Page 608: Ashwood - Erenford Wedding
Ashwood - Erenford Wedding
Summary: The wedding of Lord Robben Ashwood and Lady Aemy Erenford.
Date: 23/Mar/2013
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Great Hall, Tanglewood Manor
A true testament to the nobility and grandeur of the ruling family, this enormous hall serves as the main gathering and feasting area of Highfield Keep, with a high, vaulted ceiling and tall, narrow windows lining the outer walls, allowing sunlight to stream through. Two long feasting tables, accompanied by benches, serve as a comfortable place to enjoy a meal or quiet discussion and flank the path to the raised dais at the upper end of the chamber. It sets apart those who oversee this Keep and the surrounding lands - a pair of high-backed, elegantly carved chairs none-too-subtly emulating the thrones one might picture in the houses of royalty.
A vibrant display of banners decorates the wall behind these; namely the crowned wolf of Highfield, on its field of gold. Cautiously concealed behind these, hidden behind heavily draping curtains unless tied back to allow fresh air to circulate, a set of smaller double doors lead to the gardens beyond. Above, at the peak of the hall's roof and wall, a vast window allows light to pour in through leaded glass stained with vibrant hues, depicting the Seven in carefully inlaid detail. A huge fireplace along the length of the right wall is more oft than not alight and crackling with every fresh log that is tossed into its embers.
Saturday 23 March 290

Like all weddings between noble houses, the ceremony for this wedding holds the usual formality and such, although the brightness and such has been toned down a little out of respect for those members of House Ashwood lost during the last few months. But the Septon's words get done, along with the other parts of the ceremony, and soon, Lord Robben Ashwood and Lady Aemy Erenford are proclaimed husband and wife.

And then after the ceremony comes the feast, and like the ceremony, it's toned down a little compared to how it could have been. There's good food, and good drink being served, and the mood is a good one as the meal is done. Afterwards, the musicians present start playing their music, as people mingling and dancing and such is about to start.

Moving away his now finished plate from in front of his place at the high table, Robben looks around at the family members present, then out at the guests in the room, and over to his wife, smiling as he watches her for a few moments. "About time to get to speak with people, wouldn't you say?" he asks her now.

Wearing a dress in Ashwood colors though in muted tones, the design and style flattering the former Erenford. With the ceremony over, the feast over, her hand is firmly ensconced in the bend of her husband’s arm, Aemy is practically glowing with happiness as she tilts her head to the side to hear better what Robben has to say. "I think, my lord, that would be a very good idea indeed." There is a definite emphasis on the word MY in there.

Sitting among the guests is Lyanna Frey, although her position as Ambassador to Highfield has secured her a place at the High Table with the Ashwoods. She wears her toned down version of a festive dress in the somber dark blue and dark grey that expresses her mourning, not only for the deceased Ashwoods but for her aunt Firth Frey, who has been found dead only few days prior to this day of joy. The pleasant smile on her face however indicates she is willing to celebrate the occasion most befittingly. Her plate stands before her with the food still untouched, but as she happens to overhear Robben's remark she rises from her seat after signaling two servants to come forth. "Lord Robben, Lady Aemy. I wish you two all the happiness in the world, let me present you therefore with the wedding gifts of my House." Lyanna lowers herself into a curtsey before the newlywed couple, gesturing the servants to step forward.
The first is carrying an exquisite longbow made of finest yew wood and a quiver made of leather, ornamented with the Wolf of House Ashwood, holding a dozen arrows of exquisite quality. "I know you have taken up archery some months ago, Lord Robben, and in accepting the challenge to learn something new you have proven a bravery - the willingness to learn and be open to new developments. A valuable asset in times such as these. Pray do not lose it, and practice it like you will go on practicing your archery." the Frey lady explains while the servant presents the gift to the bridegroom.
Next is the servant carrying the present for Aemy, a heavy tome, bound in the best leather of the region, its many pages blank safe for the first one which shows the sigils of both Houses Erenford and Ashwood and the name 'Aemy Ashwood'. Smiling amiably at the bride, Lyanna points to the tome. "It is for you to fill it, Lady Aemy. In good and bad times we need to withdraw now and then, to gain strength from our own creativity. I have heard you are quite the poet, so here I give you this book to fill it whenever inspiration should come over you. Fill it and it will become a treasure that you can share with your children and grandchildren one day."

