Page 585: Be A Man
Be A Man
Summary: Lord Keenan, soon finds himself, just Keenan
Date: 28/Feb/2013
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Ozric Keenan 
The Coastline
Teh Coast
Feb 28 298

There aren't many wrecks along the coastline but the unsalvaged hull of a merchant cog probably a victim of the Greyjoy invasions is where Keenan resides talking to two tough looking nautical sorts in a subdued tone. From a distance as the conversation proceeds one can see Keenan poking various points of the hull with a stick which invites further conversation. Keenan engages the men without enthusiasm - indeed he seems uncharacteristically flat today.

Coming down from the Roost, it's not hard for the Young Lord to find his bother, not when there are only a few places Lord Keenan usually places himself. And so with a squire following behind, the one eye'd knight makes his way along the beach in the direction of where his brother has placed himself. One hand is raised and upon coming closer to where Keenan and his company stand there's a sharp whistle of a hail that leaves Ozric. Where as Keenan may seem flat-Ozric moves with purpose and bearing. He has reason to be here, beyond looking at the hull of a scuttled ship.

At closer range Keenan has taken a pounding from someone - healing bloody nose and split lip. Turning his back to speak to the men he is with they depart presumably at his direction with a measure of amusement on their faces. As Ozric gets even closer Keenan says fatalistically, "How now brother? Is this the proverbial interview without tea and biscuits?" He says taking measure of the aggressive posture. "Perhaps I should have brought some."

With the aggressive posture shown, the Lord pauses in his step, and his one eye narrows. "Perhaps, you should shut your mouth and then rethink your greeting. Try it again. I will wait but a minute." Ozric replies back calmly. There's a look to the two sailors, and there is a motion to them, to move on, likely out of hearing's range, as his focus slides back towards Keenan. A brief glance to the man's nose and lip. BUt, he does not comment on it. Yet.

Keenan sighs - Ozric had become the Young Lord only recently and hence he had a tendency to forget it. "Formalities then…" Bowing to Ozric, "Greetings Young Lord - what can I do for you on this auspicious day," returning to the hull. "Do you like this? I had thought to make it the roof of my office. But then I thought - if I had an office - what would I do in that office?"

Ozric doesn't flinch under the sigh. " You can start by telling me what has been going on in that skull of yours." he adds right off the bat. "I am sure you know what I am talking about, as does half the bloody fishermen in town." And there he looks to the hull and gives a shrug. "The wood could be used to help some of the homes in town if sturdy and not water logged-or damaged."

"People get drunk occasionally and mouth off as I am sure you have experienced. In any event I am nearly three weeks sober and not around any fishermen at present to start unsavory rumors. And quite contrite. That wont happen again." Hands on hips, "Anything else brother?" Knocking on the wood of the hull, "You have my apology and you have my salvage."

"People get drunk and speak what could be considered treason to the House?" And there's a raise of his brow back towards Keenan. "If it were that simple, brother I would take it and be done with it." Ozric states. "But I also know that you have spoken ill of my betrothed. And done so in front of others not in this house. That you've made it clear that you care not for our Father's decision and have said that my own soon to be wife has come here to steal this out from the Lady Anais?" And there his voice does not raise to meet or match the crash of waves. "DO you understand the insult you have delivered to her, to me, and to our House?"

Now Keenan stands his ground, "/That/ was not what I suggested to Lady Nedra." Quietly, "She suggested it to me I quote verbatim 'Do you mean to suggest that I came here to steal Lady Anais position from her'. Tactic brother tactic. My natural response then is supposed to be 'No No No Young Lady not at all'. Then I am on a back foot. I merely sought Lady Nedra's aid as to the question of Lady Anais and what would become of her. She chose to misinterpret. And in seeking her aid yes I was comfortable to speak in front of Lady Firth Frey." Folding his arms defensively, "But I doubt that my words will sway you in this - truth aside - you need to assert your authority and reaffirm your solidarity with your bethrothed. So now that the wringing of hands is done the question is what will you do?" Jumping down from the hull, "I've done all I can which is to not pretend that I can affect the outcome here."

