Page 035: At the Market
At the Market
Summary: During a trip to the market, Dafydd and his niece have time to talk about things both far and close to home.
Date: 16/8/2011
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Dafydd Liliana 
Marketplace — Terrick's Roost
Residents of the town and surrounding area bring their wares to sell here among small tables built upon the slate grey stone flooring of the outdoor expanse. The area is surrounded by thatched roof buildings and shops on all sides with roads and paths winding their way in and out of this thriving part of town. Most of the commercial capacity of Terrick's Roost can be found here with the storefronts attracting the attention of those among all classes.
16 Aug 288 AL

The day, after the night that seemed to end all nights in blood and pain and tears, the marketplace is running as well and as spiritedly as ever it has. Commoners and the members of the noble houses, both the one that calls this their domain, and those that come to visit the Roost on courtly business.

Into the fray comes Liliana, dressed in her riding skirts, an easy dress of light dove grey, her mare moving easily to her hitching post, the young woman sliding from the saddle, before she moves to tie up. Like as like, there is a small contingency of Terrick sworn with her, as well as one of the archers who came with Sarojyn, but Lili seems bent on a a mission of mercy, and not of handing out House justice.

"That's not worth a 'star. Look at it. There's a run there, a weakness there.."

At the leather tanner's, there's a conversation— a haggling of price over a half a hide, dyed a deep, rich, royal blue. As far as the tanner is concerned, there is profit to be made in the presence of so many different Houses, so why not cater to potential customers? The customer that seems as if a sale will be lost due to price is the Lord Dafydd Camden.

"The colour is even through't, my lord. Look at it in the light. You're just seeing the leather itself.. fine animal that it came from."

"If I look at it in the light, I'll be offering 4 coppers, rather than even considering the 'star you're asking for it."

The tanner stares.. and exhales in a sigh, his eyes narrowing at the noble. Pulling back and giving a quick look around, he reaches for some sinew and holds it up. "Enough for what you may want.. small projects, perhaps. I'll throw that in, and make it the even 'star, yes?"

It's the voice she hears, before she sees the man who goes with it, as Liliana steps away from where her mare refreshes herself with water, comfortable in the small collection of horses that came with the group. But as she's not so close that she can see her Uncle so easily, it's a bit of a search she goes on, to try to track the sound of his voice to his actual person. But the tracking is not a silent thing, as stores and stalls are passed, and now and them, she pauses to give a word of greeting to the merchants she's come to know in these two years since she came to the Roost. of the people, indeed, this daughter of Camden and Terrick by proxy.

Dafydd holds his hand out to take the sewing sinew, and unreeling it a foot or two to make sure there are no cuts or knots in the line or spool, he nods his head as he rewinds. "Fine. You have yourself a deal. A 'star."

Replacing the spool on the counter, the Lord Camden turns to go back to his horse to pick out the coppers for the purchase. One copper star for the half hide and sinew is a good price, and he'll be finishing the deal immediately—

Out at his horse, however, there is a familiar form and figure approaching, and pausing at his saddlebags, his raises his head to watch the progress. "My Lady Liliana.." is offered when she's closer, and allows for easier conversation. "Enjoying the day?"

Liliana offers a polite bow to Dafydd as she finally wends her way close enough to be able to speak quietly to him. "I am doing passing well, my Lord Uncle. I was made aware of what occurred last night when the guard returned in the early hours. I thought to come and see what I could do to replenish Alyse's supplies, and put up store for the needs of her patient." Though Liliana is no where near as skilled as the elder Camden girl, she knows more than enough to be able to find those things she's likely to need, "You are well? You took no hurt?"

"A twinge of the back, and nothing more, from righting the cart." Dafydd inclines his head, his brows rising in reasonably good humour. "I have both my legs. And arms."

His expression does shift a little, the losing of the amusement from the brilliant blue eyes at the mention of the other niece. "That is kind of you to refill her supplies. I think she could probably manage to do so, with escort." Still, it's not a topic he'll dwell upon.

Pulling his hand from the bags, copper in hand, Dafydd gestures towards the leather supply and takes a step. "I'm purchasing some leather stock, and some sinew for those cold, wet days we're holed up.. after caring for the horses." He calls out once again to the tanner, "I'm coming.."

"Kind, perhaps. I would say that it is more practical than kind. I have more and better knowledge of the merchants here than she would. I can find supplies that will be safe and well concocted, and they know me well enough not to try to oversell the quality of their wares." But there's more than a bit of concern on her face, at mention of Dafydd's back, "With your leave, Uncle, I will assist you as I can, when we return to the tower, in easing your hurt." A nod, in answer to his explanation of the purchase being made, "I have never known a better eye for leather and goods than yourself, Uncle." And another, as the tanner recalls him, "Please, go and finish your business. Perhaps you will walk with me after yours has been completed."