Nedra thinks of it as a grand bit of timing as she brings her gift forward to Lady Aemy and Lord Robben, her gift rather neatly running in tandem with the one that the Lady Lyanna has just given to the newlyweds. "Lady Aemy Lord Robben, please accept this gift as well on behalf of myself and all of house Mallister," she says as she presents a cloth draped parcel to both of the newlyweds.
A small cedar chest, hand crafted with a meticulous eye for detail and exquisite artistry, is polished to a liquid shine, the grains in the wood appearing as ripples of water caught in the golden wood. Hinged with brass that is polished to a reflective gleam, this small chest measures a modest two feet on either side and nearly the same within. The hinged lid, once lifted, contains a series of drawers that may be lifted via hinge and eased to the side. Each compartment is neatly sorted and lined with leather that is soft to the touch, cushioning the contents, several of the small compartments are embellished with lengths of leather cording. Within the compartments are bottles of ink, sleeves of unused quills, two pen knives, and ribbon bound stacks of heavy paper the likes of which often used for formal correspondence. Unscented blocks of wax are sealed in their own compartment along with assorted lengths of ribbons in the colors of House Ashwood. Resting on top of the stacks of blank pages are two cameos, palm sized and edged with frames of silver filigree, one each of the newly wed pair, a gift that she had spent some time crafting - though in secret - to be prepared for this day. A single note accompanies the gift. "A house united cannot fall, and a tree that bends but does not break weathers the storm - come what may. All my love, ~ Nedra."

Robben nods at Aemy's words, as he starts to get to his feet. "Then that's what we should do, my lady." The same emphasis on the word my there. Turning to Lyanna as he hears her words. "Lady Lyanna. Thank you for the well wishes." A brief pause as the gifts are presented, taking the bow and the quiver as it is presented to him. Turning the bow around in his hand for a few moments as he studies it. "This is a very beautiful and useful gift, Lady Lyanna. Thank you very much." He smiles as he sees the gift for Aemy as well, before he turns to Nedra, he offers her a smile and a polite nod as well now. "Lady Nedra. Thank you." Gaze going to the chest and its contents now, as he lowers the bow he was given to study the chest a bit more carefully. "It's a beautiful gift, my lady. Thank you very much."

Once Aemy has stood with Robben and Lady Lyanna approaches, the brand new Ashwood removes her hand from the arm of her husband and dips into a polite curtsy. "Lady Lyanna," her voice is soft, "There was much thought put into the gifts and they are so wonderful, thank you, we will treasure them." Holding the tome, she runs her finger over the leather bound cover, opening it and seeing the inside, her cheeks pinken. "Lovely, my lady, truly."
As Nedra arrives with her own, she realizes how well the gifts truly do complement each other, and when she reads the accompanying note, she smiles up at her friend. "This means so much to me, and I will make sure that I send you correspondence often to Terrick's Roost. Hopefully my Lord Husband and I can visit often as well." Casting him a covert glance, before turning back to Nedra and offering a brief hug. "I am so happy you have come."

Lyanna smiles as she sees that her gifts are received well. "I am glad you like them, Lady Aemy." she replies before she returns to her seat at the table. A friendly nod is offered to Nedra as she passes her. "You have obviously put a lot of thought into your gifts as well, my lady."

Nedra hugs Aemy in return, smiling back, "I'm glad to be able to attend and it's a lovely day, as is fitting for such a worth making memories from," she says softly before stepping back and giving Robben a warm smile of the same caliber given to Aemy before she moves back from the table so that others can come forward. "I didn't think of a journal, though, and that's a wonderful idea," she says to Lyanna with a smile.

Nodding a bit as he hears Aemy's words to Nedra. "I'm sure we can visit every now and then, Lady Nedra," Robben offers, before he adds, "Thank you for being able to attend. It means a lot to both of us that people were able to come here."

Having arrived some time ago and Alric is talking a bit with those around him. Though soon making his way towards the newlyweds. "My lord, my lady." He offers with a smile and a bow to them both. Dressed in dark green clothing. Elegant while paying respect to the Ashwood in color perhaps. A gift being presented as well.
The gift being a tome with a wolf dancing with a heron in a circle. The leather tome large enough to hold a lot of pages it seems and inside they prove to be lyrics. Songs for them both about them both.
"I worked with a bard to try and get it all together. I would say that it has been a musical tale for you both. About you both. From first meetings and up to now." Following a bit in the essence of the other gifts perhaps.

