Page 274: Back Home, Such As It Is
Back Home, Such As It Is
Summary: Word of bandits, search for lost whores, and Ser Jarod Rivers' vague hints about his impending marriage. Lord Justin Terrick returns home in these ominous times.
Date: 04/18/289
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Town Square — Terrick's Roost
The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.
Apr 18, 289

Ser Jarod Rivers has spent the morning in town. Grooming, it seems by the look of him. He strolls out of the butcher's shop, which doubles as a barber if one is looking for that sort of thing. Freshly shaved, looking as if he bathed not long ago, and dressed in one of his finer black doublets with gold-thread embroidery on the collar and cuffs. He's grinning as he makes his way into the streets, though his expression sobers some as he takes in the still hard-done-by state of the town itself.

Hardwicke looks to be doing a slow, thoughtful sweep of the town, riding through at an easy, steady pace on Delylah. His path draws him near Jarod's, and the chestnut mare slows on her approach. "Rivers," the Captain greets him, as informal (disrespectful?) as always. As usual, he's in the same worn Terrick livery, perpetually on duty, as it were.

Mortimer has spent the morning doing various little things really. For now though he's on his way to the shore to meet with his family for lunch. He's early though, so is taking the time to stroll casually through town. Oddly enough, both Jarod and Hardwicke are spotted, and greated with polite nods as he approaches. "Captain, Ser."

"Ser Hardwicke." Jarod's greeting in return to the older knight is respectful, for his part. And he seems comfortable enough lapsing back into old patterns from the man. "Master Trevelyan." The bastard knight inclines his head to the sheriff's man. "I had hoped to see you and the Sheriff proper soon. How fares your work in the town? Main word since the army's return is the roads have become infested with banditry."

Hardwicke tips his chin next to Mortimer and actually seems close to engaging in dialogue when Jarod beats him to the punch. "Aye, what's the word down here in the village?"

Conversation it is then. Drawing to a stop next to Jarod, Mortimer slips his hands behind his back and nods to confirm what is said. "Some of it looks like remnants of the invaders Ser, some of it those taking advantage. Maybe a couple honest folk driven to extreem meaures too if I'm honest." He stops for a moment to consider best how to procede before he then continues, "Besides that you're looking mostly at petty thefts and skuffles. Disagreements over small things getting blown out of proportion as people vent." Another pause then a faint shrug, "it'll settle, given time."

"Aye." Jarod nods in agreement with the 'settle in time' part, though such thoughts have un-chippered now that they're pondering that. "I figure once the rebuilding's farther along. Hard not to let little things boil now." Which reminds him. "I should thank you, Master, if I never did properly, for marching with the Terrick men to Alderbrook and the rest. Have you mended from it? Took a bad hurt on the field to liberate the Roost, if I recall."

"The people won't want to hear that it will settle over time when they're being killed and thieved from," Hardwicke says, his low, gruff voice taking on a certain dry quality.

Mortimer would agree with Jarod. "Aye Ser, more semblences of normality are restored, sooner order will be to." So much as order ever is of course. A faint smile is then given to the younger man, "my family were here, you offered the quickest way back." As for the wound, "One of 'em did their best to split my skull Ser, didn;t realise quite how thick it is I reckon." Tilting his head to Hardwicke a moment he condsiders for a moment or two then replies, "give us the men and horses to clear the roads and we'll clear them Captain."

"If you require additional men, those peasantry who returned from the army proved an able enough lot," Jarod says to Mortimer. "And some'll still be looking for proper work. I can perhaps assist in that as well. I do not yet know if I shall return to my duties in Stonebridge. With the war over and Good King Robert's decision on the fate of the land likely near. And…well…not sure what my lord father'll put me to next, really." He sounds a little nervous.

"As Ser Rivers said," Hardwicke says, a low, frustrated breath huffing from his nose. "We've only just returned, and I don't have men to spare." He considers a moment before asking, "Any sign of the Sheriff?"

"No one has men to spare," Mortimer answers to Hardwicke, before tilting hishead to indicate Jerod, "except maybe him it seems. And no, no word. Ihad been hoping he might be among those to be returned from Pyke, but if he was then I;ve heard nothing of it." He turns to Jerod again to get confirmation on that before stating, "you help would be greatly appreciated Ser, and that of the levie. I won't claim any skill in leading troops and it'll need a concerted effort." Even if just to push the bandits out of Terrick lands and make them someone else's problem. The Naylands perhaps? Or maybe north into the remains of Camden lands?

