Bastien Ashwood


If Aleister is Highfield's voice and mind, consider Bastien it's iron-clad fist. The second oldest son to the brother of Lord Keegan Charlton, head of house Charlton, Bastien would not be groomed to lead, but instead to protect. In his earliest years, Bastien was a quiet and kind-hearted child. Fit of body and mind, he was bereft of a violent demeanor. While most parents would find this to be a blessing, Bastien's elders found this to be a troublesome barrier to their plans for the young child. What great warrior attempts to avoid violence, after all? A great pressure was placed upon the child to change his ways, attempts were made quite often to harden and destroy the young Bastien's resolve. To his elder's chagrin, the results often turned up sour.

Constantly under pressure to change, Bastien was worn thin by the disapproval of his elders. His only relief came in the form of his siblings. Bastien's two brothers and younger sister never pressured him like his parents and older cousins did. They never told him that his lack of violent urges was wrong, and never berated him for his seemingly meek nature. This, while at first considered an impedement by his elders, would prove to be the key to fixing their problem. The constant solace and comfort in the face of adversity worked to forge a bond between the young Bastien and his siblings. It did not take long for Bastien's cousins and elders to notice that the normally meek boy's demeanor would change completely should his siblings ever come under threat.

For the first time in the eight years of his life, Bastien received something from his parents, elders, and older counsins that he had never before received. Approval. Every outburst at the sight of one of his siblings being disciplined, every (failed) attempt by a small boy to beat up a fully grown man at arms for insulting, offending, or looking wrong at his siblings was lavished with praise and adoration. Too young to really understand what was going on, this nurtured the young boy's already growing fondness of his siblings. Protecting them brought him meaning. Protecting them made his life easier. Most of all, protecting them made him happy.

Soon, the young boy was sent off with his elder brother to become a page at Hollyholt. It was hard for the young boy, despite the close proximity to his older brother. His younger brother and sister were far away, out of sight and constantly on the young page's mind. Were they okay? Did they need him? What would happen if he wasn't there to protect them?! Thankfully Aleister was able to allay the young Bastien's fears, already knowing the right words to speak to his younger brother during his times of need. One evening, the two sat down after duties and Bastien confessed his desire to abandon this task of knighthood, and return home to his family. After a long conversation, it was decided that Bastien would stay. Despite how vital the young boy thought he was in the protection of his siblings, Aleister pointed out a brutal truth. He had never actually protected them. For all the young boy's huffing and puffing in the face of people sworn to protect him, he had never actually fought off a real threat. Could he even do such a thing? Likely not. Before the young Bastien could be brought down by this revelation, Aleister brought up the fact that, though painful due to the distance, this training would give Bastien the ability to actually protect his family.

With this newly instilled epiphany, Bastien set to his duties with a new and excited fervor. Taking care of a horse was no longer a tiresome waste of time, it was a moment he could use in the future to help his older brother at tourney. Taking care of armor was no longer akin to scrubbing pots and pans, instead the chance to practice taking care of what would protect he and his family. Swordplay was no longer the act of swinging about sticks, but instead the ability to truly make a difference should his family ever come under threat. The young boy finally had a reason, and it was a reason that always seemed to drive him stornger than any other. That reason would drive him to train constantly, never quite satisfied with his abilities, always trying to be better and better. And so, Bastien was shaped into a man alongside his brother Aleister. That fervor would eventually become tempered as he grew, and a sharp wit would quickly shape it into a philosohpy which would stick with the young man to this day. Everything he did, he did for his family. He sought not glory, not gold, not title. Only the happiness and safety of his siblings. He would love them, he would protect them, and if necessary he would die for them.

By the time the Rebellion had come, Bastien was already a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Never far from his brother's side, the young lad's passion honed skills proved useful as he constantly kept vigil over his brother's back when the blood started to flow. It was during this war that they would earn their scars, and eventually their very Knighthood. Shortly afterwards, they returned home. Now a full fledged Knight, and capable of actually watching over his siblings, Bastien settled comfortably into life back home. His training would never cease, and his constant disatisfaction with his own capabilities would not wane, but he never waned in his attempts to become the best. The best is what they all deserved.


Lord Aleister of Highfield Older Brother
Lady Aeliana Younger Sister
Lord Robben Younger Brother

Physical Features

Bastien is an imposing figure, striding at 6'4". The large man is at the peak of his physical condition.

Allies and Foes

Lady Ceinlys Steward of Ashwood

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