Page 291: Bad Horse
Bad Horse
Summary: Tiaryn meets Daerd and Dania, but a wayward horse leads to mischief, mayhem and injury with help from Pariston. Thankfully, Justin arrives to save the day. Sort of.
Date: 06/05/289
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The trails are worn and well tended here and the fields on either side are lush and full of wildflowers amidst the lightly scattered trees of the central Cape of Eagles. A few packed dirt trails converge with the main road from outlying hamlets around Stonbridge.
May 6, 289

The sun began cresting over the fields, an orange ball that rose up and cast its light over the sea of wildflowers. The dew on each one catching to create a shimmering display of flowers that would be a fleeting sight before the warmth of the day causes the water to absorb. The petals are delicate and a wide range of colors, a sea of them really given the current shimmering look. About the only thing that would complete the visual of an ocean would be a light breeze (queue small gust) with the salt of the sea on the air (make that small sea breeze gust). The boughs of the scattered trees sway with the bit of wind, and the world seems to take a breath of life as the sun begins it's slow climb and day begins once more.
Daerd is currently on horseback, the animal making small steps as he humms a song that seems to be light and uplifting. In one hand, he holds a drinking horn. It's not a bad cup, it was made from well… a horn, and has leather about the base and top of it. Small metal studs are along the top rim of the drinking horn. The reigns of the horse are currently along it's neck allowing for one hand to be free. His head is turned and he looks out across the fields, and as the world inhales so does he— Oh god. Did I swallow a bug…?

Tiaryn, still clad in her half mourning, the black band on her arm obvious enough, has been out since a bit before sunrise, collecting some herbs a little outside the town. Now on the way back, she's stopped along one of the paths, settling atop a rock. The grey of her dress might even match the rock, but the dark blonde curls that are escaping their confinement gleam in the sunlight, as do the lavender accents to her dull grey raiment. She has a harp in hand, chuckling softly with a glance to her maid and guard, before her fingers slip to the harp strings and she starts to play.

In the light of the sun Dania with a basket in hand scours the fields. Her eyes bright and she seems to inhale the coming of the day, with warm smile. Her brown hair has been bound up as is proper and she is wearing a sage green wool gown and a rust colored apron dress. The skirts of her dress have been tucked into her belt a little bit so as to give her feet more freedom. She bounds over the field of flowers. Her cheeks are flushed. But, the sound of harp music calls to her like a moth to a flame and she finds herself drawn to it. She pauses in her passage long enough to raise a hand in greeting to the rider, if the rider should see it.

I'm sure that the harp would be beautiful. However, the man is hacking up a lung. Oh gods, was it a fly? Ew… Oh no! Or a bee?! He keeps coughing, turning a bit red in the face as his hand comes up to cover his mouth. The liquid in the drinking horn is sloshing about and some of it spills upon the horse. The horse lets out an annoyed sound and shakes his head from side to side. It's head turns to the side to look back at his rider as if to say 'Die, or GTFO, but spill any more of that on me and you are getting tossed'. A few more gasps and some coughing and then finally it seems to have stopped bothering him. He takes a couple more breaths, labored and quick before clearing his throat lightly, "Oh gods, never - ooo, harp?" He looks about as he washes it down with a swig of the liquid in his drinking horn. It was in the midst of his head swinging about and the drinking of the horn that he looked upon a sight! A lady, with brown hair, who is greeting him with a raise of the hand. He of course waves back, while still drinking from the horn.

The sun began cresting over the fields, an orange ball that rose up and cast its light over the swathes of wildflowers. The dew on each one catching to create a shimmering display of flowers that would be a fleeting sight before the warmth of the day causes the water to absorb. The petals are delicate and a wide range of colors, a sea of them really given the current shimmering look. About the only thing that would complete the visual of an ocean would be a light breeze (queue small gust) with the salt of the sea on the air (make that small sea breeze gust). The boughs of the scattered trees sway with the bit of wind, and the world seems to take a breath of life as the sun begins it's slow climb and day begins once more. There is a man on horseback currently traversing down the road and two ladies in the fields, one upon a rock and the other picking flowers.

There's harp indeed, though the sound comes from a small lap harp, so is not perhaps as robust as it could be, were it from a full sized harp. Still, the player is talented and enjoying herself as she plays, allowing her maid to rest, while the guard stands nearby. A blanket has been set amidst some of the flowers, the dour faced maid - Bethy - the only one resting atop is while Tiaryn has her spot atop her rock, easily visible, and letting the music flow out over the fields. Tia's gaze goes to the fellow on the horse, her head tilting slightly, even as she continues to play the music, without hesitation. Bethy at the moment seems oblivious to any others around the area, but she is awake, and seated next to the picnic basket and the herbs that have been collected.

A guard that has come along with Tiaryn, and now stands by and leaning against the rock, is Pariston. Standing tall and calm and listening to the music. Eyes spotting those around and offering nods but for most of it he is just keeping to himself. The light breeze feeling great as it hits his face. There is a small smile on his face towards those close by. Arms crossed in front of him and a sword hanging from his side, he's on duty after all.

With the wave returned she confident that she is not about to get skewered, Dania does call out with concern when she hears the hacking. "Are you alright?" Once he stops coughing she moves back towards the harp player. She is quiet now and does not try to intrude; instead she finds a lovely place among the grasses to perch so she can listen. That warm smile tugs the corners of her mouth as she listens. She is careful and she keeps a respectful distance between the Lady, the Lady Maid, and the guard.

Another couple coughs come from Daerd and a leaning in the saddle to one side as his eyes squint a little. With another clearing of the throat he says quickly and in a pinched voice that speaks of continued throat irritation, "Bee." His free hand mimes the fact that he just swallowed the sucker, motioning toward his throat then down toward his stomach. He pulls the horn up once more and takes another drink of it. "Ohh Gods, yeah. I think." With a simple press of his leg on the side of the horse opposite the harp player a magical thing happens (TRAP DOOR!), the horse turns toward the music and continues its slow canter as the rider recovers.

Tia can hear the voices, the slight breeze carrying them, but she just watches. As the other woman comes nearer to listen, she glances over her way, blue eyes watching for a moment, before she inclines her head in acknowledgement. Then the fellow on the horse gets a look, before she murmurs to Pariston. "I do think poor Jacob is glad of the break, even if Levy is also helping out. But it is nice to have you back, Vis." She pauses, and then gestures towards the incoming rider, a slight frown marring her face for a moment. "Perhaps you might discover who this rider is?" she says softly, her fingers continue to play, one song melting into another with ease.