"The levy men aren't proper sworn to the Four Eagles, Master," Jarod says with a shrug. "And they aren't proper knights or professional soldiers, so they'll not do you quite that. But they're decent bowmen among them, and they've drilled with spears, and spent time on the Isles enough not to be afeared of tavern brawlers or poachers. Volunteered to fight for their home, there's something to be said for that." He waits curiously for the answer about the sheriff himself. "I'd hoped we might find more of those folk who'd gone missing in the reaving on the Pyke. Few there, though. Mistress Avinashi said there might be some more who were taken to the squid lands of Oakmont, but we know not what's become of them yet."

"Likely they won't be too keen to return to fighting when they've just returned to their families," Hardwicke murmurs, the set of his jaw a bit grim.

Mortimer nods solemnly at Jarod's coments regarding the missing, it ties close enough with what he's heard on the grapevine but that doesn't mean that it comes any easier to hear from a reliable source. "I'm sure we'll hear it time," is just about all he manages on the subject, although, if truth be told he's pretty much resigned now that no more will be coming back. His first reponse to Hardwicke is not vocalised on the grounds of not depressing theconversation futher and in the end he just shrugs and offers flatly, "Only one way to find out Captain."

"I'm at liberty today, for my part, though I figure that'll change soon," Jarod says, still sounding somewhat nervy. Though he grins again, at Hardwicke this time. "You remember that girl I was telling you about in Seagard, Ser? I took your advice and asked her to marry me. And she said yes. So…remember that I've you to thank for that when it's said and done." He half-sounds like there's a joke hidden somewhere in there, though it's the rueful sort. And entirely on himself. As for the levies, he shrugs. "They're volunteers and can do as they please. But, aye. No harm in the asking. They'll be good hands for the rebuilding, however they put themselves to it."

"Really?" For all that Hardwicke certainly encouraged Jarod to put a proverbial ring on it, he seems a bit baffled to hear it now. "Well. Good luck to you, then." Looking back to Mortimer, he tips his head. "I'll do what I can to see if we can find the manpower. I'm afraid I have more business to attend to at the moment, however. Master. Ser." The Captain tips his head to the two of them before spurring Delylah on.

Kell arrives from the Roost Lane.

Mortimer glances briefly between Hardwicke and Jarod at the talk of marrage proposals, but doesn;t presume to ask for the details of what is obviously something well known between the pair of them. "Good day to you Captain," is offered to Hardwicke as he departs and then to Jarod, "Congratulations are due it appears Ser." He offers the younger man his hand and the adds, "my advice if it please you, memorise the following phrase 'yes dear', it'll save you a lot of hassle in the long run."

Jarod inclines his head to the Hardwicke. "Warrior keep you, Ser. I'll…uh, see you later. Probably." He, again, sounds a little nervy about that. He's standing in the square, in conversation with Mortimer. And Hardwicke, though the Captain of the Guard is departing. Mortimer's congratulations do draw a wide, somewhat rueful, grin from him. "That has the sound of good advice, Master. I may require a bit more than that. But…it'll work out. Somehow. Probably. How is your goodwife, now that we come to it?"

Walking down the path that leads towards the Four Eagles Keep is Kell who for the past couple of days have been enjoying the Terrick's hospitality. After a long duration of sleeping on rocks and in hostile lands, a warm bed in the safety of the Cape of the Eagles is very much appreciated and enjoyed, the worries of sudden reaver attack no longer lingering over their heads. The Hedge Knight is not in armor today though belted at the waist is his sword, usually there as he is a knight.

Now there's a question that draws a pained expresion, however briefly. "She's.. " A suitable word doesn't seem to want to be found, and the search inculdes both Mortimer's feet, and the wall of a nearby building before "coping," is dragged out from under the rubble somewhere. "If I'm honest Ser I think she's been replying too heavily on hope to see her through, and now thats fading…. well." Or faded entirely, if you happen to be particualrly jaded in such regards. It then strikes him, that with so many missing and dead, not everyone knows the full lists, so he adds as clarification, "I think my son misses his sister as well. Thankfully though, given his age, I don;t think he really understands." Kell's approach is not yet noted, given the conversation as it is.

