Page 075: At the Crossing
At the Crossing
Summary: Jarod and Bruce -and tanner Einion - meet in the morning hours at Crane's Crossing.
Date: 09/28/2011
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Crane's Crossing Inn — Stonebridge
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
~ Wed Sep 28, 288

It's the breakfast hour in Crane's Crossing, and Ser Jarod Rivers is taking just that in the common room. Eggs and bacon and biscuits, and a cup of something that actually appears to be strong black tea rather than anything alcoholic. He's watching the serving women as they rove the room but he seems more intent on eating and waking up than chatting up any of them. There's a dark green traveling cloak over his shoulders that carries a few stains from the road.

"Mornin', Ser Jarod." Greets Bruce, coming from downstairs in his full panopoly. Two other Stonebridge guards are behind him, clad in their own gear. He motions for them to head outside the door, which they do. "Just wait for me, boys. Actually, uh, Jon, if ya wanna take the lads through the morning fitness, you're up." After they've left, Bruce swings his head back to Jarod, removing his helmet and striding towards him.

"Mornin', Ser Jarod." Greets Bruce, coming from downstairs in his full panopoly. Two other Stonebridge guards are behind him, clad in their own gear. He motions for them to head outside the door, which they do. "Just wait for me, boys. Actually, uh, Jon, if ya wanna take the lads through the morning fitness, you're up." After they've left, Bruce swings his head back to Jarod, removing his helmet and striding towards him. <re>

"Ser Bruce Longbough. Didn't figure I'd call on you until later, though I did mean to while I was in town." Jarod stands, and extends his right hand for shaking purposes, though the left gestures to the table. "Have a seat. The tea's decent, though I'd not reject the idea of something stronger later in the day. So, you get word I'd come into town from you guardsmen, or is this happy coincidence?"

"A little bit of both. We had some business here with one of the wine merchants and… eh, never mind, it's nothing particularly exciting." Bruce pulls his bracers and gloves off to, laying them in a neat pile by his feet with his other gear. "Anyways. Was wondering what you were doing down here? Scouting out for that joint training fight?"

"I think that'll be good enough," a voice comes from the door. Entering is a Stonebridge tanner, coming in with another workman— a farmer from the looks of it, and older than his companion. Removing his hat as he enters, the farmer heads towards the kitchen as Einion remains just inside the door. "Won't be long, lad."

A nod is the response given to the farmer, followed by, "Right, Geoffrey.. then we'll deal with your nuisance." As his companion goes out of sight into the back, Einion is left standing, looking a touch out of place, but not making any move to depart. Not unless he has to, anyway. Taking his hat off quickly and putting it in hand, as he is indoors, he looks about the room to see if there is anyone who could potentially want to see him out the door. Quietly or otherwise.

His gaze lands on the knight, and there's a moment of consideration that perhaps he should head out— not properly dressed to be in the Inn anyway, what with his working leathers, and the fact he hasn't had a good bath yet in the week?

"Not precisely, though now that you bring it up I'll take care of it while I'm in town," Jarod says. "Or perhaps when I'm passing through again, on my way back to the Roost. As I think the business I'm on will make this particular stop short." He sits down again, gulping some tea, and motioning over a leggy blonde serving girl. "Another cup, sweetling. And whatever else you like, Ser Bruce. The eggs're good this morning. As for what I'm doing here, you could call it family business. You or your men gotten any reports of my fair lord brother, the Young Lord Jaremy, passing through town in the past days?" Einion and his companion entering draw a look, but it's more idly curious than anything else. Jarod's dressed for traveling for his part, in a thick cloak designed to keep rain off as much as possible, and spurred boots that show traces of dried mud, despite some attempt having been made to wipe them.

Bruce purses his lips in thought for only a moment, as he motions at Jarod's cup to indicate some tea for himself. He shakes his head. "No, I'm afraid I haven't. That kind of thing would've been heard… and Ser Jaremy is known by sight by most people here. The history, and all, you know." His gaze follows Jarod to the man at the door, and he smiles. "Morning, Master Wycliffe." Greets the Stonebridge Captain.

