Page 370: Back for Seconds
Back for Seconds
Summary: Paths cross again and revelations are made.
Date: 26/07/2012
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Wayland Catryn 
Shallows, Stonebridge
Without having to walk through the underdocks, at the foot of the stairs, is a small rocky slope that descends the last few feet to the water. Caution is needed on the descent but the water is upriver from the ships and is often considered safe to swim and quite a few people do just that. The slope is kept in retainment by a low stone wall that descends into the water providing for a soft, muddy bottom where swimmers need not worry too much about hurting themselves when diving in.
Jul 26, 289

Having stopped by to check on the mules and after spending a moment in the Common House to find out just where the hell her Pa had wandered off too, Catryn, Stupid in tow, had made her way down towards the docks an then, beyond, making herself at home in her new enviroment with all the ease of one who could have been there for ages. Though she hadn't.

As it is, what looks dangerously like the dress the chit had on earlier dangles from a branch an beneath it, the neatly folded leathers, now exposed revealing the gleam of steel that hides in their depths. Even her boots are dangling from that branch, safe from Stupid's chewing teeth. And the girl? The girl was poised on the wall, at least for a moment just before she dove, where a glimpse reveals that tan runs all of her. At least, all that was revealed, which still wasn't everything. The most important bits covered in criss-crossed leathers worn in the fashion of the dothraki women.

After that abrupt departure from the bridge, the Frey Knight made his way towards the Town, got a few things and then wandered into the stables. He feed his horse and had a quick conversation with the stable boys, handing out some coins so they could pay extra attention to his horse, making sure that he always had water and stuff to eat and that his 'dorm' was clean. Given that the day was nice, Wayland decided to extend his walk a little more and not return home right afterwards. His new destination? Who knows, he just allowed his feet to take him somewhere, and that place would be the river. He is fairly distracted as he walks down the steps but he soon focuses on a little dog not far away from him, this of course makes him slow down a little bit and then stop. He looks around, not really seeing the girl, but some of her things are there. He is about to turn around but then, Stupid starts barking at him, it's a happy bark it seems. Wayland turns again and smiles a little, deciding to visit his new friend.

Catryn's head appears some distance away, the girl treading water, her eyes closed and her face turned up to meet the sun that'd finally decided to show it's face. It's still not as hot as what she's used to, nor that which is remembered with a measure of longing. It's close though, enough to content her, at least…until the sound of Stupid yipping catches her attention. With a furrow of her brows those keen eyes turn towards the sound and settle on the recently familiar figure. A faint frown stretches her lips then, putting wrinkles her brows, too and then…it turns into a smirk. "Ye just aint used t'hearin' no are ye? Is it s'new a sensation thatche 'ad t'come back fer another helpin'?"

Catryn's head appears some distance away, the girl treading water, her eyes closed and her face turned up to meet the sun that'd finally decided to show it's face. It's still not as hot as what she's used to, nor that which is remembered with a measure of longing. It's close though, enough to content her, at least…until the sound of Stupid yipping catches her attention. With a furrow of her brows those keen eyes turn towards the sound and settle on the recently familiar figure. A faint frown stretches her lips then, putting wrinkles her brows, too and then…it turns into a smirk. "Ye just aint used t'hearin' no are ye? Is it s'new a sensation thatche 'ad t'come back fer another helpin'?"

And of course, he couldn't have expected anything different that. When the girl appears and talks to him, he looks to where she is and stands up, this time, the little puppy held in one hand against his chest. "I beg your pardon?" asks the man now, stepping a little closer to the water. "No to what?" But yeah, he remembers how the conversation went. "I already told you that I wasn't trying to offer any charity and no, I wasn't asking so I could /enjoy/ your company" With that said, he pets Stupid's head for a moment and then idly looks around the area, always vigilant.

"Beg, eh? Juss a day o'new experiences for ye, aint it?" Cat questions, swimming closer to the shore, so that her feet once more touch against the muddy bottom. "Thought men did most o'their beggin' on their knees, though. An ye juss look like a man about ta steal a poor girl's dog," comes the chide, while a hand rises to brush those slick gold strands away from her face. "Ye aint a thief, are ye?"