Pariston let his eyes look towards those approaching before he can hear Tiaryn's words, making him grin. "I'm sure he is. And thank you, m'lady." He offers back in a low voice. There is a nod before he shifts his body a bit and towards the rider. "Hi there, might I help you with something?" He asks with his head tilted and arms having fallen down to his sides. A friendly expression on his face.

Dania sets her borrowed basket down next to her while she arranges her skirts around her. The music flows over her and she listens. She is careful not to get lost in the music, as she keeps some of her attention on her surroundings. She does notice the guard going towards the rider and she watches and listens.

And then another drink from the horn to finally finish it off - the bug and the liquid. He takes a moment to let out a sigh at the final completion of his 'breakfast' and perhaps a bit of remorse at the emptiness of the cup. It's short lived as he's then looking toward the voices that are again coming to him. "Yes, of course." Daerd responds to Pariston, "Tell me - who is the lady with the harp and is she for hire?" His mouth pulls up a bit into a look of concentration, "Hm… I don't think that came out quite right."

Tia's brows hit her hairline at the phrasing of the question asked of Pariston, and her mouth drops open momentarily. The harp music actually comes to a sudden and unexpected halt as she stares incredulously at the fellow. Then she recollects herself, her mouth closing, and she takes a breath, letting Paris deal with the question, since he is such a good guard. For her part, she lets her fingers find a saucy tune that has her fingers dancing over the harpstrings as the music laughs at the breeze gusting by and teasing at anything not firmly tacked down.

Pariston raises his brows as he has a small smirk on his face. "I'll let you rephrase it then." He says before shrugging and glacing over at Tiaryn and then back to the rider. "She is Lady Tiaryn Flint. If I may ask, who might you be?" His tone steady alwhile and sounding rather light. "Though I don't think you should ask such things from me to begin with, that is up to the Lady to decide." Staying in front of the rider but letting Tiaryn address the man, if she would like.

Dania who is sitting on the group cannot help but ask the rider. "Would you like a shovel or would you like some salt with that comment?" Her smile gets brighter as the tune of the music changes and her eyes bright. Her warm laughter seems to add to the saucy song.

"What I mean is, she's beautiful." Daerd says, "Wait.. I mean, the harp. The playing! Good! Fuck! Salt and shovel!" His head shakes a little from side to side and his brow furrows. "I swear I can talk." His mouth pulls up again, and he looks to try and focus for the moment. Words form and the recognition of the complete thought reaches him, "Her -playing- is beautiful and I would enjoy to know if the Lady plays elsewhere, for I find it to be pleasant on the ears." This is completed with a firm nod of the head… the horse however just keeps on moving at it's slow pace in the general direction of the Lady though if left on course it would miss the rock by a good ten feet.

Tia manages to keep her expression serene, though truthfully it's like enough to be laughter now that escapes her. She tilts her head slightly, and as the horse finally nears enough, she projects her voice enough to say, "But you've not yet told us who you are, Ser - ?" There is a hint of that amusement in her voice, even though she tries to sound somewhat severe. "Shall we play guessing games then?"

Pariston chuckles and scrathes his head. There is a sigh as the rider tries to recuperate. The words from the women makes him grin. Though Tiaryn's question does make him nod, "Indeed, we still don't know who you are, no disrespect." Pariston keeps a small smirk on his face while he stands rather still and waiting for some kind of name. "So… Calm down, and don't go into a breakdown now." He teases the rider, since he has been having bit of trouble with his explanation.

"Deep breath and count to ten." Dania is says again from where she is seated. "Corn Fritter or Wild Carrot since there are a number of those flowers out in the field." She tosses out a guess or two. She offers the guard a charming cheerful smile and her words are laced with some humor.

"D-ehhh-what? Oh! Oh! Yes! Daerd?" comes his voice, directed toward Tia. Then he looks between her and the guard, pointing to himself, and saying, "Daerd. Ser Daerd Blackarrow." His hand pokes himself a few times in the chest, thumping on it a few times before his eyes finally settle upon Tia once more. He adds then, his name given, "For you, I would play games. I mean, that is, I like games. Err…" His hand that was poking his own chest reaches up to scratch his head instead, "I-I mean, for you m'lady, there is little I wouldn't play. Just not instruments." His eyes flick up and away from the two of them, up toward the sky for a brief moment before setting upon Dania. A light smile plays across his lips as she makes her comments - an amusing thought to say the least.
Of course, the horse has other ideas of what's going on. Daerd's other hand reaches for the reigns and he tries to bring the horse to a stop. The horse however thinks those other wildflowers look good - and so the horse keeps on walking. Past the rock now meaning Daerd will have to turn around in the saddle to keep facing them.

Tia shakes her head, her laughter musical as she hears the answer. "Well met, Ser Daerd Blackarrow. From whence do you hail?" she asks. A pause as she watches the man continue to ride by. "Ser, if you are staying to speak with us, you might wish to stop your horse?" Though she then looks over to Dania, and a single hand moves from the harp, the music only half there for a moment, as she gestures at the blanket where her maid is sitting and now watching the entire scenario. "Mistress, if you would be comfortable, do come sit on the blanket. It will be better for your clothing, if nothing more," she offers. A glance to Paris, and a half shrug, as if to leave him watching the hapless knight who appears to fluster quite easily.

Pariston keeps looking at Daerd, feeling a bit sorry for the guy, laughing softly. Offering a bow of his head and then looking over to Dania, smiling cheerfully back at her. Finding her words rather funny as well. He keeps out of the conversation between Deard and Tiaryn though and moving a bit to one side of the rock. In position to still see Daerd but a bit closer to Dania than he was earlier. When Tiaryn glances to him, and speaks to Dania, Pariston besides to speak to the knight. "Do you need any help with that?" He asks, since the knight keeps riding past the rock. An amused grin decorating Pariston's face.

"It is a kind offer Milady." Dania rises and offers another smile to the guard. "Nay but I do thank you, it is kind of you to ask, it really does not weigh much." She smiles brightly again. "I am Dania Dorsey." She offers a proper curtsy before she goes to set herself down on the edge of the blanket. The basket is placed before her. "You do play wonderfully; I was drawn to your music like moth to flame on a warm night." She looks at the moving past them and she chuckles.

