Aylene Sedley
Tamzin Merchant
Tamzin Merchant as Aylene Sedley
name: Aylene Sedley
father: Irvin Sedley
mother: Ayla Sedley
spouse: n/a
issue: n/a
gender: female
age: 15
height: 4'11
weight: 100
eyes: blue-grey
hair: blond
honorific: Mistress
house: n/a
position: Wandering bard


She was the normal daughter of a normal couple making their way in Seagard. Her father, Irvin Sedley was a local fisherman who did what he could to provide for his family while her mother, Ayla, looked after the children. Aylene was born the seventh and final child between the couple when they really couldn't afford to have another mouth to feed. It was desperate times, but the family did everything to make their youngest daughter feel loved.

Even as a child, Aylene loved music. From singing to playing the harp to even more unusual instruments like drums, she bore a natural gift. But she had entered a family where one must work to earn their keep, even if she was but a child at her mother's skirts. In every spare second, however, she was there, trying to work out a new song in her head. By the time she was nine, she was able to convince a traveling bard to take her away from the life that she was going to be forced in to - working as a seamstress to earn her keep, or be married off so her family wouldn't have to provide for her room and board any longer.

Though warned that it would be a difficult time, full of struggle and sadness, Aylene was quick to agree. Packing up her meager belongings, she said silent farewells to her family before she ran away. Under her new master's strict tutelage, she honed her natural abilities into a well-refined act. Between the two of them, they traveled all through the Riverlands, seeing places that she had only heard of before, catching glimpses of nobles that were spoken of in stories.

For five years, she stayed with her master. Until she was fourteen and an illness took her. Somewhere in the midst of the fever and pain that swept through her, her sight was taken. It seemed gradual at first, getting blurrier and blurrier until finally there was nothing left but darkness. How then could she travel or play instruments when she could not even see what was before her? Immersed in her own grief, Aylene insisted that her Master leave her where she might later find a way home. Or curl up in a ditch where she could just die.

Music and everything beautiful had been her entire life and passion. And now it was taken from her. Nevermore would she travel across the land, or see faraway places. No more roadside sketches as she sat at a fire with her master as he taught her a new song or story.

For months she sulked, barely getting by on the limited kindness of others who gave her bits of coin when she begged on the street. But she eventually met a kindly younger lord who was traveling on his own for the first time. He was taken with her youthful beauty and felt pulled to the sadness she felt. He let her accompany him for a few months, encouraging her to relearn to play without the use of her sight. Using only the memory and touch that she remembered, she reclaimed her gift, and eventually parted ways with her lord - he to his future and bride, she to find a way to live.

As a final parting gift, he offered her a puppy to keep her company and protection from those who might wish to use her lack of sight against her. The dog, named Sphinx, has been a constant companion since then, trained to be her eyes and watch over her in her travels. Despite being blind, she was the one who trained him to answer her commands without hesitation.


The youngest of seven children. Her parents were Irvin and Ayla Sedley, married for over twenty years and happily settled into Seagard. She has not been home to see her family in five years.

Physical Features

This girl could only be fifteen at the very latest in age. She is still small by most standards, not even brushing on an even five feet, though she carries herself with confidence. Much of her is still developing and forming, but there is a promise of great beauty in the future. Her skin bears a light tan, speaking of a person who spends a great deal of time outdoors. There are only the slightest hints of curve to her body yet at her chest and hips, but slowly, it is forming.

Dirty blond locks tumble down past her shoulders, waving and curling in unruly masses. Streaks of golden blond are mixed with the faded light brown, making it hard to determine what could have been her natural hair color. Was her hair darkened by some design or lightened by the sun? Eyes of a deep blue lightened by shades of grey peek out from beneath black lashes dusted with gold. Her face is slender, with sloping cheekbones that taper down into a rounded chin.

Allies and Foes

Aylene Sedley


Music is my life.

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