"Beg?" repeats Wayland with a somewhat puzzled expression "I ain't begging for anything, I am just telling you what I meant back then, that is all" offers the man now, nodding his head afterwards. He watches her getting close now and then looks down at the dog, petting Stupid's head a little. "No, no stealing" and with that said, he lowers the dog to the ground. "You assume too many things, why is that, too many bad experiences?" finally asks the man, taking a small wine skin and having a sip from it, but it's not wine, it's just water.

With a bemused expression the girl watches him, a brow lofted in amusement that twists the corners of her lips. "Talk proper. Act proper. Betcho aint done a single thang wrong in ye life, 'ave ye. Gods but what a borin' lot," its given with a roll of her eyes and a shake of her head. "Wanna hear about how sad it's been too, tell me tha wit nothin' but a lil hard work an someone ta care about me, everthang'll get better?"

At this point, Wayland just lifts one hand and rubs his both eyes while looking down. He takes a deep breath and says "Fuck this." Now, he looks at her and nods "Yeah, I did some fucking wrong things, nobody is free from that…and more often than not, you'll find Nobles doing really fucking dumb things, not that they are to be recognised." As for that last comment of hers "When I saw you for the first time just a while ago, I already realised that you can take care of yourself with no problem…so no"

Catryn grins at that, her smile brighter, her bottom lip tuckin' in between her teeth. "Thoughtcho said ye weren't a noble," she prods, before trailing her hand across the top of the waters edge and then, cups a handful of it splashing it in his direction, not high enough to soak all of him, mind. But…wet to the knees at least - for now.

And he doesn't move an inch when that water hits him, not really. The Knight just looks at the girl and says "I am from a noble family, yes. I am a Knight, yes. But I am not a Lord…the Lord would be my father, and to see him, you should find two twin towers governed by an old fart." That would be Walder Frey of course. The one that gets a bit of that splash is Stupid, and the little puppy shakes his head, sneezing afterwards and offering Catryn a bark that says 'Thanks…' No.

"Then yer a noble," the girl points out, though there's no flicker of recognition on her face when he talks about his home either. "An a stuffy one too, I'd wager. Probably don't even know how t'swim, d'ye? Just stand there tryin' no to t'look awkward. Whuts ye name, noble?" Since he didna seem to like his honorific so very much.

Wayland arches one eyebrow at the whole stream of words she throws at him "Wayland Frey, that is my name…" The whole swimming thing? Meh. "I do know how to swim, had to learn from a very young age" He nods to this and then asks her "What about you, what's your name?" The fact that she calls him 'noble' doesn't seem to upset him, then again, he doesn't really pay much attention to him and dismisses the comment.

"Well, Wayland," the girl strides forward, water sloothing off her skin as she does. A polite enough distance from him, but close enough to touch, she extends her hand, "It's nice t'meetche. Names Cat," is offered in response to his question, befoer her smile slants a little sideways. "Yer not daft, are ye? Er obtuse? Er is it juss me that'che object to? Er the notion o'swimmin' with a bit of common riffraff?"

The Knight watches her move forward and when she extends her hand, she does the same, taking her own in a gentle way, lifting it up a little so he can place a soft kiss on her knuckles. Because lets face it, he was raised a noble and trained as one. "I don't object the nothing of swimming with you, no. You asked me if I knew how to swim, I replied with the truth." says Wayland now, nodding his head in acceptance and finally letting go of her hand.

The girl blinks at the way he takes her hand and more, at the kiss, because it didn't seem to be done in mockery either. He seems so proper, this one, like he really means it. But…it also gave her a bit of an idea. So her hand, after that little kiss, while he speaks, curls in snugly against his own and then she just….leaned. Throwing her weight back towards the water, in an attempt to off balance him and bring him with her. Poor bloke needed to learn how to loosen up.

