"I suppose you do, better than I." If his attention had wavered from her briefly to look at the night sky, Justin draws his gaze back to her now, "You are very lovely tonight, Lady Roslyn. You always dress so plainly though I haven't minded it. I like that you can do both. Be plain and comfortable, or dress up nicely to outshine the candles." He tastes his wine as he watches her.

"Thank you, Lord Justin. I thought to show you of it, so I am glad it has not gone unnoticed," Roslyn replies, her own fingers finding her wine glass with a careful sip as she meets Justin's gaze steadily.

His own cup he sets down to refesh it. He eats a little more of his meal, the sun now well down and the sky overhead spangled with many stars. Not nearly as many as one would see when the air is crisper, more clear, but it makes for a nice night all the same. "I am co-hosting the reopening of our Sept tomorrow. Might you come to that also? I think it will follow on the heels of Ser Kamron's intentions." How very appropriate. While he looks amused for a moment, Justin then looses some of that, "Your brother has not spoken with my father, yet. It may be that you will need present your business to my brother, Jacsen ere the week is out. I would hear what word you have brought from your own father, Lady Roslyn."

"I shall, of course," Roslyn agrees, her fingers curving over her glass in an absent caress as she offers a smile towards the man. Her own smile fades away as well at the turn of the conversation. "Would you, Lord Justin? He says that he shall agree to your lord father's conditions. A bride of Lord Terrick's choice for a groom of ours."

Justin watches Roslyn closely, fingering his own wine goblet, "And has your father chosen his groom of choice?"

"He thought it would be polite to allow your own lord father to choose first, and he would match the groom to the bride," answers Roslyn steadily.

To that he gives a slow nod, "That's probably wise." Justin lifts a hand, leaving the rest of his excellant meal untouched, and rests his temple against his fingers as he watches her, "And that is all he said then?" He looks to see if she's been eating or whether the meal perhaps doesn't agree with her, "Is there anything you want for, Lady Roslyn? If the fish isn't to your liking, I can have something else brought up for you?"

"That is all, Lord Justin, though he has spoken approval of our match, and of you as the groom." There is a hint of a smile to Roslyn's lips as she admits that, a curious look cast over the Terrick. Her meal has been eaten, steadily if not all of it. She leaves some on her plate, politely, to indicate that she needs no more. "I am fine, thank you. You need not worry after me, my lord."

Justin nods and moves to stand from the table, havinng had all he wanted of his own as well. He finishes off his wine and then moves around the table to draw out her chair, "If you come and stand at the parapet, there's enough moonlight to see something of the land by night. The lights in the Roost, and amid the distance, a few scattered elsewhere." It isn't far to walk at all to reach the low wall at the rim of the tower's edge yet Justin offers her his arm all the same, for it is moderately dark past the glow of the candles. Once their eyes adjust, there's the tiny dancing lights of fireflies down lower where the breeze coming in from the sea can't sweep so easily sweep them away. Justin says quite low, "You mentioned that you expected it would be a short betrothal, if agreed upon. Why?"

Roslyn does push to her feet, drawing to take Justin's arm and linger at his side as she answers, carefully, "Your people need a dowry, especially if one comes in the way of food, and I need a marriage and soon. It would do neither of our family's any good to prolong it." She falls silent at that thought, her lips pressing into a line as she stands by his side and looks over the starlit Roost until he must withdraw to stand vigil.

Justin would like to press her concerning that very dowery, but … the sun has now gone down and he must go. "Aye, we do. And … I do not want a long wait." With that, he is content to stand with her a little a few minutes longer, then depart for the Sept.