Page 338: Baa Baa Black Sheep
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Summary: Rafferdy thinks he's the black sheep of the family; Rowenna reminds him he's just another sheep in a flock of fuck ups.
Date: 23/06/2012
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Rafferdy Rowenna 
Healer's Tent, Camp Nayland, Seagard Tourney Grounds
Beds! Meds! Wounded heads!
23rd Sixthmonth, 289 AL

Rafferdy is laying on the hay stuffed bed. His neck is swollen quite a bit, a distinct, dark bruise in the square shape of the hammer that caused the wound on the side of the neck. His eye is swollen shut and black, there's a bandage on his head, one around his chest, and his left hand is particularly wrapped. He's staring at the tent wall, in thought.

"Smith shit a brick, Raff!" says Rowenna, settling herself gingerly into a chair beside the bed. She moves like she's been beat five ways to Winter, herself. She frowns. "I'd no idea you were so bad off. Why didn't you have the healers let the family know sooner? Does anyone else know?"

Rafferdy looks over at his sister, and he smirks, "My hand's broke. They were worried about my neck… It was… It was swollen enough they though I wouldn't make it… It was hard to breath for a while," he offers, his voice hoarse and tired. "The rest is just…" he shrugs a little, "I'm fine." He looks her over, and then says, more softly, "I was worried you wouldn't come. Thank you.

Rowenna frowns deeply. "They thought you wouldn't make it and no one told us? Or no one told me?" She's angry at the moment. Someone needs to be punched. She's sort of hoping it's not the man on the cot. That wouldn't be sporting. "Who knew about this?"

Rafferdy furrows his brow, and he sighs. "Roslyn and Senna have both been… I'm okay, Ro." He looks at her, "At least… Physically." And then he just kind of looks like a kicked puppy as he lowers his eyes.

She doesn't look much mollified. "Don't hear about my own bloody brother nearly dying in my own bloody camp — what the fuck," she mutters darkly. Whatever healer is in attendance gets a dark look. Head will be bashed. But she sighs whe he does the puppy thing and returns her attention to the invalid. "What, did Katrin go and change her mind?"

Rafferdy shakes his head a bit, "The opposite. I think I did something stupid, Ro…" He looks at her, "I think I'm actually in love with this girl…" And he sighs again. "Her father said no to the betrothal. Lord Haigh wants her with Ser Martyn. And he told her if she sees me again, he'll kill me." He shakes his head, "I'm at a loss… And… I thought…" He smirks a little, "You know what forbidden love is like?"

Rowenna smirks back, gently brushing a lock of her brother's hair where he's not so bruised. "No. I was only in love with my Ser for years while I was supposed to be a boy. I have no idea what you're talking about."

Rafferdy nods, "Yeah…" He sighs. "I don't know what to do. She's asked me to run off with her. Get married anyway." He furrows his brow, "I'm… I'm at a loss, Ro."

"Fuck," Rowenna laughs — without mirth. It's a grim sound, indeed. "Well, whatever you do, don't do that." She squints. "Her father rejected you that utterly? Really? That makes no fucking sense. You're a lord. Martyn Mallister — he's just the cousin of a lord. He's no one."

Rafferdy nods, "Yeah… I'm… just that awful, I guess." It seems to have really bothered him. "Apparently, the main reason, though, was Riordan. His behavior with the Charltons. The Haighs and Charltons are becoming pals, and Riordan's crazy arrest of all of them landed the Naylands on their dung list." He purses his lips, "I've never loved before, Ro. I can't let her go. I don't… I don't know what to do."

"Nobody marries their first love, Raff," says Rowenna, reasonably. "It's… it's just something that happens. It's beautiful and tragic and you learn from it and you move on." She frowns. "Still. Get the Old Man to talk to Haigh. Fuck that shit. Rio isn't House Nayland — he's not even the heir. Father'll be able to make Lord Haigh see that you're the better choice."

Rafferdy shakes his head, "Father's exact words when he heard Lord Haigh's denial was, 'fuck 'em.'" He shrugs, "Father has moved on." He stares at his broken hand, "How bad can it be… if we run…?"

Rowenna rolls her eyes. "You mean other than you disowned, her ruined, a price on your head…? Not to mention the damage you'll do the family. If Rio's stunt with jailing the Chaltons reflected badly on us, just think what you running off and deflowering Katrin would do." She sighs, rubbing her eyebrows. "Let her go, Raff. Running would be the end of everything. She'd grow to hate you — if you don't end up dead before she has the chance."

Rafferdy looks away, and mutters, "…she wouldn't need deflowering…" Yeah, uh oh. He's already been there. He sighs again, and looks back at Rowenna. "I feel like my whole life has fallen apart. My whole family is either ashamed of me or hates me. All the other nobles think I'm a joke. I can't even fuckin' fall in love right. I just… I'm tired, Ro."

She bends to kiss his forehead gently. "Fine. That's how you feel. Now what you need to recognize is that what you feel isn't always reality. We're not ashamed of you. We don't hate you. Have you noticed that we're a family of fuck ups? Every single one of us. There is no golden child, just a bunch of spirited morons. You're not the black sheep, you're just another baa-baa. So sack up, brother mine." She smooths his hair. "You're tired, so rest. But no quitting. And no running away."

Rafferdy sighs, and he nods a bit. "Yeah." He pushes a little smile to his face for her. "Thanks."