"Turn? Hyah? Stop? You stubborn… I will pour more on you!" Daerd announces to the horse. This seems to get some reaction, a shaking of it's head and a snorting like sound. It stops and leans down to start eating, chomping away quite merrily now a good twenty feet away. So all-in-all maybe the horse understood, maybe the horse just got to the flowers it wanted. Who knows? So, Daerd gets off his high horse and starts to walk back toward the ladies and guard. "Originally I come from Hag's Mire. As of late, I am in Stonebridge." One hand rests upon the pommel of his sword, not for any other reason that he looks comfortable standing that way - the pocket of earlier times. Right?
He looks toward Dania and his head gives a gentle nod, a smile playing across his mouth as a recognition of hearing her name as well. Though his attention also returns to the lady once more, apparently the focal point in this mix of people - besides the horse who thinks the flowers are.

Oh now, the horse is many things but not people. Tiaryn's feet where she rests upon her rock to not reach the ground, but they are covered by her skirts. She turns first to Dania, inclining her head. "You are most welcome," she says. "My maid Bethy." That last introduction gives the final person here a name. "And it is a pleasure to meet you, Mistress Dorsey. Are you also out gathering herbs?" She smiles at Paris, a subtle tilt of her head, as she watches him. Did he give his own introduction yet? "I think perhaps Ser Blackarrow has it covered, Vis." With that said, her gaze goes to the dismounting knight, and as he walks over towards her, she adds, "And in answer to your question, Ser, I play where I feel the desire. I am not for hire, though I can be convinced to play by those who care to try."

Pariston looks at the knight as he is finally able to get off the horse. The name of the other lady is picked up as well. "Pleased to meet you." He offers to her with a bow of his head. Then relaxing and resting against the rock, staying out of conversation and doing his duty as a guard, to watch over Tiaryn. Listening to the people around him and letting his eyes travel between them as well. Seeing Daerd have his hand on the pommel of the man's sword doesn't really concern Pariston much. But it still gets a look. He grins at Tiaryn's words to him and then remembers to introduce himself as well, after everyone else. "Oh, yeah. Pariston Vis, just a man in service of house Flint." He tells them, keeping a small smile visible.

"It is a pleasure to meet all of you, and yes, I was gathering herbs." Dania says where she is seated. "And yourself Milady, are you looking for herbs and flower or are you just enjoying the sun?" She looks between the two knights and her gaze is thoughtful. Her mind returns from its musing. "Find anything to your liking Milady, if you are out herb gathering?"

Daerd comes to a stop, about seven feet away. There he gives the lady a more formal, sweeping, bow before returning to his standing state and allows his hands to hang down near his side. His mouth pulls into wide grin as he hears her response and his eyebrow raises a might bit before he responds to her, "I might very well have to try. To convince a visage so lovely, with hands so deft, would be quite the challenge and definitely a reward." His head gives a nod toward Pariston, learning his name as well and the house to whom the colors belonged. As Vis introduces himself, he looks over the colors of the guard and his charge, he seems to work on memorizing them.

Tia inclines her head slightly, her eyes dancing with amusement. Now look at the flirtatious fellow, all his clumsy words forgotten. That is quite an interesting turn of events, not so? Tia's hands on the harp continue to play, though she manages to ease up enough to lower the volume, leaving the music low enough that they can easily speak. "You are welcome to try, but I make no promises that it is easy to convince me of anything. I have been told I have a quite determined mind." That really means stubborn, but it's close enough.
"Indeed, Mistress Dorsey, I've been up since before dawn, with Bethy and Vis here, and the results of our picking are in the basket. We just paused to rest here, on our way back to town. We've a mixed collection, though some Tansy included," Tia says, in reply to Dania, her words coming easily as it seems she's not the sort of noble to completely disdain the small folk. "and you? How was your luck?"

Pariston studies the knight and his flirtatious behaviour, which is a bit different from earlier. Though only a bit, from how Pariston sees it. He listens to the women as they talk about herb gathering and whatnot. Listening to the music and for now paying more attention to the women. Though the knight does get a glance once in awhile. Catching Daerd seeming to study him, not speaking though feeling a bit odd as he has someone staring at him. A smile flashed to the man.

"Very good, I have found Iris root, and wild carrot though I would like to come back here when they are closer to going to seed, for the wild carrots that is. Tansy is an excellent herb. Closer to the waters edge I found some Comfrey leaves. There is also some wild onion. But I will be coming back to pick some more of the elderflowers." Dania is rambling but from the way she is rambling she does love to talk about herbs and what they are used for. "Do you come here often Milady?" She thens casts a quick glance at the two knights.

"Er-" Daerd responds to her at first. Though that doesn't stop his grin, nor the fact that his eyes are nearly dancing at the bit of verbal back-and-forth. "Well, I've been called much the same in truth. Though I think it would be a greater point to find out what m'lady would /like/, before I try to press my luck with a ballad on your harp." He stops now at a reasonable distance, careful to keep the guard closer to Tia than he was - out of respect for his job.
The Black steed looks over his shoulder, the patch of white on his forward becoming visible again. It lets out another bit of a snort and seems to be considering sauntering over toward Daerd. Yes… I think it's time. With that, the horse began to move. It's amazing how quiet that horse could be, not that the others couldn't just watch it. It was only Daerd that didn't see the horse closing the distance.
He looks back toward Pariston once more and gives him a quick smile as well - belated, yes, but at least he seems friendly about it all. "So how did you find yourself as the guard to such a lovely lady - in many respects?" His eyes flick back toward the Lady Tiaryn once more, though short lived before they move toward Dania and then finally back toward Vis, awaiting his response with a good bit of interest.

Tia's attention goes first to Dania this time, and she nods. "We were out collecting the carrots and onions earlier, as well as some chamomile, but this time I was looking for the tansy and dawnwort." That must be a local name, since it's not really well known, but certainly explains Tia's being up before dawn. Which couldn't have had anything to do with sneaking out of the Inn prior to anyone else being awake. Nope. "It seems you are quite good with herbs? You should meet my good-cousin Lady Cordelya. She is far better with them than I am - as I merely dabble."
A glance over at Vis, as Tia continues to relax lazily. He won't be surprised by it, given the time he's spent accompanying her as her guard. She even checks on Bethy, who has found a small bit of ill conceived stitchery and is working at undoing it methodically and quietly, though she does glance up to keep an eye on things occasionally. Tia wrinkles her nose a bit. "Vis, do you suppose we could sneak back and find breakfast without being caught?" she asks after a moment.
And then Tia's attention goes to Daerd again, catching the expression on his face, as well as the black steed moving in on him. Blink. She chuckles softly and then stops playing the harp, turning it so as to hold it out towards the Knight. "If you would like to play a ballad, Ser, by all means, do so."

