Page 324: Awkward Rooftop Non Conversations
Awkward Rooftop Non Conversations
Summary: Saffron is on the rooftop when Lucienne would like to be writing her letters. Awk convos ensue.
Date: 8/6/2012
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Saffron Lucienne 
Roof Terrace, Four Eagles Tower
This is open to the air except for the rookery at the opposite end of the open walkway. Parapets and crenellations are about.
Fri Jun 08, 289

A quiet place, an ocean view, the sky looming unobstructed above. These are things that attract Saffron Banefort to the roof of the Tower. She sits quietly on the edge of the parapet, face turned out toward the sea as the sun continues its lazy journey to the horizon. She is looked after by a pair of guards — one in Banefort colors, the other in Mallister. The former is alert to the girl, while the other looks as bored as salt. A warm breeze rides up the tower and through her loose mass of hair, and she is quick to breathe in the briny scent. Her eyes close, and for a moment, she lets herself think she is back at the Banefort.

Come to interrupt her peace is the Lady Lucienne, also accompanied by several people - guards, a handmaiden. Tucked under her arm is a leatherbound folder, and even as the little party of Terricks make their way across the terrace she is unlacing it; her maid bears the quill and ink. Rather than disturb Saffron any further, Lu gestures for the guards to hang back and her maid to come with, settling herself down in a spot a comfortable distance away to begin her writing.

Punbah, ever attentive, notes the lady and her entourage first; he clears his throat softly into his fist to signal to Saffron she has company. Pale eyes open slowly, and she turns her chin toward Lucienne. Completely unexpected is the sight of Lady Lucienne that she blinks several times. "Lady Lucienne," she says quietly, in both greeting and something more. "Good day…" There is something almost awkward in her tone.

Lucienne nestles her back against the wall, a merlon overhead. Her maid waits patiently, then drops to a seat opposite the lady with far less grace. Looking up, Luci smiles, the expression a little worn but at least sincere. "My lady, please don't let me interrupt your enjoyment of the view. I come up here every so often to write my letters."

Saffron shakes her head a bit, though she does smile a touch. "You're a kindred spirit then, Lady Lucienne… before I left for Stonebridge, I often came up here as well." She glances over toward the lady who has accompanied the Terrick girl, though she lets her gaze linger only a moment. "At least its peaceful for now… I heard the Maester talk about a storm coming."

"It's a lovely place to sit and just… be," replies Lucienne, twisting her head and craning her neck to try and see over the wall. It's just a smidgen too high to see anything but sky. Turning back to her folder, she shuffles through a few pieces of parchment. "Are you certain he meant the weather, my lady?" The question is quiet, not without a smattering of dark amusement.

"I'm not even sure if I was talking about the weather," Saffron chimed back in a warm, light note as if to offset that hint of darkness. "Though I would not turn down a pleasant thunderstorm at the moment." She turns her chin back toward the ocean, though her gaze shoots to her peripherials. "I'm sure you've been asked this a lot already, my Lady, but how are you recovering?" The question tries its best to sound casual, but she knows the subject hardly is.

Lucienne frowns briefly down at a page, then shuffles it to the back. "It seems more like appropriate weather just now, a storm," she observes idly, smoothing her hand over a fresh piece of parchment. The Terrick girl looks up to answer, trying to force another smile for Saffron, but falling short. "I am as well as can be expected, which is to say better than quite a few. And you, my lady?"

There is a pause from the Lady as she turns her gaze out to the ocean once more, studying it from a far, stories rolling about in her head. Saffron breathes in sharply through her nose, settling her hands into her lap and fussing with the bit of thin wool. "To be honest… I'm having mixed reactions now that things are settled and we are all safe. Charltons, Naylands, Tordanes… fathers writing to their daughters, ordering them out of Stonebridge. Starvation, thirst— " She draws up a bit, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, my Lady. I'm rambling…"

Lucienne refuses the quill as her handmaid offers it, stealing a moment instead to simply listen. She folds her hands atop her folder and the pages within, watching Saffron as she turns, as she speaks. With her expression guarded, the lift of a brow the only thing to give her away, she agrees: "Uncertain times, to be sure." Of the rambling, she simply shakes her head - no need to apologise.

There is a quiet moment from the woman as she once more regards the waves, and with the coming tide comes white-capped rolls that hungrily eat the rocky shore. After a moment of thought, Saffron looks over toward the Terrick. "It is good that Lord Jacsen is attempting to recover then… let Stonebridge remain uncertain. The Roost is due for some solid respite." This time, she does not let her gaze drift.

Whilst Saffron looks at the waves, Lucienne contemplates Saffron. "We are," she agrees simply, looking up at the other girl from under dark lashes, the thin line of her mouth giving nothing away. "If there is aught I could do to make your stay with us more comfortable, my lady, please let me know?"

"Of course, Lady Lucienne," Saffron says in earnest, bowing her head gently. "There is very little else I need." There is a dimpling smile at her lips, her arms gently folded in her lap as she regards the woman with warmth. "The offer goes both ways… please let me know if there is anything I can do for you."

"Thankyou, my lady, you're very kind." Lucienne's own smile, when it comes freely, is far different to those forced niceties. Just a small thing, it is warm nevertheless. After sharing it with Saffron for a long moment, she extends a hand for her quill, and dips her chin to consider her page.

The Banefort slides off the parapet with a silent, graceful movement. There is a stauch awkwardness from the crimson-haired as if she doesn't quite know what to say next, or if she needs to say anything. She turns her head toward Punbah, who blinks owlishly at his charge. She shrugs once to the rotund man before she begins to sweep to the door. "I will see… you about, Lady Lucienne," she offers, almost pathetically.

"Hmm?" Lucienne looks up, smiling once more. "Oh, yes, my lady. If you haven't yet, you might occasion to visit the Lord Jerold's study - it's full of interesting books, if in something of a disarray still. Do have a lovely evening, Lady Saffron." She'll wait for the other girl to take her leave before setting to her letters again.