Seated where the loyal and noble House Retainers would be, Ser Erik Jast has been quiet and out of the way, remaining seated with the Lady Arabella at his side. The both of them have been seen enjoying the food of the feast as well, sometimes exchanging quiet words between each other, the noble knight grinning at the young Fenster's words. The Jast is of course wearing the new fashion he had asked to be made, the same he had worn at Kingsgrove, one suited for formal events like this one and giving his attire a militaristic air. Lifting the glass of wine, Erik takes a simple sip, finding that it is becoming low in content, motioning for the nearby serving girl for a refill.

With the others greeting the happy couple, Bella keeps her attention on her escort, offering him a bright smile when he grins at something she had said. His attire is certainly something to behold, but the young Fenster is wearing something in the colors of her own house, yet with muted tones in respect to the mourning of the Ashwoods. Her own wine is sipped occasionally, tasting the fine Erenford wine that the father of the bride had donated. Hers is not watered down for some reason and she rather enjoys it.

Looking out into the crowd for a few moments, Robben spots Erik and Arabella, offering a smile and a nod to them both, before Alric's arrival makes him look to the Fenster heir now. "Lord Alric." Greeted with a smile, before he looks to the tome, pausing for a few moments as he hears what's actually inside it. "Thank you, my friend," he offers a bit quietly. "And yes, I suppose it has been a bit of a tale."

As for the former Erenford turned Ashwood, her own hand slips back into the bend of her husband’s arm. Husband… Just thinking it brought a smile blooming across her face and she has to tilt her head back to look at him, making sure he was real. As Alric approaches, she curtsies, "Lord Alric," delighted with his attendance there, then her eyes fall to the tome and she looks through it. "So very thoughtful…" perhaps remembering the journey along the way to here as well, beginning from accidental meetings to advice from a well-meaning friend, to broken betrothals. "I look forward to going through and reading this in its entirety. Thank you." Her smile for him iss warm.

Alric smiles and bows before he will start away again. Moving to find his own spot and continuing to talk and drift a bit into the crowd.

Catching Lord Robben's nod in their direction, Erik returns the same before leaning towards the lady he had escorted to this wedding event as well, three for three thus far. With a hand resting on top of hers on the arm rest of their seat, the Jast whispers a few quiet words to the young Fenster before nodding to her. He then pushes his chair back and rises to his feet before extending a hand to Arabella, assisting her to her feet as well as a noble gentleman would. They would then slowly make their way to the head table, to offer their congratulations when they are able to.

Bella places her hand in his and smiles almost coyly when he leans down to whisper to her, her responding glance at him from underneath her lashes filled with warmth. Rising, she straightens her dress around her legs as she lifts the hem on one side, allowing Erik to lead her to the table to congratulate the newly married couple. As they walk, she whispers something in return to the Jast Knight, her impish look apparent.

Looking back to Aemy again now, Robben smiles to her again now, "Everything is fine, I hope?" he offers quietly to her, with a smile. Seeing Erik and Arabella on their way, he looks towards them again now, watching them as they're making their way over.

Leading his lady at a casual pace to the head table, Erik waits patiently for his turn, not wishing to interrupt anyone else or be rude and cut in front of them as today is supposed to be a pleasant and celebratory day here in Highfield, despite the losses they had suffered not too far in the past. Hearing the young Fenster's whispered words, he leans in and answers quietly in kind until they reach the head table, whatever they had been conversing about on hold for now. Bowing his head respectfully to Lord Robben and the new Ashwood Lady, Erik offers both a warm smile, "My Lord Robben, congratulations on your union with such a beautiful and kind Lady." Words spoken to Robben first before the Jast's gaze turns to Lady Aemy, a warm smile appearing, "And My Lady Aemy, welcome to House Ashwood. Our House brightens with your presence after such dark days. If I, a noble night of this House, may be of service, please do not hesitate to ask." He then presents the young Fenster at his side, raising her hand slightly and turning his body so he is half facing the noble couple and Lady Arabella, "And my escort today, the lovely Lady Arabella of House Fenster."