Well, she didn't really caught him of guard, because when she pulled back he did realise what she was trying to do. Then again, he was standing on mud, a lot of it and that does play against him in terms of keeping balance. The man moves forward and tries to press his feet against the floor "Hey!" calls out the man, but since the ground doesn't support for good friction, he does slip waving his arms to grab onto something, anything…but…he does fall in the water, even if it's just only up to his knees, or a bit more since he actually kneels down in it. Blink, blink blink blink. He looks at her with a dead expression, surprise more than anything "Why?" asks the man, not really saying anything else, looking at himself now and trying to stand.

And down she wet, with less luck towards balance since she was already falling than he seemed to be having with it. Legs splayed wide on either side of him, feet half burrowed into the mud, water up to her collar bone where she'd landed just a little bit deeper than he. And the look on his face, was priceless. So that she couldn't help but grin, her laughter ringing out easily over the waters. It wasn't patronizing either, just, horribly amused. "Because you looked like you could use it," she grinned, "And now ye dun have an excuse no t'swim. Relax, Wayland, aint nobody gonna judge yet fer it."

Her explanation doesn't make sense to him, and her laughter finds him staring at her with disbelief. Is it possible that Wayland forgot what /fun/ is? Truth be told, it's quite possible. Now he is standing up, still in the water "I know nobody shall judge me for swimming, be that alone or with someone else…" He does have excuses not to swim, the most clear one is the fact that he is wearing armor, and that taking it off takes some time. And that's just one. He looks at his belt, checking his sword and dagger, making sure that they are still secured against it. He turns around and makes his way out of the water, or trying to; things are so slippery that it does take him a moment to climb out, slipping more than once, finding that terribly annoying and more than sure that she would find it terribly amusing. When he is finally out, he unhooks his belt and places it on dry ground, starting to work on his armor afterwards.

Cat doesn't need someone to tell her that he's forgotten how to relax, it's obvious in his manner and the way he still seems…unsure. And she does find it amusing when he slips, but she hides her grin behind her hand and her laughter is silent. She might even feel a little bit guilty for it too. "Generally got a squire fer that dontcho?" Cat questioned in regards to his armour and the fact that…well, honestly he looks like he could use a little help. So she pulls herself up, mud smeared over more'n half of her and moves up to join him, weaving her steps around Stupid, who's decided it's fun to try and lick her ankle. Ugg. "Here," an she reaches then, with an air of one who's done this before, "Leme help. We can rinse it in the shallows there an sit it off to the side t'dry while ye swim." A pause then, in which she'll help him peel away the load, unless he stops her. "How longs it been since ye smiled last an relaxed, anyway?"

Wayland is not opposed to getting some help with the armor, and he is wearing an undershirt so, it's all good. When the thing is on the floor, he starts wearing on his arm guards and says "Page…eventually it'll be a Squire" Her last question makes him stop what he is doing and look at her "I smiled when I was feeding the dog" But he knows that's not what she means "I can relax, but I am also a Knight, and it is my duty to look out for those who can't defend themselves." Not that he is saying she is one, but that's what a Knight does, or that's his idea of Knighthood, and he follows that code. He is wearing pants that are made of a mix of linen and leather, well, mostly leather…but still. He keeps those on, but he does take off his boots, even if they are soaking wet already.

"Yeah but…by the Gods man, relax. Tha sun's shinin', tha dog's fed an really," Cat talks while she works on ensuring his armour's free of mud, an there's a deft ease with that too, as if she's handled it before, more proficent in some ways than a page might be. "When yer on ye death bed an time's slippin' away, ye think yer gonna be layin' there regrettin' no payin' more attention tha day by the river, or tha ye wish ye had more time t'relax?" It might have sounded a little deep, too, for all that she might have gone and ruined it, "Truth is ye'll be layin' there shittin' yerself an wishin' tha pain'll stop. But tha thing everone fergets is tha, none o'those people ye watched over 're gonna be there when yer gone. An more none o'em will care. They'll be t'worried tryin' t'figure out where next they's gonna eat. S'fuckin' smile, damnit, aint always gonna be quiet days like this where ye'll get tha chance."