Pariston is by no means a knight, nor does he want to be. However it could be easy to believe that he is one. When addressed he shrugs, "I am in service of the Flints. Lady Tiaryn needed a guard, and so I'm here. Perhaps of lack of a better guard." Said with a small grin as he glances to Tiaryn before letting his eyes move back to Daerd and to the horse as well. He let his eyes wander just a little, settling on Dania for a few seconds, having seen her glancing in his direction after all.
Pariston turns his head towards Tiaryn, grinning and shrugging. "I don't know, but I think we should." He tells her before letting his eyes follow the harp as it is held out.

"You are far do modest. Many do not know what Tansy is used or its properties for that matter. I think you are better learned than you think Milady." Dania, smiles again. She goes to rise from where she was seated and she stretches. She looks for a moment a bit out of place. But soon that look is gone as she picks up her basket but she makes no move to leave yet. She takes a few closer steps to Pariston.

Daerd returns the nod to Pariston and gives a little rolling shrug of the shoulders. "Oh come now! I have no doubt that the lady would only accept the best of guards." He looked like he would begin on yet more toward the man, but the lady Tia steals his attention once more as the offers the harp in his direction. His eyebrows raise and he seems curious about what she is saying toward him.
"While my touch might be deft enough, my skill is no where near." Daerd says, his hands holding out in front of him so as to decline. "I meant as an attempt to convince you for the ballad, M'lady." His mouth returns to the grin once more, the look filtering into his eyes as he seems to still be having a pretty good time. Of course, he also doesn't see the 'sneaky' horse.
Liittle closer… Little closer… Liitttle HEAD BUTT! With that the horse knocks Daerd in the back with his head followed by another snort and leaning down to eat the flowers right there. What? He didn't /mean/ to do that. Just wanted the flowers and Daerd happened to be in the way.
"Oh gods!" comes to half cry as he's knocked forward and toward the rock. By the look on his face he seems to be pleading not to be headed toward the lady as he finds his footing to be a losing battle and his balance to be equally as gone from the much larger animal deciding to thwap him in the back with his head.

Tia smiles to Dania, inclining her head. "Perhaps so, but it is Lady Cordelya who has taught me," she explains, chuckling softly. She glances over towards Vis, mischief showing for a brief moment, though her gaze returns to Daerd and the sneaky horse, keeping an eye on that silly thing. "I agree, perhaps - " Her words cut off as the horse head butts Daerd, knocking him forward. Her breath catches, concern showing on her face, as a hand raises. Too late. In an instant, she sets the harp down, and is on her feet to try to assist the knight. "Look out!" is called, but too late, as it seems the horse has sent the knight off balance directly towards Tiaryn, if not the harp which is now out of the way and safe. Though not so the poor Lady Tiaryn who may bear the brunt of the horse's attack upon Daerd.

Pariston continues to listen to the two women as they speak. As well as hearing Daerd, "Perhaps." He offers in return to the compliment. Looking over to Dania as she moves closer, curious and wondering if she wanted to ask something from him, but his attention is soon caught by the sound of Tiaryn calling out. He tries to move to assist Tiaryn and the knight, to try and make sure that no one gets injured.

Dania is about to say something but the horse, Tia and Daerd have her attention. She drops her basket to the ground and moves with the guard as she sees what is about to happen. It is like watching a bad cart accident happening in slow motion. She is a strong looking lass.

If time could slow down, surely this would be the perfect moment for a soliloquy about the careening force of a man toward a woman. Or perhaps it would be about a potted plant thinking 'Sideways - that's new'. It's hard to say really, heck, it may have even turned out much better if his feet hadn't tangled in the midst of it. So there the Knight is, no balance, thankfully no armor, and about to play a game of 'tackle the lady' except there was no bed involved and the foreplay was just starting.
The horse enjoyed the orange ones. He went after those ones first and ate with a bit of gusto. Mmm… colors.
Then the guard got into the mix, it wasn't that it was a bad thing. In fact, it probably would've been fine if it was just a light stumble or maybe even just a trip. But instead it looks like Daerd is about to start singing the song 'I believe I can fly' well before its time, without the words to even describe it. In fact, it's not sing so much as pray - the only prayer that won't be send him headlong into the two people now in front of him.

If only time could slow down, amazing things might happen, but alas, though it may seem as if things happen in slow motion to those involved. It is with widening eyes, an expression of horror and a total inability to do anything about it that Tiaryn watches as the knight gets thumped by his horse, and starts forward, all unbalanced. He tries to catch his balance, wobbling over to the side a bit perhaps, only to tumble into the Flint man as Pariston reacts quickly enough to interpose himself. No armour so there is no CLINK, but rather a thud as the two men hit. It might even be like a ship hitting an iceberg and starting to list, wobble, wobble, and then, slow motion and all, Pariston too loses his balance, and falls back towards Tiaryn. Who is blythely trying to help, her hand outstretched as the surprise grows.
Daerd's momentum combines with Pariston's as they collide, but there are two ways they could fall. Alas, the speed of the action, slow motion viewing or not, is such that their combined weight and momentum is rather abruptly smashing into Tia, sending her flying with ease. "Oh gods - " is all she has time to say before the breath is knocked out of her as her feet find air and a sinking sensation finds her stomach, before she hits the ground, not ever having learned how to fly. THUD. Followed quickly by a second thud and a third, as Pariston ends up landing atop Tiaryn, with Daerd atop him, in a big tangle of limbs.

Pariston doesn't really have time to think much as he is hit by the knight and they continue on to hit Tiaryn as well. Time fels like it's moving slowly as he starts to fall and soon find himself in between Tiaryn and Daerd. A loud oof as he falls down. Being squished. Lying still as he tries to get a hold of the situation and what has happened. "Lady Tiaryn, are you okay?" Is he finally able to ask, though having a bit of a hard time breathing.

Dania is not in the dog pile thankfully in her eyes. She shakes her head and actually starts taking charge of the situation in her own way. "Beth, was it. You know what comfrey looks like right. Get it out of my basket." She points to the basket she dropped. She then goes over to the pile and start to move or drag Daerd off of Pariston. She cannot get the man to budge. "You need to help me move you big fellow?" She tells him. "Did you put rocks in your pockets?" She the asks the other two. "Master Pariston are you alright, milady Flint?"

Daerd lets out a groan after the impact finishes, "Hate… so much hate. Horse steaks, I swear." This is all said with a tone that says he doesn't want to go on that ride again. He slowly tries to find his way to his feet. One hand is pushing on the ground the other - err. He quickly pulls his hand away from Tia, and starts to stammer out something that resembles an apology. Well it would if he didn't lose his balance on the one hand and consequently have his head buried into Pariston's chest as he attempted. He tries to move off the top, but it seems that he's still a little too disoriented to pull that off - not to mention a little tangled in the limbs.