Jarod sombers more at that. "My prayers for your daughter, Master, and my sympathies. My lord father shall surely send requests to Oakmont to see after those in the Roost that may've been taken there in thrall. Perhaps something will come of it." He tries to sound confident, but he can't quite. Ser Rivers is away from the tower and up early. He looks freshly shaved, bathed and more groomed than usual for him when he's just rolling about town. The hedge knight's appearance is at least as distraction from that grim subject, and he raises an arm to wave to Kell.

As he enters the Town Square, Kell scans the area with his eyes before catching the wave from Jarod and nods back at the man before changing his direction slightly so he is now angling towards Jarod and Mortimer. As he approaches conversational distance, the Hedge Knight raises his own hand in a wave before a verbal hello is added, "Ser Rivers." A nod for Jarod, then one for Mortimer, "Greetings."

Even if he hadn't noticed Kell's approach himself, Jarod's wave is more than enough to clue Mortimer in that someone else is approaching. A brief nod of thanks is given, although his expression shows no small degree of resignation on the matter. Still, with Kell's arrival there's the chance to change the subject. Turning slightly to allow the newly arrived knight room to join the conversation he nods in return, "Ser. Still enjoying the hospitality of the Roost?"

"This is Master Mortimer Trevelyan, Ser," Jarod introduces the man to Kell. "One of the Roost's Sheriff's men. And one of the volunteer veterans of Alderbrook, though a wound on the field kept him from joining the campaign on the isles. Hope Four Eagles is keeping you well, Ser Drakmoor. My lord father's still most grateful for the aid you provided during the siege."

"Indeed, the hospitality is excellent." Is the answer given by Kell to Mortimer's question about enjoying the hospitality, "Lord Terrick was most kind and generous to welcome a simple Hedge Knight into his home." There is a brief pause before he continues as he looks around the Square once more for just a moment, "With the invasion of the Iron Island concluded, I was finally able to spend some quiet time to do some thinking as well." As the introductions are made, Kell listens to Jarod's words before dipping his head respectfully in Mortimer's direction, "Honored, Master Trevelyan. Glad to meet one of the heroic warriors of Alderbrook, without the victory there, things could've been pretty dire."

Mortimer inclines his head equally respectfully to Kell, "ANd I thank you for being one of those who kept my wife and son safe in the castle, but please, those of us who went to ALderbrook are not heroes Ser." He pauses a moment to glance quickly to Jarod and then back again. "We were just doing what we had to do, in teh only way we could. Heroes are just men who get other people killed in the name of glory, or power, or such. As I said to Ser Rivers before, my family was here, I was not, I simply took the quickest option with regards to getting abck to them."

"Common post-war affliction, thinking," Jarod says, idly rubbing his freshly-shaved jaw. "Hope it clears up soon all around. What is it you're thinking on, Ser Kell?" Mortimer's words meet with a shrug. "I'd like to think I'm grown enough to believe little in heroes anymore, Master. Much prefer men willing to fight for what they care for."

"Understood, though not all men are able to do the same when the time requires them to, I am glad to see that the men of the Roost are courageous and capable." Kell says, not in disagreement with Mortimer's views on heroes and what he did for his family. As for what his mind was occupied with, he does share one thing as he looks towards Jarod, "With the hardships and fighting I've gone through with the Terrick men here at the Roost, at Seagard, and also on the Iron Islands, I was thinking of asking your Lord father if he would allow me to swear my loyalties to House Terrick."

Mortimer nods in agreement with Jarod's words, offering a brief, "aye Ser, although I'd still rather not have to fight at all." Not that he particualr expects either of the two knights of being particularly bloodthirsty mind. Once Kell has vocalised his thoughts he glances back to Jarod again, "another pair of hands to help clear the roads?" Kell is then offered a faint smile, "should you decide to ask Ser, I wish you the best of luck."

"My lord father would take you in a moment, I'm sure," Jarod says. Though he adds, "Though you did yourself honors during the war, Ser, and could likely find better payment as a sworn elsewhere. Perhaps even a better living as a hedge knight, given how troubled the roads are. Lord Jerold will his men as best he can and Warrior knows we need swords, but these are lean times. All would understand if you sought better fortune elsewhere."

