Page 186: Babes and Levies
Babes and Levies
Summary: Jarod gets his marching orders, and he and Jacsen discuss their sibling-to-be briefly.
Date: 20/01/2012
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Jacsen Jarod 
Throne Room — Four Eagles Tower
Knights, lords, tables.
Fri Jan 20, 289

Having heard that his brother might be taking a meal in the throne room, Jacsen has come there, not long after departing company with their father, Lord Jerold. He leans heavily upon his cane as he moves, and should he find his brother there will reach for a chair to also hold to as soon as he closes with him. "Jar," he greets, "Have a few moments?"

Jarod is taking his meal in that location with a couple of other household knights, wolfing quickly at a plate of meat and bread along with a cup of wine. Lighter summer stuff than what he generally drinks, but it appears more for refreshment than other pleasures. He swallows as his name is called, looking up from what little remains of his food. "Jace. Aye. Near done here anyhow." His plate, indeed, is clean. He gulps the remainder of his drink, just to make a clean break of it.

Jacsen nods to the others eating with his brother, and waits patiently for Jarod to finish his meal. When he's up, the Young Lord releases the back of the chair he'd been holding to and takes a few steps away from the others before he turns. "I've just come from our Lord," he begins.

"Was hoping to have a word with Lord Jerold myself later on, if he's free presently," Jarod says, standing and taking his leave of the other men with a few friendly farewells. "Anyhow, what'd our lord father have to say to you this eve?"

"He will lead our contingent when the march begins to Seaguard," Jacsen informs his brother. "Our Lord would have you lead the same men you did in the march from Stonebridge, at least those that would be willing to go, and those among the small folk we trained here during the siege."

Jarod nods as to Lord Jerold leading the Terrick contingent, which he seemed to expect. The prospect of himself leading the volunteers is not so expected. Though, after a moment's thought, he just nods short to that as well. "I pushed to have them in it. Only fitting I take the field with them, I figure he thinks. True enough. I've spoken with Ser Blayne about readying those smallfolk trained during the siege for the march already. And Ser Bruce Longbough has promised me we can have our pick of the arms salvaged from the dead Ironborn after Alderbrook, to make up whatever we lack in our own supplies. Seemed fitting to me, reavers dying by Terrick hands on the swords they'd used to ravage Terrick lands. I'll see to their armament before we're off."

Jacsen nods once, in ease agreement with his half-brother. "It seems right that they should be armed so, and even more than you lead them, Jar. Our father is reluctant, as he's always been about asking the small folk to fight, but he can see why this is different. And besides…" He glances over at where the men Jarod left still eat, "It'll be fewer mouths to feed besides." He frowns a touch though, and adds, "I wish I were coming with you."

"I only wish we could muster a larger levy, for my part. Though we've no time to train even these men as would be best, and the Roost still needs the bulk of its able-bodied men to defend it should the Ironborn come again, and to start the rebuilding. When we return, Jace, we should press our lord father more on the subject of a monthly drill for the populace. I think Ser Blayne will support the idea as well. In a time of peace our lord father is correct, our professional men-at-arms are more than sufficient to keep the peace and preferable in all cases. If we are to be defends of the coast, however, more seems necessary in these times. I do not think we need to coddle our people to love them." The glance toward his plate draws a wry grin from Jarod. Which relaxes into a more wistful smile at that last. "Wish you were, too. Seems a hundred lifetimes ago, doesn't it? Since we rode from Seagard as squires. Everything was so…different then."

His brow climbs up at the notion his brother expresses, though Jacsen is quite willing to listen to Jarod's thoughts on drills and conscription amongst the small folk. "I don't know that I disagree, though I'll reserve a measure of judgment until you're back home, and safe, and we can put our minds to rebuilding instead of war." He claps a hand upon the knight's shoulder. "It was all so long ago," he agrees. "But… maybe it is better that father goes. I'm not…" He shrugs.

"You belong here, with the rebuilding effort, where you can do most good," Jarod says to his brother. "The men don't need a symbol right now, just more soldiers and swords. We'll get the work done in Seagard, you can begin the labor at the Roost. And we'll all return for that when the Ironborn are done, Seven willing. There're still happy things to return to, at least." He grins. "Can you believe your lady mother is pregnant again?" He doesn't seem sure whether to beam or laugh. He ends up doing a little of both.

Jacsen lets out a breath and nods his agreement at the first, though it's talk of his mother and her recent announcement that causes the strange look on his face. Caught somewhere between being pleased and consternated, it looks. "Not quite sure what to make of that, though I'm more than a little surprised," he chuckles, though it's faint, and adds, "Hell of a time to announce it, too."

If Jarod has any opinion on the timing of Lady Evangeline's announcement, he keeps it to himself. "She's still young enough to carry, I suppose, though I figure the maester'll want to watch her closely. But, aye. Seven hells of a surprise. Good one, though. I mean, don't you think? I never counted on having another half-brother, or half-sister, though it'll be a joy all the same. And they'll be of an age with yours and Anais' children, whenever you manage them."

"I'm certain that thought gives my wife little joy, Jar," Jacsen remarks with a bit of a smirk, it being not quite a secret that Anais as yet shows no signs of being with child herself. "Suppose they'd grow more like siblings, or cousins at the least, than an aunt or uncle to my own. But, hells, if she was going to announce something, she could do little better."

"You've not even been wed a half-year. Takes time to breed these things. As I understand it. No personal experience, thank the Seven and powers of moon tea," Jarod says wryly. "I figure it'll still be a bit like you, me and Jaremy, aye. We were close as we were as much for being of an age with each other as being brothers, when we were boys. Anyhow, I'm sure it'll be a joy to our lord father. Strange as it'll be to have a sibling a generation removed from us."

Jacsen lets out a breath and chuckles a touch. "It'll be more than strange I reckon, but…" He lifts his shoulder in another mild shrug. "I'll be glad when a little brother or sister is chief amongst our concerns, though. I should find a bit of something to eat myself, before this is all cleared away and prepared for the meeting this afternoon."

"Aye, I should see to getting those looted supplies in order for the men," Jarod says. "I'll see you this afternoon, my brother. We'll save our goodbyes for later."