Tia actually ends up still for a long moment, at the bottom of the pile. She might not be moving at all, though there is a soft feminine groan, sounding like she's in pain. That would be cause she is, though she's not sure what hurts really badly vs what only hurts cause there's something poking at it - leather, belt buckle, shoe, elbow. Ow! Then a squawk as Daerd's hand finds a spot it really shouldn't. She actually tries to slap him for that indignity, but whether or not her hand finds him is questionable, all things considered. It's a reflex though, and at the moment entirely automatic. Her own breathing is a little difficult, what with the two fine men trying to squish her flat. "Get off me," she manages, trying to breathe. "Now!"

Pariston tries to help Daerd to stand up, hearing Dania's question. Letting Tia answer first. "I think I am fine." He says afterwards, right before he feel the head of the knight going straight for his chest and he let out an oof, leaving him breathless. "I'm trying, though we're kinda… Stuck at the moment." He tells her, once again trying to push Daerd off of himself. Then trying to get off as well, if possible. Looking to Dania with a small grin, hoping to get some help.

Patiently Dania tires a different angle as manages to grab Daerd by the legs and she drags him off the Master at Arms. She is little breathless after that. "Your horse needs better ground manners Ser." She reprimands him as she drags him off to the side. She is trying to be gentle but it is rather difficult. With the knight to the side she moves to help the poor arms master next. She gets a good grip on his arm if she is allowed.

"Lady Flint I am working on it, does anything feel broken?" She asks.

Thank the gods for small favors! An orange one! The horse moved its head to the right and took a bite of the flower. It chewed happily as it found the color of choice.
There's a couple more noises that could be apologies. He finally manages to push himself up again with the hand that isn't kept well to the side just as the flail-of-fury comes coast about from Tia. It has excellent timing and catches him in the face, leaving a nice red mark and instead knocking him off balance to plant his face into the ground instead. Of course, then there's a grab of his leg and he responds to Dania "His name is Bad Horse from here on out… So much hate." He lets her move him and just lays there on the ground, the back of his head now against the earth and greenery. His eyes look up toward the blue sky and he starts to make a raspy sounding laugh.

Bethy just stares, not moving at all, as her Lady was tackled so thoroughly. She starts muttering something about improper, though as Dania calls her, she blinks, stares and then moves to look for the comfrey, but she's not very fast about it.
"I can't breathe," Tia says, sounding a bit panicked, though as some of the weight is removed, things get a little better, and she finds she's not quite so squished. "Better, but - Vis, you're heavy," she complains. She's not even sure what or who she slapped, though all the maneouvering of the men trying to find their feet has her ending up with additional bruises and knocks as well. Her voice is a little strained, as she's obviously having trouble breathing still.

Pariston tries shifting his body to ease the pressure on Tiaryn. Once Deard is off he starts to try and slide off of Tia. "Thank you." He offers, along with a kind smile, to Dania. Grinning at Daerd's words. But he is moving so that he is no longer squishing Tia. "Sorry about that." He then turns to check on her.

"I will trade you Ser, I will take him off your hands and in exchange you can have my my bay gelding if you would like." Dania tells him.

She is right now trying to move Pariston off the lady. "Lets get him off you and when we do you are not to move, Beth, understood and do not make her move or you will not like me."

Once Paris is off Tiaryn she moves to access the Lady. She checks her from head to toe.

"Noooo nonono. I got that from battle, it'll only be lost the same way." Daerd responds to Dania. He lets out another grunt and groan as he slowly pushes himself to a sitting position. Having obtained that much he looks back toward the other two and adds toward Pariston and the Lady, "Gods. You two better be fine. This day is too beautiful for you not to be." He puts his hands back behind him the fingers splayed out in the earth and leans into them. His eyes close and his head tilts back - feeling the rays of the sun upon him once more. A couple of the wildflowers are crushed under his hands, but one in particular seems to have made it out in one piece. It resembles a sunflower in overall design, but larger petals and smaller middle. However, the flower is only a few inches in diameter. The color is a red, with streaks of darker toward the middle and orange toward the outer. A classic wildflower.

To start with, Tia has ended on her back, her skirts up to her knees, showing the nicely put together but still practical leather boots she's wearing. Her hair has come even further out of its confines, what with hitting the ground, sliding a bit, and finally coming to a halt. In fact, one of the pins in her hair has gotten stuck on a flower vine on the ground, not that Tia is quite yet aware of that. She's looking quite disheveled, and her left knee is swelling somewhat. With Pariston's weight also removed, poor Tia at last can breathe and her chest rises and falls with the great gulps of air she's taking. There'll be a couple bumps and bruises, she's got a goose egg forming at the back of her head as well, where it hit the ground. "I don't think I'm broken," she says after she struggles a bit and catches her breath. "But my head hurts, my knee, and - " she stops there as she promptly does not listen to Dania, trying to sit up.

Of course, as Tia tries to raise her head, her hair gets tugged, that pin stuck on the flower vine, and she falls back, whimpering, eyes closing against the sudden pain.

Pariston seems to be more or less in one piece and is close by to first regain himself and then try to help Dania to tend to Tiaryn. Though he is still disoriented. "I'm really sorry Milady." He tells Tia while steadying himself. A few bumps and bruises on him but landing on Tiaryn did help him a bit from injury. He does see the pin that is stuck and gestures to it.

"I told you not to move." Dania tells her as she gently frees her hair from the vine. She also checks the goose egg that is forming on the back her head. Her movements are quick and it would appear is more than just practiced at this. "Master Pariston may I have your knife? Beth go and get me some limbs from the tree over yonder. I want them this long and this thick." She looks to Tia as she makes a quick assessment out of what her petticoats are made of.

With concentrated effort Daerd gets toward his feet and begins to move back toward Tia and the others - having been dragged off to the side by Dania. As he moves, he lets out another little grunt as his weight is shifted around more completely after the tumble. He shuffles toward the downed lady, careful to keep his eyes toward her head rather than anywhere else. His fingers reach out and grab at the flower vine, breaking it with a twist and a pinch of his fingernails at the base of the stem, cutting the small, green, vine that linked it to the ground. His fingers flip it around and carefully he knees opposite the side as Dania. He offers the flower, with vine, that caused he to fall back to the ground. He says in a low tone, "For your troubles, the least and first I can do."