Watching her in complete silence as she speaks, Wayland doesn't interrupt her at all and only says something when she finishes "Regardless, a Knight doesn't act for his well being, but for the well being of others..if I meet my end my…" he pauses "…shitting myself and wishing the pain will stop, and find that nobody is there…so be it." With that said and now that his equipment is on the floor, he does take a few steps forward into the water, looking around with a constant vigilant eye. "Where did you learn to work armours like that?" finally asks Wayland, looking at Catryn now, studying her once again. Some would say that he has a misplaced sense of the Knight code.

"Pa's lived by his sword mosta his 'ole life. Spent most o'mine in Essos, too. S'he go from one company t'another, where ever as was hirin' an I went with 'im. Polishin', sharpin', fletchin' arrows. Wouldn't no one else 'round t'help." The girl shrugged, watching him, even as he watched her. "Aint so many rushin' t'help a sellsword, ya see," she offered, as she moved up to stand by his side, lookin' out over the water before she eyed the distance an dove.

"A sellsword…" repeats Wayland with a neutral tone of voice. He doesn't show distaste nor approval for the whole concept. He looks at her when she stands next to him and takes a deep breath, looking out at the water "What brings…" but then she went in. The man presses his lips a little but doesn't follow, at least he doesn't dive…he just takes a few steps forward into the water, looking pretty awkward while doing it. He looks over his shoulder just to make sure his stuff is still there and then back to the water.

Some eight feet beyond him now, Cat resurfaces, treading water; a hand pushing her hair back away from her face. She seems at home in the water, at least. Not like she'll require rescuring anytime soon. "Naw, aint workin' as one right now," she corrects, the last thing she'd caught said being his mention of her father's previous occupation, "We're tryin' our hands at somethin' peaceful-like; Merchants. Had some bad luck after the Greyjoy rebellion, tha lord that hired 'im on, with promises o'keepin' him once it was done, decided he didna need anymore mouths t'feed. Dropped us on Pyke with barely more'n a pittance fer our troubles."

One of the things to realise here and now that there's not so much clothing covering things, is that she is indeed, not well fed. The again, Wayland is not going to push on that subject again, it already showed to be a poor idea. "Yes, that seemed to happen to a lot of people. I've heard that every town has received an influx of strangers, well…strangers that start living there of course, so I would say they become part of the different towns." Like them. He takes a few more steps forward, now half of his torso is underwater and he just throws water over himself with his hands, but he doesn't really dive. His undershirt clings to his torso now that it's wet and his hair shows a few more defined curls.

"Don't wanna live here," the girl's quick to say, her nose wrinklin' over the notion. "Mighta been born 'ere, but it aint home. Tha's across tha sea fer me, but…Pa missed it," she shrugged, swimming closer because he just…the way he's standing there an hardly doin' more than he'd do in a shallow bath is amusing. "So 'ere we are." She stood in front of him then, lookin' him over with a grin. "An here we are. An yer still actin' like ye dunno whut to do in tha water." So said, she splashed him again.

It seems that there's some understanding there, with the idea of finding home to be across the sea. Wayland doesn't really make any comments about it tho, but there is a thoughtful expression, or a hint of it. Wayland looks down, meeting her gaze now, he offers a faint nod and then looks around, at the water "I know what to do in the water, I just…" and then she splashes him. He looks away for a moment, closing his eyes, shielding them from the water. "…I just, I am good this way…I am already wet anyway" finishes the man. And then, he looks back at her, showing a very faint smile. He shifts a little bit and takes a deep breath, filling his lungs with air before he exhales…The weather is growing cold, or at least there's a cold-ish wind blowing from the east.

"Ye just what," Cat questions him, her head canting to the side as she drifts in closer. "So yer wet. That aint swimmin', an ye said ye'd swim. Ooh…," she pauses, pads up closer; less than a foot between them now and pushes up on her tiptoes, eyes narrowed in on his jawline and that thing beneath his nose. "Wha's this?" She peers closer, again, her grin stretching wide across her lips, "Yer smilin'. Lookit tha', Wayland. Yer face wouldn't frozen!"