"Brother, your words do not conform to what I have heard from others, retainers, my own betrothed and our sister." Ozric replies dryly. "You wish to know what I aim to do, and what plan I have for Lady Anais? Then you ask me-you do not press upon someone who has already been shouted at because of her very being here. The fact that our Lady Anais chewed on her own cousins over something that we have no control over, should have shown you the delicacy in which this should have been handled." And there Ozric shakes his head. "There are talks of rifts in this House. And rifts I shall not abide. Not from you, or from anyone." And there he looks back to his brother. "IN order to make you see the sense in sobriety, I am going to remove your noble status for a time, until you a fit to be called Lord." he states plainly. "Once you have proven that you understand that we are the family here, we are the nobility and you align with us, will I return your status to you." And there he looks to his brother, now that he is down from the Hull. "Be penitent of soul and sober of mind and body. I need to know that I can trust you."

"At least you're are not throwing me in the dungeons until I sober up - I should be grateful for that. This seems to be a popular punishment - an innovation of Lord Bastien viz Lord Daryl?" Quietly sitting "There is however only one small problem that I see with your edict older brother - if indeed I am still allowed to call you that. If I have had a grievance in the grand scheme of our familial relations it has been underemployment. I have found distraction in my own endeavours even some wealth that eagerly awaits confiscation by you or father at some future stage I am sure. But in the mean time over the course of some twenty four namedays I have not despite innumerable attempts been appointed to even the lofty perch of head of cleaning the chamberpots and drains that might demonstrate any measure of administrative competence. I am no knight and cannot thus do it through valor. There is no avenue I can see that I might use to 'prove' my worth to you save the perhaps passage of time without incident. And I am tired so very tired of waiting." Keenan plops his head down on his hands where he sits.

"I could have you hung for treason or sent up to the damned wall with what's been reported what you have said. Father would not even break a sweat or shed a fucking tear." And Ozric holds that. As for confirmation of the idea with Lord Daryl, Keenan, receives nothing. Instead he keeps his focus there on his younger brother, before he is shaking his head. "If you want position you must earn it. Things are not just given to people. You did not become a knight, but you have a ship. If you are a true Captain, then you can find ways to bring honor to yourself and our House there." he adds before he is shifting his weight and crossing his arms over his chest. "If you claim to be tired of waiting, then the answer is simple. Act like a fucking man, and quit whining when you think you see something that disagrees with you. Don't bitch. Stand up on your feet and do something."

Keenan stands up and looks at Ozric, "Hmm best not send me up to the wall - I'd likely turn into some vagrant smuggling goods to the rest of the brotherhood for coin. But on that note you really aren't father are you?" From his tone Keenan thinks that is a good thing. "Actually my ship has a captain and that brings forth a thought that might be an avenue for me to help rather than harm our solidarity. I was an embarrassment before when I was landlocked anyway. We need gold to build these docks and for other bits of infrastructure. I have something of an idea of how much because I have been salivating over the plans for the docks since I reached the Roost." Frown on his face, "Here's what I am thinking - let me go and get my ship - I can catch up to it. I have done it before. About the only manual work I am cut out for is sailing. I will run over the next year or so a number of cargo runs. Then I will return with a small fortune. Minus the pay for my men I will donate it all (hopefully enough) to the Ozric Terrick docks fund. If they're finished by then they still will probably need improvement or expansion. And failing that there is surely something else that needs building or rebuilding around town." Keenan continues, "Think of it as win win - if I'm not here - I'm not here to embarrass you. If I screw up and do the sweetsleep thing again and die well your ties to me were anulled anyway and I really don't think you give a shit. If I never return then I am never a Terrick again. And hell I'd rather be at sea. Only problem being some might not think it a punishment - in that case just tell them you've exiled me for a period."

"I am not, but while he is in Riverrun, I am here and ruling in his stead. He will know where I have sent you and what you have done, to the fullest extent." he makes sure that sits there before Ozric is turning. "Right now, you are still an embarrassment. Go on your ship and make your fortune that would become ours. If you can do that. I'll give you several months time. If this cannot be done before then, I will consider you to have failed, or died or both." And there he looks to his brother. "While you are at sea, hold yourself to honor-do not become some common pirate." And there he turns and spits. "Till you earn your title, you are no longer noble, you are no longer held by our standards. Prove to me what man you are." And with that the Young Lord is turning and walking away. "If you return to us empty handed, I will sell your ship." there easy and answered. "Now get out of here-and be the look out for Frey vessels, they may not take to you right now." A bit of a warning, but it's there. And the Young Lord departs.