"She needs to learn."

Still that's all he'll say on the matter.

As they reenter the tanner's, Dafydd raises a hand to dismiss the idea lightly, "It's nothing that a few more mornings at the pells can't bring to rights. Then, draw up a warm bath, and I'll be fine. There's no need to concern yourself."

Reaching the tanner once again, before the handing over of the 'star, the Captain makes sure the sinew is the same as he inspected by pulling out a length. Satisfied, he takes hold of the half-hide and inspects it quickly. When satisfied, the copper is passed over, and he takes possession of the two.

Turning once again, his head ducks slightly, "You have grown these last two years, my niece. I find a fine-born lady in the place of a child, though the same quality of assuredness shines through." Showing the piece, the deep blue-dyed leather is good for a number of uses. It's supple, tanned properly, and can be used for work or for decoration and inlay. "So far, it hasn't told me what it wishes to be. Riding gloves, perhaps.. inlay for our crest in armour.." He shakes his head and shrugs, ready to place it in his saddlebags after departing the shop.

"Of course I will walk. There is nothing pressing, other than a couple of discussions.. but that is nothing that you should be concerned with."

Liliana seems content enough now, to walk along with her uncle as he conducts his business, "Aye, she does, Uncle, but you cannot fault her for her actions and her attitudes. Was I any different, when I was sixteen and just arriving at the Roost? Do you recall how wild I was, before you took me in hand?" For it was Dafydd, and not Sarojyn, who delivered Liliana to Lord Ser Jerold's household, and oversaw the drawing up of the 'contracts' of sorts that established her as a ward of the Terricks. "She has never been outside of our woods. All is new, exciting and mysterious. But you know that she has a good heart. And she has been spoiled besides. having lost so much, my Lord Uncle has showered what two children remain to him with all of his love and indulgence." There is nothing in her tone of displeasure in that. It is simple fact, "It has made her willful." Once Dafydd finishes and displays the leather, she reaches out to inspect it, nimble fingers examining the grain and suppleness, "Your compliment pleases my heart, Uncle. I know you have not had cause to think highly of me, hearing what you have of my recent activities, but I have done my best to become the Lady you and my Lord Uncle wished for me to be when they sent me here." She starts off, walking along the paths through the larger storefronts, "It would do well for an inlay."

"What I'd like to know," and his voice is low so as not to be overheard by the passers-by, "is why you were there in the first place. But, I am content that it is behind you." And the word is is stressed.

"And I remember the day. I remember your head held high, and I remember the tone of your voice when you first greeted Lord Ser Jerold." Davydd's tones remain low, "It wasn't the behavior of a wild child." A smile ghosts upon his face, and an offhand shrug is given, his tones turning gruff. "Before that, you were impossible. All of you. Still are, as far as I'm concerned.. if you step foot in the woods again." There go the compliments given moments earlier.

"And I can certainly fault her for her actions. She sees the right of it every day. And is told such." Shaking his head, the Captain puts a finger up, gesturing towards the younger woman, "Not another word will I say on the matter."

He's done.

"Now.." with the leather stored upon his horse, he takes the reins and leads Gethin with him, the dark bay's head low and following quietly. "Inlay, you think. I think perhaps you're right. It'll take a waxing, and the richness of the colour will highlight any silver placed upon it."

The town here is a little bigger, a little busier, and little more.. more than home, and it's one of the first times he's been out to look at the wares. No Lady to do that for him, so it's a bachelor's life he leads. Which is fine. He knows the Inn.. and well. Now.

"Still searching for goods for others, or do you have some coins left over for yourself to buy some finery?"

"I was within town to help in arranging supplies to be brought to the tower for the influx of guests. It was sweltering hot, and I thought to go to the inn to take something cool to drink. The Rockcliff is the inn of best repute in the area, and suitable for noble visitors. Myself and my sworn entered," Liliana tells the tale as she walks, looking from store to store, looking over goods and seeking out the ones she needs, "and Stragen introduced himself to me. You know as well as I, what he looks like," that is to say, half an Ironborn raider, of the sort much hated in the Roost. "There was a group that took offense to him and thought to assault him. I attempted to talk them down and end it peacefully." Her father's daughter indeed, "One of them pushed me aside and attacked us. I only fought to defend myself, as Stragen and my sworn fought to see me safely from the inn." It's been days long enough now, that the bruises and scrapings that marred the left side of her face from the assault have healed, thanks to young, good health and Maester Constantine's capable hands. "But it was Stragen who saved me, truly, and not my sworn. When we returned to the Tower, Ser Jarod had the sworn dismissed, and asked Stragen to take up his place."