"I said I knew how to swim, not that I was going to" says Wayland in his defence. When she starts examining him up close, he moves his head back just a little as if asking himself 'What the hell…??' but of course he doesn't voice that. Her words on the smiling do amuse him a little bit so his smile shows just a liiiitle bit more, a little, let's not get excited. "Why are you so inclined in making me swim?" finally asks the man with a good natured tone of voice. His torso tenses when more cold wind from the east hits him and then, he relaxes once again. "It is getting cold, and I would not forgive myself if you get sick while trying to get me to swim" It's true. But he does however, kneel a little in the water so it's up to his neck and swims forward, less than 5 feet. He stands again now, truly soaking wet now and nods "There"

Those bright blue eyes blaze with a look of small triumph when he smiles, there was even a bit of a chuckle with the way he'd leaned away like she might have bit him. The chuckle might have even become a giggle then. "Ye could have said no," she points out, "But instead ye stripped down an got in. S'good excerise swimmin'. Keeps ye lean an in shape. Been colder." But bless him, he's stuffy, so she relents with a roll of her eyes. "Fine, fine, I'll g'lay on tha wall an dry. S'hell gettin' into those leathers wet. Hard gettin' out o'em that way too, come ta'think of it." But with that, she started towards the bank.

"I needed to take off my armor" says the man, because after all, it was getting screwed up. But with that said, he starts making his way towards the back as well. He looks up at the sky, a few clouds starting to appear, which is never a good sign. Well, depends on how you look at it, rain is always welcome, but not that much when you are trying to get dry and have to rely on the sun. "Then you recognise I am right" adds the man, nodding to that and stopping close to her. He leans down to check on his sword and dagger and then moves to the side, to a spot that is still being blessed by decent sunlight.

"No," she answers, looking up at him over the curve of her shoulder, "But I'm humoring ye, because I've the damnest notion that if'n I don't, ye'll no relax an then there we'll be." It's been two hours though, an more since she'd broke her fast and the sound of her stomach rumblin' has her lips pursin' in a thin. Either way, she follows him up, an stretches out next to him there in what's left of the sun. Close, perhaps, but it wasn't a wide ledge, anyway.

Stomachs rumbling, sometimes, those are loud enough for other people to hear. Now, it's not to say that he actually heard it but there's something that has been poking on his side for a bit now. "And I really, wasn't doing a charity thing when I asked you if you were hungry…heck…I am hungry" says Wayland, nodding at that and making some space for her. He looks at her for a moment, presses his lips and then looks at his armour laying on the ground. His overshirt is there, and it's basically dry. Wayland walks there, leans down and takes it, moving back to Catryn. "This should help" offers the man with a polite nod, and afterwards, he covers Catryn with it. If she allows of course.

There's a considerate look on her face, when he brings up the issue from earlier. She's trying not to be insulted again, but it's hard. At least there's some saving grace when he mentions he's hungry too. Though she rolls over with it, laying on her stomach, propped up on her elbows so she can see his face. "Are you…," but he stood up to move again, "Really hungry?" Finished, finally, where the look of confusion became one of bafflement when he covered her up. "Am…I making ye uncomfortable, Wayland?" Inquired, genuinely curious, before the sight beyond him caught her eye. Namely the way Stupid'd managed to reach the hem of her dress while they'd been in the water, so that it was wollered into the ground along with the pup. The cat groaned.

"Yeah, I am…I could definitely eat something" says Wayland with honesty in his voice. He is not trying to insult her, he never tried to insult her. When she asks him is she is making him uncomfortable, the man arches both eyebrows in surprise and asks "What do you mean…?" but then, realisation hits him and he goes "Oh. Oh, no, no it's not like that…I just thought you might be cold. You are not making me uncomfortable" And now, he looks over his shoulder and finds how Stupid has screwed up with her dress "Well, you can keep that shirt if you want…" says the man now, looking back at her.