Bethy stares at Dania for a long moment, before she brings over the comfrey as requested, and takes the knife. She actually is efficient, if dour faced and quiet. "Yes, Mistress Dorsey," she says simply, with a glance to Tia. "And hopefully Lord Flint won't be firing me for not taking better care of m'Lady Tiaryn."
Tia's blue eyes have a sheen to them, and she's not moving any further now. "It's not your fault, Vis. Nothing to be sorry for." She then chuckles at Dania, making a face at her briefly. "I don't always do as I'm told, sorry. And thank you for your help, Mistress Dorsey." She doesn't seem to have heard Bethy's soft spoken worry, concentrating instead on the others present. "You seem to know about looking after someone who is injured?" she asks, still curious about Dania. "What are you doing?" A moment, and then Tia looks at the flower she's being offered, including the sticky white. "It's pretty," she says, with a hint of a smile, as she reaches for it, not minding the sap. "Wild honeysuckle." She looks over to Daerd and then she says, "Vis, are you okay? And you, Ser Blackarrow?"

Pariston looks at Dania and Tiaryn, staying quiet for a moment. Also glancing over to Daerd, checking the man, "You should really get better control of the horse." His words calm, with a smirk, though slightly agitated. Mostly since Tiaryn seems to be hurt, under his watch. When Dania speaks he nods and takes out his knife, handing it over to Dania. "Careful not to cut yourself." He teases, apparantly still trying to keep the mood light. Staying out of the way of Dania when she goes to work, "Just tell me if there's anything I can do." He says as he moves a bit, sitting. Then smiling at Tiaryn, "I am alright, just bruises."

"I am a healer and midwife." Dania tells her and Beth. "Good mistress this is not your fault things will always happen that are beyond your control." She takes the knife from Pariston with a warm and charming smile. She even chuckles. Lifting her skirt she cuts the hem of her long linen chemise. The strips are wide and long. Picking up the comfrey she bruises the leaves until sap runs from them. These are applies to the areas such as her knee the back of her head and anywhere else that is bruising. After that she wraps the knee in a figure eight bandage. Once she has the tree limbs she will fashion a split for the knee. She goes so far as to take Tai's shoe and stocking off so she can be certain that the bandage is not too tight.

"Well, Lady Tiaryn," Daerd responds, "I was lucky enough to find myself in the usual place - on top." He releases the flower as she takes it and soon after he lets out a bit of a grunt. The noise was accompanies with him pushing back up to his feet. He steps out of the way of the two busying themselves with taking care of the downed lady.
His hair looks to have a smattering of dust running through it, maybe a small scratch here or there and a smudge of dirt. Otherwise, he looks none-the-worse-for-wear. He glances back down toward Tia for a quick moment before returning it to the man whom was talking, "Yeah. He's as stubborn as I am, I'm afraid. Bad Horse!" He calls to the animal - as if that will fix anything.
Well, it didn't fix anything really. But the horse's ears did perk up. A mouth full of flowers pulls up and his head turns to the side so that he can more easily watch the commotion including the one who apparently just called his name. Seeing that it's Daerd though, he head lowers back down and he bites off another orange flower. So far, he's made a small patch of yellow flowers from what was orange and yellow.

Tia's cheeks might normally go a tinge pink at the usual place comment, but at the moment, she's rather in a bit of pain. As her boot comes off, there's a glimpse of a well formed calf, ankle and foot, shocking though it may be. (And Desmond is missing all this - that may be a good thing.) "Then I am doubly glad to make your acquaintance, Mistress Dorsey, and would ask perhaps that you take some time to speak with Lady Cordelya, as she is with child." Hah. Convenient that! Tia will jump on it though, seeing as she can. She sniffs at the flower Daerd has presented her with, and smiles. The honeysuckle wildflower has a nice aroma to it, and it does let her bring her mind off her aching knee. She winces a time or two as Dania completes her ministrations but other than that, simply stays still. "Good. I am glad that you two are uninjured," she says, sounding quite relieved. "Though I have a feeling you might have to carry me back to the inn." Sigh. "And won't that be a treat for the tongue waggers."
Bethy makes quick work of finding the branches required, though she pauses as she is working. "Master Vis, if I might get your assistance please?" she calls back to the group.

Pariston is quiet and listening, smiling at the others. Returning Dania's smile with a charming smile of his own. Still quiet while the others speak. When Bethy speaks he looks over and nods. Rising to his feet and moving towards her, though he seem to have hurt his leg a bit as he moves slowly. "What is it you need help with?" He asks once close enough. Tone light and soft.

"Tell you what, if you see her before I do tell her folks to ask any of the Terricks or the Mallesters and they will be able to figure out where I am." Dania tell her as she bandages the checks her barefoot for circulation after she has bandaged the knee with long strips of white linen cloth. "Now enough with the flirting and the waxing poetry, with the limbs I am going to brace your knee and we will get you back to the inn."

Pariston is moving over where Beth (Tia's septa) is to help her cut some braches from a tree. Tia is on the ground and is between Dania and Daerd. Her dress is pulled up to her knee and it would appear that Dania is working on her. Tia is also pretty disheveled for that matter Daerd and Pariston are as well."

Daerd finds pause as Vis was called to help with Bethy's task. He instead moves back around and to the side. Able to have a clear view to the Lady Tia without either of them having to really strain. His eyes keep focused up towards her head, seeming very willing to give her that modicum of decency as the healer deftly sees to her injuries. His mouth pulls into an easy grin as he seats himself on the edge of the nearby rock that they avoided (thank the gods). "Well, Lady Flint, if you would like for me to carry you back, I can surely fix you to the back of the horse instead. You know, a bit of well placed rope and I could probably even make it appear that I hunted after you. Until I finally caught you in what surely would be a battle between stubborn minds."
The horse snorts into the flowers it's grazing upon - flattening some of the yellow ones as it continues to chew. Perhaps a fly tried to make a break up his nose, who knows, but it was perfectly timed with the idea of a tied up Lady. He takes a couple more steps and goes back to eating the orange ones.
Daerd then continues on with what he was saying, in response to Dania's comment about flirting, posing the more reasonable idea second. The first was obviously meant to sound flirtatious if not outright ridiculous, "Or, I could just escort you back on the horse if you don't mind riding a bit less lady like. I wouldn't want to have to make you control him in your state."

A man is mounted on a grey horse and walking it slowly along some of the trails to have a look around the countryside a bit around Stonebridge. The almost white gelding with dark grey points blows out softly, lifting it's head when it scents other horses. Justin looks towards what has drawn the horse's attention and shifts his course to head over where several others are gathered. He recognizes the two women at least, if not the men. He draws the grey to halt and furrows his brows, "Is Lady Tiaryn all right?"