After a moment of talking and eating and generally just enjoying the evening there is finally a chant starting. "Dance, dance, dance, dance." Trying to make the newlyweds take on the dance floor. "I think you should start to rise." Comes the young lord Fenster's voice to Robben to make the man bring his wife up for a bit of a dance. While Alric himself takes to enjoying the drinking. Smiling to them all at the high table of the newlyweds.

At his side, Aemy is hasty to reassure him. "Oh yes…" though her quietly spoken words lay waste to the reassurance afterwards. "Incredibly… nervous." Giving him a brave smile though, she tightens her hand on his arm. As soon as Erik and the lady at his side arrive, she offers them a curtsy, being proper. "It is lovely to see you again, Ser Erik and you as well," though her attention remains mostly on the Jast. "Thank you for the offer, I will certainly keep that in mind and I do appreciate such a warm welcome." Her words hold a genuine sincerity.

Allowing Erik to lead her, Bella keeps pace beside him, his whispered words bring another smile curving her lips up, her eyes resting on him until they arrive at the high table. The youngest Fenster offers a curtsy and mostly she looks at Lord Robben. "Congratulations on your marriage, both of you. I am glad you have found happiness." That the families approve of even! Hearing her brother, she looks back and nods her approval. Dancing is definitely in order!

"I think that's normal on days like this, my dear," Robben offers quietly to Aemy, offering her a smile, before he looks to the approaching knight and lady. "Ser Erik, Lady Arabella. Thank you, both of you." A brief pause and a half-smile at Bella's words, before he adds, "We are very happy for that as well." Hearing the calls for dancing, he looks around for a few moments now. "Sounds like people are getting impatient for the dancing," he offers, a bit quietly. A grin and a nod in Alric's direction too, before he looks back to Aemy. "May I tempt you with a dance, my lady?"

In answer to Aemy's words, Erik bows his head respectfully once more before speaking to both Lord Robben and the new Ashwood Lady, "I hope you and your Lady enjoy the gifts from the Lady Fenster and I when you open them. I must admit that Lady Arabella here has a better eye for gifts than I do and has made some important suggestions when I had asked." For Robben, he there would be a wrapped package with a new formal attire, similar in design to what the Jast is wearing right now. For Aemy, there will be two books, one full of songs for the harp while the other is full of lovely poetry. When the chants for dancing stats up, the Jast grins as he looks around at those voicing the words, "It appears that a dance is in order, My Lord, My Lady." Gently directing the Fenster to the side with him, as not to impede Robben and Aemy should they choose to head to the dance floor.

Alric grins in return to Robben and nods in return to him while making his way back over towards them. Keeping out of the way of Aemy and Robben though, if they will be going to the dance floor. "You both do look lovely." He will offer in passing before looking to Eric and Bella. "You both are well, I hope?"

"I think you may be right." The wine had helped, for sure and Aemy was feeling more relaxed than she would normally. "Thank you both so very much." Looking between the two of them, she holds herself with grace and an almost regal demeanor. As Robben asks her for a dance, she looks to where Alric is and smiles at him for suggesting it. Looking back at Robben, she agrees. "I would adore a dance, my lord. Thank you for asking."

After speaking to the couple, Bella walks wherever Erik escorts her, keeping her hand in his arm, looking in no hurry to separate herself from him. When her brother approaches, she brushes her lips over his cheek. "Alric, thank you, I… feel lovely when I am with him." Smiling up at Erik, talking about him with him beside her. "He makes me feel beautiful…" The words are almost whispered, shared with only the two of them. "I am well, yes. How are you faring?"

Robben smiles, as he starts leading the way to the dance floor now. "It's my pleasure. I know we've both been looking forward to this dance, after all," he replies to Aemy, quietly. Nodding a bit to the others, before he signals to the musicians to play something suitable for the dance. Once they do, he starts leading his wife in the dance, a wide smile in place now.

When the Lord Fenster approaches, Erik bows his head respectfully to the other man and offers an amused grin, leaning in as quieter words are shared that most likely would not travel further than, "I am well, My Lord Fenster, and from what I have heard when I visited the Ash and Oak, I am not the only one feeling well." It appears that the Jast wishes to speak more of it but with Arabella here, he leaves those words as is, glancing to the younger Fenster in his arm, "My Lady, you are radiant without needing me at your side, I assure you." There is a gentle squeeze offered to her arm.