"Thank you, Master Trevelyan, I appreciate your well wishes." Kell gives the older man a smile of thanks before turning back to Jarod, "I understand, Ser Rivers, though my decision isn't based on riches. Though I guess when you look at Hedge Knights, it makes me the odd one. But I feel that I would enjoy it more serving with the other men of the Roost, having fought with them through though dark days that we were able to live through. And Lord Jerold is an honorable lord that I would have no doubts in serving faithfully and loyally."

With the conversation turning away from anything he can usefully comment on, Mortimer figures it's time to take his leave. "If you'll excuse me Sers," he starts, a brief nod first to Jarod, then Kell. "I'm expected elsewhere and I'm not sure I have enough 'yes dears' stored up to see me through safely should I be late." He takes a step back to rejoin the flow of foot traffice beofre fianlly adding, "good day to you both."

"As I said, Ser, my lord father needs men. May need them more in the coming days." Which makes Jarod's face take on a pensive expression, though he really doesn't go into why. It's not as if the Terricks lack for reasons to require cheap manpower. "This is good house to serve. Lord Jerold has never called me to do ill, and I hope to continue to use my sword here for many years yet." Though he almost sounds doubtful he'll get that opportunity. He inclines his head to Mortimer. "Master. Good luck with keeping the peace, for all our sakes."

"Good day to you as well, Master Trevelyan, though I get the feeling that there will never be enough 'yes dears' in this realm to please the women." Kell says in a good natured nature instead of an offensive one. He watches Mortimer depart for a moment before looking back to Jarod, "Then I will speak to Lord Jerold when he is free and if he consents, then I will wear the Terrick colors proudly." As for the reasons why men may be needed in the coming days, Kell can already guess at one, having heard the rumors and news since their return, "I have no doubt that the bandits and other unsavory types plaguing the lands is one reason men with swords are needed."

Jarod nods to Kell. "There's no shortage of men eager to prey on the state of our lands. Be they the few squids left behind on the coast, or just thieves and brigands. I'd not even put it past the Naylands to be sending proxy bandits onto our roads." It's still early in the day. Jarod's standing in the square, talking with Kell. The Terrick bastard is shaved and reasonably well-dressed, more than one might expect for one of his random forays into the town. On a more pleasant note he asks Kell, "You ever hit on a good name for that new horse of yours?"

Shaking his head at the possibilities of Naylands, Kell looks disappointed, "And it was only weeks ago we were fighting side by side with them against a common enemy. But whoever it is that is preying on the innocents, they will meet the justice that they deserve." As the subject turns to the name of his steed, the Hedge Knight manages a chuckle and shakes his head, "No, not yet. Didn't get a chance to think of one while we were busy killing Ironborn, but the thought has entered my mind. I think I will name it something bold, he is quite a fighter. With his hooves and even his teeth."

A stranger approaches the square, a man having a look around by the way he walks with long easy strides, then pauses to study things. Things that have changed a great deal since he had been here last, years ago. Justin walks without horse or packs, his things elsewhere for the moment. The young man of around twenty years or so turns to look towards the Sept to see what he can see of it from here. Justin's brow furrows, his mouth in a grim line before he walks on further. As he comes nearer, he glances to the two men standing in the street but says nothing as yet, minding his own business. If he has any at all.

"Should be something to do with the Isles, veteran of them that he is," Jarod says, falling into easy conversation about Kell's horse. "Reaver, maybe. Since he reaved the reavers. At least a little. I'm glad to be back on ground where cavalry can fight proper. The stones in the Isles were as treacherous of the men on them." He turns his head when Justin approaches, doing a double-take, recognition faint but slowly dawning.

Laughing at the suggestion, Kell nods at the possibility, "I will definitely keep that one in mind. Perhap Ironreaver though it sounds a tad long, but we will see." As for the more familiar and suitable terrain, he nods once more, "Complete agreement there. Though I will give credit where credit is due, those Ironborn knew how to set the traps against us and our horses at Seagard." The loss of Horse was a great blow to the Hedge Knight and if it wasn't for Lord Jerold's kindness, he wouldn't be much of a knight right now, perhaps half of one. "Stones are not meant to be slept on or walked on, especially the little sharp ones." Kell then grows a little quiet at Jarod's reaction to the stranger's approach, "Someone you recognize, Ser?" He isn't sure if it good or bad, but since they are in the middle of the Town Square, he isn't as on his guard as he would be in the wilds.