"No, it was not the voice of a wild child. It was the voice of a girl terrified to meet such a hard and uncompromising Lord. I felt his eyes would bore right through me, as if he were judging me and he would send me away if he found me unworthy of his House, and that would have shamed My Lord Uncle and Father. And you, who came with me." Of his comments on Alyse, she says nothing, as he cuts off the conversation, only allowing a dip of her head in answer, "But what would you put the crest on…a suit of leathers, perhaps? Or something more decorative? You travel to the Mire soon…perhaps something suitable for court." Laughter, at his final question, "I have not changed so much as all of that, Uncle. I have as little desire for finery now than I had as a child." Indeed, her own gowns are far plainer than most of the women at court."

"It was quiet, calm.. and whatever you were feeling inside wasn't immediately apparent." Of course it was to the men, but for a frightened child, she did well.

Davydd checks behind him briefly, checking on his mount, and faces forward again, blue eyes before them. "What do you think? On leathers? Perhaps a standard for the horses?" Considerations, and he's more than willing to hear ideas from the young lady beside him. "And yes, we do travel to the Mire soon. A journey I'm not looking forward to, but one that is necessary."

Pausing in his step, as the story of the assault finishes, and the other bits are passed, Dafydd lowers his head to speak to his niece, again with few overhearing. Gethin pauses in his step as well, but not without putting his nose on his master's back, searching for some goodies.

"And just because he defended you along side of your sworn, he was trusted enough with your personal protection? A man, as you say, that looks to be of a type much hated in the Roost?" Not necessarily news he likes, to say the least. Still.. there is little to be done, other than to mention it to Sarojyn, and move on. While she is Camden, she is a ward of another, and that is where her education lies.

"Poor decisions.. but I hope you are well and truly protected."

Straightening, which causes Gethin's head to rise quickly, Dafydd swats at the soft, fuzzy nose.. "Stop that.. and let's walk." Beat. "You are fit for finery. Now, perhaps, fewer scrapes and bruises, and tears."

Liliana's eyes are soft, amused, perhaps, as she thinks back on the child she was only a few years ago, "It is kind of you to say so. But I have been happy here. They are a good family, and worthy of our friendship. I know for certain that Lord Jaremy is interested in strengthening our alliance with his House. And the journey to the Mire is necessary. The Nayland's reach has grown long, and ever they grasp for ways to increase their power and influence. If a war breaks out between Terrick and Nayland in truth, our own borders will be hard pressed to remain neutral. Particularly if they attempt to breech Terrick lands by venturing into ours." Wheels within wheels, none of which can be escaped. "I was given the impression that Ser Jarod and by extension, his house, knew the skills of the man. Stragen fought under the banner of Lord Toldane at the Trident. And until just recently, Toldane and Terrick were allied Houses. He has given me no cause to distrust his abilities or honour. But I have no forgotten the skills I learned at home. I can still defend myself suitably well." Indeed, her mare, now left far behind, carries always Liliana's longbow and quiver and her other supplies, though all bound and unstrung. "Perhaps I am fit for it, but I have little desire for it. I would prefer a well-woven silk, over intricate embroidery. And I have never had much fondness for jewels."

"If they step foot in our land, the rangers will have them.."

There is some benefit to striking quickly and harshly, even if no tactical information is gained. If any see easy incursion to be treated with a slap on the wrist…

Dafydd exhales in a sigh.. and in the end, the chances are good that his brother would have them in for talks. Much against his counsel. "They will not do so." For long.

At the explanation of Master Stragen, the Captain nods; the information filling in the gaps. "I see. And of course you can. I would expect nothing else. However, it is far better to have one that is present for the sole purpose of your defense. That way, you may consider other things. That is why you have a guard." It's said lightly, knowing full well she understands and has probably heard the same words before.

"Now then.. when we return to your horse, I will transfer the leather to you, and charge you with creating something with it. I will have other leathers sent so you can fashion something. We aren't departing yet, so there is time."

"Indeed, they would." Camden archers are not bred for war, but they know the ways of the woods and the lands. And few armies find much success against much entrenched guerilla warriors. "You will be with him. All will be well, even if things do not turn out as he wishes them to. At least we would have tried. peace cannot stay simply within our lands, it must be brought out to those around us. And with the baneforts making inroads into our Riverlands, there is greater need than ever for stable relations with our neighbours.

A nod, as Liliana is spared the trial of trying to pick out something 'fine' for herself. "I think I know what I will make of it, Uncle. And I would be honoured to present it to you when it is completed. I have already the silks I have in mind for it." Carefully, does she pick her way back along the road, reaching out, now and then, to stroke a hand on gethin's shoulder as he walks, before she finds her own mare.