Alric smiles to Aemy at her seeming grateful. Then his attention is on his sister and the Jast knight. Smiling brightly at how happy she seems. "I am doing quite well, thank you. And yes, you are always beautiful and radiating, dear sister." He is happy for her though. He does grin at Erik's words and shrugs a bit. "All in all, it went alright."

The dancing has started now as Robben leads Aemy out to the dancing area, the first dance the couple has as husband and wife. When he does lead her out to the floor, her hand in his, she follows his lead, allowing him to set the pace in which to move around the floor. At the moment, there is no one around but Robben, in her eyes, so intent is she on gazing into the depths of his eyes, she does not even noticing others around doing the same, finding the dance floor and letting the music lead where it may.

As Alric and Erik talk a moment, Bella takes the moment to glance around at the others escaping to the dance floor. Wine has been flowing freely and it seems everyone is in good spirits. As the talking leads to feeling well, the young Fenster glances up at her brother, remembering the condition of him when he had left the Inn room the previous evening. There is amusement in her eyes, "Thank you, dear brother. I trust the party was fun last evening?" Bachelor party and Name day party for Robben. At the compliment, she looks up at Erik and laughs softly. "I thank you then, for making me radiant." Of course she is teasing now.

The dance is at a calm pace and as Robben leads his wife around the floor. And it would seem that for the moment, aside from the music playing, the rest of the room might not exist in his mind, as his attention is fully on Aemy now. If happiness can be measured by how a person looks, it's clear that he's a very happy man at the moment.

As the music plays on and the newly married couple is out on the floor, several other couples join in, lord drawing their ladies to the floor for any reason to hold them close, and speak in hushed tones. The swish of ladies skirts, the sounds of mens boots on the floor is muted beneath the soft sounds of the music. Most are dressed in darker colors in respect for the recent losses of House Ashwood.

Dining more than wining at the feast being held, both Saethwyr and Tiaryn have been present for the festivities. After all, it's family — and certainly not something to be missed. Leaning towards Tiaryn, her husband whispers something in her ear. He lifts his hand nearest to her, in order to gently claim hers, giving it a gentle squeeze. Gracefully, he rises to his feet, keeping her hand held within his own. Though he doesn't move away from his chair, no doubt waiting in order to help her rise. "They are a lovely couple, and very happy together," he muses in a soft tone of voice. Tiaryn is her usual radiant self, though she does have a sort of glow to her.

Tia has been here, quietly watching the new bride and groom, with a hint of a glow to her indeed. She looks up as Saeth leans over to whisper. Her smile grows and she does put her hand into his care. A moment later and she is on her feet, not really needing any assistance yet. As she moves, the folds of her dress highlight the baby bump, showing off her pregnancy in a graceful and subtle fashion. "They are absolutely a beautiful couple. Do you think we looked as happy as they do?"

Alric grins and nods to his sister, "It was quite fun." He assures her and is mostly just glad for her. Looking towards the others around the area as well. Tia and Saethwyr getting waves as well before he turn to Erik. "Excuse me Ser Erik, but I do ask to steal my sister for a moment. If she is agreeable?" Looking to Bella then as he reaches out his hand, "Would I be able to ask for a dance, dear sister?"

Aemy follows the lead of Robben to the music, but she does throw in one little spin for good measure in an attempt to be playful. Aemy loves to dance, it is one of her favored pastimes. Never has there been a look of such happiness before on the Erenford’s face and it is all for the man who holds her in his arms and leads her around the floor. Her husband.

At the mention of the previous evening, Bella laughs softly, "You will have to tell me more about your evening, dear brother. I admit the Inn was alive with rumors this morning that made me curious." When Alric asks for a dance, she curtsies to Erik before removing her hand from his arm and slipping into her brother’s hand. "I thought you would never ask, Alric." With a quick look back, she moves out onto the floor with her brother.

Even though she doesn't need the help in rising, Saethwyr still gives it, keeping his hand paired to hers. Once she's to her feet, he leans close to her to kiss her softly on the forehead, and then he lifts his free hand to lightly brush an errand lock of hair from her face. "Aye, my love… I think we did. And do, still," he says, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. He inclines his head slightly towards her, and then he starts to guide her towards the dance floor.