Caught! But, at least it's by a friendly eye. Straightening, Einion inclines his head in an abbreviate bow, though no less respectful than the full, followed with, "My Captain, Ser."

His attention moves back around the room, checking to see if there's any appearance of Geoffrey, which would mean a departure, but there's no sign yet. Instead, then, he seems 'forced' to greet the gentle with Bruce, all while keeping a distance. "M'Lord.."

"The history and all," Jarod concurs, his standard easy grin crooking toward a smirk. Bruce's tea is delivered in short order, along with a fresh cup for Jarod. Ser Rivers has also ordered a small bowl of sugar to go with his breakfast, and he sweetens two large spoonfuls into his tea, stirring idly. "Aye. I don't figure he'd have escaped notice." He seems about to go on, but Einion's greeting draws his attention. And a short, barked laugh. "No lords here, Master. A good morning to you anyhow."

"Master Wycliffe here's a good lad, fought for King Robert a few years back. You know, all the unpleasantness and that." Bruce smirks, blowing on his cup of tea. "That's Ser Jarod Rivers of the Roost, Master Wycliffe. Haven't seen his brother Lord Jaremy around, have ya?"

Straightened from his lean against the inside of the door, Einion moves a little bit away so as not to get knocked with the door, and such that he's not yelling across the common area. He's not there to get comfortable— there's still a day's work ahead of him.

"Ser," corrected, he puts the title in memory, as well as the identification. A look of consideration comes across his face, shaking his head slowly in the process. "Can't says I have, Ser. There was word that he'd gone, and a few of the ladies," or not ladies, "were keeping an eye open t'see if he'll make his way here. But, from the sounds of it, they're all disappointed."

"I vaguely recall it, aye," Jarod says wryly, as Bruce brings up said unpleasantness. He stands, extending a hand to Einion. "Ser Jarod Rivers. I'm Captain of the Guard up Terrick's Roost way, in the Lord Jerold's service. Were you with Lord Geoffrey Tordane's levies during the Rebellion?" He takes in the other bit of information about Jaremy, nodding, but doesn't pursue more questions about it straight away.

"Hmm, that's a shame." Bruce says in regards to Einion's statement about not having seeing Jaremy. He subsequently leans back in his chair, sipping on the tea and watching the exchange with a raised eyebrow and slight smile.

Ah, see.. now he has to approach. With a quick glance towards the kitchens, Einion exhales and begins to cross the distance. There's something of a limp on the man, so he moves a little slower, but it doesn't seem to hamper him much.

With the greeting and the extending of his hand, the tanner grasps it and greets, "Well met, Captain, Ser. Einion Wycliffe, tanner in town. Soldier out of necessity, it seems."

In the answer, once the greeting is done, he nods, his tones still respectful as befitting being in the presence of superiors. (After all, he's not immune from the threat of the stockades!) "Aye.. m'da and I. He fell, and it put to me the keeping of the family after. Good man, though, Lord Tordane. You won't hear a word against him by us folk."

"He was a good man, aye," Jarod agrees soberly, taking his seat again. "I knew him a little. He was good friends with my father, the Lord Jerold, and in my youth I thought his children as close kin as my own brothers and sister." So he's the Lord Terrick's bastard, then. He gulps his sweetened tea. "Too many good men didn't return from the Rebellion. But it was long years ago now, thank the Seven, and there's peace in the land now."

"And hopefully, there will be for a long time." Bruce injects, raising his cup (of tea) in the air and then drinking from it again. He's not got a lot to say, though, and other than that he remains mostly quiet.

Some things are better left to the manor-born, as it were. Einion, obviously, will call no man a bastard, though it puts the questions back into his head regarding 'all that'. Still, it's enough to make his head swim, so, yes.. better left.

"Aye." He doesn't linger in the past, but rather, everything to be done today, tomorrow, loom before him. "I'll agree, Ser. Peace is good, and we can make our way."