Bethy smiles as Vis arrives, gesturing towards the branch. "I think it could benefit from your strength, Master Vis," she says. Seems she's having a bit of trouble getting the splints for Dania. In any event, she does look hopefully to Vis.
It's near the rock where Tia usually plays harp, and early morning, of all times. Tia's harp is in fact settled on the rock, by itself. There's a blanket nearby, with a basket of what looks like roots, leaves and flowers within it. As Vis goes to help Bethy, Tia grins behind him, but doesn't say anything. She then looks to Dania and inclines her head. "I will let Lady Cordelya know. Though - are you staying at Terrick's Roost then? I'm certain we will be visiting there time and again." She pauses as she hears about the splints, not that she couldn't have guessed. "Perhaps it is a good thing that there is a horse. It might be easier than either of these poor men carrying me. Though," she does give a glance to the horse, standing there so easily chomping on orange flowers. "perhaps that Bad Horse will be a little better behaved for me? I might be able to find an apple, if that's the case." A pause as she turns to Daerd, chuckling softly and shaking her head. "I fear, Ser Blackarrow, you would find yourself with several challenges were you to attempt such a feat, as my family would not be well pleased." Though she's apparently not taking him seriously, judging by the amused look on her face. "I - Oh, Lord Terrick, good day. I fear I've managed to injure my knee, and earned a bump on my head for my clumsiness. But with Mistress Dorsey's assistance, I am certain I will be hale and healthy within no time at all."

Pariston smiles and nods to Bethy, helping her to get the branch. Able to get rid of it, although it does take him awhile. Once done he hands it over to Bethy, "There we go." Smiling wide at her before noticing that another person is approaching. "She got roughed up a bit. I do hope she will be okay though." He tells the new person. Being a bit cautious but since he knew Tia, he does not seem to suspicious of the man. His mind is put to rest, more or less, completely when he cathes the man's name. "M'lord." He offers with a nod of his head, to Justin. The talk between Daerd and Tia seem to be ignored for the moment, most likely kept in his mind for later. He helps Bethy get the things back over to the others, once they get what they need.

"Honestly I do not want her on your horse Ser." Dania looks up when she hears Lord Justin. "Lord Justin, I have a favor to ask of you and I know I have no right to ask it but may we use your horse to get Lady Flint back to the inn? Please Milord?" She asks him with a warm smile and a hopeful look. When she has the limbs she fashions a make shift brace for the knee. More of her own chemise is cut for this. When she is done, she looks between the three men.

"Mmm. Well, I guess i'll just have to— Ah." Daerd stops mid sentence and then rises up to his feet once more. His eyes look toward the new comer and his mouth stays styled into a grin as he acknowledges the man with a slight nod of the head. He furrows his brow a little and tries to ascertain the heraldr— oh right. His hand started upon the pommel of his blade as he stood up, but as the familiarity from the lady seemed more prominent and the name was said, his hand dropped away from it to rest down at his side. His eyes flick down toward Tia for a moment, then back up to Justin, 'Thank you Tia!'
He stays grinning to Justin and says to him as well, "Indeed, M'Lord. As luck would have it, a Healer happened to be listening to the lady's lovely and liberating p-laying of the harp." As he mentions the healer, his hand sweeps down to motion toward Dania though he's being careful not to get in her way still. He takes a bit of a step to the side and looks down at Dania then, "Huh… You… /My/ horse. Don't talk about him like that. He's. He's goooood-ish?"

Dania looks at Pariston and Beth. "Thank you for getting the limbs for me for the split. I apperciate it." She adds with a greatful smile.

Hmmm… so strange to hear people address him as Lord Terrick. As if they were speaking to his father and he should glance over his shoulder to look for the older man. Justin resists the urge and gives Lady Tiaryn an inclination of his bared head, "I'd be happy to lend …" and then Dania's asking the very thing he started to offer, "Of course you are welcome to him. He's gentle and quiet." Justin looks to study each of the men, both of whom give him a nod and he returns them. "Goodwoman Dania is handy that way. And who might you gentleman be?" The young Terrick swings his leg over to dismount, the grey gelding indeed standing quietly with ears pricked rather than dancing about like some jack-in-the-box. Justin takes up the reins and leads the horse forward, "I can give you a leg up, Lady Tiaryn. Hopefully a few days rest will see your knee back to right." At mention of a harp, he glances around for it.

Bethy curtseys as she comes back over, with Pariston. She brings the splint materials over to Dania and assists as is necessary. Then she promptly goes to fold up the blanket, collecting it under one arm, and the basket in her hand.
Tia smiles at Bethy as she continues to prove her efficiency. She looks at Dania and then Daerd, before she offers a bit of a smile. "I am a fairly reasonable rider," she says softly. "But perhaps Lord Terrick's mount might be better at this point. I would hate to be thrown accidentally." Cause yeah, that would not be so good, especially with her left knee splinted and all. Her gaze goes over to Bethy, and she nods approvingly. Then a startled slide of her eyes to Justin. "My apologies, M'Lord. This is Ser Daerd Blackarrow, owner of Bad Horse over there eating flowers - though apparently he does not favour the yellow ones." Tia raises a hand to touch the back of her head, where there is a nice sized goose egg bump, wincing a bit as she does so. "I think I'm glad I'm not seeing double right now. Though two of such handsome men might be the death of me." Almost they were, come to think of it. "And the fellow in the Flint colours there is Master Pariston Vis. Vis, will you please collect my harp?"

"I am glad you change your mind milady because I do not care of good of a rider you think you are right now you are not riding the beast." Daria says in a very blunt manner and she says Beast she looks right at Daerd. Her gaze goes to Justin again and she nods. "Thank you Lord Terrick. Alright let us move her but I want her knee supported. I know it has the splint on it but I want to be certain."

Bad Horse starts his moving again. Seemingly just eating the orange flowers; however, as they cry out in sheer numbers of mass eradication, it seems that the horse is making his way to cut off the direct route to the other horse. Whether it's dumb luck, stubborn obstinance, listening to his rider (hah! That'd be the day.) It didn't matter. It seems that he was going to casually cause a swathe of orange destruction in an attempt to be the horse that Tia would use.
Daerd made another quick nod of the head as he was introduced by the lady who was on the ground. His feet start to carry him toward the othe- and the horse cut him off. He looks toward Bad Horse and he takes a step back, then around, the horse before making his way toward Justin. "As Lady Flint said, Ser Daerd Blackarrow." His holds out his hand toward the other man - the gloves having been left on the horse before he got off. His mouth still wears the easy smile. He does look a bit disheveled up closer, it looks like he might've taken a bit of a fall as well. Dust was streaked along his skin and through his hair. The doublet doesn't show the dirt quite so easily but it's probably there as well.