He's not as good a dancer as Aemy is, but Robben isn't too bad at it either. Smile widening a bit at the spin she throws in, he moves with it as he leans in to offer something quietly to her now.

You whisper, "Remember the last few weddings, when we were dancing, and looking forward to this particular dance?" to Aemy.

Alric smiles and moves with Bella to the dance floor. Offering a smile to the others as he starts to dance. "I will. There are most likely a lot of rumors. You do know which to be incorrect though. Or correct." He says and chuckles. Starting to dance slowly and pleasantly with his sister. Smiling brightly as she is radiating.

Robben is great! According to his wife, if you ask her she will gladly tell you how great he is at dancing. As it is, she does smile when he does, and after the spin, leans in closer to him than she had been previously allowed due to the escorts and entourage. That only just dawns on her… there would be no buffers this night. Her cheeks flame red and her blue eyes meet his with an innocent question in them. Surely at least her maid? Though no… it would be her. Alone with Robben. His words only reinforce that knowledge and the look on her face is somewhat scared, some nervous with a marginal bit of adventure thrown in. A quick glance to her mother at the table with her other family and her musings are proven to be correct. Oh my. Wide blue eyes look back at Robben and she nods mutely, unable to voice a word now.

Tia smiles as she moves to the dance floor with Saethwyr, the warmth in her gaze bringing more radiance to her face. She follows Saeth's lead easily to the dance floor, and then adds her own flourishes and embellishments once there, showing once again how much she loves to dance. Saeth gets a chuckle for his words, and a nod of her head. "We certainly ought to," she murmurs softly. "If I am to judge by my own emotions."

When Alric leads her to the floor, Bella begins dancing with him. "There are!" The young Fenster says with a cheeky grin. "Does your vagueness mean I can decide which is truth and which is speculation? I think I saw you leaving a room followed by a redhead and a blonde." There is definite playfulness in her dancing eyes because she knows her brother would never intentionally risk hurting his new wife. "I love weddings, but when it comes to my own, I think I will elope."

Saethwyr willingly takes the lead in the dance with Tiaryn, a smile lighting his features. Then he chuckles softly before giving a small nod to her. "Well, if my own emotions are to be judged by… I would say that we are," he says softly, his eyes showing a sparkle to them. He moves with her and the little flourishes that she puts into it, not minding it at all. He enjoys to dance with her, after all, and it likely shows.

There's a brief pause as he sees Aemy's reaction, and Robben keeps quiet for a while, watching her carefully, before he says something quietly to her again. Continuing with the dance for now too.

You whisper, "I… Is there something wrong, my love? Because I would never do anything to hurt you, I hope you know that." to Aemy.

Alric grins as his sister teases him and he just shrugs, "I think you had a bit to drink yesterday as well perhaps." Not that she might be wrong about any of it. Though her last words makes him frown briefly. Having thought much the same at some point in time. He does look to the newlyweds as well though and notices Aemy's appearance. Offering an encouraging smile.

Tia smiles at Saethwyr, continuing the dance appropriately, though she does lean in to whisper something to him, before she pulls back again. Her gaze goes over the area, and she offers a smile of encouragement to both Aemy and Robben as she has a moment.

Oh just pre-wedding night nerves more than likely. Aemy does smile up at her husband, not wanting him to be overly concerned. Since she had been announced as Aemy Ashwood, everything had seemed surreal and now things were finally catching up. Her smile is reassuring, or meant to be and when he whispers to her, she leans forward to whisper in return. Seeing the look from Alric, she smiles, suddenly remembering she had promised him a dance long ago. Catching the smile from Tia, she returns it, happy to be part of the family now, her whole demeanor calming now.

You sense: Aemy whispers, "Nothing is wrong, my love, I assure you. I know you would never hurt me… I just… thinking about later. When we are alone."

“I rarely drink, but Serah had wine delivered so I drank a glass." Bella continues listening to him speaking about the party before finally giving him another cheerful smile. "Oh Alric," seeing his frown. "You know I would never do that, unless you made me marry someone completely unsuitable and old and mean." Still trying to keep the smiles coming from her all too serious brother.

Fade out the rest of the dancing and celebration…