Inclining his head to his Captain now, Einion inquires, "By your leave, Ser.. Geoffrey hasn't emerged, and I have some nuisances t'clear for him." Which gives him the hides. "An' I've got a fair bit ahead of me afters." A step is taken towards the door in preparation for departing the Inn.

"Was a pleasure t'meet you, Ser Rivers. Hope you hear word of the Lord, and it's good." Never know what's on the roads. "For my part, I'll keep an ear and let Ser Bruce know if I hear aught."

"Seven preserve it," Jarod concurs with Bruce and half to Einion as the man goes, raising his own cup, pseudo-toasting, and gulping again. "Good day, Master Wycliffe." He takes a moment to wolf some of his eggs once Einion has gone, having enough manners to at least chew and swallow before he resumes conversation with Bruce. "The matter of it is, we've not seen the young lord in…a little more than three days now. He went out hunting by himself, didn't return." He keeps the explanation short. "There've been some funny rumors about matters in Tordane Tower. And the Lady Isolde in particular. Given history with her and my fair lord brother…" He shrugs, frowning some. "…figured he might've come down this way to see the way of it for himself."

"Aye, go ahead and tend to your business, Master Wycliffe. Gods keep you." Bruce offers a nod and a wave to the tanner. He shifts his attention back at Jarod. "Eh, I guess that coulda been possible. I don't rightly know what's going on with m'lord or m'lady. They're taking care of business at the Mire, from what they told me, but it's a nobleman's game and I know all I need to…"

"Aye, that's what I've heard from those who seem to know the right of what's going on," Jarod says. "Though what could take the Lord and Lady Nayland off this land so soon after they were wed…well, you'll pardon me for saying it seems odd. But, that's your trouble, Ser Bruce. Not mine." Another gulp of tea. "Highlord games. Aye. I was figuring if I didn't find Young Lord Jaremy here, I'd head on toward the Mire. See if he's fallen into a bog." He's only half-joking about the bog. He seems to hold it as a definite possibility. "Who's in charge of things in Tordane Tower now, you don't mind my asking?"

Bruce doesn't exactly regard Jarod suspiciously but… there's a twinge of something in his eye, on his lips, at the current line of questioning. "The Castellan, of course. He's in charge until m'lord gets back."

Jarod nods, both at the answer and the manner in which it's given. The subject of inter-Nayland politics isn't pursued. "Understood. Anyhow. I figure I'll check again at the boat landings and stables this morning, make sure there's been no sign of my brother in town, then head onto the Mire. You ever been to the boglands, Ser Bruce? I never have, myself. Not quite sure what to expect."

"Unfortunately, I've pursued that avenue before. Much to my chagrin, the bog is exactly as shite as rumour has it. I feel bad for those that have to live there; thank the Gods I'm down in Stonebridge." Bruce says, his disposition improving immediately as the conversation's moved on. He laughs. "I can escort you up there if you like, or have a couple lads do it if I'm not available?"

"I'd appreciate the escort if you've the time," Jarod says. "I know peace rules in the land, and I don't intend to put my nose too near the Fortress of Sevens if I've no reason, but I'll admit I'm not terribly keen on bumbling onto Nayland lands with only my squire for company. Well, Jaremy's squire, technically. I'm traveling with young Caytiv Hill, who's in service to my brother." Very odd, for a knight to go even hunting without his squire. Not that Jarod explains. "He's out checking the stables around town now. If we don't find anything, I'd like to be off later today. Or tomorrow at the latest, if you need time to settle things here."

"Alright. IF you can't find me, then I'm sure you'll be able to find two of my lads. They'll escort you up in that case." Bruce rises from the spot, reaching out to grasp Jarod's arm. "Gods keep ya, but I have some affairs to tend to, so if you'll excuse me I'll be on my way."

Jarod clasps Bruce's arm in return, inclining his head to the other man as he prepares to take his leave. "Gods keep you as well, Ser Bruce. I'll see you, or your men, later, and I thank you for it." He's still got breakfast to finish, so he'll linger at the table awhile longer.