"Well," the girl sits, but she's careful not to let his shirt touch the ground. "You're…sweet, aren't you?" She asks, with genuine surprise in the tone, as if it's only just dawned on her. "Ah mean like, really sweet juss cus it's what people're supposed ta be, aintcha?" Inquired, though the look she's givin' the dog fer ruinin' her dress is one of heavy disappointment. She probably doesn't own many, truth be told, she doesn't. An now that one's full of holes from little teeth and claws that're too large. "I canna do that, Ser, s'yers. But…I'll borrow it, if'n its alright?" It better be, because…she was putting it on, even if it was too large.

Wayland keeps looking at the dog as it trashed down the dress and then looks at the girl, seeing that look of disappointment on her face. "It's good fabric, perhaps…" he looks at the dress again and the his Knight mode kicks back in. The man takes a knee to the ground, moves his right fist right below his left collarbone and says "My lady would do this Knight great honour if she takes that shirt and turns it into a dress, it's good fabric. Or if she allows me to get a new dress for her, I feel responsible for this loss" He looks up again, nodding at her and not stopping her from putting that shirt on of course. "I…" and this would be related to her first question "I just feel that, you shouldn't have to withstand the cold weather, not if I can do something to prevent it."

Cat's eyes go wide when the man takes a knee and her jaw goes slack when his fist touches in against his chest. Color swarmed in her cheeks then, while her eyes threatened to swim with tears. An expression that warred with upset as she tried to figure out whether or not he was mocking her. "I'm…," she begins and her voice warbles. A pointed cough went to fix it, and she might have…hide for a moment longer than necessary when she pulled the shirt over her head, just to get her expression sorted out. "I'm not a lady, noble Knight. An I tried t'push ye in tha river too, I mean it was only fer play but…," her bottom lip trembled, "I dunno what t'say."

Wayland doesn't stand, nor he moves "Perhaps not in title, but that matters not, not to me" says the man. "I beg you, my Lady…allow me this honour" adds Wayland, and truth be told, his voice sounds honest and true, no hint of mockery, very far from it, as a matter of fact. Finally, he does look up, meeting her gaze, looking into her eyes. "You did, try to push me into the river…but you did not expect your dog to take a hold of your dress and I kept you from it by going into the water as I did"

"People…," the girl whispers, struggling to find her voice and keep it straight. "People might talk, milord. I wouldn't…," an imploring look, even and earnest is given him, her eyes never wavering from his own. "I wouldn't want people to speak ill of ye, or cheaply," the words take effort. To make it sound more like the eloquence he uses and less like common much, "tarnished by association…" But for a moment, a brief one, her eyes had blazed at the notion of a new dress. A real one. Clean with new fabric. One that hadn't belonged to someone else. It was a hard dream to let go of.

This particular Frey Knight can be very, very stubborn, that's the truth behind it. "My Lady…" says Wayland again. This time, he keeps looking into her eyes, and perhaps he even offers a reassuring smile. "I do not pay attention to that, and I never shall…I do not have the time to worry about what others are or are not saying." He nods his head now "A new dress, for you, my lady…allow me that"

"Please don't call me that," Catryn reaches for his hand then, a timid touch, in an attempt to draw it away from his chest. "It's..easy for you to say…," an her words are still slower, for the effort that goes into it. "But..if someone were to hear you call me that, then it would be me who were punished fer it." Though she slipped there at the end, her speech returning to normal. "Call me Cat," she offered him a smile. "Call me Cat and…," a pause, obvious then how much pride it cost her, "An I'll accept yer offer."