Someone has a striking resemblance to his now banished elder brother, Jeramy, aside from paler eyes. Justin skims a hand over the wall of the near building as he walks nearer, most of his attention for the inn and the condition of the town itself. He lowers his hand as he steps out past the corner before his gaze slips back to the two other man. Who are apparently now watching himself. He studies them both in kind, his focus returning then to Jarod after looking Kell over as well. Justin gives them a nod for greeting, "At least the inn is still here. How bad is the Sept?" Apparently a man seeking news, his baritone light.

"Lord Jerold's a very kind man, has been to me all my life," Jarod replies to Kell. He might, just might, sound a little guilty. But he clears his throat, to banish it. He's genuinely absorbed in doing triple-takes at Justin's face, anyhow. "Recognize as a ghost, more like. If not quite. Oi!" He raises an arm, to hail Justin. "You've the look of kin of the Roost, my lord." The title's an assumption, but one he sounds reasonably confident in. "The sept is not what it once was. The squids…" He turns his head to spit at the word. "…took special enjoyment in tearing it down. It still offers worship to the town as best it can, and we'll rebuild. Stronger than before, Seven willing."

As the focus moves from Lord Jerold to the new arrival, Kell studies the man who Jarod is now calling a lord which causes the knight to dip his head respectfully to Justin, "They dismantled the Sept to use the stones for their catapults when we were manning the walls. We showed the squids the error of their ways when we sallied out at the dead of night and burned their catapults. M'Lord."

"Aye, rebuild…" Justin looks grimly around, "A great deal more than the Sept, I fear." His hands tucking loosely into his sword belt, he walks the last short distance to join the other two. Looking then to Kell he frowns, "Stones can be regathered and cut anew." Jarod though wears Terrick colors where Kell does not. So he nods to him, "I am kin indeed, long gone from home. I had heard the grim news, though not so grim as it could have been. And who might you be?"

Solomon arrives from the Worn Road.

"I am Ser Jarod Rivers, my lord. One of Lord Jerold's sworn swords." And his bastard son, which any Terrick would know, though it's not appended to his introduction. "This is Ser Kell Drakmoor. A hedge knight, though he rode with our forces during the campaign on the Iron Islands, and wishes to swear to our House now that it's at an end. We shall be honored to have him if we can, he's a fine sword, and we've much need of them." He's in the town square, talking with Kell and Justin. And looks freshly shaved and in general more cleaned up than a man on a random errand about town.

For now, Kell remains silent as Jarod does the introductions, inclining his head once more when he is introduced. For now though, the Hedge Knight seems equally curious as to who this young Lord is, perhaps not having been with the Terricks long enough to link faces just yet.

Justin has made no correction to the honorific applied to him. He listens to the introductions, doing a slight but perhaps noticiable double take of his own at Jarod's name. A very slight lifting of a dark brow, "Is that so?" A twist of his lips before he adds, "Pleasure to meet you, Ser Kell, and you, Ser Jarod though we've met before years ago. I am Lord Justin Terrick, formerly Squired to the late Lord Ser Haffery Tully."

"Ha!" Jarod's face breaks into a broad, boyish grin. He stares at Justin anew, nodding to himself, like it's all finally coming together. "Gods, you have the look of Jaremy. For a moment I thought it was him come down from the Wall again. I…welcome home, little brother!" And with that Jarod tries to catch him in a rough, shoulder-clapping hug. If he can. He's an emotive sort of bastard.

"Honored to make your acquaintance, M'Lord." Kell says as the young Lord introduces himself to the two knights though he keeps any possible shoulder clapping hugs or anything of that familiarity to himself. A smile does appear as he watches Jarod's friendly and outgoing antics though. "I am sure your family will be gladdened to hear of your return." However, whether Kell just wishes to let Jarod and Justin speak in privacy or perhaps he has errands to run, the Hedge Knight excuses himself, "I should take my leave, M'Lord, Ser. I should make myself useful while the sun is up. Good day to you both." With a respectful nod to both, Kell then turns to depart.