Justin sees the other horse get into the way so he simply walks up and shoulders it firmly, flipping the long end of the reins in his hand like a sharp whip toward's it's flank to see if he can make it yield a bit out of his way. When it does step aside out of desire not to be hit, Justin leads the grey past and hands the reins of his own horse to Dania, "Hold him and I'll help Lady Tiaryn up in a moment." Justin at least seems familiar with horses and how they think, relaxed and unconcerned about the stubborn animal though he keeps half an eye on it should it be the short to bite or kick.

With Dania handed the reins of his own horse, Justin steps over to snag the bridle of the flower eater. A drag of the head up and once Justin has those reins, he gives the stubborn beast a pull and as that head goes stubbornly down, Justin flips the tail of those reins smartly into the horse's flank! That'll bring the head up and swing those haunches away!

Justin turns to Daerd and doesn't let the horse lower his head again. The hand is accepted first, the reins given over second, "Pleasure to make your aquaintance, Ser Daerd. Don't be stepping around your horse like that if he's in your way. Doing that tells him he outranks you and he's boss. If you make it more trouble than it's worth for him to out stubborn you, in time he'll give it up. But only if he respects you. On the other hand, you don't want to pick a fight with him either - so you have to be smarter, cut him off before he gets his way." To Pariston, Justin says, "Master, you're welcome to put the harp in the grey's saddle bag."

Pariston certainly follows instructions, being as he's working as Tia's guard today. Bethy as well gets ready, now looking worriedly at Tiaryn, who stays where she is for the moment. Being a good patient, unlike so many others. She does make sure to look over at Dania. "Don't you leave, Mistress Dorsey, without speaking with me first." That's clear and to the point and it does seem that Tia expects to be listened too. She is in fact a rather casual sort for a noble, but she can put on that hauteur when necessary, as is just now shown. "Thank you for your assistance, Lord Terrick. It is very much appreciated," she adds softly.

Dania takes the reins in her as is proper and she leads the gentle gelding a few steps away. She and him both stand there patiently as the wait. She is watching Justin work with the other horse. Her gaze moves to Daerd and Tiarya and the man at arms. "I am not going anywhere without anyone." She adds as she patiently as she stands there and waits with the horse.

Daerd returns the handshake firmly. Based on the callouses on his hand and his lack of knowledge on horses, he was probably infantry - not cavalry, nor a squire prior to being knighted. He lets out a chuckle and takes the reigns when they're given, "I don't do horses - but that's knowledge I'll keep close." He looks at Bad Horse and then runs his hand along the white spot. The horse in turn shoulders up next to Daerd and almost leans toward him a bit. Daerd's looking elsewhere though by that point, toward Tia once more.
He does move his head up toward the hand, letting out bit of a snort through his nose as it's rubbed. Then his weight shifts and he leans toward Daerd some, his shoulder pressing toward Daerd's shoulder. His head turns to the side, seeming to measure up Lord Justin some before dipping his head a couple times.
"Would you like another to add to your return escort, Lady Flint?" Daerd asked the question as a means of respect - the tone dictating as such. Of course, his features still seem to carry that entertained attitude more than anything else.

The errant horse secured and out of the way so not to crowd them, Justin turns to walk back and help Tiaryn. He puts out a hand to slip his arm beneath hers to lend her support and keep weight off the near side knee, one careful step at a time to the grey. The horse Dania holds stands quietly, one back leg cocked as though the grey were no young, impatient horse anymore. And when they come by the gelding's side, Justin eyes whether or not she could take weight on the injured leg at all, and it seems she can't really. So he stops by the gelding, "I was going to boost you up, but as it doesn't look like you can stand on it even for a moment to get your good leg into the stirrup, I'll mount and lift you up." It'll jostle her injured knee a good deal less, so while she stands to lean against the gelding, Justin swings on up into the saddle and then leans over to lift Tiaryn clean off of the ground, "Swing your good leg over his neck." The gelding looks like he really doesn't care, having done things like this before.

Tiaryn takes a breath and nods to Dania. "Yes, but I mean after we get back to the inn. I think - that I would like to speak with you later, if you don't mind?" she says. She then nods to Daerd. "Certainly, Ser Blackarrow, you are welcome to come along." And then she's totally distracted by Justin, as he comes over to give her a hand. As he puts his arm beneath hers, helping her to her feet, she winces, her left leg nearly buckling under her. Her expression sets, and then she half hops, trying to not put any weight on that injured knee at all. Once she can lean on the horse and not move, she does so, reaching a hand to pet the horse's neck gently. However, the horse apparently is a little spooked by her leaning against him, as Justin mounts, as he takes a step to the side, causing Tia to have to step quick, almost falling again, as her leg just can't take the weight at the moment. "Gods," she manages softly.

Dania moves to help her she holds lets go of the geldings reins once Justin is mounted and she goes to help Tia. "Sure, you may borrow my ear any time you would like Milady." The woman has broad shoulders and most likely because of this very reason. To help her patients. "Let me help you mount."

Daerd rubs the white spot a few more times as he watches the three trying to get a lady up into a saddle. His eyebrows raise a little, and he barely manages to stifle a bemused smile. The man may know horses, but… "Try lifting more with the hips, Lord Terrick? Too much back and you're bound to throw it out." He steps back away from the slightly leaning horse, running a hand along the beast's neck as he moves back to where he can more easily get onto the saddle - not that he does anything fancy just moves to get into the saddle.
Bad Horse turns his head to watch Daerd and then shifts his weight and leans the opposite direction as soon as Daerd tries to hop up into the saddle. Yep, orange flowers just to the left. Uh huh, that was the reason.

As it happens, Justin is leaning over to lift Tiaryn and it's not just that his gelding side steps, but that he's forgotten how badly wounded he was in the left side a few months ago. Healed yes, fresh scar tissue that has not regained strength, yep. Something crosses Justin's face that suggests Daerd's call that he finds something painful is right on the mark. He thins his mouth, and takes up the reins that Dania gave back, settling his gelding first. All right then, once the horse is resettled, Justin puts an arm out for Tiaryn when he sees Dania is there to help boost her up. "One, two … three, up!"

Tia doesn't protest, and she just clenches her teeth and reaches up to help pull herself onto the horse. Her good leg is bent, and pulled up and over the horse's neck so she's astride, which doesn't do anything good for her skirts, her reputation or much of anything, but at least it gets her up there and seated so as not to injure her leg any further. She takes a couple breaths, and then she nods her head. "Please someone get my boot and stocking," she says, hopefully. "And when you are all ready, I think I am too. But I would really like to be sitting in a chair at the Inn."