Wayland does not reject her touch and he does move his hand away from his chest. He listens to her words in silence and nods his head "Yes, my…" he stops himself and then nods one more time "Cat" He does show a faint smile one more time, glad that she accepted his offer "I will not do something that could endanger you, Cat" Now, the man stands up and offers his hand to her, to help her up if she accepts it. "The sun will not appear again at this point, I belive" offers Wayland now "I think the best thing to do would be to leave"

Color again, where he almost uses that title. Her head demuring with a shying smile. "Thank you," the words are quietly given, as she looks up at him an more, her hand reaching up to accept his own as she lets him draw her up to her feet. "For everything." Another little squeeze of her hand then and she lets him go, moving towards her leathers, which thankful escaped Stupid's teeth. "But yer right." A nod, an the girl dusts her feet off, before she works on wiggling herself into her britches; his shirt hiked up high against her stomach, until she manages, with a rump shake, to get them on. "Where…where did ye wanna go. I don't…," it felt so awkward to talk about, "I don't know anyone here who sews, er where t'go t'eat cept fer the Common House." And it seemed…so very far beneath him.

Wayland nods his head now "You're welcome, Cat" See, now he got a bit more used to saying her name instead of 'my lady'. As she moves to get her things, he moves to his own and starts the slow process of putting everything back on. He gives her privacy to change by just looking to another direction as he puts his own things on "There are some places in the Town Square, you can find the fabrics you like there and I think they can make the dress there." Or at least he believes, it's not that he knows a lot on that particular subject but he has seen these shops. Still, a dress was promised and a dress shall be delivered. "The Inn, they serve good food and they have good drinks"

His overshirt is tugged and straightened, once she's got her pants up. Though the laces at the top reveal a hint of the curves there at her chest and a wide belt is fastened around her middle. Certainly nothing a lady would ever be caught wearing. The fouled dress is shook as clean as can be managed, before she shoves it into the satchel that's thrown over her shoulder an settled, left shoulder to right hip. Maybe she can salvage /something/ from the remains or patch it at least. For travel maybe. "An yer sure, Wayland. It wouldn't set well with me, knowin' I was puttin' ye outta coin. I won't letche do it, lessen ye promise." Oh look. She was worrying again.When she talks to him, the man turns around and nods his head "You don't have to worry about that, Cat" says the man, finally offering a normal smile. He is of course, not rich like his father, not even close…but he does have some coins. Finally, all his gear is in place and as he finishes working his belt, he says "Shall we head to Town?" With that said, he walks closer, stopping right next to her and offering her to take the lead. His right hand rests on the pommel of his sword and he looks around the area with scanning eyes.

"Well I wouldna wanna be the cause o'ye bein' buggered," she replies and there is just enough of a frown with it for it to be more than apparent its a fate she wouldn't wish on anyone. A single look at the girl says she's tasted it enough herself. "But if ye say it's fine, then it's fine." She sighs, peeking up over her shoulder at him while Stupid bounds ahead on the trail, eager, apparently to wander about some more. "Promisse I willna take too long. I've heard how ye menfolk can be when surrounded by fabric." But she'll still spend a good hour there, apologizin' all the while. Yet…perhaps he'll find the way her face simply glows with the delight of one who's never known such finery, even though she seems more an concious of the price when she browses, will be worth how long he's forced to wait?

Surprisingly, Wayland doesn't complain, not even once. He allows her the freedom to walk around, browse and select what she wants. In the meantime, he remains close to the door, watching everything going on outside the store. From time to time, he notices her gaze as she looks at him and he returns a reassuring nod to her, something that can be taken as 'Pick whatever you want'. He exchanges a few words with the store keeper and then just takes some time to wander around the place, taking a look at the fabrics that while he doesn't find as fascinating, he doesn't make comments on them nor he shows any sign of boredom.

Catryn is a glowing ball of sunshine, by the time they finally leave. And in the end, the piece that she chose, was the one that he showed the most favor towards. It helped too, that it suited her, with a blue so soft it matched her eyes almost to perfection. She'd have hugged him too, had the place not been so public. Bad enough that it was a noble, buyin' fabric for a commoner, but…perhaps no one had to know? And when they leave, that distance that she'd kept when they came, always a few steps ahead and just a little away, is gone - so that Cat walks at his side instead and even she could find nothing new to frown on, even if she did brush his arm, lean up on tiptoe and confess, "I'm starving." Good thing they were going to eat!