Ehm, -somebody- else is not a touchy feely, huggy sort of fellow. Justin stiffens a bit but doesn't overly do much to avoid the embrace as long as it's brief. He claps Jarod once on the back himself, less exuberantly. "Thanks, though it is likely better if I not be mistaken for Jaremy." He is a bit younger and mayhap a little taller. There is a nod to Kell, Justin's tone still low in volume compared to Jarod's, "And good day to you, Ser Kell."

Jarod is too busy laughing and back-slapping to notice the stiffness with which his greeting is returned, though he lets Justin go quickly enough. "It's grand to see you home. It'll do our lord father good. And Jace. The year's been harsh upon them, not only with the reaving, but with the passing of Lady Evangeline." He bows his head. "The whole of the Roost grieves for her passing." As does he, it seems, non-son of her or no.

Another is soon seen taking the long road into town, though his own approach is from the Tower, and indeed the coastline, than the way of Seagard and everything else in between. Behind him a small crew of men seem to hang on, like ducklings following a mother duck. There's a glance behind him, but the armed man doesn't seem to mind, or to worry. Instead there's a whistle as he moves continuing further in and hopefully to where the Inn has itself located.

As it stands Ser Solomon doesn't even seem prepared to wait or stop at first as he comes close to the Terrick gathering.

That reminder strips any sort of smile that eased his face away, "Indeed, and here Jace went and got himself married. I have missed much, though I may not remain long for I have things left unfinished myself that yet need tending." A twisting of his mouth into a grim frown before Justin adds lower, "I mourn her loss also." A slow sigh then he turns his head to glance to the other man who's arrived leading others towards the inn. Justin studies the new arrival before he looks back to Jarod, "I would linger and have a drink with you for news, yet I should get my things and head in first."

"I can walk you back to the Four Eagles, if you like," Jarod says. "I've…err…" He hesitates. "Business in town tonight, but not for some hours yet, and it isn't far. Though the sept is still open to prayers, if you want a few hours to yourself."

Solomon pauses, as the Sailors continue to file on by him, and there's a nod to go with. However Solomon has his eyes located onto Jarod for a moment, as if trying to place some recognition, before he is simply shrugging. One hand rises , before he is bringing it to the side of his mouth. "Hello there!" Ahh now this should be good-nothing like interrupting what seems to be a heartfelt moment, with an 'important question.' "Could one of you kind serrahs direct mer, an me crew to where th' whores are? It's been some time, since we've come a crawlin' in Terrick's Roost. Last I was here, I heard th' Inn here had a fine red hair'd girl who'd show you her cunny for a copper. Mind ye I'dlike something a bit more sure-so as my cock don' rot off." And with that out Ser Wake pauses for a moment. "Am I interruptin?"

Justin gives a faint nod, "The company is welcome. I will need to learn my way around again - especially now as much has been ruined." Annnndddd then there is the most eloquent of interruptions. The newly returned Lord doesn't make any effort to correct the stranger as to his proper form of address. Instead, Justin looks to Jarod with amusement in his grey eyes, "I think I'll leave the direction giving to you while I go and fetch my things." And lowering his voice further, he adds, "You might even know who he's asking for." Yes, a friendly little jab at his half brother. With a hint of a smirk, Justin turns to head back the way he'd come, a horse and his gear waiting elsewhere.

"Ruby was lost when the fucking squids took the town, I fear, Ser," Jarod replies to Solomon, presuming he knows exactly what redhaired whore the man is referencing. "There are still some girls who work the Rockcliff, I think, though times're leaner now. Can't really speak for the whores there of late. I've not had myself one in some time." Which, for some reason, makes him grin wide. He inclines his head to Justin. "I'll show you the way. Good luck to you, Ser, and may you find good company. Though I'd like to think I'll enjoy better tonight." He will escort Justin to Four Eagles, on that note.

Solomon tips a foreknuckle to Jarod as he peels off for the Rock Cliff, though, the knight does have some skill to walk backwards as he calls out to the retreating Terricks. "Aye, a shame that the saltmen take what they can't handle twixt their legs. I'm sure if times are lean then the lean girls' fuck more for their coin ey?" And Solomon allows for a booming laugh to follow. "Good night serrahs!" a wave and the Captain whistles as he walks.